Sugar Plum Hair Dressing

For the seventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Sugar Plum Hair Dressing. Just like with Gumdrop and North Pole, this one is another one from my holiday set. Like with the others, I’ll be sticking to basics on this one.


Same tin as my other ones, 4oz stainless tin with a lid label and a can wrap. Same style of labeling, simple, classic Christmas style label. The lid just has 3 plums with “Sugar Plum Hair Dressing” above them. There are little snow flakes on either side of the name as well. Gives it a little flare I think. The can wrap just has the name on the front of it to keep it simple.


Opening up the tin you see a dark plum purple colored pomade. The lighting kind of makes it look blueish violet, but it’s actually like the color of plum skin. This one is the lightest hold in the quintet, which you can kind of see by looking at it. The scent of it, as I’m sure you guessed, is sugar plum.


Scooping this one out is very much like scooping out Hair Rep. It’s a nice light hair dressing. It’s not oily like Royal Crown or Exelento is. It stays nice and rounded when you scoop it out. I’m not sure why, but I always like when pomades do this. It breaks down much like any other light hair dressing type pomade does. When you do break it down, then it gains a slight oily feel to it.

Applying it is super easy. It goes in a lot like Hair Rep as well. Super smooth, you can disperse it pretty much all the way with just your hands. Combing it is a breeze, as you’d expect it to be. It gets a little lighter when you finish combing it in and are about ready to style your hair.


It gives me some decent lift and control, especially for being a light pomade. The hold is a light hold, but it does a great job for a light I think. And it shines up like a lot of other light pomades.


You can get a better view of how it holds my hair from the side. I took this picture about midday. There was a little bit of gapping on the side of my head. However the hold/lift was still there. The shine had increased a little bit, which usually happens with lighter pomades.


The hold lasts pretty much all day. I did have a little more splitting on the sides, and my cowlick was very apparent. I was expecting that though. For one, I made this pomade and know how it works. And two, my hair does this with even medium pomades. So it would for sure do it with a light one.

Most of this stuff comes out overnight and after a shower. So the buildup is almost nonexistent, making day two virtually the same as day one. You do get a little more shine, but the hold/control doesn’t increase at all. It very rarely does with light pomades though. Most of the time the hold stays the same each day.

Like the others, I obviously like this pomade. After all, I made it, so why wouldn’t I? And it is part of the set that I made, which is discontinued. I only have a couple sets left from this year’s run. If you would like one, you can shoot me an email and I will get you taken care of. Stay tuned for what I review next.

Merry Christmas,



4 comments on “Sugar Plum Hair Dressing

  1. Hey JC! I’ve been reading your reviews and a big fan of your work. The reviews are very enjoyable. I’ve also read the degreasing methods and include great tips for removing greasey pomades. I myself tried other alternatives. What I did was apply aussie’s moist 3 minute miracle conditioner in my slight damp dry hair, let it soak like Suave G&C for about 5-10 min then shower. Majority of it came out. Let me know what you think if you ever try it out. Any who, great blog and keep posting!

    • Thank you, im glad you dig the blog. I’ve been hearing more and more about that stuff. I may have to try it out and see if it works. Thanks for the comment and for reading! Merry Christmas!


  2. Your welcome JC and Merry Christmas to you as well! Also there is another product I recommend for degreasing. I use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo. Same process and majority of the product gets out. I usually wash out my pomade everyday and was looking for something that doesn’t damage your hair and this shampoo works pretty well imo. The pH is low with no SLS or parabens and a big plus costing $1.50 for 33oz at walmart. Thanks for your response!

    P.S. – Also used the shampoo to clean my hands after greasing my hair and worked pretty well.

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