Gumdrop Grease

For the third pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Gumdrop Grease. Now before we get started I want to let you guys know that this is one of my creations. It is part of a five piece Christmas Pomade set I did. That being said, I won’t go too much into detail/review on it, just kind of the basics. So let’s get to it.


I packaged these ones in 4oz slip cover tins like the old High Life pomades. I wanted to give out a decent sized set for a reasonable price so I chose these tins. The labeling is both my and my friend’s design. I chose the name when thinking of classic, old school, Christmas icons. And I wanted the labels to have kind of a old timey/vintage Christmas feel to them as well. I also wanted to keep them kind of simple in design. Like this one just has the name, a green background, and some gumdrops in the snow.


The pomade itself is a green color. I went for more of a gumdrop green than the bright Christmas green of the label. The scent on it is pretty obvious, gumdrop. But it doesn’t just smell like one gumdrop, it smells like a bag/box of gumdrops. You get the sweet along with the spice in there. I was very happy with the scent when I made it, and I still am now.


When you scoop it out it’s a nice grease. Not super firm, but not light either. It has a nice pull off to it as well. I modeled this one after my Atomic Pomade. The wax content is different and so is the oil I used, but it’s still pretty similar. It breaks down in the hands nice. Creamy, with a slight hint of wax to give it a tacky feel too. Applying it is like applying any medium greasy pomade, awesome. Goes in super smooth and easy. Combs around really well, and disperses quickly.


This one gives me a nice hold to my hair. I can get some nice height. It doesn’t give my hair that straight look to it, but it’s not supposed to. It’s a medium grease. So there are some waves that come through a little bit. But it doesn’t let any of my hairs go out of place really. It has about the same shine as my atomic. Maybe a little less due to the oil change and the color added into it.


The hold lasts nicely all day for me, and so does the scent. It’s not overwhelming though. It slowly fades throughout the day. My kid and I were horsing around and he jumped on my head which messed up my hair. So after we were done with our “fight,” I recombed my hair. Because it’s a softer grease, it’s super easy to recomb. I did lose a tad bit of my height, but I also gained a little more wave control. I also did have a couple hairs that wouldn’t stick together and poked out. Not sure if that’s from the recomb or from my kid.

Buildup is perfect with this stuff. The oil and a little of the pomade come out overnight and in the shower. Then you’re left with about 2/3 in your hair still. This is my ideal buildup, but I did make this pomade for myself so that’s why it’s like that. I only added about 1/2 of what I did the first day. Same thing as day one, nice hold all day and the scent faded perfectly. No hair mess ups today so I didn’t have to recomb my hair at all.

Final words on this pomade? Well, I made it to my specs. So I of course love it. I think a lot of you guys would too though. I did end up making a few sets of my holiday pomades again this year so if you think you might want to pick it up, shoot me an email. That info is in the contact page. Well, a few are done, still several to go.

Til the next one,



4 comments on “Gumdrop Grease

  1. Matt says:

    Where can I get this Pomade at?

    • Hey Matt,

      You actually get this pomade directly from me, it’s one of the 5 pomades I made for that Holiday Pomade set. Did I not put that in the review? I thought I had, my apologies. Anyway, just shoot me an email to get ahold of the set with this pomade in it. I do have a few left.

  2. Andreas says:

    What kind of color do you use tog stain the pomade?
    Best regards

    • It depends on the pomade. Some I use green for, some I use blue for, one I use black for, one I use red for, one I use purple for, and a couple I use yellow for. The colors don’t stain the pomade tho.


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