Reuzel – Green Can

Alright, today we are checking out another one of the Reuzel products. This time I am featuring their very first product they ever came out with, their pomade in the green can. Now I originally got a can of this stuff as a gift from my friend Bianca over at Hair Pomades a few years ago at Viva Las Vegas, right after it first came out. However, since then I have gone through that can, so I bought another regular sized one for the review. But, I also was sent a large can and small can as Xmas gifts from the awesome folks over at Reuzel. So I’ll be showing oh guys all 3 sizes they offer for the first time!
When I got the large and small cans in, I was really surprised at how large the big can actually is. The pictures online don’t really do it justice. This can is actually pretty damn big. The small can is about how they look in pictures though. The large and medium cans have the same exact labeling on them all around, but the small cans have a slight difference to them. On the back/bottom of the small can, the info is laid out differently than it is on the medium and large cans. The sizes of the cans are as follows; the small one is 1.3oz, the medium one is 4oz, and the large one is 12oz. So each step up is 3x as much pomade as the can below it. For the sake of the review and keeping it the same as the others, I’ll be featuring the medium sized can for you guys. And I will also be writing/doing the review like I’m using it for the first time. Even though I’ve used a full can already, I feel it’s better to write the review like it is the first time I’m using it. That way you guys can read an unbiased review, and kind of take the journey of using it for the first time with me. Rather than me writing it from an “I’ve already used this stuff” point of view.

Just like with the other ones, this can is the same type, shape, and design. The only differences are the color, and the wording at the bottom. This time it says “grease medium hold” down at the bottom in the grey ring. One cool thing I noticed about this can, that the others don’t have/do, is that it kind of changes shades of green. What I mean is, as you tilt and twist the can, the color shade shifts and goes from light to slightly darker. Kind of like the way a hologram does or metallic paint does. It’s actually pretty cool! I’m not sure why only the green one does this, but still, it’s a neat little aspect to it.

Another thing I haven’t shown you guys before, is how the back/bottom of the can looks. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to include that before, but I’m doing so now, so it’s all good. The bottom of each can has the same exact layout and info on it. In the center of the can is a big tan circle with all the info and whatnot in it. Around the edge it has where it was made and distributed in regular font, along with the company’s website in the same font as on the front of the can. Then inside that is the directions in a few different languages, then the barcode and ingredients list, and finally a caution again in a few different languages. It also says at the bottom, above the website, that their products aren’t tested on animals. Now I’m pretty sure they tested these ones on the barbers and clients at Schorem barbershop, and those dudes are definitely animals….so that claim is totally false! Hahaha just kidding Robert, and Schorem guys! So as you can see, it has all the same basic stuff that most products do in there. The only thing it doesn’t have is a little blurb about the pomade itself. Not all products do have a description or blurb about the product though.

Now on to the pomade itself. When you open the can, you’re instantly met with the scent of this pomade. And per usual, it’s a very unique scent. I was very surprised by this scent though, because it’s not something you’d expect a men’s pomade to have. It’s a more feminine scent, and smells very similar to this cucumber melon lotion that my wife uses. It’s a very strong scent, but not overpowering, and it’s a pretty nice scent too. You get a sweet floral note upfront, mixed with the cucumber melon lotion scent as well, and then it has kind of a soft powdery note at the end. Now some people have said that it smells like mint, and some have said it smells like apples. When I had my first can, I thought maybe mine was different because I got one from the very first batch. However, upon picking up the second can and getting the other two in from them, I can say for sure that it wasn’t that my first can was different. All four of my cans have the exact same floral cucumber melon lotion scent to them. There’s no mint scent or apples scent to any of them at all. Don’t get me wrong though, just because I said it’s kind of a feminine scent, and that I hadn’t expected that for a men’s pomade, doesn’t mean it’s not good. I really do like the scent of this stuff, it is a very good smelling pomade. Like I said, it’s just not what you’d expect is all. It smells more like how a women’s pomade would smell to me, and how my wife’s lotion smells. The color of this one is also really cool! However, the lighting and picture don’t show how it really is for some reason. I tried taking multiple photos at different angles and in different places to get it to show how it really looks, but I couldn’t. This one has a bright yellow color to it, almost like a highlighter yellow. It’s not quite as neon as a highlighter, but it’s pretty close. I did try and make the border of the multi-pic up there the actual color of the product. So look at that and it will give you a better idea of the color of this stuff. It’s not the exact shade of yellow the pomade is, but it’s pretty close to it.

When you scoop this stuff out, you’re met with a texture you didn’t quite expect from looking at its surface. The surface kind of indicates it will be a softer medium pomade with a more rounded scoop, kind of like Schmiere’s mittel. However, it scoops out more like a waxy pomade does, as you can see. The way it scoops out doesn’t affect the performance of the pomade, well usually it doesn’t, I was just a bit surprised at how it came out is all. It’s kind of cool when pomades do things like this. Usually you can tell a lot about a pomade by looking at its surface, but every once in a while, one will surprise you like this.

