Schmiere – Hart ~ ringing gel

Hello readers! I’m back with the second and final installment of the new Schmiere water bases. My friend Sophia over at the Schmiere/Rumble 59 company sent this one to me along with the other water based product a little while back, and now I’m gonna check out this one! If it’s anything like the medium one was, I know I’m gonna love it! Let’s dig in, shall we?!

Just like the other water based product, this ringing gel comes in the big clear plastic tub with a metal screw on lid. And like I had said in the first review, these tubs are the same size as their pomade tins around, but they’re taller. So you end up getting about 50% more product in these tubs. Which is really awesome since they’re water bases and you go through them quicker than pomades. Just like the other tub, this one has 3 different stickers on it. The lid label, the sticker on the side of the tub, and then the bottom label. The lid label is kind of similar to the other one, but with a few design changes. The layout and whatnot is the same, but there are some cool new and different aspects to it. First, the bird on this one, while he’s a tropical toucan/parrot type bird like the other one is, this guy is red and has a different hair style. This time he has more of a jelly roll type hair-do, instead of the slick-back style the other one had. Also, he’s wearing a blue sailor shirt, and smoking a cigarette instead of a pipe like the other one was. The other major difference is that the background scene is a nighttime scene, rather than a daytime scene. This one has a big moon behind the bird, a clipper ship just to the right of the moon, some palm trees silhouetted against the moon, and some moonlight sparkles on the water in from of the moon and ship. To the left of the bird there are also some palm tree silhouettes as well. Both of the tree silhouettes seem to be sticking right out of the water, rather than on islands, for some reason. Also in the background, above and below the company name, are some white flying bird silhouettes as well. Above the bird’s head is the company name, then to his left is the hold indicators with an X through Hart this time. Finally, below him is the familiar text that all Schmiere labels have. Like I had said in the other water based review, Schmiere has some of the coolest labels out there, and definitely some of my favorites. However, these new water based labels are really cool and different from their other labels. And I think these two have become my favorites out of all the Schmiere labels. I really love all the little details they put into the design of them. And they’re not too busy or overbearing. They really know how to fill up the label without making it cluttered or anything like that. By far some of the coolest labels in the pomade world.

Since I didn’t show the other two labels in the last review, I figured I’d show them to you guys this time so you can see what they look like. They’re both very simple labels, yet have a cool aesthetic to the at the same time. The sticker on the side of the tub just has the company name and the type of product it is on it. As well as the batch number stamped on it just below the black and white blocks. The bottom label has the same black and white blocks for the border, just outside a thin red line/ring. Only this time the white is more of a burnt parchment or tan color. This label has all the info on it, company name, directions, ingredients, website, and barcode. Just to the left of the barcode is the bird from their standard Hart pomade tin, and he is saying “Schmiere rocks!” And I have to say, I agree with him fully! I love all of the Schmiere stuff I’ve tried so far! So that’s it for the other two labels. Very simple and to the point, but they still have a cool look to them and aren’t boring at all. They kind of make you want to look at them each time you grab the tub.

Opening this tub up, we see the familiar look of a water based product. This time it’s red, to match the bird, just like the green one did. This one has the same shiny surface to it that the mittel did, but it’s not quite as transparent this time. This is generally the case when it comes to these types of products. The heavier the hold, the less you can see through the product. And also you can tell just by looking at the surface of this one, it’s gonna be heavier than the green one is. When I smelled this stuff I was instantly brought back to my childhood, just like with the green one. This one smells exactly like Hawaiian Punch!! Exactly like when you first crack open a can or pour a cup from the fountain. I was lovin’ it!! I sat there and smelled it for a good minute, that’s how good this stuff smells! That’s another thing I really love about the Schmiere products too. They all smell so great, and each scent is very unique from the rest. They also do stuff like this and make smells that are exactly like things we know and love! This one is by far one of my favorite scents they’ve come out with so far!

