Bona Fide – Matte Paste

Today I am going to check out Bona Fide’s new Matte Paste. This stuff is relatively new to the market, only having been released a few months ago. My friend Luis over at BF was kind enough to send me this and their new heavy hold shortly after they were released. Thank you again very much for sending them to me Luis, I really appreciate it man! Time to crack open this jar and see how this Matte Paste works for me.
Now along with having two new products made for them, the folks over at Bona Fide also reworked their packaging and labeling of all their products. Their products now come in clear plastic jars with a brass colored lid. When I first saw these I was really stoked on them. They’re very cool jars! I originally thought they were glass jars, but found out when I got them that they’re actually plastic. Makes sense, because they ship a lot over seas and glass can break in transit. However, glass jars would be cooler, but these jars still look way awesome I think. The labeling is similar to their old labels, but still new at the same time. The font and colors are the same, but the layout is a bit different. The company name is angled upward across the label inside a yellow bar/stripe. Above that it says “wear the crown” with a crown to the left of that. Then below the stripe is the weight info, and the est. date, along with the product name. To the left of this is the website, directions and product info. It says this one is a strong hold, matte finish product. Only time will tell if the strong hold claim is true. In most cases, pastes don’t have too strong of a hold at first, but end up drying pretty hard and keeps your hair from moving. To the right of the label is the ingredients list, company info, and the barcode. The lid has a black print sticker on it with the company name again and the est. date. Definitely nice and clean labeling. I haven’t decided if I like this better than the old or not. I really like the old labeling quite a bit, but this labeling is cool too.

Opening the lid, you see the familiar look of a paste in the jar. This one doesn’t have a smooth surface like most pastes do though. This tells me these jars are poured at a lower temperature than most pastes are and that it’s going to have a thicker texture to it. The scent of this paste is very similar to their original ringing gel and their fiber, but also has that familiar paste scent to it too. I’m not sure what it is about these products, but they all have that same smell to them. I will say, I quite like the mix of their two scents. It’s a nice blend of them, you get the citrus and cologne scent of their original, and the grapefruit scent of their fiber. Very decent mixture of scents in my eyes, or nose rather. 

I noticed something very odd though, when I opened the lid. There was a bunch of condensation on the inside of the lid. I’ve never seen this before with any water based product. Not with other pastes, nor creams, nor ringing gels, nor with clays either. I’m not sure why this happened, but I don’t think it will affect the product’s performance at all. It’s very strange that this happened though. The only thing I can think of is that the lid was put on while the product was still cooling, and the condensation collected on the lid as a result of that. 

There was even some on the inside of the jar on the wall, just above the product itself. You can see the tiny little droplets of water that collected on the jar’s wall. It looks like the result of a hot product having the lid on while it was cooling. Kind of like when you put hot food in a Tupperware container and then stick it in the fridge. The steam it continues to let off as it cools has nowhere to go, resulting in the droplets collecting on the inside of the container above what’s in it. I made sure not to get any on the product itself so that way it doesn’t become watered down at all.

When I dug my finger into the paste I was met with anything but. This stuff doesn’t feel like any of the pastes I’ve used in the past. It’s much thicker and scoops out much differently. Pastes have that distinctive look when you scoop them out, where it’s very smooth and rounded on the outer surface and has a 90° angle going down toward your finger. If you look at my DAX Hair Shaper, Grant’s Matte Dressing, and Johnny B. Molding Paste reviews, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. This one however, scoops out kind of like a waxy pomade does, with the 3 little pieces that kind of shingled off each other. I was very surprised by this when I scooped it out, because I was expecting a paste, but I got this instead. It feels more like a water based pomade than a paste actually.

And I can even roll it into a little ball between my fingers, like I can with some water based pomades. Very unique stuff they have here. I’m interested to see how this stuff works. Will it perform like a paste even though it doesn’t feel like one? Or will it be more like a water based pomade due to the way it’s reacting in my hands? Or could it be a cross between the two, kind of like that Dapper Man stuff I reviewed forever ago? Only time will tell on that, but I’m kind of excited to see how this stuff is. Now back to business. In my hands it kind of breaks down like a cross between a paste and a water based pomade. It has that thick tacky feel like pastes do, but it also wanted to kind of stick in the center of my palm and not spread out as well. Once I pressed out the area that didn’t want to break down and spread it around with my finger, it then broke down and began to feel more like a paste. However, it felt more like a really thick or slightly dried out paste.

Going in my hair felt about like a paste feels, maybe a bit more like a slightly dried out paste. It didn’t feel like how water based pomades do though. Those go in much different as some of you know. And for those of you who don’t, I’m not taking about stuff like Layrite, or Steadfast, or Shiner Gold, etc etc, those are ringing gels. Water based pomades are much different. I’m talking about products like O’Douds water based, or Shear Revival’s crystal lake, etc etc, those are water based pomades. I’d name different ones that have been around much longer than those, but chances are you’ve never heard of them or used them, so I went with stuff that’s more known to you guys. And looking at the ingredients list, it seems to be more of a water based pomade than a paste. I consider it a water based pomade myself, but it does have some of the same ingredients that other pastes have too.

