Reuzel – Blue Can

Hey guys, I’m finally back with another Reuzel product! I know it’s been a minute since I have reviewed one of their cans, but I’m back now. As I was saying in my last post, my friend Robert and the awesome guys over at Reuzel sent me out a little care package a few days ago. It had a couple cans of their new blue water based one, a shirt and some stickers in it. So, again, thank you guys very very much for sending me another awesome care package! I really appreciate it a lot guys! Let’s check out how this blue can is….
Obviously it comes in the same style can as their red does, and with the same design. It’s got the name just above the pig in the center, and the weight and company info just below the pig. It has the same text up top, and then says “Strong Hold Water Soluble High Sheen” down at the bottom in the grey circle. And then there’s the obvious change in the can, with this one being a nice bright blue. The back of the can has all the same info that the other ones do as well. These cans are some of my favorite cans out there! And I really like this color blue, it goes awesome with all of their other cans. Especially the pink one, those two look really cool next to each other.

As soon as you grab the can you can tell that this one is just like the red, because it rings whenever you grab or tap it. So I’m betting it’s going to be a heavier version of the red. Twisting off the lid, you’re immediately met with the scent of this stuff. It’s really strong, and a very unique scent too. I’ve never smelled anything like it before. It’s a fresh manly cologne scent, mixed with butterscotch. And I know how that sounds, it’s very odd that those two would be paired together. However, they work together really well somehow. You wouldn’t think sweet butterscotch and manly cologne would mesh well together, but for some reason these two scents mix well and make a really good fragrance. I like this one much better then the red’s scent for sure.

Another thing that I was pleased with, is that this can is filled nice and full. When I bought the red can, it was barely half full, but this one is almost filled to the top. The color of this one is very similar to Prospectors, a nice bright golden yellow color. This one seems to be a bit darker than Prospectors though.

One thing I thought was pretty cool, was the way this stuff shimmers when you tilt the can side to side. I don’t know why I found this so cool, but I did. The shimmering effect really caught my son’s attention, and he kept tilting the can side to side over and over again watching how it shimmers. He was very captivated by it for some reason. I don’t think any of my other ringing gels do this, so that’s probably why he found it so intriguing. It was pretty cute watching him get so excited over something so simple. Definitely brought a big smile to my face, and his as well!

When I scooped it out, it also reminded me a bit of Prospectors. However, this one is quite a bit thicker than that one. It didn’t feel too much thicker than the red can did though. The texture just seemed to be the main difference between the two. You can see the difference pretty clearly between the two when looking at the scoops of each one. I would say this one is maybe a little bit thicker, but not much at all. They seem to have about the same weight to them I’d say. Even breaking it down in my hands felt very similar to the red. The tackiness it had was really reminiscent of the red, but this one may be a little more hard to spread around. Now it’s not hard to spread around in my hands, it just seemed to not be quite as easy to do as the red. The scent of this one really gets nice and strong once you break it down in your hands and start applying it to your hair.

Going in my hair was when I really noticed the difference between this one and the red can. I had a bit more trouble getting this one to go into my hair evenly. It kind of wanted to just stick on the top of my hair. I had to get a second smaller scoop to get the back side of my hair coated. This makes me think it is going to have quite a bit more hold than the red does. Usually when products do this as I apply them to my hair, it’s indicative of it having a pretty heavy hold to it. Even running my comb through my hair wasn’t all that easy. It reminded me quite a bit of Shiner Gold or Layrite’s super hold. I had a little trouble working my comb all the way through on the first pass. Once I did get all my hair combed through once, this stuff became a bit easier to comb though. However, while it was easier to comb now, it took me a little while to get it all dispersed in my hair evenly. Which isn’t a big deal, that just makes for a little more time when using this stuff.

As I had thought this stuff does have a decent amount of hold to it. Even though it had some good hold to it, I had a little trouble getting my hair to do what I wanted it to. It took me 2-3 times longer to style my hair than it usually does. I’m not sure why, but I remember having a similar issue with the red can too. At the time, I thought it was just because of a new haircut and having really bad hat hair the day before, but now I’m thinking it was the product more than my hair. Despite it taking me a while to get my hair how I wanted it, it came out looking pretty decent I think. I didn’t get it rounded out as much as I wanted, but it still looked ok. This stuff did a good job of taming my cowlick too which was nice. It doesn’t have “high sheen” like the can says though. I wasn’t really expecting it to. Most of these products don’t have much shine to them, and even fewer heavy hold ones do.

