Whiskey Wax – Shave

Hey guys, back with another Mad Men Barbershop product. This time we are checking out the companion to Whiskey Wax, which is their Whiskey Shave. They sent me one of each of those to review back around xmas time. I’m finally getting to the shave cream for them. Sorry for the wait guys. Things have just been really busy lately and I have had much time to write reviews. Anyway, let’s see what Whiskey Shave is all about.

It comes in the same tub as their water based does. Only this time the lid is a black plastic lid that is slightly domed instead of the metal lid. The design on the tub is the same layout and text as their water based with just the obvious changes. It says “Shave” underneath the name, the ingredients list is different, and the directions are different as well. Other than that it’s the exact same as their water based tub is.

Opening up the lid you see a white plastic disc that is covering the shave cream. Kind of cool to see this, as most shave creams that come in tubs don’t have it. This helps the cream not get stuck all in the lid or leak out during shipping and whatnot. Taking off the disc, you see a bright white shave cream in the tub. It looks a lot like the JS Sloane and Suavecito shaving creams. And since I didn’t see anywhere about it being a lather/brush cream, I’m assuming it’s the same type of shave cream.

I swiped my brush in the tub and pulled out some cream. This stuff sits on my brush very similar to how JS Sloane’s cream does. And even touching it with my finger is very reminiscent of how that cream feels. The scent of it wasn’t too strong in the tub, but when I got it out of the tub I was able to get a good whiff of the scent. It smells pretty much the exact same as their water based does, but with the added scent of shave cream. 

This stuff seems to have about the exact same texture and thickness to it as the JS Sloane cream does. It coats my face and whiskers pretty nicely and doesn’t leave blank spots like some creams like these ones do. This one also doesn’t break down quickly either. It leaves my face covered with the cream throughout my entire shave. 

One thing I was noticing about this cream while I was shaving was that it kind of clogged up my razor a little bit. It didn’t clean all that well, but I was kind of half expecting this. All the other creams like this that I’ve tried have also done this, so I was prepared for it. Even though I was prepared for it, I still wasn’t all that thrilled that it happened. It just makes for a more tedious shave experience, because you spend quite a bit of time cleaning out your razor after each pass. 

After I was done shaving I felt my face like always when testing out a new product. I felt a slight filmy residue left on my face. It wasn’t slimy like some creams leave, but it was still present and noticeable. Now this isn’t a huge deal because I always rinse my face off with cool water to close my pores, but it’s still nice to not have to wash off residue left from a shave cream. This residue does wash off a bit easier than some of the other creams’ residue does. Once I had gotten the residue off and dried my face I felt my cheeks again. Now that it was all clean I could tell how the cream had left my skin. I didn’t really notice any kind of added softness or smoothness to my face really. However, this one doesn’t leave your face dry or anything like that either. It’s just kind of how it was before you shaved, no extra softness and no dryness either. 

All in all, it’s a decent non-lather shave cream. There are pluses and minuses to it. I would say it’s kind of an average cream, nothing really special about it, and nothing that puts it in the don’t recommend category. It would be a good cream for the days when you don’t want to get out a soap and brush and all that jazz. There are very few days like that for me, but creams like this are good for days like that. So if this stuff interests you, and you want to check it out, head on over to their etsy store and pick up a tub. http://www.etsy.com/shop/MadMenBarbershop   Thank you again to the folks over at the Mad Men Barbershop for sending this and the water based for me to try out and review! I really appreciate it guys! If you’d like me to review your new products, don’t hesitate to email or message me about it. I’d be happy to try them out and review them for you. 

Stay fresh fellas,


4 comments on “Whiskey Wax – Shave

  1. Brittius says:

    Looks like you loaded the brush with half jar of soap then put it onto your face. If it clogged the razor, try the soap again, only loading the wet brush tip. Strike the soap onto your face, like you’re going to “paint a happy sky”. Then, drizzle water from the faucet on the base of the brush knot and maybe the handle bead by the knot base. It will allow water to slowly get into the bristles. Bristles pointing down, work it into your face and brush like high holy hell. Why? You need water and air, to make lather. That soap, from the photographs, should lather real nice, and not clog anything. Remember, heavier beard whiskers, and dry beard whiskers, will clog razors and dull blades. Add water to the brush and with fast motion of the hand, lather it up. Whiskers absorb water, so if water is available, keep feeding the whiskers and they will soften and lift up.

    When you are finished shaving, maybe twice over for a smooth close shave, under running water, hold the brush handle. Against the fingers of your other hand, rub the brush and the water will get the soap out. Look at your towel. If there is any embroidered or recessed line design at the bottom edges, those, are from the days of straight razor shaving, and for drying the brush. Hold the brush with bristles pointing down and dry the handle and your hands, then, the brush bristles rubbed fast, back and forth on the design itself. When water is out, face the shower/tub and shake the brush like a thermometer. Rotate the brush around a little and keep doing the medical thermometer shake until the brush is tested by holding your other hand a few nches away and with a shake, feel if the water is out. Okay? If you get a clean, and empty tolet paper core, the cardboard, or, cut down a core from a paper towel roll, Hold the roll with one finger on the bottom. Insert from the top, handle first, of the brush. Your finger stops the brush from falling out. Place the roll core and brush inside of it, on your shelf and leave it until you shave next time. Lift the core, and the brush is pretty close to being perfectly shaped.

    • No, I didn’t use half the tub of cream lol. I just sat my brush in the cream lightly and turned it 1/2 of a turn. It’s these types of creams that clog the razor. They stick to the razor really well, or bad, and don’t rinse off like a normal lathering cream/shave soap/canned cream does. Also, these types of creams don’t lather. When you try to lather them, they just break down and become watery and very thin. These types aren’t the same as creams like Proraso or Arko are, or even creams like Barbasol are. These are completely different types of creams. And yes that’s correct, I never shave with my whiskers dry, or a dull blade. Any time I am reviewing a new soap or cream I don’t even use a blade I’ve only used once before. I always break out a brand new blade. And yes, I know how to clean out my brush, and how to store them properly. I have stands for all of my brushes, except for one, that I store them on. Thank you very much for your comment! Have a great day 🙂


  2. It’s true, these types of creams just don’t lather like other creams do. I noticed this cream contains melaleuca. How did that add to the shaving experience, if at all?

    • Hey there,

      Yeah these types of creams don’t lather at all. They’re kind of pre-lathered I guess you could call it. And if you try to lather them, they just break down and kind of turn into liquid. I don’t think it added to it at all. I didn’t notice anything special or anything like that. It was kind of like all the other creams I’ve tried that are like this.


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