Flagship Pomade

Back again with another pomade for you guys. This stuff is something I recently found out about, Flagship Pomade. The owner kindly sent me out a jar to review. Stoked to see what’s up with this stuff.


It comes in a 4oz blue glass jar with a black metal lid. It has two labels on the jar, one on the front and one on the back. They’re made of brown parchment type paper and have black writing on them. The front one has the name, weight, est 2014, and a ship in the center of it. In a ring around that it says “oil based, medium hold.” The back one has the ingredients list, which shows a wax base, not an oil base. Not sure what’s up with that. Misinformed on the front? Or, wrong list on the back?


Opening the jar up you see a light blue waxy looking pomade. This leads me to believe it’s a wax based pomade, but I could be wrong. There are some oil based pomades that have a waxy look to them which throws you off. The scent in this one smells almost identical to Cock Grease X and XX. This one just has a slightly more powdery smell to it than those do. Not sure if I like the scent of this pomade or not just yet.


When I scooped out this pomade I was surprised at how soft it was. It felt more like paraffin wax does and didn’t make me think of soy wax at all. Still not sure what the base is on it. The texture suggests neither oil based or soy wax based. I really loved how it scooped out though. The scent got a bit stronger when I pulled out a fingerful from the jar. And it gained a strong powdery note to it as well.

In my hands it broke down super smoothly and fast. It didn’t get oily at all either. It’s really throwing me for a loop. It doesn’t feel anything like Black Jack or Stay Gold or any of the other soy wax pomades I own and have tried. I love the feel of it, it’s just nothing how I would expect it to be. It’s really smooth on your hands as well, and doesn’t have a sticky or tacky feel to it. This one just feels nice and soft and smooth.


The application was a cake walk. I got it in my hair and distributed evenly with just a couple swipes of my hands. And combing it was just as easy. I’m really liking the feel of this stuff a lot! I slicked my hair first just to see how it was due to it being so workable. I was really impressed with how it held my hair back and made my hair look. Usually I get gaps where my cowlicks are and whatnot, but this stuff held my hair back nicely.


I didn’t get quite that much height, but I wasn’t really expecting to. It kind of gave me a very rounded look to my hair as well. It does have a little shine to it, but it’s not a normal shine. This one isn’t glossy or matte really. It’s kind of similar to your hair’s natural shine, but still different at the same time. The hold was impeccable too! My hair literally didn’t move at all throughout the day. I was completely expecting it to because of the weight of the pomade, but my hair stayed in place all day. Extremely happy with this pomade so far!

I woke up the next day forgetting I had to run a couple errands first thing in the morning. So I had to comb my hair without taking a shower first. The first thing I noticed was that my part was still there and super sharp. Literally, my hairs didn’t fall over my part in either direction. This has never happened to me before, so I was kind of taken aback by it. Then I noticed even without a shower a decent amount of the pomade had come out of my hair. I decided to go ahead and try to comb my hair first before adding any pomade to it. To my surprise, it pulled a High Life Light on me and allowed me to comb my hair back into place without a shower or even adding any pomade. I was really surprised by this because of how much pomade had come out of my hair during the night. And at the same time, my pillow didn’t feel greasy or oily or waxy at all. This stuff is very weird, in a good way. I ran my errands and check my hair when I got back home. I noticed that my hair was still in place, crazy. It did feel more oily than the previous day too. Which usually results in less hold and control, yet this stuff performed just as well as it did the first day. Great for me! This means a jar will last me a bit longer than usual. One thing I didn’t quite care for was the way the scar lingered. I could still smell it at the end of the day both days, and it had started to get to me a little bit. It wasn’t bad, I just got tired of the scent kind of.

This is definitely a pomade I recommend trying out. By far one of the coolest pomades in my whole collection. I will definitely be using it as often as I can in the future! I highly suggest you guys head to http://www.etsy.com and search for Flag Ship Pomade, then grab a jar or two of this stuff! I also hear they are coming out with another pomade as well! Hopefully I can get my hands on that and feature it for you guys soon. Absolutely loved this stuff, and want to give a huge thank you for sending me a jar! You got a winner on your hands with this stuff!

Keep it greasy,


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