Hello everyone, sorry for the semi-lengthy absence on my part. I’ve been super busy with my company and some bad things happened to me over the past couple months. So I’ve been dealing with everything and haven’t really had the time to review stuff lately. I’m still pretty busy, but I’m making time to finish up some reviews that I started a little while back. I’ve also gotten some new stuff in from companies to review, and I can’t just let that stuff sit forever. So it’s time to get back to it! Today we are checking out a sort of new ringing gel called Wet. The owner was kind enough to send me a tub a few months ago, and I started the review, but then got busy and everything else happened and it got put on hold. However, I’m finishing up the review now. Let me show you what the dealio with this stuff is!


This stuff comes in the standard white plastic tub with a screw on lid. The labeling is a super simplistic layout and color scheme. However, that doesn’t make it dull or lacking at all I don’t think. It’s got a blue and cream color scheme with a straight-to-the-point design. On the lid it has the name in big cursive type font with some rays beaming out from behind it. Then the est date is at the bottom below a little bar that’s just under the name, and there’s a ring around everything. Like I said, very simplistic and to the point. The side label has the exact same design, but with a couple minor changes. There is no ring around it, the est date is not there, and the bar has been changed to a banner. Other than that, it’s exactly the same as the lid. Around on the back side are the directions, ingredient list, barcode, and weight info. Even though it’s a simple design and isn’t flashy or busy, it still has a nice aesthetic to it, and doesn’t look boring or anything like that.


Opening up the tub you see an aquamarine blue colored ringing gel. This one has kind of a matte surface with some bubbles in it as well. It doesn’t look like most ringing gels do on the surface. Usually they have more of a flat surface and have some shine to them. I was definitely expecting that because of the type of product it is, and the name as well. I’m not sure if the name choice has anything to do with the product’s performance at all, or if it’s because of the type of product it is, or if it’s just the name they decided on. My wife got a little bit of a chuckle out of the name choice though haha. I did too to be honest. Back to the product though. This one has a very common scent to it. I’ve smelled this same scent on quite a few water based products over the years. It’s a crisp cologne type scent, and smells a lot like Steadfast, and High Life’s water based, and a number of other water based products. This scent isn’t particularly my favorite scent, but it’s not a bad scent. I’m just not too big on cologne type scents. I don’t wear cologne and have never really liked colognes. There have only been a couple that I have actually liked in my lifetime. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t really care for colognes. I know, it’s kind of weird, but I just have never been a fan of them. Same with perfumes that women wear. There’s only a select few that I like.


When I dug my finger into this goop, I was met with the familiar texture of a medium ringing gel. As you can see, it scoops out a lot like most of the medium ringing gels out there. I had thought that it was just the surface that had that look, but the whole product has it. This stuff isn’t very see through, unlike most out there that are pretty translucent. Usually I can see my fingertip through them very easily, and sometimes even see my finger print. However, this product has kind of a cloudy look to it, and you can’t really see my finger too well through it. It’s not solid like a fiber gel, and doesn’t appear to have any sparkles in it like some water based do. It’s just kind of cloudy for some reason. I doubt that will affect the performance or hold at all, but only time will tell.
When I started breaking it down in my hands I was kind of surprised at the feel of it. I expected a medium feel to it, but this one feels a bit heavier than it does when you scoop it out. And it’s really tacky as well once you get it worked around in your hands. Definitely not what I was expecting from how the scoop felt. Could be a good thing though! It may have a heavier hold than it initially presents itself to have. 
I then applied it to my hair and worked it all into my hair, which was a lot easier than I was expecting from how it felt in my hands. This stuff is switching up on me a lot. First it feels like a medium, then a heavy when you break it down, then a light when you comb it through your hair. Very odd. Usually products don’t bounce all over the place like this. Stuff like this is what makes reviews so fun though. I like it when products surprise me like this one did. It makes for more fun reviews to write. When things are the same time after time, it can get a little boring. 


