Forge & Foundry – Shave Soap

Hey guys back with another shave soap for you. This time we are checking out Forge & Foundry’s shave soap. I had talked with them on Instagram a couple times, and then they were kind enough to send me out a little care package with a few products to try out. I want to give the folks over at F&F a big thank you for the gifts! I am very stoked to try them out. And particularly excited for this shave soap!

This soap is your standard sized soap puck, about the same size as a hockey puck, and it’s wrapped in fibrous brown tissue paper with a sticker on top and a sticker on bottom. On the top sticker there is the company name in their signature font, with “classic bay rum” below that. Then around the edge of the label it says “extra slip shaving soap creates a thick stable lather” in plain block style letters. Pretty cool little simple label. The bottom sticker just has some directions and ingredients listed on it. Nothing else really to say about that one.

I opened up the wrapping very carefully, so I didn’t rip the paper and got the sticker off clean. That way I could slap it somewhere if I wanted to. Feeling and looking at the paper wrapping, it reminds me of one of those all natural/100% recycled coffee filters. It’s got the same texture and color to it, but feels a little bit thicker than they do. The soap itself is a slightly olive green soap puck with a matte surface. There are a few little dark brown or black specs strewn throughout the soap, but I’m not exactly sure what they are. The scent of this soap is exactly what it says on the label, classic bay rum. It actually smells almost exactly like the bay rum I use for my Steel Toe line of products. I wonder if they get theirs from the same place I do? Might have to ask them about it. Anyway, great great scent. Not that I have to say so, since I use the same scent for pomades I make. I’m also a huge bay rum fan too, as most of you know. So this soap is right up my alley.

This time I am going with my Col. Conk shave bowl for this puck. This bowl fits this soap in it perfectly, plus I haven’t gotten to use it in a while. So I figured it’s time to break this one out again. I will however be lathering in a new bowl, and doing a review on it as well. It will be a separate review though, so you’ll have to look for that one in a little while.

The soap sat soaking in hot water for a good 10-12 minutes. A little longer than I had wanted or planned to, but my son needed help getting out of his bath right as I was finishing my shower. So that took a few extra minutes. There didn’t seem to be any negative result from it soaking for a few extra minutes though. I then began loading up my brush with the soap. Almost immediately this soap began to foam up and pack the bush full. After just 22 seconds my brush was overflowing and the bowl had a bunch of foam packed around the soap. As you can see, it’s a very thick foam, but is slightly frothy. I’m sure this will dissipate once I build up the lather however.

Grabbing my new hand hammered copper bowl, I began to work up the lather, or tried to. Now I already had a couple drops of water in the bowl, and I added a couple to my brush like always. For some reason though, this stuff just didn’t want to lather up in the bowl. I don’t know if that’s just how this soap is, or if it was the bowl doing this. I even added a little bit more water to both brush and bowl to make sure it wasn’t just too dry. That didn’t make any difference though. 

As you can see there is not very much lather in my bowl at all. Just that one ring around the wall of the bowl. The lather that I did get was a very nice and rich lather though. I was very happy with the feel of the lather. And as I applied it to my face I noticed where all the lather was.

The brush had sucked up all the soap and lather into it somehow. I didn’t take but a tiny swipe of the lather from the bowl and began applying it to my face, when I noticed the lather on my face get thicker and spread out a lot farther than it should have. So I began to face lather with my brush just how it was. I was able to completely coat my face with this thick, yet not overly puffy lather, with only what was in my brush. I didn’t dip into my bowl at all. It’s definitely a slip kind of lather, rather than a puffy cloud like lather. So the label on the top of the packaging wasn’t lying when it said extra slip. As much as I like a nice fluffy, plush lather, this thick yet thin lather is a nice change up from the norm.

Even my son really liked the lather a lot. He had decided he wanted to shave with me that night, and had to have some of dad’s shave soap on his face. He looks so dad gum adorable with a lather beard on his little face! It’s really such an awesome time when we get to “shave” together. He loves getting to help me load the brush, and work up the lather, and put the oil and lather on, then get our razors and shave. He’s got a little cheap-o butterfly razor I found him at a beauty supply store for a few bucks, with no blade of course. And he just loves shaving. He checks in with me every step of the way too haha. “Daddy? I make a pass now? Okay! And I wince uh off now daddy? Wince uh wince uh wince uh. And denn I shake uh wayzerr too daddy! I make anudder pass now daddy?” Hahahahaha, it’s the cutest dang thing ever. But back to the review.

