Winter Wonderland Hair Wax

For the tenth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Winter Wonderland Hair Wax. As with the others, I will be sticking to basics on this on as well. This one is the heaviest one in my Christmas set.


Same tin and label style as the others. This one is the busiest out of the 5 labels I think. The lid has a picture of a snow covered valley and house roof. It a box above that/in the sky of the picture it has the name. The wrap has the same box with the name.


I colored this pomade blue after my favorite ornament growing up. My grandma had this one bright blue ornament. It was always my favorite ornament, because you hardly ever used to see blue ones. There was always the traditional colors, but blue was extraordinary. The lighting doesn’t quite show the color how it truly is unfortunately. The scent on this one I made to smell just like a winter wonderland. Snow covered pine trees and a hint of fresh air.


This one is the heaviest and waxiest of the set. However it still scoops out nice and easy. It’s similar to North Pole just a bit more waxy. It also scoops out kind of like the old High Life Voodoo Brew. It breaks down in the palms really nicely. This one doesn’t candle up on me like a lot of waxy pomades do. Going in the hair it’s nice and waxy with a bit of resistance. It kind of goes in like Murray’s does. However combing it is quite easy.


It gives me a nice heavy hold. I can get a decent sized pomp going with it. The shine it give my hair is a nice natural looking shine. This is due to the oils I used in it. Being a dry waxy pomade there are some stray hairs that I get. And at the beginning the shorter hairs tend to stick out a little bit.


The hold lasts pretty much all day long. The only thing that does happen, and it happens with so many pomades, my cowlick starts to show. This stuff does stay in place everywhere else though. It also gives me more of a lighter slightly fluffy look to my hair. A lot of dry waxy pomades do this to my hair. I decided to recomb my hair and mess around a little bit. I combed it up as high as I could and ended up getting some pretty decent height. It stayed that way the rest of the night too.


The second day I barely added any pomade to my hair. The buildup was really high. Very little pomade came out of my hair. This makes for a longer lasting can, which I usually like. But who wouldn’t like that? The shine was about the same as the day before. The hold lasted just like last time. And my cowlick held better as well. Recombing my hair the second day was a bit more resistant, more like when you’re first styling your hair. I was able to get the same height as yesterday when I recombed it as well.

Like the others, I like this stuff, it is my pomade after all. I wouldn’t put something out that I didn’t like. I only have one set of these left so if you want it, shoot me an email. Only two left to go. It’s always a bummer when I come to the end of the journey. This one has been fun so far though, like always.

Til the next one,



3 comments on “Winter Wonderland Hair Wax

  1. antonio b says:

    are these for sale?Id like a fewif so,let me know

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