Schmiere – Mittel ~ ringing gel

Hey guys, back with another new water based product. This time we are checking out one of the Schmiere water bases. I contacted the folks over at Schmiere/Rumble 59 when these first got released over there, but hadn’t made it to the U.S. yet, about getting ahold of them to review. I got an email back a few days later from Sophia over there and she said she would be sending me one of each to try out and review. A few weeks later they arrived in the mail. Thank you again Sophia for sending these to me! I appreciate it very much. I am gonna start with the medium hold one aka Mittel. I always start with the lightest hold in a set whenever possible. I like seeing how the holds progress, rather than bouncing around between all the holds. I’m not exactly sure why, but I just prefer it that way. 
These products come in a pretty big clear plastic tub with a metal screw on lid. They seem to be about as big around as their pomade tins, but they look almost twice as tall. And you get one and a half times as much product in the container as you do with their pomades. This one has 3 different stickers on it for the labeling. On the bottom is a sticker with the ingredients, company info, a warning, and the barcode. Then on the side of the tub is a rectangle sticker that has the company name across it. As for the lid label, it’s a very familiar looking label, as you all know. It has their company name and brand name up top in the usual fonts, “feinste haar-pomade” down below, the three holds to the left with Mittel checked, and in the center is their signature bird guy. Only this time he’s not their usual bird. On this label they have him as a green parrot, with a long stem pipe in his mouth, and an anchor tattoo on his shoulder. His hair is kind of a puffed up/slightly pomped slickback doo, with a piece flopped down onto his beak. Just below him it says “Wasserbasiert & auswaschbar” which means, water based and washable. Those words are also on the label on the side of the tub next to the company name. The background of this label is a bit different than usual as well. This one has an island/beach setting as the background, with some palm trees in the sand, white bird silhouettes flying in the sky, and the sun resting right on the horizon where the sky meets the water, leaving its reflection across the water’s surface. It is a very very cool label in my opinion. I have always liked the Schmiere labels, especially the bird guys and girls, but this label is cooler than most of them. They always do such a good job with these labels. They’re some of my favorites in my entire collection. 

When I unscrewed the lid I saw the dark green goop that I could see from the side of the tub. It has a surface very similar to Monkey Brains, only this stuff is shiny instead of matte on the surface. It appears to have the same texture and weight to it as Monkey Brains does/did too. Or like how Grant’s Golden Brand medium blend does. After a couple seconds the scent hit my nose without me even having to smell the product or put it up to my nose. It has a very familiar scent too, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. I know it’s a candy I’ve eaten before, but I can’t remember which one. It’s like a lime, mint, green apple, all rolled into one scent. For the life of me I can’t remember what candy it smells like. I’m sure it will come to me eventually though. It’s definitely a good scent, and reminds me of being a kid eating candy.

As I dug my finger into the emerald green goop, I was met with a very familiar texture. It scoops out almost identical to Monkey Brains or Grant’s medium. It may have a slightly more tacky feel to it, but not much. This gives me high hopes for this stuff! I really like both of those ringing gels a lot!! And if this one is anything like them, I’m going to love it too.

Breaking it down in my hands felt more like a heavy holding ringing gel though. It had a really tacky texture, and took more effort to spread around than I thought it would, based on how it scooped out. This one has a decent amount of resistance to it in your hands. Even applying it to my hair was more like a heavy one. It kind of went in like Slick Devil or Shiner Gold or heavier ringing gels like that. It didn’t feel dry at all though like some do when you first apply them. When I ran my comb through my hair though, it went back to feeling like a nice medium. Which I definitely was not expecting from how it broke down and applied. It’s a nice little switch back though. This stuff also goes into your hair super easily and disperses quickly. Just a couple passes with my comb and it was all worked in and ready for styling.

Then I went to comb up my hair, and it got even softer than it felt when I was combing it in. My hair didn’t really want to stand up very tall, and kind of had a loose feel to it. It took me a little while to get my hair into the right shape. When I would comb one side up, the other side would sort of split a bit and flop down. This mainly happened where my cowlicks are, but still happened nonetheless. I was surprised to see this from a water based product. Usually these hold the hair in place a lot better. This makes me think this one won’t have too much hold and might not dry at all. If it does, I will treat it like a light pomade tomorrow and use less to get my hair to do what I want easier. Overall I was fairly happy with how my hair turned out with this stuff in it though. And I really like the shine it gives my hair. One thing I forgot to mention that I also liked, was that it gave my scalp a slight cooling feeling when I was styling my hair. Not quite as much as with a minty pomade like my Atomic Pomade, but it was still noticeable and I liked it.

