Suavecito ~ Premium Blends ~ Aftershave Balm – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Hey gents, I’m back with the other half of the Suavecito Premium Blends shave products. Like I had said before, the folks over at Suavecito and my friend Edgar aka Mr. Pomade, sent me a little gift package with some of the new Suavecito products. I had already checked out the shaving cream. And now it’s time to see what the deal is with their new aftershave balm. 
Just like their shaving cream, this stuff comes in the exact same packaging. A brown cardboard box with a black center area for the labeling. The writing on it is white and yellow. In the center is their new “S” logo with the name and city around it, and “Premium Blends” below it with the weight info. To the right of that is, the product name and info. And to the left of it is some aspects of the product. The back of the box has all the company info, ingredients, directions, warnings, and barcode just like the shave cream does. Like I said before it’s a really cool looking box and design in my opinion.

Pulling the tube from the box I knew exactly what I was going to find. It’s the same exact tube as the shave cream is, with the obvious minor labeling differences. Again, the labeling on this tube is basically the same thing as the box, but vertical instead of horizontal. And the back has all the same info that the box has too, like the shave cream was. This tube has the same black plastic lid, with the little spike in it to open the tube. I really love metal tubes like this, they’re just awesome containers. And they really bring you back to when things were different and more old school. Definitely love that they chose this type of packaging for their new shave stuff!

Unscrewing the cap you see the same opening area like with the shave cream. And all you do is press the spiked area of the cap onto the opening area to pop open the tube. Like I said last time, the only thing I wish that was different about these tubes, was that the caps had threads on them in the spike area to screw back on the opening to puncture the tube. I like that because it gives you more interaction with the product, but it’s not something super essential to me. It just happens to be a little aspect I like about certain tubes like this.

After puncturing the tube I squeezed out a little bit of the balm. It seems to be about the same as most of the other aftershave balms I’ve tried in the past. Kind of a light creamy product, slightly more liquid like than lotion. However, it doesn’t drip down your finger or anything like that. It holds its shape nicely until you go to apply it to your face or spread it around in your palms. The scent on this stuff is fairly light, but still present. It’s not as strong as the shave cream’s scent was when I first got it out of the tube. It does have the exact same scent as the shave cream does though. I didn’t notice any difference to it at all.

I spread the balm around between my finger tips a little bit before applying it to my face. It became very thin and almost liquid like when I did this. I think the heat from my hands and the friction of working it around may have broken it down a bit, turning it into more of a liquid. I don’t mind this at all, because I’m not a huge fan of aftershave balms usually. Oftentimes they leave my face feeling almost greasy or something. Like I put lotion on my face or something like that. And they usually always take forever to dry. That’s one thing I don’t like when it comes to most aftershave balms. I just can’t really take that greasy weird feeling on my face that doesn’t go away for a long time. However, I don’t think this one will be that way based on how it feels in my hands. At least I hope it’s not like that anyway. Only time will tell though. Now it’s time to shave and prep my face for this aftershave balm.

After I got done shaving I squeezed a little more out of the tube and worked it between my finger tips again. I got the same texture as I did last time, so I think this one may be one of my more likable aftershave balms. Applying it to my face felt slightly lighter and less balm-like than most of the other aftershave balms I’ve used in the past. This one seemed to spread around a lot easier and soak into my face a lot quicker. I wasn’t left with a slight white residue, like quite a few aftershave balms leave on my face when I apply them. This one did leave a slight film on my face though. You can kind of see it in the picture. It makes my face look a little shiny. You can see it best on my upper lip, and on the top part of my cheek. Definitely not as bad as most balms that’s for sure. The scent is a little bit stronger once you break the balm down and apply it to your face. However, it still doesn’t seem quite as strong as the shave cream’s scent was. It left my face feeling nice and smooth once it dried too. And this one didn’t take nearly as long as most balms do to dry. I’d say less than half the time that the others I’ve tried took.