With a face full of lather, I began shaving. Being a lather that isn’t puffy at all, this one doesn’t have too much cushion to it. However, that wasn’t really a bad thing, because my razor still glided across my face very smoothly. And it cut my whiskers very easily as well. The lather, despite being as thin as it was, did a pretty good job of trapping all my whiskers in it. With it being thinner like that though, my razor did clog up a little bit. Without the big puffy tufts of lather to form up and spill over the bar, my whiskers got stuck in between the blade and the bar a lot more and quicker. This wasn’t really a problem for me however, as my razor cleans really easily. So, one quick swish of my razor in the sink, and all the whiskers were out of it. And I went on about my shave like I always do. It seemed to go kind of like any other shave does.

I didn’t notice specific differences with this soap really. It didn’t soften up my whiskers more than my usual soaps and creams do, nor did it soften up my face any more either. This soap seems to be on par with the ones that I use on a regular basis. Which, for me, is a good thing. Mainly because I like the scent of it quite a bit. Plus, it has that uncommon lather to it as well. So this one will make a nice addition to my daily driver soap stack. I will get the results and performance that I look for in a shave soap, with the added good scent. And then on top of that, I’ll get to switch things up a bit with the different lather this soap gives off. Come to think of it, the lather actually reminds me of bar soap lather. Maybe a little bit thicker, but it’s very similar to the lather I get in the shower from my bar soaps. It’s hard to tell if it’s actually thicker or not, because in the shower there’s running water, which thins out the lather right away. However, I’m pretty sure this one is a little bit thicker than my bar soaps’ lathers are. Either way I like it quite a bit though.

This is a soap I would definitely recommend that you try out. Based on the scent and unique lather alone I would say try it. Then on top of that, add the fact that it makes for a great frequent use soap. It softens up your whiskers and face nicely, allows for a nice smooth shave, and seems like it will last a fair amount of time too. Plus, with this soap, the lather stays in the brush mostly. So you can change up how you lather from day to day. With this soap you can face lather, which I recommend since you’ll get better results than with a bowl. And with your other soaps, you can build the lather in your bowl. For me, that’s an added positive feature, because I like to mix things up from time to time. Instead of doing the exact same shaving routine day in and day out. So head on over to their website and grab a puck of this shave soap and check out their other products. They have all sorts of awesome stuff on there. They also do special promotions from time to time too. Last time, it was spend $50 or more and get a free safety razor!! I mean come on! You can’t beat stuff like that!!! So get over there now and grab some products from them and tell them JC from The Dapper Society sent ya 😉

Big thank you to fine folks over at Forge & Foundry for sending me a little care package of products to review! I really like the soap, and can’t wait to try out the other products. Until the next F&F product….

Stay fresh fellas,



2 comments on “Forge & Foundry – Shave Soap

  1. Brandon says:

    Dude I love reading your reviews, this one especially was great. Adding your son in made it more enjoyable, my son and I do the same kind of thing. Your shave reviews are more my thing then your hair product reviews as I have shorter hair lol. Anyways awesome review, I’m sold on this product I’ll have to pick some up.

    Thanks for taking the time and doing these reviews. I look forward to your future reviews as well!!

    • Hey Brandon,

      Thank you very much for the kind words about my reviews man. I really appreciate it, and am glad you like them. Hahaha thanks. I tend to add him in my reviews from time to time. He’s always around when I’m doing my hair and shaving, so it just comes natural to include him sometimes. He loves having me pomp up his hair or slick it over, and absolutely goes bonkers when he gets to “shave” with me haha. He’s got his own little set up for pomades and for shaving. It’s pretty adorable. That’s awesome that you and your son do that too! Gotcha, yeah I kind of have two types of followers, the shave/grooming product readers, and then the pomade/hair product readers. I do have a few followers that are into both though. Thanks again man, I’m glad you like it and will be checking out the soap. When you order some tell them I sent you/you found out about it from my blog/review. You’re welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read the review and writing a comment on it as well! I really appreciate that. Yeah, stay tuned I have some more new shave products coming up really soon actually! And might be getting in some new razors to review as well. Have a great day, and thanks again for the comment and for reading/following my blog man.


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