The Iron Society – Water Soluble

For the eleventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. The Iron Society. This one is their newest addition, which is their water soluble. I ordered this back on cyber Monday and when I got it in I had to include it because of the scent. I’m stoked it fits in, I wanted to review it asap! Let’s check it out.


This one happens to be a ringing gel, but it doesn’t ring as much as others do. Not sure if that means it’s heavier or just a more unique formula. It comes in the same 3oz amber glass jar with a black metal lid like the other ones do. It has the same label, sort of. The color, and some words are different, but overall it’s the same. This time the accents are blue, and where “firm hold” usually is it has “water soluble.” The ingredients area is filled with directions this time. Usually the ingredient list is way too long to fit into a small space like that, so it makes sense. Everything else about the label is the same though. I’ve always liked Chris’ labels, they have a really cool look to them.


You can see through the jar really easily, which makes me think it’s either clear or a very light color. You can also see how it dips in the very center. There’s a whole bunch of bubbles that are on that dip which allows you to see it really clearly.


You can also see the bubbles on the surface when you open the jar. Now the reason I picked this one is because it has such and awesome cedarwood and clove scent. It smells nice a woodsy with clove right off the bat. No chemical smells in there at all! It’s such a nice change up from the usual ringing gels. You can see all the way through to the bottom of the jar too.


When I went to take a scoop out I was really surprised at what I was met with. This stuff is really heavy! It’s on par with Layrite’s Super Hold as far as heaviness. It was almost like scooping out a waxy pomade like my Winter Wonderland. It turns out this one is a light yellow colored goop. It’s pretty close to being clear, just with a tint of yellow.

It’s just about as heavy as Layrite in your hands too. Very sticky, it’s not quite a gummy as Layrite is. This one has a different feel. It feels more like Slick Devil in your hands. And even though it’s really heavy, it goes in you hair nice and smooth. I could get it worked in nicely with my hands. Even combing it was much easier than I expected.


However, when I went to go style my hair the heaviness came back to it. This stuff held my hair straight up! It was crazy! It kind of did what Murray’s Edgewax does to my hair. I didn’t want to spend too much time messing around though, in case it dries quickly on me.


Surprisingly it gives me a nice full looking do. A lot of times heavier ones like this will make my hair look hollow, but this one doesn’t. It also has a really nice shine to it. Most of the time ringing gels don’t have much shine, and heavy ones have next to none. But this one does. I’ve noticed that from quite a few newer products on the market. It’s really nice to see yet another one with some decent shine to it. And the scent gets even more Christmasy once it’s in your hair. It totally gives off that Christmas vibe.


The hold lasts nicely throughout the day too! The only thing I noticed that was different was there was a small gap by my cowlick. Every single thing else was in the exact same place it was when I styled my hair in the morning. I decided to recomb my hair because this stuff didn’t really harden up, more gummed up like Monkey Brains does. I didn’t need any water at all, and guess what?! This is the first ringing gel that doesn’t flake at all when you recomb your hair without water!!!! I’ve been waiting for one like this for so long!! I was really surprised because of how heavy it is, but no flakes whatsoever. So awesome! And, you hair goes right back into place when you recomb it. You can most your hair with some water and hit it with a fine tooth comb and it will go back to looking how it did. When you recomb it dry it gives your hair a fluffy look kind of. No clear comb lines in it. But a quick spray of water and a light combing takes care of that.

So far the first day has been a complete success with this stuff. I absolutely love it. I don’t know if it’s my favorite ringing gel all around, but it is definitely my favorite heavy. And it’s in my top 5 water soluble products for sure. Probably nudged it’s way into my top 10 favorite products. Can’t know for sure just yet though. Day two should be fun. I do know I will be using this as often as I can and buying more the moment I’m out.

The second day I still couldn’t believe the heaviness of this stuff. I was in a little bit of a rush cause I woke up a bit late, so my hair was still a bit wet when I applied this and styled it. That made the height not quite as high, but the hold and control was the exact same. Oh! And this stuff does wash completely out with just a little bit of water. My hair didn’t feel dried out at all either! Definitely loving this about it. The hold lasted all day, but it did harden up a little bit in a couple areas. I’m guessing this is because my hair was wet when I applied it. However, you can still run a comb through your hair without any water. I did see a couple small flakes this time, but they combed away with the second pass of my comb. I was definitely surprised by this. Same thing with spritzing the water today too. Just a little and another pass of the comb and my hair was back to normal. And actually I had a little more height than I did in the morning. Second day was also a smashing success.

I really can’t say enough good things about this stuff. It is by far my favorite heavy ringing gel, and it’s tied for my favorite overall water soluble product. It is just awesome. Even you grease only lovers would like this stuff. You guys have to try this out. Head over to their website and pick up a jar or two. Great job in putting this stuff out Chris! It is a top notch product. Well, 11 down and one to go.

See you guys Christmas Eve,



2 comments on “The Iron Society – Water Soluble

  1. Great review. Waiting on a jar of this to arrive along with some other new to me pomades. What are some of your favorite ringing gels?

    • Hey there, thank you very much! I appreciate that. Oh cool, I hope you like it as much as I did. You should also check out the Steel Toe line, Sodapomp, and Silver Dollar Pomade. I think you’d like those ones! My favorite ringing gels would probably be, cool grease blue and Z, this one, La-Em-Strait, the new schmiere ones, prospectors gold rush, and railcar original. Those were all great ones I thought. Hope that helps bud! Thanks for reading and commenting! Stay tuned for some awesome new products coming up soon šŸ™‚


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