All in all, this aftershave balm is pretty decent. I can say for sure I like it better than all the other ones I’ve tried in the past. And it’s definitely a product I would recommend to all of you shavers that use and like aftershave balms. It’s by far the best one I’ve used to date. I’d even recommend it to you guys that usually use liquid aftershaves and bay rums too. It really is quite a nice aftershave balm. And it goes really well as a pairing with their shave cream. I did a shave the other day with their cream and followed it up with the balm, and I was very pleased. My face was left really nice and smooth, and I smelled like tea tree for quite a while. Definitely pick some of this stuff up, and soon! To get it, head on over to and place one in your shopping cart. While you’re there, check out all the other stuff Edgar has up on his site! He’s got a vast array of all sorts of grooming products for your every need! Huge thanks again to my good buddy Edgar and the guys over at Suavecito for sending me this stuff to try out and review for them!! I really appreciate it guys!! Stay tuned for the updated and official review of their Premium Blends Pomade. I’ll have that one up here pretty soon! I’m interested to see which formula it’s closer to, X or Y. Or if it’s the exact same as one of them. Well, til next time….

Stay fresh fellas,


Cool Grease – Cock Grease

Hey guys, still on my water based kick, but I’m finally back with another Cool Grease product! This time I am checking out the controversial product, Cock Grease. Tadashi over at HedgeLion sent this one over to me to review a little while back along with the other Cool Grease products. As always, thank you very much Tadashi! You’re the man! Let’s get into this review now.

As I said up there, this product has some controversy behind it. As most of you are already thinking, yes it is the same name as the Cock Grease company. And there is where the controversy lies. Now, I’ve talked to my contacts at the Cool Grease company, and they have said that they came up with the name and design first. However, my friend Rea, who owns the Cock Grease company, says that she came up with the name and design first. I didn’t want to get into the nitty gritty with either side, so I just let it alone. It doesn’t really matter to me who came up with it first, and most people don’t even know about this product over here. Nor do most Japanese folks know about the Cock Grease company over there. So, it’s not really worth my time to dig up records of stuff and find out who actually put it out first. Plus, the Cool Grease company discontinued this product a couple months back anyway. Well, technically they just changed the name to XXX instead, and changed the design of the container. So at this point, there’s not any need to even find out anymore I don’t think. But, if it does matter to you, feel free to contact both companies and do a little research to find out who came out with the name and design first and when. Now let’s move onto the product since we got that out of the way.


 One thing I haven’t shown you guys before is the various sizes the Cool Grease products come in. They have 3 different sizes for their main product line. A big 7oz tub, their normal sized 3oz tub, and a mini 1oz sample tub. I hadn’t shown you this before because I didn’t have all three sizes until recently and it was with this product. When I was first looking for Cool Grease stuff all I could find was a 7oz tub of this stuff so I got it. Then a friend of mine in Japan got me the little 1oz tub as a gift when he was finding me some rare Cool Grease products. And finally Tadashi sent me the 3oz tub to review. So now I can show them all to you. First there is the big 7oz tub. This one is the same type as the 3oz tub’s is. But with the 7oz tub, you get a free sticker, which is placed on the lid under the shrink wrap. Then there’s the mini 1oz tub, which is a bit different than the others are. It’s made of plastic like the others, but not the same kind. And it’s not as rounded at the edges and across the top like the bigger tubs are. This one also doesn’t have any color on the labeling. It’s just black and white, and has less info around the tub. As you’d expect it to since it’s a tiny little sample tub. Also, this one doesn’t come shrink wrapped like the bigger ones do, or at least mine didn’t. All of their main products come in these three sizes. Their specialty and limited edition products don’t though. They only come in one size. Now on to the 3oz tub for the review.

It’s the same type of tub as all their other products have come in. Plastic tub with a twist off lid, and the labeling printed right on the tub. This one is a white tub with a black lid though. This is the only difference between this one and all the others which have the same color plastic for the tub and the lid. The design on the lid of this one is very familiar, as you guys can see. In the center is “Cock ⚡️ Grease” just below a white and red rooster. The company name is below that, and “water type” inside a little water drop is just to the right d it. Around the rooster it says “High Quality Hair Pomade Xxtra Hard” in white letters. And then on either side of him it says “Keep it up! All day!! Try it! You’ll like it!!” Also in white letters. The layout and design is very similar to Cock Grease’s labels. Or Cock Grease’s is very similar to this one. However you want to look at it.


The side of the tub is similar to their other ones layout wise. In the center it says “Cock ⚡️ Grease Xxtra Hard” in a black oval. On either side of the oval is a rooster. Then there’s the familiar box that has a bunch of info inside it, just like all the other ones have. And finally there’s the company info and some little tag lines. All of their tubs have pretty much this exact same layout, with the obvious design and color differences. As well as the tag lines and stuff being different for each product. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the two tone tub though. It feels a little mix matched to me, but it also looks kind of cool and goes with the labeling. 


