Suavecito ~ Premium Blends ~ Aftershave Balm – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Hey gents, I’m back with the other half of the Suavecito Premium Blends shave products. Like I had said before, the folks over at Suavecito and my friend Edgar aka Mr. Pomade, sent me a little gift package with some of the new Suavecito products. I had already checked out the shaving cream. And now it’s time to see what the deal is with their new aftershave balm. 
Just like their shaving cream, this stuff comes in the exact same packaging. A brown cardboard box with a black center area for the labeling. The writing on it is white and yellow. In the center is their new “S” logo with the name and city around it, and “Premium Blends” below it with the weight info. To the right of that is, the product name and info. And to the left of it is some aspects of the product. The back of the box has all the company info, ingredients, directions, warnings, and barcode just like the shave cream does. Like I said before it’s a really cool looking box and design in my opinion.

Pulling the tube from the box I knew exactly what I was going to find. It’s the same exact tube as the shave cream is, with the obvious minor labeling differences. Again, the labeling on this tube is basically the same thing as the box, but vertical instead of horizontal. And the back has all the same info that the box has too, like the shave cream was. This tube has the same black plastic lid, with the little spike in it to open the tube. I really love metal tubes like this, they’re just awesome containers. And they really bring you back to when things were different and more old school. Definitely love that they chose this type of packaging for their new shave stuff!

Unscrewing the cap you see the same opening area like with the shave cream. And all you do is press the spiked area of the cap onto the opening area to pop open the tube. Like I said last time, the only thing I wish that was different about these tubes, was that the caps had threads on them in the spike area to screw back on the opening to puncture the tube. I like that because it gives you more interaction with the product, but it’s not something super essential to me. It just happens to be a little aspect I like about certain tubes like this.

After puncturing the tube I squeezed out a little bit of the balm. It seems to be about the same as most of the other aftershave balms I’ve tried in the past. Kind of a light creamy product, slightly more liquid like than lotion. However, it doesn’t drip down your finger or anything like that. It holds its shape nicely until you go to apply it to your face or spread it around in your palms. The scent on this stuff is fairly light, but still present. It’s not as strong as the shave cream’s scent was when I first got it out of the tube. It does have the exact same scent as the shave cream does though. I didn’t notice any difference to it at all.

I spread the balm around between my finger tips a little bit before applying it to my face. It became very thin and almost liquid like when I did this. I think the heat from my hands and the friction of working it around may have broken it down a bit, turning it into more of a liquid. I don’t mind this at all, because I’m not a huge fan of aftershave balms usually. Oftentimes they leave my face feeling almost greasy or something. Like I put lotion on my face or something like that. And they usually always take forever to dry. That’s one thing I don’t like when it comes to most aftershave balms. I just can’t really take that greasy weird feeling on my face that doesn’t go away for a long time. However, I don’t think this one will be that way based on how it feels in my hands. At least I hope it’s not like that anyway. Only time will tell though. Now it’s time to shave and prep my face for this aftershave balm.

After I got done shaving I squeezed a little more out of the tube and worked it between my finger tips again. I got the same texture as I did last time, so I think this one may be one of my more likable aftershave balms. Applying it to my face felt slightly lighter and less balm-like than most of the other aftershave balms I’ve used in the past. This one seemed to spread around a lot easier and soak into my face a lot quicker. I wasn’t left with a slight white residue, like quite a few aftershave balms leave on my face when I apply them. This one did leave a slight film on my face though. You can kind of see it in the picture. It makes my face look a little shiny. You can see it best on my upper lip, and on the top part of my cheek. Definitely not as bad as most balms that’s for sure. The scent is a little bit stronger once you break the balm down and apply it to your face. However, it still doesn’t seem quite as strong as the shave cream’s scent was. It left my face feeling nice and smooth once it dried too. And this one didn’t take nearly as long as most balms do to dry. I’d say less than half the time that the others I’ve tried took.

All in all, this aftershave balm is pretty decent. I can say for sure I like it better than all the other ones I’ve tried in the past. And it’s definitely a product I would recommend to all of you shavers that use and like aftershave balms. It’s by far the best one I’ve used to date. I’d even recommend it to you guys that usually use liquid aftershaves and bay rums too. It really is quite a nice aftershave balm. And it goes really well as a pairing with their shave cream. I did a shave the other day with their cream and followed it up with the balm, and I was very pleased. My face was left really nice and smooth, and I smelled like tea tree for quite a while. Definitely pick some of this stuff up, and soon! To get it, head on over to and place one in your shopping cart. While you’re there, check out all the other stuff Edgar has up on his site! He’s got a vast array of all sorts of grooming products for your every need! Huge thanks again to my good buddy Edgar and the guys over at Suavecito for sending me this stuff to try out and review for them!! I really appreciate it guys!! Stay tuned for the updated and official review of their Premium Blends Pomade. I’ll have that one up here pretty soon! I’m interested to see which formula it’s closer to, X or Y. Or if it’s the exact same as one of them. Well, til next time….

Stay fresh fellas,



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