Jusincredible Pomade – Light Hold

Ok, so this time we are checking out the light hold of Jusincredible Pomade. I bought this stuff towards the end of December last year along with their heavy and holiday edition after a fellow ATP member and pomade maker had suggested I try it. So I contacted Grace, chatted with her a little bit, and then sent her a paypal payment a couple weeks after we talked. Then about a week or so after that my pomades arrived in the mail, with a cool little sticker. I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been pretty busy formulating and testing things for clients’ pomades as well as a few for my company. Now I’m just waiting on my label guys to return my messages so I can get them out to the public! Anyway, let’s dig into this pomade.
This pomade comes in a slightly unique container, at least for a pomade anyway. I’ve seen ringing gels, and creams, and pastes come in tubs like these, as well as shave soaps and creams, but never a pomade I don’t think. It’s a 4oz amber plastic tub with an aluminum screw on lid. It has a lid label and a side label on the container. The lid label is a baby blue label with black writing and a white border. In the center is a little ghost guy with a mustache and he’s holding some black filigree pieces in each hand, has a pair of scissors with brass knuckles for the handles on his belly, and some white filigree strewn about him. His eyes are two different sizes, and you can kind of see the top of his nose in there too. At the bottom of him is the weight info inside a circle with more filigree around its edge. Across him in white letters with a black shadow in the name of the company kind of waved up and down. Then around the edge in block letters with shadow it says “⭐️Barber Approved ⭐️ Pomade ⭐️ Light Hold ⭐️ 100% All Natural” just inside the white border. Very busy, and full, label. There’s tons going on and it’s all crammed into the label. It’s almost a little too busy for me, but it’s still a pretty cool label I think. The side label is much more simplistic and spread out. It has the same baby blue background in the front with the name of the company, the weight, the hold and type of pomade it is, and has “barber approved” in a little banner above the name. To the right and left are black areas with white writing. The left side has the directions, a caution, and the company info. To the right is some info about the pomade, the ingredients, weight info, and “made and manufactured in the USA 🇺🇸.” Nice little label, simple, to the point, all the info you need is there. 

Opening up the lid you see a yellow colored light pomade. Now it’s not greasy looking, but you can tell it’s a light pomade, and that its lanolin based. On the surface are a bunch of little beads of oil indicating a slight separation of ingredients. I’m not particularly thrilled about that, but I don’t think it will affect the performance at all since there’s not a lot of separation going on. Right away you get a strong blast of lemongrass scent. It’s a very powerful and present scent. There’s also a tiny note of amber in there as well, but it’s barely detectable because of how strong the lemongrass is. I’d prefer more amber and less lemongrass personally, but I still like the scent. Anyone who likes lemongrass or lemon scents will like this pomade quite a bit. 

When I dug my finger into the pomade I pulled out exactly what I was expecting. I’ve worked with lanolin for years now, and have used many lanolin based pomades before so I knew what I was in for with this pomade. It’s a nice light and sticky pomade, but still has some nice weight and texture to it for being a light. However when I put it in my palms and started to work it around, the texture went out the window and it became quite oily. I was surprised at this because it’s lanolin based and the second ingredient is beeswax. Usually that would indicate a more sticky, less oily pomade, but this one is pretty oily. Seeing as it’s so oily, I won’t use as much as I’d planed on. With lighter oily pomades, less is more. You only need a little to get the look you want. If you use too much they weigh your hair down and you can’t do much with it. That’s why a lot of people these days think they can’t use light pomades I think. They try to use them like a heavy pomade, and you just can’t do that. You have to use less and use different combing techniques, along with using your hair’s natural laying position to your advantage. 