Towards the end of the day, I snapped a front picture so you could see how this stuff kind of let my hair wave slightly. It wasn’t a lot, but you can see how it tilts to the side just a little bit from the wave in the front. It also split a little bit where my cowlick is too. I also wanted to show you guys what the other Reuzel shirt they sent me looks like. Being a Motörhead fan, I absolutely love this shirt! Thank you again for sending this to me guys! It’s such a sick Motörhead rip shirt! The scent last nicely throughout the day too. I could still smell it 7-8 hours later, and with me liking this scent, I was pretty happy about that. This stuff does kind of harden up and leave your hair feeling a bit crunchy. It’s not as bad as some ringing gels do, but you do notice it. However, even though it hardens up a little bit, you can run your comb through your hair without water. Doing this will give you flakes though. And you do have to add water to your hair to get rid of them. You can’t just comb them back into your hair. But when you add the water, you can get your hair to pretty much go back into the same place it was at the beginning of the day. My hair may have been slightly shorter, but it looked pretty much the same height as it was in the morning.

Like with almost all of these products, this one washed out of my hair with just a little bit of water. On the down side, this stuff really dried my hair out bad. And for some reason it made it tangle really badly too. I don’t think this has ever happened with a ringing gel or any other water based product before. So I was kind of curious as to why it happened with this one. I mean even after I combed my hair all out, if I ran my fingers trough my hair, it would get tangled and my fingers would get caught in my hair. Definitely not too happy with that, or the fact that my hair felt super dried out. Another thing that was kind of a bummer, is this stuff left my scalp really itchy after I washed it out. And it had to have been this stuff, because I didn’t use any shampoo or conditioner. I had already washed my hair that morning, so I just rinsed it out with water. But after about 10 minutes of my hair being dry, my scalp started itching really bad. I have no idea why that happened, other than the fact that it maybe dried my scalp out a bit. If it was something I was allergic to in this product, my scalp would have been itching while I had it in. So I really don’t think that it was that.

The next day this stuff was a little bit harder to apply, and comb through. I had totally expected this though, because my hair had been pretty dried out from the first use. This also made styling my hair a bit more challenging, and I didn’t get as much heigh or control to it this time. My cowlick split a little bit, I had some fly aways that stuck out in a couple areas, and the front of my hair had a little bit of a wave in it, which made it tilt to the side slightly. The shine seemed to be the same as it was on the first day though. And the scent lasted for a long time again. Actually, I felt like it lasted a little bit longer this time. I could still smell it a little bit when I went to bed. And I don’t recall being able to smell it when I got in the shower on the first day I used it. I like this scent quite a bit, so I was quite pleased with the fact that I could still smell it in my hair when I went to bed.

In the morning I rinsed it out of my hair, and it came out just like it did the first time. My hair still felt really dried out this time though. My hair also got all tangled up again, like it did the first day. And my scalp started itching again, about 10 minutes after my hair had dried. This really bummed me out about this stuff. Especially because I like the scent so much, and it made my hair look pretty good the first day using it. Oh well, can’t have everything all the time. That’s just the way things go, and how it is with products like this.

Overall, this product is pretty decent. It has its good aspects and its not so good aspects. The packaging of it, the scent, the hold and control it has, and the way it restyled are all great things that I liked quite a bit. However, the way it hardens, and the way it dries out my hair and scalp, making my hair tangle, my scalp itch, and using it on day two kind of difficult. Those are all things I was not too happy with about this product. I think with a really good conditioner though, you could combat the negative aspects of this one, apart from how it hardens. But, that’s something that can easily be overlooked if the conditioner makes the dryness, itching, and difficulty using it the second day go away. This stuff is still something I would recommend. The scent and hold alone are worth picking it up. You can also use it just for the scent, by using it as a topper. I think that’s how I will use it quite often in the future. And I will definitely be trying out some good conditioner some time in the future. I would have tried it this time, but I didn’t have any conditioner on hand and didn’t want to go buy any. I’ll probably end up doing a revisited review of this stuff in the future, and let you guys know how it works with conditioner between applications. You can find this stuff at pretty much any online retailer to get a tin. And sites like offer free shipping on orders too. So head over to that site or another site that carries it and the other Reuzel products, and grab yourself a can of this stuff as well as their other products. I want to give my buddy Robert and the awesome folks over at Reuzel another huge thank you for sending me this stuff, and the other goodies in my care package! I really appreciate it a lot guys!! I’ll be checking out the pomades by Reuzel here really soon, so stay tuned to see how those work out for me.

Stay slick fellas,



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