Schmiere – Metal Comb ~ Guitar Shape

I’m going to continue on my Schmiere product run and check out one of their combs. I recently got a really awesome Xmas care package from my friend Sophia over at the Schmiere/Rumble 59 company full of awesome products to try out and review for them. The comb I am featuring today was one of them. I haven’t reviewed a comb in quite a while so I figured it was time to show you guys another one, and it was perfect timing with this one.
So today’s comb is the Schmiere metal hair comb with the guitar design. They have 6 or 7 different metal combs each with its own unique design. I happened to like the guitar one the best, and Sophia was kind enough to send me one to try out and review. The combs come packed in a thin clear plastic sleeve with a flap that folds over to seal it. On the plastic sleeve there is a white sticker with the barcode and name of the comb. Usually combs that come in sleeves like this aren’t sealed, and it’s a nice change to see one sealed up like this.

The comb itself is a metal comb that appears to be made of stainless steel with a brushed finish to it. Obviously it’s a guitar shape, but what they don’t describe is that it is a Les Paul or Gretsch body style. And they really did a great job with all the details of it! They have the head shaped right with the tuners clearly visible, as well as the pickups, bridge, volume and tone knobs, and the pickup switch too. Now they’re all just empty spaces stamped out, but still, they did a great job with it. Stamped in the guitar’s neck it says “Rock This Town” with what appears to be some type of stain painted in the letters to make it slightly darker than the comb. Also stamped in the very end tooth of the comb is their website, again with the stain in it to make it darker than the comb. This comb is by far one of the coolest combs out there! Me being a guitar player, I was very stoked to get this comb and to see all the details they put into it! Let’s hope it performs as awesome as it looks!

Feeling the comb in my hands, it’s surprisingly a lot lighter feeling than I thought it would be. I expected kind of a hefty, bulky feeling comb, but it’s actually pretty light. It doesn’t feel like it weighs much more than my regular blue styling comb. Not that the weight really matters to me, but I thought it was kind of cool. The spacing of the teeth seems to be the exact same spacing as the wide end of my big styling combs. The teeth themselves aren’t the same width or length, but the spacing between them seems to be the exact same. The teeth are about half as short and not quite as wide as the large teeth on my large styling combs, but they’re wider than the small teeth. I’m not sure how well this one will server as a styling comb, because the teeth aren’t nearly as long as styling combs’ teeth are. They are about the same length as a pocket comb’s teeth are, but who knows, it may work just fine. Only time will tell how it does. If anything, I know it will be a good application comb and pocket comb for recombing my hair.

I started testing this comb out just combing my dry hair before I got in the shower. Now I’m not sure if my hair was just tangled, or if it was the comb, but I had to kind of delicately comb my hair. It really wanted to snag and pull my hair, and it kept stopping, because my hair would get tangled. I chocked it up to my hair, mainly because I had been wearing a hat earlier and my hair was pretty messy. After I got out of the shower I combed my hair again, and once I got the initial tangles from drying my hair with a towel out, the comb seemed to run through my hair very easily. Even though it’s a metal comb, this one didn’t snag my hair or cause friction when combing my hair. I decided to let my hair completely dry before applying stuff to it, just to see if the comb acted differently with dry hair as opposed to damp hair. And just as I thought before, it was just my hair. The comb didn’t tangle my hair or get caught up in my hair at all this time. It actually felt smoother than using my plastic combs on dry hair! I’m definitely liking this comb so far. However, I still have quite a bit of testing to do with it before I make a final judgement on it.

The next thing I did with the comb was work in the Schmiere ringing gel I just reviewed. It was pretty easy to work in with this comb, and surprisingly not awkward to handle/use. I had kind of expected it to be a bit funky to work with because of the shape of it, but it wasn’t at all. I could get a nice grip on it and comb the product into my hair easily. It may be a different story when using a heavy or super heavy pomade or ringing gel though. Those can e difficulty to comb in and work with, even when using a regular styling comb. So this one might not work all that well with those types of products. However, it may work better because it’s metal, and can push through them better. I could also warm this comb up a little too, whereas I can’t with a plastic comb. So this one may prove to be better to use for applying heavier products. I won’t know for sure until I test it out in that aspect.

