Hey everyone, finally back with another hair product. I know it’s been a little over a month since my last review. I’ve just been super swamped with all kinds of stuff lately and haven’t been able to finish the reviews I started. Now that things are slowing down a little, and my old lady is off for summer break, I should be able to get back to reviewing things regularly for you guys. That being said, let’s take a look at Denis. This is a Japanese product, and is one that my good friend Tadashi over at HedgeLion sent me to review for him. Thank you very much for sending this stuff to me Tadashi! Let’s get to it!

This stuff comes in quite unique, and awesome packaging. It’s packaged in a little cardboard box with black writing on it. The lid has “Denis Made in Tokyo” in the center between 3 lines on top and bottom. Then on the front side of it, it says “Original Grease” in a black box. The left, right, and back sides of the box have a hole punched in the center of them. Not sure the reason, but it’s pretty neat looking. The bottom of the box has a brown sticker that has all the info about the product on it in Japanese. At the bottom of that it says “Handmade in Japan” just above the website. Now I’ve heard that this stuff is made in smaller batches and by hand, which is pretty cool. Opening up the box you see “Thanks” on the lid flap, nice little touch there! Then on the top flap inside it has the Handmade deal again along with the website. The bottom flap inside has a Japanese character in a circle, and the flap is half the size of the top one. Not sure what that’s about, but it gives the box that much more uniqueness. Then on top of the can is a little leaflet thing. This has some info about the product, the website, some pictures of the product, and instructions. All of this is in Japanese though, so unless you can read Japanese, you won’t know what it says. This is by far one of the coolest packagings for a product I’ve ever seen. They really put a lot of effort into this, and it really shows! I really like this little box and all the design aspects to it. Great job with this packaging guys, I’m really impressed!

Then when you get the can out you see that they didn’t just go all out on the outer packaging. The tin is equally as cool looking! It’s a little black aluminum can with a twist off lid. The can has been stamped/embossed with the name in between the 6 lines. And then around the edge are dashes and dots as well. This can is the same type of can that Cream Soda comes in. If you aren’t familiar with that one, it’s also a Japanese product. I’ll be reviewing that one in the near future as well. So, having already liked that can, I was pretty stoked to see that Denis comes in the same type of can. The bottom of the can has the company and product info on it in a silver spaced they left in the center. Really top notch packaging all around with this stuff!

Opening the tin, I was very shocked at first to see what I saw. The can had only a tiny bit of product in it. At first I thought maybe it was a mispoured can or something, but it’s not. Turns out this is a sample can. They purposefully only put a little bit in there. The product itself is a clear, goopy gel like product that appears to have a very thick consistency to it. As you can see, there is a space where the bottom of the can isn’t covered. So you know this stuff is pretty thick when it doesn’t flatten out and cover the whole bottom of the can. Same with the drips that are stuck to the side of the can as well. The scent of this stuff is very very similar to Cool Grease XX. It’s a very fruity scent, and smells like canned pears. At least that’s what my lady compared it to, and I definitely get a pear scent from it. This one is a bit sweeter than XX is and doesn’t really have that water based chemical type smell to it, which is really nice. 

Scooping it out felt almost identical to Cool Grease XX. Now I’ve heard that this stuff is basically the same formula as that stuff, so it didn’t surprise me. This one seemed to have a slightly thicker consistency and feel to it when I scooped it out of the can. However, it wasn’t a significant difference in consistency. 

In my hands, this stuff seems to break down about the same as XX as well. And it definitely has that same tacky feel to it that XX does. I had expected that just from looking at the product in the can and seeing how the consistency was there. Just like with XX this one makes your hands stick together pretty good. But it’s not hard to spread around at all, you can just feel the stickiness and how it keeps your hands together. 

Applying this one was actually a little bit easier than I was expecting. I had expected it to have some resistance to it and feel like how XX feels when you apply it. However, this one goes in a little bit easier and smoother. There was very little resistance to it at all. The main difference between the two is the combing. This one gains resistance when combing it through your hair. Not a lot of resistance, but what you’d expect from how it feels in your hands. This one is kind of opposite or backwards from XX, it doesn’t have resistance when applying, but does when combing it in. Whereas XX has resistance when applying, but doesn’t when combing it in. Kind of a cool little comparison and difference between the two I think. The scent of this one lasts nicely once you get it in your hair too. It’s not overpowering, but it doesn’t disappear either. It’s a nicely balanced strength to the scent.

I was able to get some really nice height with this stuff as well. Quite a bit more than I did with XX. My hair wasn’t as rounded and bulbous with this stuff though. It gave me more of a quiff style pomp than a rounded pomp. I was still really happy with how my hair looked with this stuff in it though. It has some nice shine to it as well. I’d say about the same shine that XX does, maybe a little bit more. It also gives my hair a different look to it. Especially on the sides. You can see it give my hair a real slick, almost flat look to it.

After having it in my hair for a few hours I checked to see how this stuff dried and set up. And just like with XX, this stuff only gums up slightly. It doesn’t harden up like how water based products usually do. My hair had stayed in place for the most part also. There was only a couple areas that had moved a little from where they first were. I was able to recomb my hair without having to add any water to it as well. However doing so made me lose quite a bit of the heigh that I had before. For some reason I just couldn’t get it to go back up to the same height my hair was earlier. 

But as you can see, that wasn’t a terrible thing. My hair still looked really nice after recombing it. It seemed to gain some shine to it as well after I ran my comb through my hair. My lady said my hair looked better than it did before I recombed it. She said that it had a more sleek look to it after I recombed my hair. I definitely wasn’t disappointed with how it looked that’s for sure.

