Thank you for the care package!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to make a quick post showing you guys some really awesome products that were sent to me by Death Pomade. These are some of the coolest things I have in my collection, by far! Check it out!


They sent me a lot of stuff!!!! HUGE, HUGE thank you to the whole Death Pomade team for this awesome care package! And for the deal on the stuff I paid for. You guys rock! Here’s a couple close up pics with some product lists for you guys. That way you know what all is what.


Ok so there is the big Death Vader silk screen banner. It’s either 12″ x 12″ or 14″ x 14″ I’m not sure which though. I didn’t measure them. I got two cans of the Death Vader, a bunch of Death Pomade and Death Vader stickers, a Death Wars sticker, and their Rotwild ringing gel. That Rotwild is such a cool color!!


This one has the same silk screen banner, but it’s the Death Trooper this time. These are so badass!! I am a huge Star Wars fan, and Vader/Anakin is my favorite character of the whole saga. I also got two of the Death Trooper ones, more Death Pomade stickers, Death Trooper stickers, and anothe Death Wars sticker. These are going on my tool box for sure! I also got their light hold Scarecrow pomade. Not sure if this is a reference to Batman or not, but if so that is beyond awesome! Finally I got a can of their Friday the 13th edition pomade with a patch to go with it. This is my favorite scary movie series, and has been since I was like 5 or 6. They also make a silk screen banner that goes with the set, but I have to wait until they sell some more before I can buy one. 

This stuff is beyond cool, borderline legendary! Everything looks and smells awesome! You guys should definitely head to their website to check out what they have, and pic some of this stuff up! Thank you again to the amazing folks at Death Pomade for sending me this awesome care package! Everything is so awesome guys! I’ll be posting reviews of these as soon as I can for you guys too.

May the force be with you,



7 comments on “Thank you for the care package!!

  1. Can’t wait for mine to arrive man! Excited for these uber creative stuff!!

  2. Alief Alwan says:

    Hi there!. I’m so excited and can’t wait to read about the review of yet another Indonesian-made pomade. I used Rotwild and Death Pomade’s heavy variant which is Hellrider, both are awesome! Loved the smell, the hold, everything! Hope you too.

  3. Hahhaha says:

    I know Indonesian pomade is sucks, I’m indonesian but I dissapointed with Indonesian pomade. They don’t have standard, all texture from light to hard there is no big different. So I think that’s why you havent write review for this pomade. Haahahaha

    • Some aren’t the best no. But I never said these suck, quite the opposite in fact. I’m very excited to try these out. I’ve tried a death pomade before and liked it. Toar & Roby pomades are good too. But I know what you mean about not being much difference between the holds. I’ve mentioned that to a few pomade makers down there. You need a nice difference between holds, you know? I haven’t written the reviews for these yet because I have a bunch I have to review first. And I need to get a haircut too haha.


      • Hahhaha says:

        Toar & Roby? Hmmm..
        I have these one, use it once and never us is anymore. Dunno what the brewer putting inside, but my hair starting to fall and the smell is too strong makes me dizzy…

        For death pomade, I already read ivantoar review, I think you better do not write the review because Its going the same like other indonesian pomade that you had reviewed before…

        Most of indonesian pomade had “oily stone” texture too hard to scope. I don’t know they rarely put petrolatum into it. They just use pure beeswax and mix oil without consideration. Thats why I call Indonesian pomade sucks…

      • Alief Alwan says:

        Actually Ivantoar’s review on Death Pomade is outdated, they’ve come with different formula from the old batch, even new scents. I’m a regular user of Hellrider, which is their heavy hold pomade and it’s far from waxy pomade characteristics like you have in Cockgrease and Toar and Roby, which is very waxy. I say Death Pomade is one of the more successful Indonesian pomade brewer, they balance the grease and wax. When I put it in my hair, I don’t only have the great hold, but it also give my hair some shine, which is rarely there with most heavy holding pomade. To categorize Indonesian pomade “oily stone” is just wrong because we do have great brewers out there.

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