Gifts, winnings, and stuff I picked up to review!

Hello everybody! I wanted to make a quick post, kind of giving y’all a sneak peek as to what’s going to be coming up on the blog in the next couple months. I have received a couple care packages from some friends of mine, and wanted to also make a post thanking them for their awesomeness! Let me show you some of what I have gotten in recently.

First, my buddy Justin and the folks over at Suavecito decided to send me some of their new Premium Blend products. So my good buddy Edgar over at packed up a box of some of their new stuff and sent it out to me. Here’s what they all sent me….

I got a can of their new water based pomade, and yes it’s actually a water based pomade, not a ringing gel like their main products are. I also got a tube of their shaving cream, and a tube of their aftershave balm, both in the tea tree and eucalyptus scent. They also have those products in a sandalwood scent. And from what Justin was saying they’re also different formulas than these ones are. Finally, I got a tube key. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these little do-dads, I’ll explain what they are and do. They are open ended keys that you use to squeeze the product of the tube so you get all of it out. Since they are metal tubes, you can’t really squeeze them the same way you do with a plastic/vinyl tube. So, you slide the key onto the end of the tube and roll it down toward the opening. This allows you to squeeze out all of the product with ease, and without puncturing the tube or cutting yourself on the metal if the tube breaks anywhere. These are very uncommon these days, since hardly anyone uses metal tubes anymore. So, needless to say, I was very excited to see that one was included with my care package. They have two different designs too. So, if you’re not into this particular one, you can get the other one. I know I will definitely have to get the other one as wellie my collection when I get the sandalwood scented shave products. Huge thank you to my friend Edgar, and the folks at Suavecito for sending me these awesome products! Now, I’ve already reviewed the pomade a while ago, so I will be starting with the shave products first. If you’d like to see the review of the pomade, click on the “Unknown Product” review in the Water Based Reviews page up at the top of the home page.

Later that very same day I heard the doorbell ring, so I went to see who it was. There wasn’t anyone there, but a small box sitting by the door. I didn’t recognize the sender’s address, so I opened it to see what it was. To my delight, the fine folks over at Reuzel had sent me a little care package as well! This is the second one like this they have sent me. Here’s what I got from them….

They sent me a mini can and a regular sized can of their brand new water based product that comes in the blue can. As well as an awesome t-shirt with the can design on the front, some rad stickers, and a couple hard candies too!! Can’t thank my buddy Robert and the awesome folks over at Reuzel for yet another care package! I’ll be reviewing this stuff very soon for them and you guys, followed closely by their pink can which is what they sent me last time along with a Motörhead rip Reuzel shirt and some stickers. That shirt is just badass!!

Finally, I had been in contact with my buddy Daen who runs King Brown, and had picked up all their products. Then they were doing a little contest on Instagram, where you had to guess which 6 pomades were in the cans they pictured. The catch was, you could only see the pomade inside the cans. And the cans had all been used. You couldn’t see the sides of the cans at all. Needless to say it wasn’t the easiest task. However, I was able to guess each brand and each specific pomade by that brand/company. Thus winning the contest. And that basically got me double of what I already had ordered, plus some awesome patches, and stickers. Here’s what all I picked up and won from Daen and King Brown….

I got 2 cans of their pomade, 2 cans of their new water based product(I believe it’s a ringing gel from what Daen was saying), a leather case for each of their products, two leather key fobs/key-pers, 2 of each of their 4 combs, 2 of each of their patches, some stickers, one of their new shirts, and one of their badass new wooden boxes! Very stoked for all of this stuff!! I can’t thank you enough for the generous prize pack Daen. I really appreciate you hooking me up with so much cool stuff! I’m very glad I picked up your stuff to review too! Everything looks so awesome, and I can’t wait to try it out. 

Well, now you guys know some of what I’ll be reviewing in the coming months. I also have ordered some other stuff, and have a few things I’ve gotten in earlier this year I’ll be getting too as well. So, stay tuned to see what I review first, and what else I’ll be featuring for you guys! Have a great one, and thanks for reading and following my blog.




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