After a few hours I checked my hair and noticed that this stuff didn’t dry up or harden at all. Now I’m not sure if that’s how it always is or not, because it was really hot out and I had been doing stuff all around the house. I was in and out multiple times and also was tinkering around in the garage a couple times too. So it could be that it didn’t dry or harden up because of the heat, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow. I’m going to make sure to stay inside for at least an hour after doing my hair to test that out.

During my shower later that night I was met with exactly what I was expecting. It all came out with just a little bit of water. No surprise there, as it is a water based product. One thing that did surprise me, was how soft my hair felt after I got out of the shower. It wasn’t like I had just used a really good conditioner soft, but it still felt nice and soft. Usually ringing gels and other water based products dry out the hair and kind of leave it coarse and/or feeling like straw. However, this stuff did not do that to my hair at all, and I’m super happy about that. Even after my hair had completely dried it didn’t feel coarse or dried out at all. Very stoked about that from this stuff.

The next day I was able to get better results with it. My hair was much more stuck together I guess you could say. As you can see it’s not as loose and floppy as it was the first day. I used about 3/4 of what I used on day one, so maybe that helped. I definitely like the look of my hair much better today than I did yesterday. It’s much more in place, and sleek looking I think. The shine seemed to be about the same as day one, but I want to say it looked a tad bit more shiny today. It’s hard to say though. And today this stuff did kind of set up in my hair. Now it didn’t harden, or even gum up really, but it didn’t feel the same as it did before. I went ahead and recombed my hair today since it did do that, and I was able to do so without the use of any water. I could run my comb through my hair fairly easily, and didn’t really see any flakes. I did see some teeny tiny specs after the second pass with my comb, but my third pass made them vanish. So there’s not really any worry for me of this one flaking and making it look like I have dandruff. The downside to recombing my hair is that it doesn’t go back into place. I couldn’t get any height at all, and my hair kept splitting really bad and then flopping down on either side of the split. Total bummer there. I opted for just kind of slicking it into place and spraying a little water on my hair to make it set back up in that position.

I did notice my hair feeling a tiny bit dried out after the second day’s use, but not until my hair had completely dried. And it was only very slightly dry feeling, but wasn’t coarse. Kind of like when you use a cheap cleansing shampoo and don’t condition your hair. Nothing bad, but just didn’t feel completely normal is all. Days 3 and 4 yielded the same results as day 2 did. I did try wetting my hair when recombing it to see if that would give me back the height and hold, but it didn’t. I had to opt for the slicked doo again. So I would recommend not recombing your hair with this stuff in it, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Mainly, because you lose the hold and control you originally had. But if you’re ok with that, and with having your hair slicked the rest of the day, then don’t worry about recombing it. I usually like to have the same height and control, or close to it, when I recomb my hair. Sometimes I’m fine with slicking my hair though, just depends on the day. My hair did get progressively more dried out as the days went on too. Which I knew it would. That’s just how ringing gels are. Some dry out your hair more than others, and faster than others. Luckily with this one, is a slight drying and slowly progresses. So you can use it a few days in a row before needing to use conditioner.

All in all, this stuff is a pretty decent water based product. It’s not my new favorite ringing gel, but I do like it better than a lot of them out there. And I can see myself using this stuff on a fairly regular basis. There are only a few things I wasn’t too thrilled with about it. The recombing aspect of it isn’t great, the looseness it gave my hair on day one, and how it dried my hair out a little as the days went on. However, those are minimal things, and nothing that would stop me from using it often. It has a lot of great qualities to it that I like, and that makes me easily recommend it to you guys, and want to use it more in the future. You can get this stuff at pretty much all of the online shops, as well as Schmiere/Rumble 59’s site. And I definitely recommend you guys give this stuff a shot, it’s a pretty cool product. I want to thank Sophia again for sending this and the Hart ringing gel to try out! I really appreciate that, and am glad to have them in my collection! I’m looking forward to reviewing the Hart too. If it is a heavier holding version of this, I know I’m going to like it quite a bit. Well, that’s all for this one folks…

Stay slick,



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