Three Wise Men – White

For the eighth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Three Wise Men white one. We are at the last stop in the Three Wise Men trio. Having deduced which ones the others were, I am confident in saying this one is made by Iron Fist. Let’s see how this one fares shall we?


Just like the other ones, this one has the exact same labeling. It’s also packaged in the same green plastic jar with a black plastic lid. Like I said before, I wish there had been indications on which one was which. However, it has been kind of fun figuring it out for myself.


The pomade itself is white. When I first got them in the mail. I opened the other two first and had expected this one to be white. I really like that it’s not white white, but does have a slight off-white hue to it. Kind of gives it more of a Christmas feel to it I think. The scent on this one is my favorite of the three by far. It’s a nice cedar wood and pine scent. But it’s not a crisp woodsy scent, it has more of a powdery, dry feel to it. There is also a tiny sweet note in the background, like a sweet cream type note. Very good scent. I wish I had another jar specifically for the scent.


Scooping it out, I already knew I was going to like it. It’s a nice creamy light medium pomade. It does have a slight resistance to it, and reminds me a little bit of the old High Life light. It scooped out differently than that one, but the creamy feel was similar.

It breaks down in your hands nice and light, but not too oily or anything. There was a nice creamy feel, along with a slight stickiness to it. I really like the feel of this pomade when I spread it around in my palms. Obviously with a lighter pomade, this stuff applies super easily. I was able to get it worked it almost all the way with just my hands. I didn’t get a big enough scoop the first time to I had to dip back into the jar. And man it was awesome to go through scooping and whatnot again. Really like the feel of this stuff.


Combing it is way awesome. It’s one of my favorites now to comb in my hair. Just super smooth, with the right amount of resistance for a lighter pomade. It gives me a more bouncy style than the average pomade does. I was able to get the same lift I do with a medium pomade. The control was also on point with this one as well. I didn’t really have any hairs out of place at all. They all stuck nicely together. I was expecting a little more shine for it being a lighter pomade, but the shine was slightly less and more natural looking. I’m definitely liking that a lot, I just wasn’t expecting it.


The hold was lasting nicely throughout the day. I had been running errands, wrapping presents, and making pomade. I decided to snap a picture midday. The lift was still there, control had suffered a little as my cowlick had opened up a little bit. However I didn’t have stray hairs or hairs falling down, so the control did hold up nicely. The shine had dulled down a little bit, but not that much. My hair just looked even more naturally shiny than pomade shiny. Pretty happy with this stuff midday, I knew I was going to like it though just by how it felt.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9f5/40839548/files/2014/12/img_9088.jpgKing Solomon

At the end of the day I decided to take one last picture. I happened to be sitting on the stairs and one of my dogs say behind me. I went to take a picture and noticed my hair still hadn’t moved at all. I tried to get a good profile shot to show how it was holding up. The only that had changed was my cowlick opened up a little bit more. At the end of the first day I am absolutely stoked about this pomade. It is already one of my new favorite lighter pomades. If it performs this well on day one, I know it will be a great pomade for future use.

The buildup is really nice as well. My hair has a more oily feel to it the second day. However this didn’t make styling difficult at all. The hold and control were virtually the same, maybe slightly more. The shine was a bit higher and slick looking. I think I like the shine from day one better though. All day was the same, kept checking my hair, hair was still holding up perfectly. The control was a bit better at the end of the day. My cowlick wasn’t showing through as much as at the end of day one.

All in all, new favorite for sure. It’s a great pomade. My favorite of the three all around. As before, this is part of a discontinued set. So you most likely won’t be able to get one. Unless you find someone trading or selling theirs in one of the pomade groups online. Thanks for checking out this set with me. Can’t wait to try out the next pomade!




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