Santa’s Hair Slick

For the twelfth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Santa’s Hair Slick. And then there was one. Such a bummer this is the last pomade in the series. It’s been a fun journey though. Found some cool new pomade and stuff that I like. I think next year’s series is going to be even more fun! This is the last one in my holiday set. So like always, sticking to the basics in this review.


I decided to go with this one last, since I did the Santa pomade last the year before. Makes sense since he comes to bring gifts on Christmas Eve. It comes in the same tin as the others did. And it has the same label layout, one lid and one wrap. The lid has the name with some holly leaves and berries by it. Then off to the right is the man himself, the kringlemeister, the head elf, the big guy, Santa. Santaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! My version of him has Kris with a nice slicked hair do. He probably had North Pole Pomade in when he took this picture…


Opening the tin you see a Santa’s suit red colored pomade. You can tell it’s slightly waxy by the surface of it. I used a softer wax in this one which gives it that really smooth surface. The scent on this one is kind of self explanatory, Santa’s cookies. It smells just like the iced Christmas cookies you leave out for Santa. I happen to like this scent a lot.


Scooping it out is a nice medium soft waxy pomade. It has a feel similar to Black & White, just a little bit more firm. I kind of modeled this one after Black & White when I was creating it. But I wanted it to be different/unique at the same time. It’s very smooth and creamy when you work it in your hands. A very nice medium pomade for sure. Applying it and combing it is also very easy. There is a slight resistance when combing your hair, but not as much as with most mediums.


I get a decent medium sized pomp with it. This stuff kind of makes my hair bouncy/poofy. You can see towards the back of my part what I am talking about. It’s pretty fluffy around that area. And my pomp is very light and bouncy as well. This pomade doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I think it would go great with a blow dried style pomp. Especially with how the shine is. It gives your hair a slightly higher than natural shine. I think using this with a blow dryer would turn out nicely. I may have to try it one day.

The hold didn’t last too long due to gale force winds showing up randomly here. I was outside a lot that day and my hair was blown every which way. It’s very easy to recomb, but I kind of got tired of having to recomb my hair so I just threw a beanie on.

The buildup on this one is kind of light. The wax I use in it is pretty easily washed out with normal shampoo. So this makes for a lighter buildup than usual. The hold and shine were the same as the day before. It lasted longer since the winds were gone today. I did have a stray hair or two toward the end of the day which I promptly recombed back into place. Not going to do an opinion of this pomade since it’s mine and I obviously like it 🙂

Well the series is over. It has been another fun journey trying out some cool holiday pomades. This year yielded quite a few really good pomades. I’m very excited for next year’s series. There were some pretty cool holiday pomades put out this year that I think I will be including next year! No hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for going on this journey with me again! Until next year…..

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.



One comment on “Santa’s Hair Slick

  1. A good Journey indeed! You always do the best reviews. I think it would be a good idea if ya did a mini tutorial series on pomades/haircut and combing on youtube, kind of like rebelrouser does.

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