Man Cave Soap Works – Redwood Shave Soap

Hey guys back with another shave product review. This stuff I found out about by chance. I was on my etsy page updating some of my pomade listings and somehow stumbled across this shop called Man Cave Soap Works. So I checked it out, and they had a deal going on where you can buy 4 pucks for like $16 or something like that. So I did. Now it’s time to check one of them out! I’m going with the Redwood Shave Soap first.
This puck is a bit on the smaller side, only being about 2″ across. It comes wrapped in paper that feels like coffee filters, only thicker. It has a thick strand of ribbon around it and a label on the top. The label is fairly simplistic with a background of redwood trees, the website curved around the edge, and the soap name in the center. It also has the ingredients list just below the name, and the company logo above the name. Nothing too fancy, but not a boring label either. 

Unwrapping the soap took a little effort, but only because I didn’t want to rip anything. I did this just in case I want to put the soap back in its packaging later on. The puck itself is a cloudy clear soap with a very shiny surface. It was so shiny I thought at first it was wrapped with cellophane or something. But it’s not, that’s just how shiny the soap really is. The scent of this soap is really nice! It’s not all that strong though. At least not now, that could change when I get to lathering and shaving. It’s a very sweet woodsy scent that reminds me of this rosewood oil I get from one of my suppliers. It’s very floral and sweet up front, then you get a nice note of wood, and there’s also a tiny hint of coconut. I’m guessing that’s due to coconut oil being used in this soap. Very nice scent for sure, I can see myself using this soap a lot just for the scent alone.

I let it soak in hot water while I took a shower and then began loading my brush after I dumped out water. The puck quickly came loose from the bottom of the bowl which made loading my brush a little difficult. The soap just kept turning with my brush, which I knew it would. I decided to hold it with my thumb while holding the bowl and kept trying to load my brush. Because it was slippery from already having suds on top of it and being wet, even this method didn’t work too well. However, I did get it to work as best I could and loaded my brush with a fair amount of soap. 

You can see in the picture what the pre-lather looks like after I got done loading my brush. Based on this, I have a feeling it’s going to have a nice lather too it. It was a nice thick foam with teeny tiny bubbles in it. This could make for a really thick foamy type lather. And that’s fine by me, I like lathers like that. 

I proceeded with working up the lather in my bowl and after about only 10 seconds I got this which you see in that picture. I was surprised at how quickly the lather puffed up like that. Usually, it takes me a good 30 seconds to get it to that stage, but this soap got there in about 10. Definitely nothing wrong with that at all! 

It was a little thick for my liking so I added a couple drops of water to my bowl and brush. Then scooped all the lather to the bottom of the bowl and continued working up the lather. After about 25-30 seconds, I got it where I really like it. And I was right, it’s a nice thick foamy lather. You can see the puffiness it has to it in the picture. Definitely happy with how the lather came out.

Here’s a quick shot of how the lather looks in my brush after I got done working it up in the bowl. I did press one side of the brush against the bowl to make it a little more photogenic. This brush can get pretty crazy looking after working up a lather. But as you can see, the lather really fills the brush up. I mean this thing is packed to the gills with lather. And that’s definitely a great thing!

I then moved on to lathering up my face. I decided to kind of face lather/exfoliate my face first, then brush on a layer of later on my whiskers. I really like the feel and cushion of this lather. It’s nice and puffy. As you can see it coats my face nicely and fills in all the gaps between my whiskers really well. This will make for a really nice shave, and it will keep all my whiskers trapped in the lather. I really like how this lather feels on my face, it’s so nice and soft and puffy! It really has great cushion to it. And that’s one of the biggest things I look for in a shave soaps lather. It has to have good cushion, and nice glide. As well as a great scent. And this soap has such a good scent to it. I thought it was good before, now that it’s all lathered up and on my face, it’s even better. You really get all the notes nice and clear, and they’re stronger after you later it up and apply it. I could just stand here and smell it for a long time. However, I do have to proceed with shaving. I think I will take my time shaving though, so I can enjoy the scent a bit longer.

