Cool Grease – XX (black)

Back with another installment to the Cool Grease line. This time we are trying out their XX product. This is one of the ones the Hedge Lion sent me to check out. Let’s see how this one is compared to their other products.


It comes in the same packaging, plastic tub with a screw top lid. This one is in a black tub with reflective silver writing. The lid is just the lettering. In the center it has the two big X’s and says “double x” across them. Above and below that it says “fine cosmetics” and “max hard” in two different fonts. Then in a third different font around all of that it says “cool grease” twice. The font and glare makes it a little hard to read.


The side of the tub doesn’t have the reflective print, but a light grey instead. The back has the same ingredients area and barcode on it. Then the left part of the front has “keep your styling 24h!!” The big X’s and name are just to the right of that. The on the opposite side of the X’s is their little guy again. This time he’s in a little silver bubble with his tag line. And it’s just his silhouette like on their Z product.


Opening the can up you see their signature plastic disc covering the product. This one looks jet black, very cool. When you pull off the disc you see that it’s a really thick/heavy product. I have a feeling this stuff is going to be really tacky feeling. It has pretty much the exact same scent as their Red tub does. Kind of a fruity water based type smell.


Scooping it out you see that it’s actually crystal clear, not black. Kind of a bummer, but also really cool at the same time. Yeah it would’ve been awesome to have another black water based, but on the other hand, this is the only one that you can completely see through. I mean you can see my fingerprint through it. How cool is that? It looks almost how Lone Star looks when scooping it out, just not a rubbery. This one has that perfectly round and smooth scoop surface to it though. It feels like a heavier version of their Blue product.

In my hands it feels very tacky. I knew it would be like this from looking at it. You can usually tell a bit about a product or pomade just by looking at it. Working it around is about comparable to The Iron Society’s ringing gel. It has about the same weight to it. This one is more tacky though, makes my hands stick together stronger.

It goes in the hair about as you’d expect from how it feels in your hands. Resistance, but still easy to work through with your hands. I didn’t let my hair dry enough when I applied it though. So I had to kind of sit there for a minute before I could finish styling my hair. It combs through a lot easier than you’d expect from the weight of it too.


This stuff gives me a very rounded hair do. I kind of had a puffy, bulbous type pomp going with this stuff. It even made the hair on the side of my head kind of puffed out. That definitely surprised me since it’s a heavier product. This stuff does give my hair a really nice shine to it as well. Looks like the shine I get from greases and light pomades. Definitely loving that! It has been raining the past few days here so it took a lot longer for my hair to dry. That in combination with my hair being a little too wet when I applied this stuff made for a softer feel to my hair. And the center of my pomp kind of dropped in a little bit. I will have to have my hair less damp when I use it next time. Other than that my hair stayed in place nicely throughout the day. And it never really hardened up on me either. It sort of gummed up on me after about 4 hours or so, but didn’t harden like most water based do. I was able to recomb it without any water and it didn’t flake on me at all. My hair did feel real tacky/sticky after I recombed my hair though.

Just like their other products this stuff washes out with just water. It only took a few seconds under the shower head and it was all out of my hair. My hair didn’t feel dried out at all either which was nice. I’m really liking that I keep finding ringing gels and other water soluble products that either don’t dry my hair out or do so very minimally. The second day was a point for pint exact repeat of day one. One thing I’m not sure of is where the “max hard” comes into play. I didn’t experience max hard at all from this product.

All in all it was a great water soluble product. Definitely something I will be using again in the future. I highly recommend this for both pomade users and water based users. It really is a great product all around. To get a tub of it head over to and pick one up. They have all kinds of Pomades and water bases over there now so be sure to check it all out! Thanks again Tadashi! I appreciate you sending me this stuff! I’ll be getting to some more cool grease products this and next month so stay tuned!

Til next time,



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