North Pole Pomade

For the fifth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. North Pole Pomade! Like Gumdrop Grease, this is another one I made. So again, I won’t be going into great detail like usual. Just hitting the basics and offering insight on how I created it and came up with idea etc etc. Let’s get started.


Like my other ones, this is in the same 4oz stainless tin. It also has the same labeling, one lid and one wrap. This one is probably the most simple of all 5 of them. The label is all white, with a North Pole on there, and some polar bears. You can barely see the polar bears, this was on purpose, so at first glance it’s just the pole.


The pomade is also white, well off white actually. I wasn’t able to get it as white as I liked due to the oils in it. But it’s close to white. I was kind of going for matching the color of the pomade to name for each of these ones. The scent I did for this one is balsam, mistletoe and ivy. There is also a tiny hint of sweet chestnuts in there as well. I barely put any of that one in so it’s kind of hard to detect. I was going for smells you’d expect at the North Pole.


This one scoops out a like nice creamy wax. It’s formula was similar to my Silver Dollar Pomade, but I used a little more wax and a different brand of wax. I also used different oils than I use in Silver Dollar. This one is probably my favorite textured one of the set. But I did create it to what I like so that’s not really a surprise.

It breaks down in your hands creamy at first, then it gets waxy for a second. Then it goes back to being creamy and gets a bit tacky. The scent kind of separates when you have the pomade on your hands. What I mean is, you’re able to pick up each note more clearly. It goes in your hair nice and creamy, fairly easy to spread around. And I can hand comb a Mohawk up with this stuff.


For being a medium, this one ended up having a pretty strong hold. In the winter it’s more like a heavy to me. Combing is perfect for me, just enough resistance without being difficult to comb. And when you style your hair, you’re met with outstanding results if I don’t say so myself. I know this is my pomade, but dang I love this stuff a lot. It’s not surprising, and I don’t mean to gloat, but I was really stoked with how this one came out. It even has a little shine to it as well.


It holds up perfect for me all day long. My hair barely moved throughout the day. My cowlick did show through a little bit, but it wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t recomb my hair at all, but I can tell you how it recombs from past experience. It has about the same feel as when you’re styling/combing your hair at first. This one doesn’t really get softer for me.

IMG_8952.JPG End of day 1 pic

The buildup, and I designed it this way, is absolute perfection for me. Just enough comes out. I can even wake up, take a shower, not even add any more pomade, restyle my hair, and go about my day. I can do the same with my Silver Dollar Pomade too, which is what I modeled this one after. Like I said before, this one is still unique, but it’s performance is very similar. If I do add pomade the second or third day, the hold is even better. Then it becomes a heavy hold. And the scent just gets better and better as the days go on. It, like my Gumdrop Grease, fades away perfectly and doesn’t overwhelm me. I don’t like when scents do that, so I don’t make stuff that does. Or at least I try not to. Unless a customer asks for that, then I will.

Well as you know, I made this pomade to my specs. So of course I love it. And like I said, this one was a limited edition pomade. I only made a handful of sets last year and even fewer this year. I do have a few left though. If you want one, you know where to find me. Well! See you guys t the next one!




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