Anyway, this stuff didn’t feel like those when I applied it, but when I went to comb it in my hair, it gained quite a bit of resistance at first. And it took a while to get the white color to blend into my hair. Much longer than with regular pastes or creams. It left my hair looking grey for quite some time. It became easier and easier the more I combed it around trying to get all the white color to soak into my hair. And by the time I got it to where it wasn’t so noticeably grey anymore, this stuff became like combing water. It kind of made me worry that it wouldn’t hold my hair at all, and that I may have over worked the product trying to get it blended into my hair. I’ve never had a product be so difficult to disperse into my hair like this one is. I mean the white color just would not disappear for quite a while. It was a good 2 1/2 minutes of me combing my hair in all directions, trying to get the white to soak all in and not make my hair look grey. It kind of made me laugh at how long it took, and I almost gave up and decided to just go with grey hair for the day, but it finally relented and went away.

Now, with all that combing, I became worried that I over worked the product and it wouldn’t hold my hair very well. I could not have been more wrong. This stuff gave me a really decent looking doo. I was very pleased with how well this paste made my hair look. It even held my cowlick in place really nicely. It didn’t split open, or wave out, or anything. This stuff did a great job of giving me a nice looking hairdo today. I’m very happy with the initial results of this stuff. Just based on this I can say I’ll be using this stuff quite often I think. Now let’s just hope it lasts throughout the day.

I checked my hair after a couple hours and decided to snap a picture from the other side. My hair hadn’t moved at all, and seemed to look like it did when I first combed and styled my hair. Which is a very uncommon thing, even with water based products. Naturally your hair sets up and moves slightly when it does. However, this stuff seemed to keep it firmly in place. Making it look like I had just styled my hair only seconds ago. This impressed me very much so. I am very much liking this new product from Bona Fide.

Even after the day was all said and done, my hair didn’t really seem to have moved at all. I snapped a picture from the front, to show that the front of my hair hadn’t drooped down or split at all. And neither had my cowlick at all, which really got me stoked. That thing splits like the damn Grand Canyon sometimes, I hate it. But this new matte paste held that sucker in place all day long! Very very stoked on that. I also happened to be wearing my Bona Fide t-shirt that day too, so I wanted to show that off. I haven’t worn it in quite some time as a matter of fact.

I also noticed that this paste doesn’t quite harden up like most other pastes do. It does set up a bit, but it’s not crunchy or hard, it’s more like how jelly is when it dries up slightly. Has a firm outer surface, but is somewhat easy to break. This stuff only flaked a little bit when I recombed my hair, but they went away quickly. By the way I didn’t recomb my hair with water, I just ran my comb through like I would if I had pomade in my hair. My hair also seemed to go back into place for the most part. I may have lost a little bit of height, but it wasn’t much. The main thing I noticed, was that I had one group/comb line of hair on the part side of my head, that just did not want to stay in place. It kept flopping down over my ear. I finally sprayed some water on the area and combed it back in hoping it would finally stay in place. However, all that did was make a couple small ones, and the kept falling down onto my ear. I eventually gave up and just tucked them behind my ear. Like with almost all water based products, this stuff rinses out with just a little bit of water. And this one didn’t dry my hair out too much either. It did feel a little dry, but not too much.

Overall, I’m very happy with this product and will definitely be using it more in the future. It has a unique texture and feel to it, combs in fairly easily, holds like an iron vice, and makes your hair look great. What more can I say? Get yourself a jar of this stuff pronto! And tell Luis that I sent ya. He might throw in a free comb and sticker or something for you. Really the only “negative” things I can say about it, and they’re not really even negative, is that it does take a little while to comb in the white color when you first apply it, and you may experience a little separation if you recomb your hair. However, the white color does go away after a little bit of combing, and you really don’t need to recomb your hair with this stuff. I only did so for the sake of the review. You shouldn’t have to recomb your hair unless you, or someone else, really messes it up. So do yourself a favor, and head to their website and grab a jar or two of this stuff. It really is a great product! Luis, whoever you had working on this, they sure did a great job formulating it man. I’ll definitely be picking up more of this stuff when I’m out of my jar. Thank you again very much for sending this stuff to me to try out and review for you. I am sorry it took me a little longer than I had hoped to review it though. I have just been really busy with a lot of stuff and couldn’t seem to find the time to sit down and write reviews. However, I’m back up and writing now! So it shouldn’t be too too long before I get to your new Super Hold ringing gel. That’s definitely one I’m looking forward to trying out! I love their original one so much, that this new heavier version has very intrigued. Well, until the next Bona Fide installment….

Y’all wear the crown!



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  1. That’s quite a hairdo, ya have there. That stuff looked liked it worked like a charm!

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