Big Slick Pomade – Original ~ Barbershop Scent

Hey guys, this time we are checking out one of the Big Slick pomades. I had traded the maker of these some of my pomades for theirs a little while back, and am now going to check one out. As usual I’m going to start with the lightest hold, which is their original. And I’ll be trying out the “barbershop” scent first. It comes, or used to come, in two scents, but I was told the second scent has since been discontinued. So I figured I’d feature the one that’s available to you all first, and then later on check out the discontinued scent. So let’s see what’s up with this stuff.
This one comes in the standard flat 4oz cans like Bees Knees comes in. Only this lid isn’t flat like Bees Knees’ are, it has an indented area instead. This one has 3 labels on it, a lid label, a bottom label, and a little sticker that wraps around the small area on the side of the can. The labeling is super simplistic, and doesn’t really have any designs on it. The lid label is a pastel teal blue color, with black and red letters on it. Up top are the 4 card suit symbols, then below that is the name of the company in cursive writing, and at the bottom is where it’s made. Like I said, super simplistic. The little sticker on side is also very basic in design/layout. It’s just the 4 card suits again, and the name of the company twice on a clear sticker that wraps almost all the way around the can. The bottom label is even more simplistic than the lid label, which is to be expected, as they almost always are. Again at the top is the card suits, with “original” just below it in the cursive writing. Then in the plain writing that the city and state were on the top label is a couple sentences about the pomade, then the ingredients list. And finally at the bottom in the cursive writing is the weight info. These labels are some of the most basic and design free labels out there for sure. I don’t know of many that are more simplistic than these ones. A lot of times, less can be more though for some people. Others really like flashy and busy designs. Personally, I like both when they’re done the right way. A nice simplistic label can really look sharp and stand out sometimes, and so can a busy and flashy label. And a lot of it is personal preference. Something simplistic may be boring to some, and can be clean and sharp to others.

Opening up the can you’re immediately blasted with the scent of this pomade. This stuff has a real kick to it! It’s by far one of the stronger scented pomades out there. I’m not sure if it’s just this particular scent, or if they’re all that way though. Sometimes certain fragrances come off stronger than others, and some are just more potent than others. Even when using the exact same amount in a pomade. However, this scent does not smell like a barbershop at all. It’s a very strong soapy scent, and kind of reminds me of the blue Irish Spring soap, but with a tiny hint of menthol. You have to smell it a few times to detect it, but there’s a very subtle minty note on the bottom there. Now this isn’t a bad scent at all, it just doesn’t smell anything like a barbershop. None of the “barbershop” scents I’ve smelled over the years do though. I’ve only come across one that kind of smells like a barbershop, but it really smells more like clubman aftershave and hot shaving lather. It’s just that every barbershop I’ve been a patron at uses that aftershave, so that’s why I say it kind of smells like a barbershop. Every other “barbershop” scent I’ve smelled has always smelled like soap or cologne, not like a barbershop. And come to think of it, I don’t really know what a barbershop scent should smell like. Apart from smelling like clubman aftershave, shaving lather, and a mix of different pomade scents. And I suppose different shops could have different scents depending on what aftershaves they predominantly use and whatnot. Anyway, back to this scent, it is a very crisp clean scent. It’s a bit strong for me though. I think if it were about half as potent I’d like it better, but it’s just a bit strong for me and is a little harsh on my nose. I can’t smell it for very long like I can with other pomades. It kind of bothers my nose if smell it too much for some reason. There are only a select few pomades and water based products that do this to my nose, and I’m not sure exactly what it is about their scent that does that. It’s quite weird actually, and kind of bothers me that I can’t smell them for very long. Especially the ones that have good scents to them. The color of the pomade is almost the exact same shade of pastel teal blue that the labels are. The pomade just has a bit more of a green hue to it than the labels do. They did a pretty good job of matching the color of the pomade to the label though. And they also did a good job of filling the can up all the way. It’s actually too full haha. It’s almost completely filled to the very top of the edges of the can wall. Which isn’t a bad thing at all! It just means when you scoop it out some of it will get stuck to the lid. However, I’m very glad they aren’t like some people who only fill these types of cans half way up/to the line inside. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying $15 for a half full can of pomade. So it’s nice to see a full can for a change. I do the same thing when I use these types of cans for my limited edition pomades and private label pomades. I fill them up to just a tiny bit under the top of the can walls, like 1/16″ down from the top. And I do so just so that when the customer scoops the pomade, none of it gets stuck to the lid. This is probably the most full I’ve seen one of these types of cans though. Great job on doing that guys.