It breaks down in your hands very easily, and more like a softer medium does. I had expected it to give me a little resistance based on how it scooped, but it didn’t. This one broke down how I expected it to when I looked at it and thought it would scoop out differently. It has a very creamy texture to it once you break it down too. And there’s also a slight tackiness to this pomade as well, feels a lot like how a pomade with lanolin in it does. Applying it to my hair was a bit more resistant than I thought it would be. Based on the creamy texture it had, I figured it would go in like butter. However, it had a bit of resistance to it, more like a waxy pomade. Now it wasn’t hard to apply and work in, it just had more resistance than I thought it would. Working it in was the same way also. Somehow this one gains resistance to it as you go about using it. It had more resistance to it when I started combing it in than it did when I applied it somehow. However, once I got it completely worked in, it went back to feeling softer and creamy again. Kind of crazy how some products do this type of stuff. For a minute there, I thought this stuff was going to have more hold to it than I was originally expecting.

This pomade does have some nice hold to it though. I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp with this stuff. The creaminess to it kind of made my hair a bit lighter and slightly bouncy. You can kind of tell by the picture that the pomade isn’t a thick in my hair like others are. Even though my hair was lighter, this pomade did a good job of taming my cowlick. Usually when pomades are like that my cowlick splits open really bad, but this one kept it in check nicely. I was pretty surprised at that too. My cowlick can be pretty difficult to tame. And when pomades are light in my hair, or leave my bouncy, my cowlick really shows. However, this pomade somehow kept it in check, even though it was light in my hair and my hair was more bouncy. It was definitely a nice little surprise for sure.

Another thing I liked about this pomade, was that it had a nice shine to it. The picture doesn’t quite show the shine it truly gave my hair though. It was quite a bit shinier than the photo above shows. It wasn’t a super high sheen, like some pomades give my hair, but it was still a nice medium shine. And it was more of a natural shine than a wet/greasy looking shine, but it was shinier than how my hair naturally is. I know that kind of sounds odd, but that’s the best way to describe it. It had the same hue as a natural shine, but was more prominent/shinier than a natural shine. And I kind of liked the more swirly, rounded look this stuff gives my hair too. I don’t usually comb my hair like this, but it’s kind of a cool little change up from my usual style. This pomade also did a great job of holding my hair in place all day. I didn’t see any splits or spots that fell or drooped at all. My hair seemed to be in the same place it was when I first combed it that morning. I was really surprised at this, because of how it felt in my hair. Generally when pomades leave my hair lighter and bouncy feeling, they don’t hold it in place all day. I start to see splits or it starts to fall down a little part way through the day. However, this pomade really does a nice job of keeping my hair in place. And the scent lasts quite a while too! I could still detect it slightly toward the end of the day. Now it wasn’t as strong as it was in the morning, but I could still smell it a little bit. So far I’m really liking this pomade quite a bit. Day one has proved it to be a very nice pomade all around. I’m interested to see how it does on day two with the buildup it leaves. And to see what kind of buildup it leaves, because of how it felt in my hair on the first day.

After sleeping and taking a shower my hair was left with only a little of the pomade left in it. However, what was left was what seemed to be more the oils and some of the petrolatum. It felt like most, if not all, of the wax had come out of my hair. This is quite odd, because usually the wax is what stays in your hair. Normally the oils and some of the petrolatum are the first to come out of your hair, not the wax. This kind of worries me a bit, and makes me wonder if I will be able to get as good of hold and height as I did on the first day. Applying it and combing it was a little bit easier this time, which I had expected due to the buildup it left. And surprisingly, styling it was easier than the first day had been. I had expected to have a little trouble styling my hair since the buildup was kind of light and oily. This usually makes it slightly difficult to style with my wavy, curly, cowlicked hair, but it was actually quite easy to style. I had my hair in place within about 30-45 seconds.

I was kind of surprised to see that I got more height than I did on the first day too. I definitely was not expecting this at all. With the way this pomade built up, I had figured that I wouldn’t get as much height and/or hold as I did the first day. This pomade is just full of surprises, and does the opposite of what you expect it to do in multiple aspects of it. And I mean that in the best way possible. My hair looked quite a bit better the second day than it did the first day. I was able to get my hair just where I wanted it, and into a pretty nice looking tall pomp in just a short time. I’m definitely very pleased with the results this pomade gives me on the second day using it! One thing that was kind of odd about it on the second day, especially with how the buildup was, is that the shine isn’t as prominent/high as it was the first day. Now, you’d think with an oily buildup the shine would be more present than the first day, but it wasn’t. It was actually lower, and left my hair looking more matte than shiny. This isn’t a problem at all, it was just something I noticed.