Just like with most all water based products, this stuff rinses out with just water. And it didn’t seem to dry out my hair at all either. I didn’t notice any improvement to my hair, but it wasn’t dried out like how a lot of water based products leave it. This stuff did kind of make my hair poofy though. Once it had completely dried, my hair became puffy looking and feeling. I was kind of surprised to see that happen. 

The second day using this stuff was virtually the same as day one. I had the same feeling when applying it and combing it in my hair. Had gotten the same amount of hold and height to my hair. Only this time I was able to get my hair a little more rounded instead of kind of straight up. The shine was the same as it was the first day also. This stuff dried and set up the same way, and the hold lasted just as well too. I didn’t recomb my hair this time though. There wasn’t a need for it since my hair looked fine and I had already tested out that factor of this product. After washing it out the second day, I did notice that my hair had started to feel a little bit dry. That’s to be expected when it comes to water based products. Even if they don’t dry your hair out the first day, they eventually will make your hair feel dry. The chemicals used in them just do that. So I had expected it to do that at some point. 

I’ve got to say this stuff is pretty awesome! It performs well enough on its own to buy it just for that, but the packaging of this product puts it over the top. This is one I highly recommend you guys get. I mean come on, look at how awesome this stuff looks! That combined with how it works in your hair? Definitely a must have for any pomade enthusiast and collector. To get a can of this stuff head over to and pick one up. And I very highly recommend that you do so, and do so really soon! He’s also got all kinds of new stuff in from all over, so spend a few minutes and check out the new stuff he has up on the site! Huge thank you to Tadashi for sending me out this awesome product to try out and review! I really appreciate it man! And I really enjoyed using this stuff and writing up the review. Can’t wait to see what Denis comes out with next! I hear they are working on a new product right now. As soon as I hear anything I will for sure let you guys know!

Well, til next time…


Whiskey Wax – Shave

Hey guys, back with another Mad Men Barbershop product. This time we are checking out the companion to Whiskey Wax, which is their Whiskey Shave. They sent me one of each of those to review back around xmas time. I’m finally getting to the shave cream for them. Sorry for the wait guys. Things have just been really busy lately and I have had much time to write reviews. Anyway, let’s see what Whiskey Shave is all about.

It comes in the same tub as their water based does. Only this time the lid is a black plastic lid that is slightly domed instead of the metal lid. The design on the tub is the same layout and text as their water based with just the obvious changes. It says “Shave” underneath the name, the ingredients list is different, and the directions are different as well. Other than that it’s the exact same as their water based tub is.

Opening up the lid you see a white plastic disc that is covering the shave cream. Kind of cool to see this, as most shave creams that come in tubs don’t have it. This helps the cream not get stuck all in the lid or leak out during shipping and whatnot. Taking off the disc, you see a bright white shave cream in the tub. It looks a lot like the JS Sloane and Suavecito shaving creams. And since I didn’t see anywhere about it being a lather/brush cream, I’m assuming it’s the same type of shave cream.

I swiped my brush in the tub and pulled out some cream. This stuff sits on my brush very similar to how JS Sloane’s cream does. And even touching it with my finger is very reminiscent of how that cream feels. The scent of it wasn’t too strong in the tub, but when I got it out of the tub I was able to get a good whiff of the scent. It smells pretty much the exact same as their water based does, but with the added scent of shave cream. 

This stuff seems to have about the exact same texture and thickness to it as the JS Sloane cream does. It coats my face and whiskers pretty nicely and doesn’t leave blank spots like some creams like these ones do. This one also doesn’t break down quickly either. It leaves my face covered with the cream throughout my entire shave. 

One thing I was noticing about this cream while I was shaving was that it kind of clogged up my razor a little bit. It didn’t clean all that well, but I was kind of half expecting this. All the other creams like this that I’ve tried have also done this, so I was prepared for it. Even though I was prepared for it, I still wasn’t all that thrilled that it happened. It just makes for a more tedious shave experience, because you spend quite a bit of time cleaning out your razor after each pass. 

After I was done shaving I felt my face like always when testing out a new product. I felt a slight filmy residue left on my face. It wasn’t slimy like some creams leave, but it was still present and noticeable. Now this isn’t a huge deal because I always rinse my face off with cool water to close my pores, but it’s still nice to not have to wash off residue left from a shave cream. This residue does wash off a bit easier than some of the other creams’ residue does. Once I had gotten the residue off and dried my face I felt my cheeks again. Now that it was all clean I could tell how the cream had left my skin. I didn’t really notice any kind of added softness or smoothness to my face really. However, this one doesn’t leave your face dry or anything like that either. It’s just kind of how it was before you shaved, no extra softness and no dryness either. 

All in all, it’s a decent non-lather shave cream. There are pluses and minuses to it. I would say it’s kind of an average cream, nothing really special about it, and nothing that puts it in the don’t recommend category. It would be a good cream for the days when you don’t want to get out a soap and brush and all that jazz. There are very few days like that for me, but creams like this are good for days like that. So if this stuff interests you, and you want to check it out, head on over to their etsy store and pick up a tub.   Thank you again to the folks over at the Mad Men Barbershop for sending this and the water based for me to try out and review! I really appreciate it guys! If you’d like me to review your new products, don’t hesitate to email or message me about it. I’d be happy to try them out and review them for you. 

Stay fresh fellas,