Brass Rooster Hair Pomade

Today’s pomade is one that’s been around for a while. I had tried getting my hands on some a while back, but never heard back from the people running their Facebook page. So I decided to call the shop before Christmas and I talked to both of the owners. After about a half hour of chatting about pomade and whatnot we decided to swap pomades. So I am checking out Brass Rooster Pomade this time. Big thanks to the fine folks at that shop for talking with me and swapping me pomades! I hope you like the Silver Dollar Pomade I sent you guys.


This stuff comes in a pretty unique tin, but the style is familiar. It’s a 4oz tin with a twist off lid. However, the lid has an indentation like the Lockhart pomade tins do. This one also feels a bit more sturdy than the other twist off tins I’ve come across in the past. The label is super basic, but really cool. It has a rooster crowing in the center with a red background. Then in the black ring around the bird it says “Brass Rooster Pomade” in white letters. The bottom label just has the ingredients and company info on a grey background.


Opening up the lid you see a nice cream colored waxy pomade. It looks like it will be either a medium or a heavy. It is a wax based pomade so I’m leaning more toward the heavy end. The scent on this stuff is way awesome! It’s super familiar, I just can’t remember which pomade smells like it. It’s a nice sweet powdery scent, with a tiny floral hint. Very soft floral note tho, and it’s definitely on the back end. You have to smell it a couple times to get the floral note. It definitely reminds me of a hat shop at the same time. Great scent.


When I dug my finger into the pomade I was met with a waxy oily pomade. It scoops out in a couple chunks and some waxy ribbons. You can see that it’s a little grainy when you scoop it out. The scent gets a little bit stronger after you get it out of the tin. However, I still can’t pinpoint which pomade this stuff smells like. It’s very familiar, I just don’t know which pomade it smells like.

In the hands it gets pretty oily and clumpy at first. Once you press out the clumps and work it around in your hands it starts to get a little sticky. It’s still very oily and feels like a lighter pomade, but it does have a sticky feel to it as well. Applying it is a lot like applying a lighter pomade, goes in real smooth and evenly. It makes your hair very shiny when you apply it, I hope that lasts throughout the day. Combing it is pretty easy, but the stickiness comes back to it. It gains a little bit of resistance to it when you start combing your hair.


It’s kind of hard to get a good pomp going with this stuff though. It makes my hair very light and bouncy. I had to throw my normal combing and styling method out the window with this stuff. The left side of my hair stood up no problem, but the right side had some trouble. It kind of splits with each comb line and droops towards the center of my head. My hair didn’t look bad, just not as nice as I was hoping for. I played around with it a little more, but didn’t make any progress so I left it how it was.

Surprisingly the hold lasts really well. My hair didn’t move all day long. I was pretty shocked by this since it’s a lighter pomade, but it was definitely a nice surprise. I decided to recomb my hair anyway and was met with the same feel as when I styled my hair. It didn’t get oily or anything during the day either. It did seem to gain a little bit of shine though. I lost a bit of the hold when I recombed it, but the lower do looked better. The comb lines were more even and my hair wasn’t dropping or splitting at all. This stuff may be better suited for lower profile hair styles. It is put out by a hat shop after all and you don’t generally have a pomp when wearing a hat.

I was curious to see how the buildup was with this stuff. My hair didn’t feel oily or anything when I woke up which gave me hope that the buildup would be really nice. A bit of it came out in the shower leaving me with about half of the pomade left in my hair. This made day two about the same as day one. I had a little more control and less splitting and dropping. However, I didn’t gain any more height or shine with the buildup. The hold lasted about the same as day one, but I did have one hair fall in my face about halfway through the day. So I had to recomb my hair, and when I did I lost some hold again. The result of the recombing was the same as the first day, only this time my hair felt a little oily. After that hairs kept falling out of place and I had to recomb my hair a bunch of times. That was kind of a bummer, but at least it’s easy to recomb.

All in all it’s a decent lighter pomade. I can see myself using this stuff on colder days, when I want a lower profile hair style, and when I am wearing a hat. It would be a cool addition to your collection, especially if you like lighter pomades. To pick up a tin head on over to their Facebook page or website
Big thanks to the fine folks over at The Brass Rooster for sending me this can to try out! I hope you like what I sent you guys!!

Stay slick,


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2 comments on “Brass Rooster Hair Pomade

  1. Hey JC! Have you ever tried Teddy Boy Original Pomade?If you have I might have missed the link. I know you have your own line of pomades, but will you ever do any collabs?

    • Yeah I tried it once a while back. It didn’t work all that well for me. I didn’t post a review of it though. I just wasn’t very happy with it and didn’t want to post a bad/negative review at the time. I did post a review of their Sirens & Sailors product though. I have done a few collabs over the years.


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