I definitely like the feel of it a lot on the first pass with my razor. This one has a nice glide to it, and really grasps all my whiskers and traps them in the lather, just like I thought it would. Shaving was very very smooth with this soap. I mean I used a great blade and my favorite razor, so that contributes obviously, but there is a definite difference in this soap. It makes for a great smooth shave, and it’s almost like the soap had softened my face and whiskers up during application and me basking in the scent for a couple minutes. I mean the blade just glides over my skin as if it were glass, and cuts through my whiskers like they’re baby hair or something. It’s that smooth of a shave. I’m really loving it a lot!

After I finished my first pass I decided to snap my picture. My face felt super smooth! It was really nice and soft, almost as soft as my kid’s face feels. I almost decided not to make my second pass my face felt so soft, but I still had some shadow going on. So I went ahead with my second pass to get a closer shave. After that pass my face felt just as soft as the first pass. I didn’t notice any difference in smoothness apart from my shave being closer. I wasn’t expecting my face to be softer though. I would have been shocked if the soap made my face even more smooth and soft. Nonetheless,my face was really nice and soft and smooth feeling from this soap. I’m really very pleased with this soap on the first use. So far I’m thinking it’s going to be one of my new favorite soaps. Only time will tell though.

I’ve been using this soap for almost every shave for the past couple months, and I have to say I love it. It really has become one of my favorite shave soaps in my whole collection. It has a great lather, incredible cushion, and great glide to it. Not to mention it makes my face feel super soft and smooth when using it. Also, this soap goes really well with a bunch of my aftershaves and pre-shave oils. So I can do all sorts of combos with this soap. And for me that’s really important because I like to mix it up a lot with my shave products. While I have my favorites, I get bored using the same stuff day in and day out. I like a nice variety and to be able to switch things out and mix and match products. It’s also fun trying to come up with various combos that go well together. And this soap allows me to do that easily. Another thing I like about this soap is that it lasts really well. I’ve been using it quite a bit the last few months, and it still has a lot left to it!

This soap is definitely one I recommend you guys try out! There really isn’t a bad thing I can say about it, or fault I can find in it. It’s damn near the perfect soap, if not a perfect soap. Like I said above, it has so many great qualities to it! You guys have to try it out. To get one, head on over to their Etsy store

They currently have the pick 4 soaps deal going on too! So you can try this and 3 of their other ones out for like $15 or something like that. I know for sure I will have to have more of this soap when I run out! Big shout out to Man Cave Soap Works for making such a great shave soap! Can’t wait to try out more of your products! Well until the next one….

Stay fresh fellas,



4 comments on “Man Cave Soap Works – Redwood Shave Soap

  1. Brittius says:

    Also, you can finish the shave, once having completed with razor, by lathering again, waiting about thirty seconds, then rinse off with cool or cold water.
    Some Info: Military of the 19th century, would use the bowl-type of “spa” shave lathering by not wasting soap or utilizing what lather was made, by scooping with hand, and body washing arm pits and groin areas. Shaving brush, only used on the face.

    Etsy. I have looked on Etsy to buy items, but there is some membership or something, that caused me to decline making purchases. I will look again when I have time, especially with a Redwood scented shaving soap. Very masculine.

    • Gotcha. Never heard of doing that before. Essentially it’s just washing your face again yeah? And the cool water closes up your pores which also helps your face feel smooth.
      I did know that about soldiers though. That was their way of keeping somewhat clean/taking a bath when stuck on the field for lengthy periods of time without a shower available.
      Yeah you have to have an etsy account to buy stuff. But it’s very easy to set one up. It’s like setting up an eBay account. Very simple and that helps with buyer protection too. That way if you have a problem with an order it is easier to get it resolved or get your money back. Yeah definitely go check out how to set one up, and then go get this soap. You’ll love it man!!


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