As I went to style my hair, this stuff kept the lighter feel and hold to it. I was hoping it would kind of bounce back and regain some of its texture and give me more hold, but it didn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I was very pleased with how my hair turned out! It gave my hair a really nice shape, and I got a nice medium height with it. I was just expecting a bit more hold from it is all. It also didn’t want to keep my strays and flyaways stuck to my hair like most medium ringing gels do. It took a little work and some extra application to get them to stick in where I wanted them. I did get them in place and everything though, so I was happy with that. It just took a little extra product than usual to do so. 


Another thing I was surprised at was that my comb lines kind of separated more than usual when using water based products. I didn’t have really big gaps, but as you can see, some of them separated a bit. This doesn’t really have much of any shine to it either. So the name doesn’t have anything to do with the performance of the product after all. The reason I say so, is that this stuff dries up pretty hard and kind of leaves you with gelmet. It hardens up more like a soft gel than your average ringing gel does. This is one thing I don’t really like about gel products. I like to be able to recomb my hair throughout the day, but with this one you have to add quite a bit of water and let it sit for a bit before you can even run your comb through. 

Luckily, this stuff goes right back where it was before for the most part. I did end up having a few strays and lost a little height on the left side, but it pretty much went back to where it was before. I was very happy with this, usually you lose hold and/or control when you have to recomb water based products. However, this stuff did a really good job of keeping its hold and control after I recombed my hair. It does harden back up really hard again after you recomb your hair though. I had hoped it wouldn’t, but it did. Oh well, that’s just the nature of these types of products. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that the scent does fade away pretty quickly too. After just a couple hours I couldn’t smell my hair at all. For me, this was a good thing. Like I said before, I don’t really care for cologne scents. So I was totally fine with the scent dissipating quickly. For you guys who like these scents, this may be a bummer. But you can always add some more to your hair when you recomb it if you want to freshen up the scent.


At the end of the day, I decided to recomb my hair without water, just to see what happened. I was really surprised with what I was met with! For one, it didn’t really flake much, and the few that did appear were really easy to comb away. Usually when a ringing gel hardens up a lot you get tons of flakes when you recomb your hair without water. Another thing that surprised me was that I got more height than I had before I recombed my hair. It did leave my hair poofy and a tad unruly, with some flyaways and gaps. However, as you can see, my hair is quite a bit taller than it was earlier. This almost never happens! Usually when you recomb without water, you lose all hold and control, and are left with just a big mess. This stuff is totally the exception to the rule in that department. Now I probably wouldn’t go out with my hair like this, but it was still pretty cool to see that I got more height and virtually no flakes when I recombed my hair without any water. 


Just like pretty much all water bases, this one washed out completely with just a little water. And also like most water bases, this one left my hair dried out. A little more so than usual too. This is another thing I really don’t like about these products. They can be really hard on your hair, especially over time. The chemicals they’re made with can do some damage to your hair. Which is why I always use a really good conditioner when reviewing them, and I use one of my pomades, or another good pomade, after to rejuvenate my hair and bring it back to its normal healthy state.


The second day was pretty much exactly the same as the first. I had expected it to be though. That’s one thing you can count on with products like this. They’re usually really consistent and perform the exact same each time you use them. You can’t ever get buildup with them though, so that’s why they’re always the same. It’s not like a pomade, where you get buildup in your hair and the pomade works a bit differently as the days go on. The only difference I saw really, was that my comb lines didn’t separate the second day. I think that’s because my hair was a bit dried out and the product grips drier coarser hair a bit more. I also noticed a tiny bit more shine to my hair the second day, not much, but there was a tad bit more. Other than that, everything about it was just the same as the first day. Down to the recombs and washing it out and whatnot.

After trying this stuff out for a few days, I gotta say it’s pretty decent. I don’t really see anything super special about it that sets it sort from most other ringing gels out there, but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s just kind of your standard, average, medium hold ringing gel. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but I don’t have anything special to say about it either. I like it just fine, I just didn’t see anything particularly exceptional about it is all. Nothing about it really set it apart from the other medium ringing gels out there from my experience. For you guys that prefer cologne type scents and water based products, I’d definitely recommend trying this one out. I’d like to thank the owner for sending this tub out to me for me to try out and review! I really appreciate the opportunity to try out your stuff and I had some fun reviewing this stuff!

Stay slick,