Whiskey Wax

Hey everyone, I’m trying another new product today. This time I’m checking out Whiskey Wax. This one is a product from the Mad Men Barbershop. They contacted me a little while back about reviewing their stuff for them and sent me out a tub of it around Christmas time. Today we get to see what this stuff is all about. Ok, let’s dig in.

This stuff comes in a 4oz amber plastic tub, with a gold/brass colored screw on lid. It resembles the JS Sloane and Valentino’s tubs. The print on it is also a goldish looking color. There is no real design to it, just text in different fonts. On the front it has the name and barbershop where it comes from. The back has the ingredients, directions, company info and the like. As soon as I grabbed the tub and looked at the ingredients, I could tell this stuff is a ringing gel. Kind of bummed that it’s not a wax, but I have had really good luck with these lately. Hopefully this one follows suit with the last few I have tried!

Opening the lid you see a white-ish grey colored gel, with a slightly glossy surface. There are some bubbles on the surface like with a lot of these products. When I was tapping the tub, this one feels like it’s going to be on the heavier side. The scent of this one smells exactly like Southern Comfort and lime, there is a slight note of the familiar water based smell too. But, I mean to the t, it smells just like glass of soco and lime.

Digging my finger into it was pretty much what I was expecting. Soft gel like goop came out in a rounded scoop. When you get it out of the tub you see that it’s actually like a yellowish white, cream colored goop, not gray. The scent didn’t seem to change at all once I scooped it out. In my hands it felt like your typical medium weight ringing gel. It has that same feel and texture to it. Applying it however was much easier than I expected. It went in like how a light hair cream goes in. Absolutely no resistance at all, and you can get it worked in really easily with just your hands. And surprisingly there is very little residue on your hands after applying it. Usually my hands have a decent amount on them, but not with this stuff. Combing it was also super easy and like combing a hair cream. This is making me think it’s going to have a light hold to it.

And it sure did. I wasn’t able to get very much height with it at all. Also, there were some areas that wouldn’t stick together. I kept getting splits in certain places. The middle of my hair, kind of dead center in the top of my head, kept sinking in. It was doing the same thing my hair did with Lone Star super. This was kind of a bummer. I decided to let my hair sit for a minute slicked back. Once the gel had kind of dried/set up a little bit I went back to styling my hair. 

As you can see, much better results. I was able to get a lot more height to my hair, there wasn’t much splitting except by my cowlick a little bit, and I could round my hair out a bit more. So I’d suggest letting this stuff dry a bit before styling your hair, or apply it to dry hair. That will help a lot with styling I think, at least it did for me. The hold held fairly well throughout the day, with the exception of the center of my head again. I don’t know why, but it sank back in over the course of the day. It didn’t make my hair look bad, but was still sunken in nonetheless. The way this stuff dried in my hair was like how girls hair feels when they put mousse in it. Very light and crunchy. I wasn’t too big of a fan of this. I didn’t try to recomb my hair, because I knew I couldn’t without water. And I didn’t want to wet my hair and lose all the hold and have to wait to style my hair again.

When I woke up the next morning I felt my hair and saw that it hand changed textures. It was no longer light and crunchy, but kind of gummy feeling. I ran my comb through my hair and was surprised to see no flakes and that my hair was kind of going into place. I still had some hairs that wouldn’t cooperate obviously, but it did better than I expected. And like with just about any ringing gel, it comes out with just a little bit of water.

The second day yielded virtually the same results as day one. I waited for it to dry a bit before styling my hair this time and saw an improvement there. As well as with the shine, it was more shiny today than it was the first day. The hold and everything else was the exact same. And like with many water soluble products, at the end of day two my hair was starting to show signs of being dried out. It’s not as bad as with some products, but still a bit dried out feeling. That’s just the nature of these products due to all the chemicals and stuff in them.

All in all, this was an ok water soluble product. It’s not my absolute favorite ringing gel, but it’s better than a few of them out there. I can see myself using it again in the future for sure. To get a jar of this stuff, head over to their etsy store and pick up a jar. The link is https://www.etsy.com/listing/214172789/whiskey-wax-pomade-water-based-free
They also just came out with another water soluble product called Moonshine, so check it out too. Maybe I will get a jar of that from them as well and review it for you guys. Thanks again to the folks over at Mad Men Barbershop for sending me this stuff to try! I really appreciate it guys!

Stay slick fellas,



4 comments on “Whiskey Wax

  1. @Prayudi__A says:

    Hi JC, just want to ask though. We have seen TOWK and several pomades sitting there on your toilet for a while now. When are you gonna review them?

  2. Hey you should check out http://www.rockriverhairsupply.com for some awesome all natural products.

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