O’Douds – Water Based Pomade

Today’s pomade is a newer one to the market put out by O’Douds. It’s their water based pomade. I’m pretty stoked to try out this stuff. I want to give a thank you to Clayton for giving me a smokin deal on all 4 of his pomades. I appreciate it buddy! Let’s get to trying this stuff out, shall we?


It comes in an amber glass jar with a black metal lid. The labeling is super basic and printed right on the jar. It has the name of the company along with “pomade water based” and an X below that. It also has where it was made, the weight, and a little recycle ad at the bottom. Pretty basic, and to the point.


Opening the jar up you see a yellow puffy substance in the jar. It looks very aerated and has bubbles in the surface. Looks kind of like a foamy type product. The scent is a very medicinal type scent. I get like a eucalyptus, pine, bergamot type smell from it. I really like it.


Scooping it out was just as I thought. It’s like a thick foamy type pomade. It’s unlike anything I have tried so far. It’s kind of like a chocolate mousse type texture. Very odd, and unique. Makes me wonder what it’s going to be like applying and styling this stuff. I’m my hands it turned into something completely different. Part of it turned into water, the other part turned into a thick tacky substance. It stuck to my hands and the watery part made it very slippery and unable to spread tacky part. It was like putting peanut butter in your hands then adding water. Really bizarre. However if you push your hands together and work it slower and with more pressure, it gets to be a thick tacky texture. I figured this little trick out the second time using it. I have to say I like this texture better than the other one personally.

It went in my hair really easily though. It looks like you put a paste in your hair. Lots of light yellow streaks throughout your hair. Then combing it was like combing a medium tacky pomade. Man this stuff is weird. The only thing I can compare it to is that Dapper Man stuff I tried forever ago. This stuff is like 4 products in one, it’s crazy. With each step of the process this stuff turns into a different product.


It does have a nice hold to it as well. It holds like a tacky medium pomade, but gives my hair a lighter, bouncy, loose look to it. You can see the couple areas where it split fairly wide, but the shape overall is intact. You can’t really see comb lines as it gives my hair a more dry, natural look. But it also allows me to have a nice rounded out pomp at the same time. I was very happy with the result of this stuff. It also has a decent shine to it, but more of a natural shine than a pomade shine.

The hold lasts all day long, which was really nice and unexpected. I figured it would lose hold due to it being so light and bouncy, but it didn’t. My hair was virtually in the same place as it was in the morning when I first styled it. When you take a shower you find out that it doesn’t wash out with just water. Even with a normal shampoo not all of it comes out of your hair. This is the only water based pomade I know of that you can get buildup with. It’s not much buildup, but it is there. However, if you use a deep cleansing shampoo 95% of the pomade will come out of your hair. So it’s really up to you if you want buildup with this stuff or not. I find that option a nice new discovery. It’s kind of cool to be able to decide while you’re in the shower if you want buildup or not.

The little buildup you do get doesn’t seem to affect the hold at all. It does however, affect the look it gives your hair. With the buildup you have more of a combed look to your hair. You can easily tell you have pomade in your hair with the buildup. Whereas without it or on day one, you have more of a natural or dry and textured look to your hair.

I really like all the versatility of this pomade. It feels and works like 4-5 different products all at the same time. And you can get different looks with it the more you use it. I’ve gotta say I really dig this stuff. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tried or seen out there. You guys have to try this stuff out and as soon as you can. It’s very cool stuff! Huge thanks to Clayton again for the deal on this and his other pomades.

Stay slick fellas,



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