Three Wise Men – Red

For the second pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Three Wise Men Red. I had my eye on these last year. Being a Christian I really like the story of the Three Wise Men coming to bring gifts to Jesus. So I had to get ahold of a set. I had contacted one of the makers of them and had him hold a set for me because I was going to also buy some stuff from him after the first of the year. Well he never got back to me on how I could pay for them when I asked him about paying for them. So I ended up getting a set in a trade from someone. A couple of them have poke marks in the surface which was kind of unfortunate, but hey, at least I was able to get a set for my collection. Let’s see what’s all up with the red one!


Now I’m not sure who made which one, as there are no indications on the jars as to which one is which. So I’m just going to name them by color. The jar is a really dark green plastic jar with a black plastic screw top lid. The label is very simple. Red, green, and white color scheme with just some text on it. Up in the top red stripe it says “Three Wise Men.” Then below that in the green stripe it has “Original Pomade Collection” along with the companies’ names. Super simplistic. It gets the “holiday/xmas” feel across though.


Like I put in the title, this one is red colored. This is one of the jars that has a finger mark in it. This one looks to be the medium of the 3. The shade of red is nice, almost like the color of Santa’s suit. Pretty close to a true Christmas red. The scent on it is very Christmasy!! It’s a blend of gingerbread man cookies, cinnamon, and frosting. It’s a little overwhelming and I think it will get bothersome if it stays this strong all day. It’s not a bad scent, it’s just a bit much.


This one is a pretty thick grease. Scooping it out was kind of like scooping out a firm version of Schmiere’s xmas edition. It’s a firm grease. I’m guessing this one is either the Iron Fist one or the Lockhart’s one. The person I got them from didn’t tell me which one was which, but I know Grandad’s isn’t like this. It breaks down kind of creamy and waxy in the hands at first. Then it softened up and was slightly oily. I’m thinking this one is Lockhart’s, it seems kind of like Goon Grease by the feel of it.


Going in my hair was fairly easy. There was a slight resistance to it, but typical of a medium pomade. It was fairly easy to get it coated on all sides of my hair with just my hands. I didn’t get it worked in all the way with my hands, but it did go in pretty evenly for just using my hands. And boy is this stuff red! I could see red streaks in my hair after I got done applying it. Then after I washed my hands, they had a red tint to them. It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture, but my hands were stained red a little bit. Not a big deal to me at all, but you guys with lighter hair might not be able to use it. That’s just the nature with reds and blacks. For some reason only when I or other people use those colors in pomade’s they have a tendency to stain or tint. None of the other colors do.

As soon as I started combing it I knew it had to be Goon Grease. It combs exactly the same way that stuff does. A bit of resistance up front, then it becomes easier to comb around. The scent explodes once you have the pomade combed all the way in. It became even more overwhelming that it was before. It’s almost to the point of bothering me. I hope it fades out pretty soon, I don’t know if I can take the scent this strong all day.


Just like last time I reviewed Goon Grease, I wasn’t able to get my hair as high or shaped as I would have liked. For some reason this stuff just doesn’t like my hair, or vice versa. I didn’t get very much height, there was some slight separation, and my hair wasn’t very even. It seemed to have some decent shine to it, which was nice. It may be better suited for a lower style. I may recomb it later and see what happens.


Just like with last time also, after a little while my hair really split and lost its shape. I was expecting this, but hoping that it wouldn’t happen. I decided to recomb my hair into a more slicked style. That seemed to work better for a while. However, throughout the day, I had to keep recombing my hair. It would keep splitting and hairs would fall in my face. Not too happy with it on day one. Hopefully day two will yield better results.

Just like before, I had quite a bit of buildup from this stuff. So I only added a little bit. However, unlike last time, day two was worse than day one. I couldn’t get my hair to do anything except split and fall apart. I have no idea what the hell happened over night, but today sucks. I couldn’t even get it to stay in a slicked style. It would split, hairs would fall in my face, some would stick out. It was just a mess. One thing I was happy with, was that the scent wasn’t overwhelming at al on day two. It was barely there. I would get a whiff here and there, but that was it. Much better scent wise on day two.

Now as far as I know, this set was only put out last year. So if you don’t already have one, I think you may be out of luck. Unless someone decides to sell or trade a set that is. You can keep an eye out on ATP or make a post asking for some tho. All in all, this stuff was kind of like last time I tried out Goon Grease, overrated. Day one was ok, might have gone better if I knew which one it was and styled my hair accordingly. Day two just wasn’t working at all, which was unlike last time. If I use it again I will know what to do and plan for that. I may have to mix it with something else to help with the strong scent though.

Til the next one,



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