Shear Revival – The One Who Knocks Pomade

What’s up everyone? We are back with another newer pomade. This one has been around for a few months now, but is still relatively new. I was lucky enough to get sent this as a Christmas gift from Zach over at Shear Revival. I bought his limited edition holiday pomade, and this one arrived with it. So I figured I’d throw it in the rotation asap. Thank you again for the gift Zach!


He packages his pomades in colored plastic jars with aluminum twist top lids. This jar happens to be blue, and rightfully so. If you guys don’t already know, the name of this pomade is a reference to the TV show Breaking Bad. Feel free to look up the name reference on google or by watching the show. It’s a pretty good show in my opinion. This jar just has a single square label on the front. In the very center is a hazmat gas mask, also in blue, and a bunch of blue specks behind and around it. Above it is the name of the company, and below it is the name of the pomade. The company name and ingredients are on either side of the label. Very simple label layout and design. Like I say, sometimes less is more. This label is very clean looking, but has a nice style to it at the same time. 


Upon opening the jar you see a light grayish blue looking waxy pomade. Personally I was expecting more of s vibrant blue, like the “product” Walter makes in the show. However, this pomade’s color is still pretty cool. I don’t think I have any pomades with this particular shade of blueish gray. The scent of this stuff is also very unique. You get a very strong floral scent right off the bat. The more you smell it though, the more stuff you detect. It’s really a layered scent, and it’s nice. The other notes are oak and whiskey. Personally I don’t really get any whiskey until I’ve been smelling it for a while, and it’s very faint. Plus the more I smell the pomade, the more the oak comes out and it starts smelling like an old wooden box on your grandpas desk in his musky study! It’s really an awesome scent. Nicely balanced and layered. I really like how the oak gets stronger and stronger the more you smell it. 


When I went to scoop out the pomade, I was met with a very firm surface. As I dug my finger in, the pomade kind of ribboned out in a few different directions. Many of the waxy pomades I have in my collection do this. Some more than others. This one kind of falls in the middle of that spectrum. It doesn’t ribbon out like crazy, but it also isn’t just a couple big chunks either. You do have to press out the bigger pieces into your palm, otherwise it kind of clumps up on you. Once you get them pressed out, the texture is nice a creamy and smooth. It feels pretty soft once you break it down in your hands too.

Application isn’t as easy as you’d think with how the texture is. There was actually quite a bit of tugging to it when I was trying to work it into my hair. It doesn’t stick on top like some waxy pomades do though. This stuff actually feels a bit like how Nu Nile goes in your hair. It has some significant tug to it, but you can get it worked in fairly evenly with just your hands. When I went to comb my hair the feel of it changed completely. It was very easy to comb surprisingly. More like combing a lighter pomade rather than the waxy feel it has to it. I was delighted that it performed this way, definitely a nice little change up.


This stuff gives my hair a nice look to it as well. It’s kind of halfway between a dry, natural look and the way your hair looks with your average medium pomade in it. I was able to get some medium height to my hair, and round it out a little bit too. I was pretty pleased with how the initial combing came out. The shine on this stuff is definitely on the lower end and has a more natural look to it. And I find that this type of shine goes really well with the look this pomade give my hair. I think overly shiny hair with this texture/look wouldn’t really be optimal personally. 


The hold seemed to last nicely throughout the day too. I only had a few areas split as you can see. And only the center of the left side of my hair had drooped a little bit. Overall though, my hair still looked pretty good at the end of the day. The recomb felt really nice as well, about the same as when I combed my hair initially. Possibly a little bit softer than it was at first. I was able to comb my hair pretty much right back into place as well. I think it was maybe a tiny bit shorter than when I first styled my hair. All in all, day one is a pretty good success. I’m interested to see how the buildup is and how day two fares.

Most of the pomade had stayed in my hair after sleeping and taking a shower. I’d say maybe 10% or less came out of my hair. I absolutely love it when pomades do this! Well most of the time anyway. This makes for really nice styling in the days following the initial application. As well as a longer lasting jar/can of pomade. The scent does fade away pretty much completely though. The floral note was really all that was left, and it was pretty faint. This made the scent a bit more floral in my hair than it was on the first day. The scent was still really nice though, it just wasn’t as oaky as it was the first day. 


As you can see, my hair looks about the same as it did on day one. I got about the same height and roundness to my hair, and I only added about 1/4 of a normal scoop. Which was about 1/6th what I added the first day! I think this stuff is going to last me quite a while! The only real difference I saw was the shine was a little bit more glossy on the second day. Other than that and the scent’s slight change, the pomade was performing pretty much the same as it did on day one so far. The hold and how it lasted was a bit different though. My hair didn’t really move, until I went to recomb my hair. Then it got kind of oily and stringy, and wouldn’t stay in place. Not sure why this happened, because my hair didn’t feel oily before I recombed it. I kept getting hairs falling in my face when I would try to comb it back into a pomp. However, if I just slicked it back, it stayed right in place. Very odd little maneuver this pomade pulled on me. I didn’t really mind though, because I recombed my hair at about 10:30 at night. So it didn’t make any difference to me if my hair stayed or not. If you’re out and about and have to recomb your hair, this could be problematic though. Luckily, it holds well enough that you shouldn’t have to. I’ve got to say, day two was also a success. 

All in all, I wore this pomade for just under a week and loved it each day. The oiliness only happened on day two though. I’m still not sure why it did that, but it only happened that day. This stuff is definitely something I’d recommend trying out guys. There’s nothing I didn’t like about  this pomade. Well, that one night when it got oily and uncooperative with me wasn’t great, but it only happened once. And it could have been a fluke thing. So I’d say, if you don’t already have a jar, go pick one up. You can find it on many online retailer’s sites, or on Zach’s etsy or big cartel stores. He also has some shave stuff and other hair products on there as well! So check them out and pick up some awesome stuff! Huge thank you again to Zach for sending me this awesome Christmas gift! I really appreciate it buddy. I have his other pomades on the way and will be reviewing them as soon as I can for you guys. Until the next one….

“I am the one who knocks.”-WW


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