Three Wise Men – Green

For the sixth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Three Wise Men green one. This is part 2 of the 3 piece set. I’m anxious to see how this one is. The first one I tried wasn’t the best one for my hair, but this one could be way different. Let’s see shall we?


The jar is the same green plastic jar with a black lid. The labeling is the exact same as well. Like I was saying in the first review, I wish they had distinguished which was which on the label. But it is slightly fun trying to figure out who made which one. It helps that I’ve tried some of the maker’s products before.


This one is another one with a finger poke in the surface. The pomade itself is a kind of faded lime color. Not quite as Christmasy as the first one, but still a cool color. It actually kind of looks a bit like my Frankengrease color wise. The scent is egg nog and something else. I can’t quite make out what it is, but it definitely clashes with the egg nog. I’m not really liking whatever other scent is mixed with the egg nog. Hopefully it will balance out once it gets in my hair.


It scoops out kind of hard. It’s pretty waxy and reminds me kind of a more waxy version of Grandad’s. I’m guessing this one is made by Grandad’s, but I have never tried Iron First or the 3rd one in the set so I can’t be positive. This one is pretty clumpy and takes some pressing to get it smoothed out. Once I did, it had a nice creamy feel to it. Kind of reminds me of Grandad’s as well. I’m having more confidence in my guess that it is the Grandad’s one.

It applies really nicely, and easier than the red one. I was quite surprised that it went in as easy as it did. Especially since it was pretty waxy when I scooped it out. And it combed perfectly. Very little resistance, easily workable. I really like how this one combs. You can get it worked in quickly and it’s very smooth.


I was able to get some really nice height with this one. And my hair didn’t just stick straight up like with a lot of heavier pomades. There was some nice roundness to it. This one has more of a matte look to it. I kind of expected this since it was so waxy. It gives my hair more of a natural look to it. I only have a few pomades that do this, so it’s nice to add another one to my collection. I was very happy to notice that the scent had mellowed out. I could barely notice the scent at all and that other note was completely gone.


It held up really nicely throughout the day. The height was pretty much the same, and only my cowlick had moved really. Definitely happy with this stuff on the first day. Even though I didn’t need to, I went ahead and recombed my hair anyway. It feels a bit softer than when your first comb your hair. And my hair was a bit bouncy at the end of the day. I did lose a little bit of height, but my hair seemed to pretty much go back to how it was. Now to see how the buildup is.

The second day it was exactly the same as it was the first day. There was about half of the pomade left in my hair and it was mostly wax. I was pretty happy with the buildup, and with it being waxy it made combing a little more resistant. Now it felt much more like a heavy pomade. The results were pretty much the same, except my hair did have a more waxy look to it. What I mean is, you could tell I had a heavy waxy pomade in my hair. The shine was a little different the second day. Kind of gave off more of a matte look than a natural look. The hold lasted just like the first day, with the exception of my cowlick staying in place a bit better. Definitely liking it on day two as well.

Gotta say this one is pretty good pomade. The only thing I didn’t like was that odd note in the scent that clashed with the egg nog. Like I said before, this one is part of a set that was only made last year. So if you don’t have one, you may be out of luck. You can always try to trade for one or buy a second hand one from a member of the pomade community. But if people like it how I do, you probably won’t be able to convince someone to part with theirs.

See you at the next one,



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