When I scooped this one out, I was met with a slightly more firm version of the green one. It seemed to scoop out just the same, but with a slightly more firm texture to it. It has the same rounded look to it, and the same pull off that the green one did. Just from the scoop there doesn’t appear to be too much difference in the weight of them, but I won’t know for sure until I go to style my hair. This one also broke down in my hands a lot like the green did, but with a bit more of a firm texture to it. However, once I got it all the way broken down in my hands, it then took on a very sticky and slightly liquid feel to it. It kind of reminded me of how it would feel if you put honey in your hands and rubbed your hands together. That same super tacky and sticky feel that honey has to it. The scent got a little bit stronger when I had broken this stuff down too. It didn’t quite fill up the room like some pomades and water bases do, but you definitely notice an increase in the scent’s strength.

Applying it to my hair was actually quite a bit easier than I had expected it to be, based on the scoop and the tackiness it had when I broke it down. It went in a bit easier than even the green did, which makes me wonder about the hold it will have. The same thing happened when I ran my comb through my hair too. This stuff combs through more like a medium hold water based does. And it was just as easy to comb around as the green one was. That was really making me wonder if this one is only going to have a medium hold like their other water based does. I’ve been fooled by products in the past this way before though. So I won’t make any calls for sure until I actually style my hair. One thing I really like about the ease of application this one has to it, was that it only took me a few seconds to get it completely dispersed evenly into my hair. With some water bases, and pomades too, it can take a while to get it completely worked into your hair evenly. But this one was definitely not like that at all.

As I went to style up my hair, I did see a little bit of the hold return to the product, but not a whole lot. I was able to get a little more height than I did with the green one, but not that much more. It also took me a while to get my hair to do what I wanted it to and stay in place. I think this happened for a couple reasons. First, I haven’t really done my hair much in the last couple weeks, just because I’ve been stuck at home and haven’t gone anywhere or needed to have my hair looking sharp. So I’ve been wearing hats and beanies a lot lately. And second, I think I may have ha a little too much water left in my hair when I threw this stuff in. It didn’t dry itself off as much as it usually does/I didn’t let it dry enough before applying the product. And I think that’s why it didn’t tame my cowlick as much as it probably would have. I was pretty happy with the look it gave my hair and the shape I got though.

However, in the midst of trying to get my hair to a better shape and height, and see what this stuff could do, I went and grabbed a dirty comb that I was gonna soak in my Barbicide jar. This resulted in me getting little lint pieces and whatnot stuck in my hair. So no this stuff doesn’t flake when you comb it into and style your hair. Those are just pieces of lint from a dirty comb haha. As soon as I saw what I did, I started cussing myself for not paying attention. I had tried combing them back out, but wasn’t getting anywhere except messing my hair up, so I left them. I wasn’t going anywhere that day anyway, so it didn’t bother me too too much.

After about an hour I had noticed that it had completely set up, so I felt my hair to see how it dries. This one dries up quite a bit harder than the green one does. It feels more like your average ringing gels do, rather than slightly gumming up like some do. This is still one of the things I just don’t particularly care for when it comes to these products. I’ve learned to just go with it, but I don’t think I will ever like the feeling of hard crunchy hair when certain products set up. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I just don’t really care for it. I like to be able to recomb my hair without having to add water to it. And with this one, it’s like how that Wet stuff was. You have to add a bit of water and let it kind of soak in before you can recomb your hair. Also, like with that Wet stuff, this one goes back into place pretty well after you recomb your hair. I didn’t seem to lose any height or control with this one at all. It even kept all the little stray tucked right in when I recombed my hair too. When products perform like this, I easily overlook the fact that they harden and I have to add water to recomb my hair. And you don’t really even need to do so, unless you mess up your hair, because this stuff stays in place all day just fine. My hair was in the exact same place it was at the end of the day. Which will make this one a great one to use on windy days! Another great thing about this one, for me at least, was that I could still get a hint of the scent towards the end of the day. And I really like the scent of this one a lot! So that was just another plus for me when it comes to this product.

