Cool Grease – Z (white)

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. We are back visiting another product in the Cool Grease line. This time we are checking out their Z/white product. It is next in line hold wise, they have it at a 7 out of 10 for hold. I pretty much always go lightest to heaviest, so I figured it would be best to stick to that for the main Cool Grease products. This was another one that the awesome folks over at HedgeLion sent me to try out. I’m pretty stoked to try this one and the rest of them out!


Just like the others it’s in the same style plastic tub with a screw on lid. This one is white and has black print on it. The lid has “Cool Grease” in the top half with the company name above that. Then a big “Z” with “ultra hard” on either side of it is just below. At the very bottom is “water type.”


The side has some similar things. The ingredient and company info area with the bar code is the same. Then next to that it says “keep styling” and “super shaping” in the black area. Then “Cool Grease Z” is in the center with the company name above it and “ultra hard” below it. To the right of that is a drop with “water type” in it, the company name and a tag line. Then their is the silhouette of their little dapper guy, only this time he has a big forward facing wedge style pomp. Pretty cool tin. There are some familiar elements to it, but new/unique stuff as well.


Opening the lid you see their clear plastic disc covering the product as usual. The product itself is white. On the surface it kind of looks like their Flat product, only white instead of green. The scent on it is hard to place. It’s very familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it exactly. It’s a sour/tangy fruit(s), but I don’t know which one(s) it is. It also has that familiar water based plasticy chemical note to it as well. I want to say it’s like white cherry and blue raspberry or something like that. Either way it’s a good smell.


Scooping it out was virtually identical to scooping their Flat. This was slightly more firm though. It still felt more like scooping out a grease than a water based product. I really like that about these products. Makes them stand apart. In your hands it’s nothing like the Flat at all. It’s more like Daimon Barber 1. Kind of half grease, half water based.

Applying it was a lot like applying their Fiber. It had quite a bit of resistance to it. I’m guessing that’s the “ultra hard” portion of the product. I had to go in for a second small scoop to get the rest of my hair coated well with this stuff. I grabbed my comb and went to comb my hair and was pleasantly surprised. This stuff is super easy to comb. It’s like combing a light hair dressing. I hope this doesn’t affect the hold at all. And it’s very easy to disperse evenly, I had it all worked in within a few swipes of my comb.


The easy combing doesn’t affect the hold at all, which was a nice little pleasant surprise. From how it combed and whatnot, I had half expected it to have a lighter hold than it does. Every so often one of these will trick me like this though, and it’s a cool twist for the better when it happens. I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp going. Z doesn’t quite tame all my waves, but it did hold my cowlick nice and straight! And this one has a really nice shine to it, gives my hair a good gloss. I was pretty happy with how this stuff was starting out. It kind of reminds me of Railcar a little bit. This one doesn’t weigh your hair down as much as Railcar does though. It leaves your hair a bit more bouncy, rather than kind of glued in place like with a lot of gels. 


The hold lasts perfectly throughout the day. My hair didn’t move or droop or split at all. It was in the exact same place as it was in the morning. The shine was kind of gone though. It had turned very matte, and wasn’t as apparent as it was earlier in the day. This stuff does harden like most water solubles do. However, you can recomb your hair without using any water. You will get a few tiny flakes at first, but the second pass of your comb takes care of them. And my hair went right back into place and looked just how I had it in the morning. I’m loving this stuff so far! It is really really cool. I’m not sure if I like it better than the blue yet or not. But it is very close to it!

As with just about every water based product this one washes out with water. This one does take a bit longer to get all of it out though. It kind of is like rinsing out conditioner. There’s a slight film left on your hair and that takes a bit more rinsing to get completely off your hair. Once my hair was mostly dry I felt it and noticed it was only slightly dried out. It wasn’t bad though, more like how a deep cleansing shampoo leaves my hair.

The second day was literally an duplicate of the first day. Everything from the application, to the combing, to the hold lasting, and recombing it. I did forget to mention earlier that when you do recomb your hair, it doesn’t harden back up. It feels more like you have a tacky pomade in your hair. Kind of like how Bees Knees lite feels in your hair. And you can keep recombing your hair throughout the rest of the day/night.

This stuff really is an awesome product! I think I like it better than their blue one. The only thing that would make it even better was if it didn’t harden at all. However, that is easily remedied with a quick couple passes of your comb. You guys have to try this stuff out! It’s really great. Head over to and pick up a tub. There are three sizes to choose from too. And they also have a bunch of other great products on their site so make sure you check everything out! Huge thank you to the folks over at HedgeLion for sending this to me to try out and review. I really enjoyed it and am stoked to try the rest of the Cool Grease line!

Happy New Year!



2 comments on “Cool Grease – Z (white)

  1. travis says:

    hey j.c how long did the shipping take from hedgelion just wanted to know?

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