When you open the lid you see the familiar plastic disc covering the product. For a while I thought this was exclusive to Cool Grease, but I’ve seen a couple other Japanese products with this same plastic disc. However, not all products from Japan have it, and some products from other Asian countries also have them. I’m not really sure why they put these on there though. And I don’t know why none of the US companies put these discs on their products. I kind of don’t really care for them though, because they always get product stuck to them. Then you have to wipe it all of there so it doesn’t go to waste. I think it would be easier to just not have them in the tubs. The product itself is a bright yellow color, and looks to be about the same texture as their XX stuff is. The scent of it is a nice sweet pineapple scent, and you barely notice the familiar chemical type scent in there that most ringing gels have. The pineapple does a really nice job of masking that to where you don’t really smell it much. I quite like this scent! I think it’s my favorite out of all the Cool Grease products so far. 


Scooping it out was a lot like scooping out their XX too. This one seems to have a slightly more firm texture to it though. However, it was easier to scoop out of the tub. I’m not sure how that was possible, but that’s what happened. As you can see I was able to get a bigger scoop than usual from the tub. Even though it has a pretty firm texture and thick consistency to it. You really get to smell the pineapple when you scoop it out and break it down in your hands. That’s where I noticed the difference between this and XX. This one doesn’t spread around quite as easily, and has a much tackier feel to it. It also has a slight dry feel to it, kind of like their Flat/green tub does.

Even applying it you notice the slightly dry feel that it has to it. However, it’s not nearly as dry feeling as their Flat/green tub is. It is slightly challenging to apply and distribute in your hair. The product wanted to kind of stick on the top of my hair mostly. I ended up having to get another small scoop out to get the back side of my hair and back of my head. The first time you run your comb through your hair, or try to anyway, is kind of tough. The thick tacky texture of this stuff makes the first pass a bit hard. Once you get that first combing done though, it becomes much easier to comb around and disperse into your hair. The whole time you’re combing you still feel that dryness to it though. It’s not as dry feeling as the Flat/green tub, but it is definitely noticeable. It doesn’t take too long to get it all dispersed into your hair though, despite the application and slightly hard combing.


This stuff can give you crazy lift too! I was able to comb my hair up really tall. It pretty much went straight up, but I was able to round out the top part of my hair fairly nicely. It did kind of make my hair go more into a point/cone shape though. I’m not going to leave my hair this tall, because I never wear it this tall. Plus, I wasn’t able to get it into a nice enough shape to make an exception and leave it there. 


Once I recombed my hair into a lower style I was able to get a much nicer shape and look to it. The only thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t quite tame my cowlick for some reason. Even though it has a real firm texture and heavy hold to it, it wouldn’t take my cowlick. It also allowed my hair to split along the comb lines on the side of my head a little bit. It wasn’t terrible, but it acted more like a light hair dressing instead of the heavy ringing gel that it is. It was very odd to see it perform this way, but it didn’t look bad, so I left it. This stuff does give my hair a nice shine to it as well. It’s hard to see in this picture, but the other picture shows the shine nicely. Unlike most ringing gels, this one sets up really quickly. Or at least it seemed to. It may have been due to me styling my hair twice and recombing it after it had started to set up. I barely got my hair in place before it started to harden. And this one does harden quite a bit unfortunately. It hardens the most out of any of the Cool Grease products. And almost feels like a soft gel does when it hardens. Leaves your hair with a crunchy feel to it, and kind of gel-met feel too. I was pretty surprised at how much this stuff hardened up. Mainly because all their other products either don’t harden at all, or only slight gum up, but don’t really harden/crunch up. The scent seemed to disappear once my hair had set up too. I was pretty bummed about this, because it was pretty strong and present when I was styling my hair and I quite like this one’s scent. So I was hoping it would last all day long, but it disappears completely fairly fast. 


The hold stays nicely all day long too. My hair only tilted to the right a tiny bit, but seemed to stay exactly where it was at everywhere else. That’s definitely a plus, especially for days when you need your hair to stay in place for hours. Hardening up the way it does makes recombing your hair impossible. Well at least without either adding water or breaking up the crunchiness. And if you break it up, you will get lots of little flakes and your hair will have a matte look to it and get kind of poofy. This stuff performs kind of like the way a soft gel topped with hair spray does. When you add water to it, you get a few flakes at first, but they go away quickly. However, you lose a lot of the hold/height to your hair when you recomb with water. So I’d advise not recombing your hair with this stuff. It holds well all day, so you shouldn’t need to.

