Rogue Sideshow – Light (white lid)

For the fourth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Rogue Sideshow Light. I was sent this recently by my buddy Ben to review. Him and I did a little swap of pomades and he sent this one and his green lid for me to review. I was hoping I could include one of them in this series and I am. The white lid one will fit nicely I think. Time to check out the newest addition to the Rogue Sideshow line!


Just like with all the other ones, the lid design is exactly the same. The only difference is the color. This one is a nice shade of white. It almost makes it hard to ready the words. Kind of cool! White Christmas! Silver and white. So far it fits perfect.


Opening the tin up you see another off-white pomade. This one also looks slightly waxy, but looks like it will be more creamy or soft. The scent is really nice! It’s supposed to be lavender mint, but I get more than that. The smell is much more subtle and soft, it’s not as upfront as you would think with the lavender mint scent. Up front is a creamy sweet smell, then you get the mint note followed closely by the soft lavender scent. On the back end you get a slight floral scent, with a crisp clean note in there too. Very nicely balanced scent. It smells like someone made sugar cookies and mint fudge, while having a lavender flower candle burning. Nice multi-noted scent, without being overwhelming or too busy. By far my favorite scent from Rogue Sideshow so far.


When I dug my finger into it I knew I would like this stuff. It is a really nice soft waxy pomade. Kind of scoops out like a cross between the old High Life light and Mom Made medium. I really liked the texture of it when I scooped it out. I kind of expected it to be like this, but didn’t think it would be quite as firm. This is more a medium pomade than a light. Hopefully it will hold like High Life or Mom Made, those two work really well in my hair.

It breaks down in your hands kind of like High Life light does. This one feels slightly more oily when you break it down in your hands though. Not overly oily, just more so than those two. And it breaks down quickly. The scent changes a little when you break it down. The mint gets stronger and is followed by a stronger lavender note. The sweet and floral notes are still there but less present. Going in your hair it’s super smooth. You can easily disperse it pretty evenly with just your hands. It doesn’t have too much shine right off the bat, but that can easily change when I style my hair.

It combs in and around very easily as well, but does have a little resistance to it. I’m hoping this will give it some nice hold. My hopes were affirmed. This stuff has pretty nice hold and control to it. Now my hair wasn’t super tall, but it’s not a heavy pomade so I wasn’t expecting that. It did give me a nice medium sized doo though. Still no increase on the shine, but I do like the shine it gives. I was pretty happy with the result I got with this stuff. It works better on day one for me than the blue or black did.


It holds nicely throughout the day too. My hair didn’t move too much during the day. There were a couple areas that split, but I didn’t have any stray hairs or hairs falling in my face. And the recomb on this one is really nice. Super smooth, little resistance, stays in place. I did lose most of the height when recombing, but since my hair didn’t really move all day that doesn’t matter. I just slicked it into a parted style and went about my night. Your hair does feel slightly oily at the end of the day, but not too bad. He had this with the other Rogue Sideshow pomades as well. Nothing a nights sleep and shower won’t take care of.

On the second day everything seemed to be the same. The scoop, it’s breakdown in the hands, application, styling, hold, and shine. I did have a little more control with it tho. The buildup was really nice, a little more came out than I wanted, but it was still good. The hold lasted all day the second day as well. And recombing was easy yet again. Although, I didn’t really lose any height the second day after I recombed my hair.

I still had this stuff in when I went to the gym tonight. I’ve recently started a new program and am getting back into weights again. After my workout, on the way home, I noticed that almost all of the pomade had come out of my hair. There was maybe 1/4 or less left in there. And it felt really oily. That was one thing I did notice a difference in with the buildup. It’s a little more oily than the others. But anyway, I was really surprised to see that sweating made almost all of the pomade come out of my hair. Not a bad thing, makes it easy to degrease tonight. But I’m not sure how I will like it in the future if I’m wanting to use this stuff for a few days. That might make buildup a little weak the next day.

All in all, this one is my favorite of the Rogue Sideshow line so far. It’s a really nice light-medium pomade. I’d put it in the same class as the old High Life light, my Atomic Pomade, and Mom Made medium. It works almost as good as those for my hair. I will definitely be picking another tin of this stuff up when I am out of this one. To get yourself a tin, and you should, head on over to their website
Huge thanks again to my buddy Ben for sending this to me. I really appreciate it and love the pomade man!

Merry Christmas,


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  1. Hey a fun song to listen to while pomading is St. Thomas by Herbie Mann. It brings that old timey atmosphere to ya, lol.

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