The second day, I had woken up later than I planned to, because I forgot to set my alarm. It happened to be a Sunday, and I had forgotten I needed to run an errand before a certain place closed for the day, and they close super early on Sunday. With me waking up late, I only had a little time to get there before they were gonna close. And I didn’t have time to take a shower and get completely ready before they locked up for the day. So luckily, I only had to run in real quick, and it was the only thing I had to do before I could take a shower and stuff. So I went to go throw a hat on and realized my hair was way to wild and sticking out everywhere to throw a hat on without it hurting and my hair sticking out from under the hat. So I went ink the bathroom to spray my hair and recomb it, hoping I could at least get it flattened enough to throw my cap on. To my surprise, just a little water and a few swipes of my comb, my hair had gone back into a pretty decent looking pomp! I was really really shocked by this! It acted the way the original High Life Light does in my hair in the morning. I’ve never had a water based product perform this way before, ever! I was so surprised, I stood there in front of the mirror gawking at my hair, and kind of waiting for it to spring back out in all sorts of crazy directions. But after about a minute, it was still in place! So I tossed my hat back on the rack and went to go run my errand. I’ve been kicking myself for not getting a picture of my hair to show you guys how it looked when I recombed it that morning. I don’t know why I didn’t think to take a picture of it. It literally looked almost as good as the picture above though. I did have a couple strays and my hair wasn’t quite as tall, but it was pretty close and the few strays that did stick out weren’t very noticeable unless you looked really closely at my hair.

When I got back from my errand, I hopped in the shower and rinsed my hair out. And just like with the green one, this stuff washed completely out with water. It did take a little bit to get all of it out, but it wasn’t too much longer than the other water bases I’ve tried. And also like with the green, my hair didn’t feel dried out at all after using this stuff. When I first washed it out, my hair felt pretty soft in the shower, but I didn’t think that would last once it completely dried. However, I was completely wrong! My hair felt just as soft and healthy as before I used this stuff. It literally had no effect on my hair at all. If anything, my hair felt softer after using this stuff. This makes for yet another thing I love about this product! You almost never see this from a water based product, let alone a ringing gel. Usually they dry your hair and scalp out, not leave it nice and soft and healthy feeling. I am very very pleased with this product so far! Very excited to see how it does on the second use, and third use if I continue to use it past the second use for the review. I can say as of now, I will for sure be using this stuff as often as I can and want to use a water based product. And I will for sure have to get more of this stuff to use on both myself and my son’s hair as well! So far, this one has become one of my favorite ringing gels of all time! I won’t 100% for certain say that though, because it has only been one day/use of it, but if day two is anything like this, I will for sure put this one at the top of my favorites list. Even if it doesn’t, this one will still be a one day use favorite for sure!

The second day using this stuff turned out to be exactly like the first. Every single thing was the same as it was the first day. The scoop, the break down and application, the hold, shine, scent, set up, recomb, washout, everything. Even the way my hair felt soft after using it and washing it out. I’m still very surprised, and stoked, that this stuff doesn’t dry my hair out after using it. I was especially surprised that after using it for multiple days, it didn’t start to dry my hair out. This is one of the only ringing gels that is like that.

I’ve got to say, after using this stuff for a few days, it has become one of my favorite ringing gels ever! I will for sure be using this stuff quite often in the future. This one is definitely a product I highly recommend and one I will have to keep stock of at all times. There’s really nothing negative I can say about it. Well, apart from the way it sets up and hardens when it dries, but that’s literally the only thing that isn’t a positive about it. Also, that’s just a minor thing, and it just comes with the territory when using these types of products. Only a couple don’t harden when they dry, and those ones dry out your hair a bit. I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a ringing gel that doesn’t harden, and leaves your hair nice and soft like this one does after using it. Everything I’ve tried is one way or the other. However, I think I’d rather take this one over one that doesn’t harden and dries my hair out. Because this one is great for windy days as well, and it just takes a little water to recomb your hair and it goes right back where it was before. So, I highly recommend you guys grabbing a tub or two of this stuff and soon! You can get it on pretty much every site that carries pomades and water based products, or you can buy it directly from them. If you want to get it direct from them, head on over to their website   and snag yourself a tub or two. You can also check out all the other new stuff they have out while you’re there. And they have some really awesome new stuff up on there! I will be featuring all their new stuff over the next couple months as well, so stay tuned!! Huge thank you again to my friend Sophia for sending me this awesome product to try out and review! I really appreciate it, and I can’t wait to get to all of the other new stuff!

Stay slick,



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