Like all the other Cool Grease products I’ve tried so far, this one comes out with just a little water. What sets this one apart is that it kind of conditions your hair while it’s in your hair. My hair was so soft and silky feeling when I got out of the shower and dried it. I was really shocked to see this happen! I’ve only had one or two other water based products do this to my hair, and neither were a ringing gel. Usually these products dry out your hair and scalp, but this one didn’t at all. It did the opposite and made my hair feel softer than it was before I used it. I’m definitely happy with that from this product!

The next morning I noticed that my hair wasn’t as soft as it was the night before. I’m not sure how that happened, but my hair seemed to dry out over night. Maybe it only felt soft while it was slightly damp and freshly dry. And the product took its toll on my hair over the course of the night. It’s almost like it took 8 hours to do what other ringing gels do in 8 minutes. It wasn’t super dried out, but my hair was noticeably more dry than the night before. It felt soft again when I sprayed my hair with water, but as soon as it dried, my hair didn’t feel soft anymore. Not sure what’s up with this, but I don’t think I like it.


That also made applying and combing in the product even more difficult than the first day. And it seemed to set up even quicker once I got my hair styled too. I tested out the height again, but tried to get a better shape this time. I was able to make it look a bit better and less pointy this time. However, my hair set up before I could even finish styling it up this high. I was able to get a better shape to it, but there was a small split right in the center that just wouldn’t stick together for some reason. I wasn’t able to recomb it lower until I sprayed my hair with some water. And when I did that, I lost pretty much all the hold and control. My hair wouldn’t stay in a pomp, I kept getting splits all over, and strands would keep separating and falling down out of place. No matter how much I combed it, my hair wouldn’t stay in any place/shape/style that I tried. I ended up just rinsing my hair out and putting on a hat. When I did that, I noticed my hair got real soft and silky smooth again. And, I have no idea how this happened either, the curly areas of my hair and on my hair line were super straight. It looked like someone had taken a flat iron straightener to my hair. It was really really weird! Even my wife commented about how strange it was that my hair was like that. I wasn’t complaining about it though, I was kind of stoked haha. I don’t like my curls and wish my hair was more straight. So I relished in the temporary little perk this stuff gave me. A couple hours after my hair had dried though, it went back to feeling dried out again. Not much more than it did before, but I did notice a slight difference. So I just threw on a hat and called it good.

I’ve got to say, this stuff has me on the fence about it. There are obvious perks to it, but there are also some things I didn’t really care for all that much. I think I need to use it a few more times to really decide if I like it a lot, or just a little bit. I do like it though, and would recommend it to all of you water based users out there. It’s definitely a unique product, and has some interesting properties and performance aspects to it. Now as I said up at the beginning of the review, this stuff has been changed to Cool Grease XXX, and the labeling is now different. However, I have heard that the XXX performs differently than this one, and has undergone some formula changes. So I will be reviewing that one as well to see if that’s true or not. I was going to skip that one and just show you guys a picture of it here at the bottom, but when I heard those things, I knew I had to do a review of it to see for myself and show y’all what the differences are, if there are in fact any at all. If it ends up being the same, that’s fine, but if it’s different than you need to know. Anyway, to get ahold of this one, you’ll have to do some hunting on the Internet. I believe there are some websites that do still have some stock of it left out there. However, since the XXX is basically the same, or exactly the same, as this one, I would just get some from Tadashi. Head on over to his website to get yourself a tub of it. He has a lot of the other cool grease products up on his site too, so if there are others you want to try, get them from him. He also carries all sorts of other pomades and grooming products, including the ones I make. So browse around while you’re on there and pick up a few things! He offers free shipping too, so you can’t not get some stuff! Many thanks again to my good buddy Tadashi for sending this out to me to review! I appreciate it very much my friend! I will be reviewing the Cool Grease comb for him and you guys next by the way. And it’s gonna be up very soon! I started using it with this stuff, so stay tuned to see how that comb holds up to my tests. Catch you guys later!