My hair did still have a kind of swirly look to it again the second day, and I still liked it just as good as the first day. It looked a bit better the second day too, more controlled and deliberate than it did on day one. The only slight downfall I saw, was that I had a few stray hairs that I couldn’t get to stay in place. They weren’t super noticeable, but if you look, you can see them sticking out. I’m not sure why that happened today and not on day one. Especially because I seemed to get more control from the pomade the second day. The hold lasted just as good as it did on day one also. I didn’t see any sort of gaps or areas that fell/sank at all. Also, the scent lasted a little better on the second day. Which usually happens when you get the buildup in your hair. Oh, one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is how it recombs. With the pomade keeping my hair in place all day, I didn’t need to recomb my hair at all. So I forgot to do so at the end of the first day, and nearly forgot on day two. But I remembered to recomb my hair for the sake of the review right before I hit the hay. And it recombs super easily. Quite a bit easier than when you first comb it in your hair. It also does a pretty good job of going back into place. I did lose a little height, and gained a bit more swirl, but other than that, my hair pretty much went right back into place. Also, I was able to get those stray hairs to stay in place when I recombed my hair, which was nice. Day two….success. Very happy with this stuff’s performance the second time around.

Days 3 and 4 were pretty much a repeat of day two. The only real difference I noticed was that the buildup does gain a little as the days go on, but not a whole bunch like with some pomades. I also noticed a little more shine to my hair on the fourth day. It wasn’t quite as much as on day one, but there was a definite increase from how it was on the second day for sure. Another thing I was happy with was how well this stuff tames my waves/curls in the back. You’ll have to excuse the poor photo quality, but it’s not very easy to take a picture of the back of my head on my own haha. It took me about a dozen tries to get it to come out somewhat decent. This was the best picture I could get though, so bear with me. My hair is a little long and unruly right now, especially along the hair line. So excuse the messy bottom, but you can kind of see how this pomade does a pretty dang good job of getting the curls/waves to go into a fairly decent style. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than I thought it was going to be thats for sure.

After about a week of using this pomade, I’ve got to say, I really like it a lot. Now I’ve already gone through a full can before writing this review, so I knew I was going to like it, but like I said before, I wanted to write the review for you guys like I was trying it out for the first time. I highly recommend you guys getting a can or two of this stuff. It’s really a great pomade! And it has become one of my new favorites for sure. It’s definitely one of the best newer pomades that has come out in the past few years. This one totally lived up to the hype it had before it was released. I can say that without a seconds hesitation. Huge thank you to my friend Bianca for giving me my first time, and also to my good buddies Robert and Lawrence over at Reuzel for the Xmas gifts of this pomade too! I can’t thank you all enough for giving me some cans of this awesome pomade. I really really appreciate it a lot! You guys gotta snag some of this stuff. You can get it at pretty much any of the online pomade retailers. Come to think of it, I don’t know of a site that doesn’t carry it. Which is pretty awesome for the Reuzel guys. If you want to get it directly from them, just head to their website and throw one in your cart. I recommend doing so as soon as possible too! Well, three cans down, and only one can to go. It will be a bitter sweet review when I get to their last pomade. However, they have just released two new hair tonics! So I will be able to keep on going with the Reuzel products, and review them for you once I get them in. Until the next one….

Keep it greasy,


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4 comments on “Reuzel – Green Can


    • Hey there,

      Actually that one was their first ringing gel. This one was their first pomade. But the red can and green can were released at the same time back when they first started up a couple years ago. Then they came out with the pink can, then the blue one, and recently just released their two hair tonics at the same time. Thank you very much for your comment and for reading the review! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be posting the pink can review here pretty soon, and then will review the hair tonics when I get them in. In the mean time, I’ve got quite a few really cool products coming up soon, and will have them posted over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


  2. Tim Z says:

    Your hair looks pretty much the same with Reuzel green pomade in it as it does with Dax Green and Gold. I can’t tell the difference, to be honest. I just bought three tins of Reuzel green. I hate the smell. I have Dax Green and Gold, and I actually like it a little better. The price is half of what Reuzel charges. It’s such a disappointment at all the overpriced pomades. I just tried out all the Lockhart pomades, thinking they would be better than the Dax line. I found out that none of them were. I wasted my money. I really like Sweet Georgia Brown blue. My hair looks great in it, and it doesn’t leave it greasy. I tried Murray’s Nu Nile the past couple of days after hearing that it’s similar to Sweet Georgia Brown blue. It is similar, but very sticky and not as class. As far as Reuzel goes, it’s pretty much the same as Dax Green and Gold for me but without the shine.

    • Hey Tim,

      Yeah my hair looks the same with a lot of pomades in it. Those two pomades are totally different tho, as I’m sure you know. Yeah the scent isn’t for everyone, I personally like it tho. And yeah there are a lot of over priced products these days. One of the reasons reuzel is a bit more is because it’s made here in the us, then shipped to Europe and then distributed back over here and to other parts of the world. So all the shipping costs add to the overall price of them. That’s a bummer you didn’t like any of them. I didn’t care for the goon grease one and think it’s very overrated, but the medium and heavy were decent. Not better than the DAX ones tho, like you said. I like SGB as well, all 3 of them. The red is my favorite of them tho. Yeah Nu Nile isn’t really the same as SGB, it’s got more wax in it. I really like that pomade a lot too. Gotcha, I find its much softer than green and gold, and doesn’t have as much hold or tackiness to it. Thank you for reading and commenting man I appreciate it!! You should check out the Steel Toe line, as well as Sodapomp and Silver Dollar Pomade, I think you’d like those ones.


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