Black Knight

Well, I’m still on my water soluble product run, and I think I’m going to be on it for a while. I have a lot of water soluble products to review. This time I am checking out a product from one of my clients’ shop. My good friend and client Timothy, who owns 79 Pomade Shop, sent me this stuff to review a little while back. He actually sent me a few tubs of this stuff. I have already gone through one tub, and now I’m doing the review. I told him I would really use the product, so I could give it a really thorough review. So this will be the first reviews I’ve done after I’ve used an entire container of a product. I am using it again now though to refresh my memory on some aspects of it.
The packaging isn’t your average packaging when it comes to this stuff. It’s sealed in a black, thick plastic bag with a ziplock type seal, and a sticker sealing it too. The bag is the same type of bag that tea leaves come in when you order them from places like Teavana. I used to be manager at Teavana, so I’m very familiar with these types of bags. Needless to say, I half expected some tea leaves in the bag haha. Apart from the little sticker sealing it, which is a black circular sticker, with a red wax stamp looking design, and a yellow B in the center that is a very ornate filigree type letter, the bag also has a big sticker on the front. That sticker is a black sticker with yellow writing on it. In the center is the name and company info at a slight angle, with the website down at the bottom. Up in the right hand corner is a little water drop and it says “water soluble firm hold” below it. Very simple and to the point, which makes sense for an outside label.

When I opened the bag, I noticed there was all sorts of stuff inside. Alas, no tea leaves inside though haha. The product container is wrapped in bubble wrap, and also inside was a 79 Pomade Shop comb and 2 stickers from 79 Pomade Shop. Very cool outer packaging, and goodies that come with the product. It’s almost like a little gift pack, or deluxe option or something. Definitely dig this package quite a bit. Now on to the actual packaging of the product itself.

This stuff is in fact a ringing gel, and from the sound and feel of it when I tap the tub, I think it’s going to be on the heavier side. It makes a sound and feels kind of similar to Slick Devil, or Cock Grease XXX, or products along those lines. Being made by Cock Grease, I’d imagine it’s going to be similar or the same as their XXX one is. This even comes in the same black tub that XXX comes in, and the Cock Grease Eddy’s Deluxe products come in. Which is the kind of standard tub that many ringing gels come in. Double wall plastic tub with a screw on lid. The labeling of this product is way awesome! It’s a black label with gold and brown designs. In the center of the lid label is a skeleton knight in armor with a gold shield behind him, and really intricate brown filigree behind him. On either side of him are some badass lions with “4oz” underneath them. Just under the knight is a banner that reads “Black Knight” inside it. And just below that it says “firme hold made in usa” with some different filigree around that. Then at the very top of the label it says “premium quality” in gold metallic letters. The same gold metallic material is in the ring around the lid label, the edge of the shield, and edges of the side label. The side label is fairly simple compared to the lid label, but still cool in its own right. In the center is ingredients, directions, etc etc, in a filigree box with some of that gold metallic material in it too. Then on either side of that is the name of the pomade, and the companies associated with it, and then it says “true gentleman scent” in a little golden yellow banner. Also in gold metallic letters is “Black Knight” and “79 Pomade Shop.” I really dig the layout of the text on the side label and all the little designs around the text. This label is one of the coolest new labels that has come out in a while! I’m very glad I have a few tubs of this stuff. I wish I had a big sticker of the lid label to put on my toolbox though! It really is a very very cool looking label in my opinion. There’s nothing like it out there either. Whoever designed it did a great job! I wish I could have them do a pomade label for me/my company haha.

Opening up the tub you’re immediately met with the scent, which is really awesome! It reminded me of this cologne a buddy of mine wears all the time. So, I shot him a text and asked him which one it was. He said it was one of the Gucci men’s colognes, but I didn’t get the name of which one it is. The scent is, as I was saying, a really great cologne type scent. However, it’s not just a man’s cologne scent, it’s got a really nice fresh citrus type smell to it as well as the fresh/clean cologne scent. The combination of those two notes make for a nice crisp scent, that makes you want to keep smelling and smelling this stuff. I also think there’s a tiny note of amber mixed in the scent. The more I smell it, the more I thought I smelled an amber note in there. Anyway, very very good scent. I’m usually not too big on cologne scents, especially popular cologne scents. They’re just not my cup of tea, but I really like this one a lot! The color of this ringing gel is a light golden yellow, with some sparkles in it. Kind of like Cool Grease’s fiber, or JS Sloane’s stuff, and products like that. I’m not sure what exactly gives these products that look to them, but it’s definitely unique.

When I dug my finger into this goop, I was met with what I had expected. A very heavy ringing gel. This stuff is really heavy too! It’s probably the thickest/heaviest ringing gel I’ve used so far. It feels even heavier than Layrite’s super hold, and Slick Devil, and Bada Bing. This might just be the heaviest one out there. I will have to go back and feel all my other ones like this to make sure, but from memory, this stuff is the heaviest I’ve scooped out to date.