Black Knight

Well, I’m still on my water soluble product run, and I think I’m going to be on it for a while. I have a lot of water soluble products to review. This time I am checking out a product from one of my clients’ shop. My good friend and client Timothy, who owns 79 Pomade Shop, sent me this stuff to review a little while back. He actually sent me a few tubs of this stuff. I have already gone through one tub, and now I’m doing the review. I told him I would really use the product, so I could give it a really thorough review. So this will be the first reviews I’ve done after I’ve used an entire container of a product. I am using it again now though to refresh my memory on some aspects of it.
The packaging isn’t your average packaging when it comes to this stuff. It’s sealed in a black, thick plastic bag with a ziplock type seal, and a sticker sealing it too. The bag is the same type of bag that tea leaves come in when you order them from places like Teavana. I used to be manager at Teavana, so I’m very familiar with these types of bags. Needless to say, I half expected some tea leaves in the bag haha. Apart from the little sticker sealing it, which is a black circular sticker, with a red wax stamp looking design, and a yellow B in the center that is a very ornate filigree type letter, the bag also has a big sticker on the front. That sticker is a black sticker with yellow writing on it. In the center is the name and company info at a slight angle, with the website down at the bottom. Up in the right hand corner is a little water drop and it says “water soluble firm hold” below it. Very simple and to the point, which makes sense for an outside label.

When I opened the bag, I noticed there was all sorts of stuff inside. Alas, no tea leaves inside though haha. The product container is wrapped in bubble wrap, and also inside was a 79 Pomade Shop comb and 2 stickers from 79 Pomade Shop. Very cool outer packaging, and goodies that come with the product. It’s almost like a little gift pack, or deluxe option or something. Definitely dig this package quite a bit. Now on to the actual packaging of the product itself.

This stuff is in fact a ringing gel, and from the sound and feel of it when I tap the tub, I think it’s going to be on the heavier side. It makes a sound and feels kind of similar to Slick Devil, or Cock Grease XXX, or products along those lines. Being made by Cock Grease, I’d imagine it’s going to be similar or the same as their XXX one is. This even comes in the same black tub that XXX comes in, and the Cock Grease Eddy’s Deluxe products come in. Which is the kind of standard tub that many ringing gels come in. Double wall plastic tub with a screw on lid. The labeling of this product is way awesome! It’s a black label with gold and brown designs. In the center of the lid label is a skeleton knight in armor with a gold shield behind him, and really intricate brown filigree behind him. On either side of him are some badass lions with “4oz” underneath them. Just under the knight is a banner that reads “Black Knight” inside it. And just below that it says “firme hold made in usa” with some different filigree around that. Then at the very top of the label it says “premium quality” in gold metallic letters. The same gold metallic material is in the ring around the lid label, the edge of the shield, and edges of the side label. The side label is fairly simple compared to the lid label, but still cool in its own right. In the center is ingredients, directions, etc etc, in a filigree box with some of that gold metallic material in it too. Then on either side of that is the name of the pomade, and the companies associated with it, and then it says “true gentleman scent” in a little golden yellow banner. Also in gold metallic letters is “Black Knight” and “79 Pomade Shop.” I really dig the layout of the text on the side label and all the little designs around the text. This label is one of the coolest new labels that has come out in a while! I’m very glad I have a few tubs of this stuff. I wish I had a big sticker of the lid label to put on my toolbox though! It really is a very very cool looking label in my opinion. There’s nothing like it out there either. Whoever designed it did a great job! I wish I could have them do a pomade label for me/my company haha.

Opening up the tub you’re immediately met with the scent, which is really awesome! It reminded me of this cologne a buddy of mine wears all the time. So, I shot him a text and asked him which one it was. He said it was one of the Gucci men’s colognes, but I didn’t get the name of which one it is. The scent is, as I was saying, a really great cologne type scent. However, it’s not just a man’s cologne scent, it’s got a really nice fresh citrus type smell to it as well as the fresh/clean cologne scent. The combination of those two notes make for a nice crisp scent, that makes you want to keep smelling and smelling this stuff. I also think there’s a tiny note of amber mixed in the scent. The more I smell it, the more I thought I smelled an amber note in there. Anyway, very very good scent. I’m usually not too big on cologne scents, especially popular cologne scents. They’re just not my cup of tea, but I really like this one a lot! The color of this ringing gel is a light golden yellow, with some sparkles in it. Kind of like Cool Grease’s fiber, or JS Sloane’s stuff, and products like that. I’m not sure what exactly gives these products that look to them, but it’s definitely unique.

