Ryno’s Hair Slick – Slick n’ Hold Formula

Today’s pomade is one of the Ryno’s Hair Slick pomades. We are checking out the Slick n’ Hold Formula. I bought this pomade forever ago with the intention of reviewing it, but kind of forgot about it until recently. So I threw it in the line up and am finally getting to it. 

This one comes in a tall 4oz slip cover tin. Similar to the old High Life tins, but with a raised lid instead of an indented lid. It has a lid label and a can wrap on it, both with an orange and black color scheme to them. The lid has a black background with a big orange bar across it. Up above the orange bar it says “hand crafted pomade” in orange letters. In the orange area it says “Ryno’s Hair Slick.” Underneath to the left it has some black and white stripes, then to the right it says “Slick n’ Hold formula.” The can wrap is basically the orange part of the lid label. To the right of that in a white box it says “men’s pomade.” To the left of it is the barcode which has the ingredients list and company info just above the barcode. Cool label, has a nice retro 60’s feel to it. 


Opening the tin you see an off-white, creamy waxy pomade. The surface does have some shine to it as well. I’m thinking it’s going to be a nice waxy pomade with a little bit of shine to it just from looking at the surface. The scent of this pomade is almost exactly like the scent of Black & White’s Lite Formula pomade. There is only a tiny difference between the two. This pomade has a slightly softer/sweeter scent than B&W does. However, it’s barely noticeable, you have to really smell it to tell the difference. This one of my favorite scents out of any pomade, so when I first got this tin I was pretty stoked that it had his nice clean powdery scent. 

When I dug out the pomade, I got exactly what I was expecting. It’s a nice creamy waxy pomade. It has a really nice pull off to it, which makes for a photogenic scoop. The texture kind of reminds me a little bit of my Silver Dollar pomade, but slightly more dry. Kind of like how my pomade used to be when I was using my old wax. It kind of also is like scooping High Life medium. This one is a bit softer than those two though.
In my hands it’s really nice and waxy. It starts off creamy, but then gets pretty waxy. However, it doesn’t candle up on you or anything. It does get a bit more dry feeling once you work it around in your hands. I really like the texture of this pomade a lot, I know this stuff is going to work well in my hair. It feels very similar to my Silver Dollar pomade texture and dryness wise. Even applying it to my hair was a lot like Silver Dollar pomade or High Life medium. Nice and waxy, but doesn’t tug your hair at all. You can get it worked in well with your hands much easier than normal waxy pomades. And combing this stuff is damn near perfection. It has a really nice resistance to it, while being nice and smooth at the same time. It doesn’t tug on your hair or pull any of your hairs out either. Definitely liking this stuff a lot so far.

When it came to styling my hair, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get my hair into place. It only took me about 2 minutes to get my hair like this. As you can see, it gives my hair nice lift and control. I couldn’t get my hair rounded out as much as I wanted, but it rounds really nicely up at the top. I was pretty happy with how it was working so far. There’s not much shine to it, which was a little surprising from how the surface looks. But it does give my hair a nice natural looking low shine. Like with most waxy pomades, I did have some hairs that kind of stuck up a little bit. And I did have one hair that stuck out in the front, which I promptly fixed after I took this photo. For only taking 2 minutes, I think this stuff made my hair look pretty damn good. 


It held really nicely throughout the day too. I didn’t notice any dropping or splitting at all from it. I ran my comb through my hair and was met with pretty much the same feeling as when I first styled my hair. It did have a slightly more oily feel to it, and kind of split a little bit after I recombed my hair. It wasn’t bad, just a few areas split a little. I did lose a little bit of height, but the control and hold stayed the same as it had been all day. There also was a little more shine to my hair at the end of the day and I recombed it. For only using this stuff for one day, I can easily say this is going to be one of my more favored pomades in my collection. It has really worked well, especially for it only being one day and no buildup!

The buildup on this stuff is perfect! It’s very similar to Silver Dollar pomade or High Life medium. Just enough came out, and I only had to add a little bit to my hair. I really like it when pomades do this, it makes them last longer. It also makes for very easy styling each day after the first day. You also get to the point where you don’t even need to add any pomade to your hair, and you can style your hair with just a little bit of water added to it. Buildup like this is my absolute favorite. Very stoked on this pomade.

The hold and performance of this pomade on day two was very similar to day one, with only a couple exceptions. I had more control and no hairs sticking out at all the second day. And also, there was a little more shine to my hair on day two. I still got the same height and shape to my hair which was nice. Recombing my hair was also about the same, with the exception of losing height. This time I didn’t lose any height at all. That is what normally happens when using pomades with buildup like this. It really helps hold your hair up and in place all day long.

As I was saying earlier, when pomades have buildup like this, you get to a point where you don’t have to add any more pomade to your hair. For me, that happened on the third day. After getting out of the shower I decided to try and style my hair and sure enough it went into place perfectly. So I didn’t add any pomade to my hair and just threw on a button up shirt. I ended up using this stuff for a whole week and only needed to add pomade to my hair on days 4 and 6. And I only added a little bit on those days.

This stuff is a really good pomade! It has definitely become one of my favorite pomades in my whole collection. And that’s saying something! I highly recommend this stuff to all of you guys. You need to pick up a tin of it as soon as Ryan restocks this stuff, and so do I. Ryan make sure to make a couple tins for me when you make another batch please! To get a tin of this stuff when it’s back in stock, head to their etsy store, or search Ryno’s Hair Slick on the etsy site. And make sure you check out his other stuff as well while you’re there. Well, this has been one fun review, I’m pretty stoked to try the other pomades I have of his.

Til the next one,