When I dug my finger into the pomade I was met with a lighter grease. I had expected a little more texture or weight to it based on how the surface looked, but it was actually pretty soft. Kind of reminded me of my Atomic Pomade or the old High Life light. A softer medium grease. The surface kind of looks like it would be a bit more waxy, but it was actually pretty creamy and soft. I was pretty happy with the texture too. I usually like pomades like this quite a bit. The scent gets a little bit stronger when you scoop it out too, which I didn’t think was possible. However, it loses a little bit of the harshness to it when you get the pomade out of the tin. And the soft minty note completely disappeared once I scooped the pomade out as well. I was hoping the minty note would be a little more present, but it went the opposite way.

Breaking it down in my hands was super easy, just as I knew it would be. And the pomade becomes a bit more creamy in your hands as well. I had expected it to feel pretty greasy, but it was more creamy feeling than greasy. I had also expected a slight stickiness to it since it has lanolin in it, but it didn’t feel sticky at all in my hands. Nor did it feel sticky when I applied it to my hair. This stuff went in super easily too. It felt more like a light pomade when I applied it. It actually reminded me quite a bit of how DAX’s veggie oils pomade goes into my hair. It felt lighter than it did in my hands. Even when I was combing it in, it felt more like a light pomade than the medium it presented itself to be. Hopefully it goes back to being a medium when I style my hair. This pomade is very easy to disperse into our hair evening as well. It only took me combing my hair straight back, over to the side, and then back again to have it completely worked into my hair. I knew it would be easy to work in though just from how it scooped out. I really like when pomades go in quickly like this. It allows me more time for styling, if I need it, and keeps the pomade from getting overworked in my hair. That’s one thing that can be frustrating when styling your hair. Especially when you’re not having the best hair day and need more time to style your hair, because it’s not wanting to cooperate and certain areas don’t want to go in or stay in place. Another thing I noticed about this pomade, was that after I applied it to my hair my hands felt pretty oily. I’m not sure exactly how that happened, but it’s as if all the oils in the pomade stayed on my hands and didn’t go into my hair. Also, I did end up feeling the lanolin in this pomade after I had washed my hands. The lanolin was coated all over my hands. Lanolin is a very sticky substance and can be difficult to wash off sometimes. That’s why the Bees Knees pomades are so sticky and some people complain about them being hard to wash off their hands and hair. The lanolin they’re made with is very tacky and stays stuck to whatever it touches. But lanolin is a very beneficial ingredient to use. It’s got great moisturizing and protective properties to it.

Luckily, the light feeling of the pomade didn’t affect the hold at all. I was able to get a really nice medium sized, slightly rounded pomp going with this pomade. And surprisingly, this pomade does a fantastic job of taking my cowlick, even though it’s a lighter one. Usually lighter pomades don’t hold my cowlick in place this well, but this one almost made it look nonexistent. I was very pleased with that from this pomade. Now I’ve learned how to use lighter pomades properly, so I can get my wavy/curly/cowlicked hair to do what I want it to for the most part with them. So I applied those things I’ve learned when I was styling my hair with this pomade.

However, the result had exceeded my expectations. I had figured that my big cowlick in the front would show through, and that I would have to settle for a little bit of lower pomp that had a slight wave to it. That wasn’t the case with this pomade though. I was able to get a little bit more height and control with this pomade, which was a very nice little surprise. I was also surprised, that this pomade didn’t have more shine to it. It had left my hair with more of a matte shine to it, than the shine you usually get with a lighter pomade like this. It’s not a bad thing by any means, I was just surprised by it is all. I liked how the shine looked in my hair just fine, I had just expected more of a high shine and greasy look.

