Barber Side – Shaving Cream (Orange Sickle)

Hey gents, I’m finally checking out another one of Barber Side’s shaving creams. A couple months back my good buddy Marvin sent me a few items, and one of them happened to be the orange sickle scented shaving cream. So today I’m gonna check that one out. I’m very curious to see if it’s the exact same as the sandalwood vanilla one was, or if it’s different all together.  

It comes in the same huge black plastic tub that the other cream came in, but the labeling is a bit different. This time it’s just white with black writing, instead of it being tan with red writing. Also, the font is different this time too. This label has a rosewood type font on it, which you know I’m a big fan of. These types of letters are some of my absolute favorites out there! I really like them a lot, and like all the diverse types there are. They really are a cool type of lettering. The layout of the label is the same, with the name of the product in big letters in the center, and a straight razor behind it. Just like last time, the razor has a barber pole for the handle. On the far left side it has the name of the company, also in the rosewood font, and the scent name in regular font. Then on the far right side is the ingredients, company info, barcode, and directions. Apart from the font and color change, the label is exactly the same. I think it would look even cooler if the label was tan with black and red colored rosewood font. I do really like the change in the label’s design, this one looks better than the old one with the new font.


When I opened up the tub, I saw that the cream inside looks like it’s the exact same as the sandalwood vanilla one. So I’m guessing it’s going to perform the same way the other one did, but I could be wrong. It could surprise me and be different even though it looks the same. The scent of this one is just awesome! It smells so good and strong, yet not overpowering. When you first smell it, you get the immediate orange scent. Then it is followed by a crisp clean note, and the familiar shave cream scent wraps it all up. The cream scent isn’t as strong as it is with most other creams though. It is much more mellow in this one. This shaving cream has one of the best scents by far, I really like it a lot.


I ended up forgetting to take a picture of the cream on my brush, because I was digging the scent so much I couldn’t wait to start shaving and started building my lather. So I decided to grab a second brush and put a little bit of the cream on it to show you guys what that looks like. However, this brush decided to not cooperate very well and the cream ended up scattered all over the brush tips. So it’s not the best view of how the cream looks on a brush. Every once in a while I get ahead of myself and forget to take pictures at certain stages of the review. I haven’t done it in a while though, so apparently I was overdue for it haha. Anyway, let’s get back to the review now.

I did however remember to take a picture of the lather part way through me working it up. The reason I did this is because I noticed that the lather of this one was way different than the other cream. This lather is very bubbly and foamy like how bubble bath foam is. I was really surprised to see this, because I have never seen a shave cream or soap lather up this way before. They usually are much different, but it was a cool change up. I just hope the lather does well when it comes time to shave. This one did build the lather up really quickly too. I took the picture above after only 10 seconds of swirling my brush around in the bowl.


After just 30 seconds the lather was built up nicely, and as you can see, even more foamy than it was before. It looks like I scooped out some bubbles from my sons bath haha. I’ve never seen a shave product lather up like this before, it’s quite odd, but kind of cool at the same time. Another cool thing about this cream is how the scent fills up the bathroom once you build up your lather. When it filled the air though, it reminded me of that orange scented air freshener that fancy places use in their bathrooms. Which isn’t a bad thing, or scent, it just brings a fancy bathroom to my mind is all.


Anyway, I went on to take a picture of how the lather fills up both brushes. And as you can see, this stuff packs brushes super full with lather. I’ve only had one other product fill up my brush this much, which was that Schmiere shave soap. It really does a nice job of filling up different types of brushes too. I used both a synthetic brush and a cheap-o boars hair brush, and the cream packed both of them to the gills. I’m definitely happy with this cream so far. The foamy lather still throws me for a loop though. I just can’t get over how different it is. Especially coming from the same company as the other cream. However, I guess each one of the creams is a different type of cream, rather than the same cream just in different scents. Which is definitely a cool thing for me. As most of you know, I like variety when it comes to shave products. And while I like the other cream a lot, it’s nice to have a different type of cream at the same time.


I then slapped the lather on my face. And that’s when I saw the familiar lather I know from shaving creams. Once I applied it to my face, it got much thicker and turned into the lather that we all know and love from shaving creams like this. As you can see, it’s now more thick and cloud like, just like how their other shave cream is. It coats my face and whiskers really well, and doesn’t get any streaks or thin spots in it. I also really like the way the scent is right under my nose. The orange really stands out once you get the lather on your face, it’s quite nice. Now on to shaving!

With the first pass of my razor, I immediately liked this cream a lot. It does a really great job of trapping my whiskers and keeping them out of my razor. I also liked how the lather rolls over the bar of my razor too. It makes it super easy to rinse off. I literally just had to dip it in the water and move my razor one way and all the lather and whiskers were off my razor. This was a really awesome aspect of this cream! And it made for a very nice shave, and a quick one too. The fact that I was using a great blade also helped as well. I was really happy with how this cream had performed so far. Really, every aspect of it was great from opening the tub until the final pass of my razor. Very very happy with this cream.

One thing that really surprised me when using this cream was how most of my whiskers sank to the bottom of the sink. Now usually, my whiskers float on the water, as you see a few of them doing in the picture. However, for some reason, when I used this cream almost all of them sank to the bottom of the sink. It was really odd to see this happen, and made me wonder why it did. I can’t think of anything other than something in the cream attaching to them and weighing them down to where they sank instead of floating on the surface of the water. This isn’t really anything good or bad when it comes to the cream itself, I just found it odd and thought I’d throw that in the review.

After I had let my face dry I felt it to see how the cream affected my face, if at all. To my relief, this cream did leave my face feeling a little bit soft. It didn’t really moisturize my face a lot and leave it super soft, but there was a noticeable difference. I didn’t really know what to expect, since this one is different from their other cream. It was nice to see that the cream did leave my face a bit soft though. And I could still smell the scent lingering on my face after I rinsed off too. They really should make an aftershave with this scent to go with this cream. Just like with the Schmiere shave soap, I had a slightly difficult time picking an aftershave to go with this cream. I ended up using a bergamot aftershave, since orange and bergamot kind of go together. It would be much better if there was an aftershave with this same scent though. This scent really is nice, and I for sure wouldn’t mind smelling like this all day long.

All in all, this cream was a winner for me. I really liked everything about it, and enjoyed all the little surprises it threw my way. I also liked that it was a bit different from their other cream as well. It makes me very interested to try out their 3rd shaving cream too. And after using this cream for a few months, I have to say, it’s become one of my favorites in my collection. I highly recommend you guys trying this stuff out! You won’t regret it at all, it really is a great shave cream. Huge thank you to my friend Marvin again for sending me this cream to review and try out! I really enjoyed it man, and can’t wait to try out the 3rd cream. Head on over to to get yourself a tub of this cream. And while you’re there make sure you check out their other products! They have a lot of awesome stuff, you can read my reviews on all of their products, except the 3rd shaving cream, here on my blog. Just search “Barber Side” up in the search bar and you can see all of them and how they perform.

Til next time,



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