After working the product into my hair completely, I then went to go style my hair with this comb. At first it was working pretty well, and allowed me to part my hair very quickly and easily. As well as getting the sides and back into place easily, and pulling my pomp up in the front. However, when I went to get the height where I wanted it and start to shape my pomp, the comb didn’t want to cooperate. I had a feeling this was going to happen though. The teeth are just not quite long enough to really get into my hair and lift it up and shape it how a styling comb does. The teeth just can’t get deep enough into my hair to pull it all up how I want it. And they’re spaced a little bit too wide for shaping and finishing. I always use the fine tooth end of my styling comb for shaping and finishing my hair, because the wide tooth end leave too large of comb lines for it to look how I want it to. This comb did do a great job of working the product into my hair and everything else though. And so far I’m really happy with it how it is.

One thing that some people might view as a setback about this comb, is that you can’t let it soak overnight to clean it. You have to clean it by hand and dry it off as soon as you’re done, because it is metal after all. Part of me is tempted to see if the stainless finish will allow me to soak it in my Barbicide jar, but at the same time, I don’t want to risk potentially ruining the comb by doing so. Since I haven’t wanted to chance it, I’ve just opted to clean it by hand and dry it off. And it’s actually super easy to clean! A lot easier than any of my plastic or wood combs have been to clean. The shape and flat surfaces of it really make for fast and easy cleaning. It only takes me a couple minutes to clean and dry this comb. So for me, there’s no set back at all when it comes to it being a metal comb.

Another thing I really like about this comb is the way it fits in my back pocket. It’s only a little bit longer than my usual pocket combs, but that added length keeps it from shifting sideways and falling to the bottom of my pocket. That’s one thing that has always kind of annoyed me about my Unbreakable combs. It can be a pain when they shift sideways and fall to the bottom of my pocket and I have to kind of dig them out to use them. However, with this one, it can’t do that. The most it can do is shift at an angle and sit in my pocket diagonally. The only thing about it, is that I can feel this one in my pocket at all times. Since it’s metal and doesn’t have any give to it, when I sit down I can feel it. Now it’s not uncomfortable by any means, but I do know that it’s there at all times. Whereas with my plastic ones, I kind of forget they’re there until I need to use them. But, they’re almost always a pain to get out of my pocket, and this one isn’t. It is very easy to grab, use, and throw back in my pocket quickly. And surprisingly, it hasn’t started to bend at all yet. Now this may change over months or a year of using it and having it in my back pocket, but as of now, it hasn’t gotten any sort of bend to it from me sitting on it.

Now I still have some more testing to do on this comb, and I will do a follow up review of it in a few months after I have put it through every test I can via my grooming routines, but as of now I really like it! It’s definitely a comb I’d recommend picking up. And not just as a novelty piece or collection item, but for its practicality as well. It really does work well. And it makes a great piece to add to your comb collection and/or grooming collection. I will definitely be using this comb a lot in the future! And I’m very interested to see how their other metal combs that I like differ from this one. The ones I’ve been eyeing have been the brass knuckles one, because it’s a straight boxy type comb with longer teeth. As well as their skull one, for the same reason and it appears to be longer than these, plus it’s just frickin cool looking! And finally their butterfly comb, because I love butterfly knives, and it looks like it would be a great pocket comb for touch ups on the go, and let’s not forget it’s a totally rad comb you can play with constantly! So if you like great combs, make sure you pick this one up! You can get it on some of the online pomade shops or directly from them. To get it from them, head to their website and add one to your cart. While you’re there check out the other combs I mentioned and their other combs as well. You may see one you like better! Huge thank you to Sophia again for sending me this badass comb to try out and review! I can’t wait to try out the other ones, as well as the other products you sent me right after Xmas!

Til next time,



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