This pomade did a fairly decent job of holding my hair in place throughout the day also. I did lose a little height, and had a couple areas open up, but overall, it held up pretty well. The scent lasted all day long too, and seemed to keep its strength for most of the day. I could easily smell it in my hair still halfway through the day. Just as easily as when I first applied it to my hair. The first half hour I had it in, the scent was kind of bothering my nose, but after that I kind of became nose blind to it. Well, except for when I’d move my head quickly, then I would get a whiff of the scent again. It didn’t continue to bother my nose, but I could smell it easily for most of the day. And could still smell it slightly at the end of the day too. The shine had also become slightly more matte by the end of the day. You can see the difference between the two pictures. It’s not a huge difference, but it is noticeable for sure. So far I’m petty pleased with how this pomade has performed. And I liked the little surprises it presented as well. I’m really curious to see how the buildup is with this stuff and how it does on day two. I am liking this pomade though, and as a one day use pomade, I think it’s pretty good. I know some of you guys only use a pomade for one day and then wash it out of your hair or use a ringing gel or other water based the day after using a pomade. And this pomade is a pretty decent pomade for that I think.

After taking a shower and hittin the hay, I woke up to find that my hair was left with about half of the pomade in it. However, the buildup left my hair feeling pretty oily. Just one pas through my hair with my hand, and my hair felt really oily. Almost like I ran my hand through my hair after just applying Royal Crown’s hair dressing or something like that. It was quite odd, because as I said before, my hair didn’t feel oily when the pomade was in it yesterday. I’m hoping this oily feeling doesn’t affect the hold at all. I have been surprised in the past with pomades that have had buildup like this though, so I’m crossing my fingers that this one has good hold today.

I went on and sprayed my hair with some water and then dried off the excess and combed it back loosely to get ready to apply the pomade. I only used half of what I did the first day, because of how much seemed to be left in my hair. It went in and combed exactly the same as the first day. However, when I went to style my hair, I had a little bit of trouble. It didn’t want to cooperate all that much. Now, I can’t tell if it’s from the oily buildup or from having slight bed head. I probably should have waited to take a shower until the morning, or ran my head under the faucet instead of just spraying it with water. This time I wasn’t able to get as much control and I had some areas split and some strays that didn’t want to stay put. My hair did stay in place when I slicked it in place though. Which was pretty easy to do when I recombed my hair. It does have a little resistance to it, but not much when you recomb your hair. It’s only slightly more resistant than when you first comb the pomade into your hair. And while I tried a few times to get my hair to do what I wanted, I just wasn’t able to get a decent pomp going this time. So I just settled for a clean slicked doo for today. I will have to try things a bit differently tomorrow and see if I can get a better result than I did today.

When I woke up on the next day, my hair felt oily again like it did before. This is making me think it was more the buildup than anything on the second day. After I got out of the shower and dried my hair though, the oiliness had gone away. Which means the trick with this pomade is making sure you wash your hair the next morning instead of the night before. This time I was able to get a much better result when styling my hair. I only needed to add a little bit to touch up a couple areas too, as most of the pomade stayed in my hair from day two. The results looked pretty much the same as the first day, only with a little more shine this time. This pomade is one that gives your hair more shine as the days go on, which I’m pretty sure is from the oily buildup it leaves. Just like on the first day, my hair seemed to stay in place well all day long. Another thing with this one, is that the scent lasts longer, or is stronger, each day after the initial use. Day three definitely gave nice results, and was a big improvement over the second day. At the end of the day my hair did feel oily again too. So I will just have to keep that in mind for future use of this pomade, and make sure I only wash my hair in the morning next time.

All in all this pomade was pretty decent. I liked my experience with it and had fun doing the review. There’s really only one slight downfall to it, which is the oily buildup. However, that’s easily remedied by just washing your hair in the morning instead of the night before. Everything else about this pomade and its performance I liked though. Well, the scent could be toned down just a tad, but that’s just my personal preference. You may like the strength of it, and it might not be as harsh on your nose as it was on mine. This pomade is definitely one I would recommend trying out though. Especially for you guys who only use a pomade for one day. This stuff has a great first day performance to it. I want to thank Vincent over at Big Slick for swapping products with me and giving me the chance to try out and review this pomade. I really did enjoy the experience and had some fun with the pomade/review man. Hit him up on Facebook or Etsy for a can of this pomade. They also make a heavy and a firm hold, as well as couple other products. So check those out while you’re there, and stay tuned for those reviews in the near future. Well, til the next one….

Stay slick,


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