When I dug my finger into this goop, I was met with what I had expected. A very heavy ringing gel. This stuff is really heavy too! It’s probably the thickest/heaviest ringing gel I’ve used so far. It feels even heavier than Layrite’s super hold, and Slick Devil, and Bada Bing. This might just be the heaviest one out there. I will have to go back and feel all my other ones like this to make sure, but from memory, this stuff is the heaviest I’ve scooped out to date.

Even though it’s really heavy when you scoop it out, it’s not a pain to spread around in your hands. It actually breaks down pretty nicely, and feels lighter than when you first scoop it out of the tub. It does have a very very tacky feel to it though. It reminds me more of a fiber gel than a regular ringing gel. Actually, it kind of feels like a cross between a fiber gel and a heavy ringing gel, only without the stringy things that show up when you pull your hands apart from fibers. Applying it to your hair is even easier than breaking it down in your hands. Maybe it’s because I had a little bit of water in my hair or something, but when I applied this stuff, it was way easier than I was expecting. It felt more like applying a lighter medium product, rather than the really heavy product this stuff is. Even combing it was much easier than I had expected it to be. Kind of odd for how thick and heavy this product is, but this does happen every once in a while. So I’m not worried about it at all, I’m sure it will hold just fine.

Despite it applying and combing so easily, this stuff does have great hold. As you can see, this stuff holds my hair way up there. And it didn’t leave my hair all spaced apart and hollow looking, like some products do when I comb my hair up really tall. Another cool thing about this stuff is that it leaves my hair nice and shiny. That’s a rare thing for a water based product in general, but even more rare for a heavy hold ringing gel. Usually they have very little or no shine to them, but not this one. Black Knight gives my hair a nice shine to it. Now, it’s not a grease like shine, but it’s still noticeable. It’s more of a natural looking shine, but there’s more shine than natural, if that makes sense.

I decided not to leave my hair up quite that tall, because I just don’t wear it like that. However, I did want to showcase the height that you can get from this. Mainly for the review’s sake, and for those of you that rock super tall pomps, or quiffs, or wedges and styles like that. I’d imagine this product would work good for flat-tops as well. Anyway, I recombed my hair into a lower style before it set up, and I was very pleased with the outcome. I was able to get a fairly rounded shape to my hair, and this stuff did a decent job of taming my cowlick. There was one area that kind of split open though. I’m not entirely sure why this happened, but it did. It was only in that one area too. I didn’t have any other issues at all with it.

After a little while it had set up, so I felt my hair. My hair wasn’t really hardened, or gummed up feeling though. It was kind of a cross between the two, and some areas were more hard than others. It was kind of weird, my hair has never set up like this before. This stuff does a great job of holding all day long, as I knew it would. My hair didn’t move or split at all during the day. This is definitely a plus, and is perfect for those days when you need your hair to stay in place just right. And like all other ringing gels, this stuff washes out with just water. My hair didn’t feel too dried out after using this product, but it did have a different feel to it. That just comes with the territory, these products always do that to your hair. Some more than others, and some quicker than others, but they all do it.

The next day though, my hair didn’t feel quite as dry as it did the night before. This was definitely an unusual surprise. I’ve never had that happen before, but I’ll take it. Nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion. Applying and styling with this stuff the second day was virtually the same as the first day. The only difference I noticed was that the shine was slightly less than the first day. But other than that, it seemed to be the same. It held all day long just like the first day too. I did forget to recomb my hair the first day to see how this stuff does. So, I went ahead and recombed my hair before I took a shower. You can run your comb through your hair without any water, but this stuff does flake. Also, you can pretty much get your hair to go back into the same place it was before without any water. That is definitely a plus! Usually you have to add a little water to do that. However, the flakes don’t comb in at all. So you do have to add water to get rid of those. But there’s not any need to recomb your hair unless you mess it up. So, the flake thing is kind of a moot point, unless you’ve messed up your hair and need to recomb it.

All in all, I gotta say I liked Black Knight quite a bit. It’s a pretty decent water soluble product in my opinion. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Especially if you are into ringing gels and other water based products. There’s not really anything negative I can say about this stuff. It’s a well rounded product. To get yours head on over to

They also have some other awesome pomades on their site! Including the Roxburgh pomades. So check out their other stuff while you’re there. Big thanks to Timothy for sending this stuff to me to review. I really appreciate it man, and I enjoyed the product and reviewing it.

Well, til next time,