Anyway, back to the review. Applying this stuff is super super easy, it goes in like nothing. Which didn’t surprise me after how it felt in my hands, but does since it’s a lanolin based pomade. Usually they’re not the most smooth application due to the stickiness of lanolin. However, this pomade went in very easily and dispersed evenly throughout my hair relatively quickly. Once you get this pomade in your hair the lemongrass scent really gets strong and you lose the amber note completely. That bummed me out a little, because I liked the amber note in this pomade. But I still like the lemongrass scent of it decently.

I wasn’t able to get much height or control with this pomade on the first day unfortunately. It was just a bit too oily for my hair, and I think I applied a little more than I should have. My hair kind of had gaps where the comb teeth were and I had some fly aways that didn’t want to stick with the rest of my hair. This tends to happen with lighter oily pomades, but I was hoping it wouldn’t since it had lanolin in it. The oils are just overpowering the performance of the lanolin a ton. They kind of seem make the lanolin breakdown and turn into oil itself or something. I really liked the shine this pomade gave my hair though. It had a nice high gloss look to it all day long.

The heat out here destroys even heavy pomades so I knew I was going to have to recomb my hair all day with this one. It recombs like butter tho, just super easy. I ended up just keeping it slicked kind of back and to the side for the rest of the day. It just wouldn’t stay because of how oily it is and the heat. Now I actually reviewed/used this pomade a few months back and am just now wrapping up the review. However, even back then the heat did a number on this pomade. It was only in the upper 80’s, but still, that was enough for this one.

To my surprise, for being such an oily pomade, not much of it came out of my hair during the night and my shower the next morning. My hair was still pretty oily feeling. I only added a tiny bit to my hair because of this. And even that little bit was too much for my hair. It couldn’t get it to stay combed up and in place to save my life. It just weighed my hair down too much. I was able to get it slicked into a decent looking doo though. There was the occasional hair that would fall out of place, but a quick swipe of my pocket comb would always take care of them. On day two, my hair got more oily feeling as the day went on. I had expected this once I got the pomade in my hair, but had hoped by some chance that it wouldn’t do that. I ended up taking some napkins and running them over my hair to kind of soak up some of the excess oil, because it got to a point where my hair was bothering me and just didn’t feel very good. Once I “wiped up” the excess oil from my hair, it seemed to stay in place a little bit better which was nice. I still had to recomb it a few times, and I had hairs come out of place, but it wasn’t as frequent as before. I will have to figure out a way to get the excess oil out of my hair, but leave the buildup in there. I think if I can do that, it will perform quite a bit better for me.

I tried doing that on the morning of day three, but ended up taking out too much of the pomade with my Atomic Shampoo. It takes out even stuff like Murray’s superior with one wash, so I tried toning it down and gauging it to take out just a little bit of this pomade, but I guessed wrong and ended up taking out just about all of the pomade. I tried rolling with this and adding less than I did the first day, but more than I did on day two. However, I again, ended up putting a little too much pomade in my hair and could only get a really low profile doo or a slicked style. So I went with the slicked style, and it performed virtually the same as it did on day one for me. I did really like the shine it gave my hair all three days. Day two had the most shine, obviously, but each day my hair had really nice shine to it.

I’m not sure about this pomade entirely. I know I most likely won’t use it as a stand alone pomade again, but I will use it again I think. This stuff would definitely make a great topper with the right scented base pomade. You’d have to find one that goes well with lemongrass or a very light or unscented one. The lemongrass is so strong that you couldn’t use it with any pomade that had a scent it would clash with. This one might be a good stand alone pomade for some of you guys though, because it does do ok for slicked hair doos. It’s just for me the oiliness of it weighs my hair down too much and it doesn’t stay in place throughout the day. However, for some of you guys that often rock slicked styles on the regular, this one could be a good pomade for you. Same for you guys that frequently use combos, this one would make for a good topper. If you guys want to pick up a can of this stuff, head on over to their store and get one. They also have a medium and a heavy pomade, and other products. So if you don’t want this one, they should have something for you. I’ll be checking out their medium and heavy in the coming months, so stay tuned for those ones!

Until next time….


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