Devil’s Finest – Christmas Edition

For the ninth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Devil’s Finest Xmas. This is one I got from a good buddy of mine in Germany a few years ago. I have no idea why I waited so long to try it, but I did. I got it in a trade from him along with their other pomades. They all have since been discontinued, but I still have this tin. Let’s check it out.


It comes in a unique shaped/size tin. It’s a 3oz tin with a slip cover lid. However it’s not like any other tin I have come across before. I like when I have one offs in my collection, gives it more character I think. The label is a light blue background with snow flakes in it, then in the center is a red devil smoking a cigar. Above him is the name of the company, then below him it says “Rock n Roll Heroes.” That’s the site this stuff is made for, they also carry all kinds of other pomades.


Opening up the tin you see a very light tan colored pomade. The surface has two different textures to it, which is odd. I’ve never seen this in a pomade before. Part of it looks to be slightly waxy, the rest looks all bumpy and coarse. The scent on it is so awesome! It’s the perfect balance with cinnamon and mint, with a hint of sweet cream. You can also smell the beeswax in it as well. Very nice scent, perfect for the Christmas season.


Scooping it out is pretty nice as well. It’s a little bit waxy, slight creamy, and comes out really easy. The scent gets a bit stronger when you scoop it out. This is the case with most beeswax pomades for some reason. In you hands it feels a lot like peanut butter at first. Really creamy and slightly tacky. Then as you work it around it gets quite a bit softer and slightly oily.

This one goes in your hair really easily. More like a light pomade than the medium it is. You can get it worked in pretty evenly before you even grab your comb. However when you go to comb your hair it gains it’s resistance back. It’s not hard to comb at all, it just goes back to being waxy and tacky. Every once in a while a pomade will do this on me. It’s kind of cool when I get surprised like this.


I am able to get a nice medium sized do going with this stuff. There isn’t too much shine to it, despite it being kind of oily in my hands. I was pretty happy with how this stuff controlled my cowlicks. I didn’t have any splits or separations at all. I was really happy with how this stuff made my hair look. The hold didn’t quite last throughout the day though. My cowlick had turned into a swirl. It actually looked kind of cool. But this stuff does go right back into place when you recomb it. And it’s very easy to recomb, like combing a light pomade.

The buildup is very reminiscent of the old High Life light. I was able to basically comb my hair back into place from bed head. No shower, no wet combing, no spray bottle. Just my comb. Loving that a lot! Pretty much all the pomade was still in my hair too, which I think helps. I decided to just roll with how my hair was and not add any pomade after I got out of the shower. The hold wasn’t as high, but lasted just like the day before. My cowlick didn’t quite swirl this time, but still did kind of wave. And just like before, my hair went right back into place.

I’ve gotta say I really like this pomade. I’m pretty bummed that I don’t have more cans of it though. I’ve heard from the owner of the shop and he is thinking about bringing back the Devil’s Finest line, so maybe this one will come back too? Hint hint Mathias 😉 You guys can keep checking in on their website for the comeback of the line of you’d like. And k suggest you do. The website is
Huge thanks to my friend for swapping me this pomade, I’ve really enjoyed it! Well, till the next one.

Merry Christmas,



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