Even though it’s really heavy when you scoop it out, it’s not a pain to spread around in your hands. It actually breaks down pretty nicely, and feels lighter than when you first scoop it out of the tub. It does have a very very tacky feel to it though. It reminds me more of a fiber gel than a regular ringing gel. Actually, it kind of feels like a cross between a fiber gel and a heavy ringing gel, only without the stringy things that show up when you pull your hands apart from fibers. Applying it to your hair is even easier than breaking it down in your hands. Maybe it’s because I had a little bit of water in my hair or something, but when I applied this stuff, it was way easier than I was expecting. It felt more like applying a lighter medium product, rather than the really heavy product this stuff is. Even combing it was much easier than I had expected it to be. Kind of odd for how thick and heavy this product is, but this does happen every once in a while. So I’m not worried about it at all, I’m sure it will hold just fine.

Despite it applying and combing so easily, this stuff does have great hold. As you can see, this stuff holds my hair way up there. And it didn’t leave my hair all spaced apart and hollow looking, like some products do when I comb my hair up really tall. Another cool thing about this stuff is that it leaves my hair nice and shiny. That’s a rare thing for a water based product in general, but even more rare for a heavy hold ringing gel. Usually they have very little or no shine to them, but not this one. Black Knight gives my hair a nice shine to it. Now, it’s not a grease like shine, but it’s still noticeable. It’s more of a natural looking shine, but there’s more shine than natural, if that makes sense.

I decided not to leave my hair up quite that tall, because I just don’t wear it like that. However, I did want to showcase the height that you can get from this. Mainly for the review’s sake, and for those of you that rock super tall pomps, or quiffs, or wedges and styles like that. I’d imagine this product would work good for flat-tops as well. Anyway, I recombed my hair into a lower style before it set up, and I was very pleased with the outcome. I was able to get a fairly rounded shape to my hair, and this stuff did a decent job of taming my cowlick. There was one area that kind of split open though. I’m not entirely sure why this happened, but it did. It was only in that one area too. I didn’t have any other issues at all with it.

After a little while it had set up, so I felt my hair. My hair wasn’t really hardened, or gummed up feeling though. It was kind of a cross between the two, and some areas were more hard than others. It was kind of weird, my hair has never set up like this before. This stuff does a great job of holding all day long, as I knew it would. My hair didn’t move or split at all during the day. This is definitely a plus, and is perfect for those days when you need your hair to stay in place just right. And like all other ringing gels, this stuff washes out with just water. My hair didn’t feel too dried out after using this product, but it did have a different feel to it. That just comes with the territory, these products always do that to your hair. Some more than others, and some quicker than others, but they all do it.

The next day though, my hair didn’t feel quite as dry as it did the night before. This was definitely an unusual surprise. I’ve never had that happen before, but I’ll take it. Nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion. Applying and styling with this stuff the second day was virtually the same as the first day. The only difference I noticed was that the shine was slightly less than the first day. But other than that, it seemed to be the same. It held all day long just like the first day too. I did forget to recomb my hair the first day to see how this stuff does. So, I went ahead and recombed my hair before I took a shower. You can run your comb through your hair without any water, but this stuff does flake. Also, you can pretty much get your hair to go back into the same place it was before without any water. That is definitely a plus! Usually you have to add a little water to do that. However, the flakes don’t comb in at all. So you do have to add water to get rid of those. But there’s not any need to recomb your hair unless you mess it up. So, the flake thing is kind of a moot point, unless you’ve messed up your hair and need to recomb it.

All in all, I gotta say I liked Black Knight quite a bit. It’s a pretty decent water soluble product in my opinion. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Especially if you are into ringing gels and other water based products. There’s not really anything negative I can say about this stuff. It’s a well rounded product. To get yours head on over to

They also have some other awesome pomades on their site! Including the Roxburgh pomades. So check out their other stuff while you’re there. Big thanks to Timothy for sending this stuff to me to review. I really appreciate it man, and I enjoyed the product and reviewing it.

Well, til next time,



2 comments on “Black Knight

  1. Minty Candy says:

    Hi, which one do you prefer between this one and Murray’s Edgewax?

    • Hey there,

      That’s a tough one. I like them both a lot for their own uniqueness. Murray’s Edgewax is easier to get though, I think. However, this one is a bit easier to comb and work with. They both seemed to have about the same hold. And both have nice scents to them. This one makes your hair look a little better, but it’s quite a bit more expensive and you don’t get as much as you do with Edgewax. So it’s kind of a toss up for me. I’d say get one tub of each and try them both out to see which works better for you. Thank you very much for your comment and for reading! Stay tuned for some more ringing gel products coming up soon!

      Take care,


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