The Holy Black

Hey guys I’m back with another ringing gel today. This time I’m checking out The Holy Black ringing gel. The owner was awesome enough to send me a tub of this stuff a few months back to try out. And as many of you know, I had some stuff come up that kind of put my reviews on hold for a little while. However, I’m back now, and it’s time to give this stuff a go!
When I was talking to the owner, he had told me that him and the owner of Whiskey Wax had previously been partners. They ended up parting ways and each creating their own brand, instead of doing things together. He also told me, that this stuff’s original formula was really similar to the Whiskey Wax one, but that he had it changed so that his product stood apart from the other one. That really intrigued me, and made me pretty stoked to see how this one is compared to the Whiskey Wax one I reviewed a while back. They come in the same container, a dark brown plastic tub with a metal screw on lid. It’s the same type of tub that the old Bona Fide gels came in. Only this time the lid is black instead of brass colored. This lid also has labeling printed on it, unlike the Whiskey Wax one. The labeling is printed right on the tub like how it is on the Whiskey Wax one though. However, this labeling is much cooler looking in my opinion. It’s all white on the dark tub, which almost looks black. On the lid in a rosewood type font, it has the company name inside some filigree with two straight razors on either side, and two banners above and below it. Then on the side of the tub, it has a different style of rosewood type font again in the center. On the left side of that is the directions and website, and on the right side is the ingredients list. These types of fonts are some of my favorites out there for sure. And you know I’m a fan of filigree laced designs. Which put this one right up my alley. It’s not a super flashy design, being just words and filigree, but it looks really cool. Another cool thing that I like about this labeling, is that you can feel it raised up on the tub since it’s screen printed on there. It doesn’t stick up a lot, but you can feel it when you run your finger across it.

When I opened up the tub I wasn’t surprised to see a product that looks nearly identical to Whiskey Wax. It appears to have the same texture, and the color of it is a tiny bit darker, but pretty much the same color as Whiskey Wax. The scent is where I notice the first difference. This one has a bay and lime infused whiskey scent to it, rather than just lime and whiskey. It also has a slight soapy note to it as well, and the whiskey note isn’t as strong. You really smell the bay up front, then the lime and soapy scents, and the whiskey is kind of the softest note of them all. Very unique scent that’s for sure. I’m not sure how I like this one just yet. It’s not that I don’t like the scent, I’m just not sure about it yet. It’s kind of an odd scent, I’ve never smelled anything like it before.

Scooping this stuff out was nearly identical to that Whiskey Wax stuff. This makes me wonder how much different this stuff really is compared to that one. Especially because when I broke it down in my hands it felt just like Whiskey Wax too. This one may be a tad bit more tacky than Whiskey Wax, but other than that it feels the same. Just like a lot of medium ringing gels do. The scent gets a little bit stronger when you break it down in your hands, and the bay scent comes through a little more than when it’s in the tub.

As I applied it to my hair I noticed the first difference. This one has more resistance to it when you apply it to your hair. It wasn’t hard to apply, it just didn’t go in as easy as Whiskey Wax did. The second difference was that there was some product left on my hands after applying it to my hair. Which is typical for these types of products, but for some reason Whiskey Wax doesn’t leave any on your hands after applying it. Combing it was just how I expected it to be, a little resistance at first, then a bit easier after I got it worked in. It didn’t take too long to get it dispersed evenly either. At least not as long as ringing gels usually take anyway.

The biggest difference I noticed about this stuff was how it styled. I was able to get a pretty decent doo going with this one, unlike Whiskey Wax. It has quite a bit more control to it, and I was able to get quite a bit more height. The shape of my hair also was a lot better, and I didn’t have a bunch of areas split open like I did with Whiskey Wax. So far this one is proving to be quite a bit better than the other stuff.

I was quite pleased with how my hair turned out, maybe because I was expecting results similar to Whiskey Wax. As you can see though, the results are much better. This one also gave my hair a little bit more shine than Whiskey Wax did. Now it doesn’t give my hair a lot of shine, but noticeably more than the other one does for sure. I was also able to get a much more rounded front too. And like I was saying before, I didn’t get any splits over by my part like I did with Whiskey Wax. I was very happy with that as well. That’s one thing I’m not too fond of when it comes to products. If they don’t have good control and let my hair split open, I tend not to like or use them very much.

After about an hour I checked my hair to see how it set up and to see if it had fallen or split open at all. I was surprised to see that it hadn’t at all, and it looked like the shine had increased a little as well. When I felt my hair, I was surprised at how it set up. For some reason, it didn’t set up the same all over. Some areas were not hard or gummy feeling at all, some places were slightly gummed up, and some were hardened. I’m not sure why it did this, but it was like I put three different products in my hair. It was very odd to feel that in my hair. I don’t know if maybe certain parts of my hair were more damp than others or what the deal was, but it really surprised me how it set up.

At the end of the day I checked to see how my hair had held up. I was happy to see that my hair didn’t move too much at all. The only things I noticed were that my cowlick had opened a little, and I had a couple hairs kind of stick up. Other than that, my hair seemed to be in the same place it was when it had set up earlier. The shine seemed to have gone away by the end of the day though. I was a little surprised to see that happen. Usually the shine will stay throughout the day, but not with this stuff. It’s not really a big deal that it went away, I just hadn’t expected it to. I went and took a shower that night and just like with most ringing gels, this stuff comes out with just a little water. However unlike with most products like this one, my hair wasn’t left dried out by this one. My hair actually felt nice and soft, and didn’t feel the least bit dried out. It was like I hadn’t used a ringing gel at all that day. I was definitely happy with this aspect of this product. It’s really nice when the occasional ringing gel doesn’t dry out my hair and scalp. I’ve gotten used to the fact that they do, but it is a very welcomed surprise when one doesn’t.

So far I’m pretty happy with this stuff. And there is definitely a difference, or multiple differences, between this one and Whiskey Wax for sure. They’re all positive differences too. I’ve got to say, after using them both, The Holy Black is better than Whiskey Wax for sure. It has better hold and control, more shine, and doesn’t dry your hair and scalp out one bit. This is definitely one I would recommend trying out, especially if you like ringing gels and other water based products. I will for sure be using this stuff again in the future, and will get another tub of it when I run out. To get yourself a tub of it, head to their website and pick one up. Thank you again to the folks at The Holy Black Trading Co for sending me this jar to test out and review. I really enjoyed the product a lot, and appreciate the opportunity. I can’t wait to try out your other products too! If you’re into wet shaving, make sure you check out their shave stuff while you’re on the site. They have some really awesome stuff up on there! Well, until the next one….

Stay slick,



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