Murray’s – D-Luxe Grooming Creme

Alright! Finally getting back to another Murray’s product. Today I am checking out their new D-Luxe Grooming Creme. Back when they first released this new line, my good friend Jim who owns The Grease Shop website sent me one of these to try out a couple months back. I had used it back then, but now it’s time to officially review it.


They changed up the packaging quite a bit for these new products. Rather than putting them in the clear plastic jars or even the white plastic tubs they have their other products in, they went with a gray tub and black metal screw top lid for these new ones. The lid has the labeling lithographed right on it, but the tub has a sticker wrapped around it. On the lid, they put the name of the company and est date inside an orange box. The side label has the same box just below “D-Luxe Grooming Creme” in the orange part of the label. Under the orange part, the label is gray colored and has a picture of a barber’s hand cutting someone’s hair, and says “creme pomade – light hold” in white letters at the bottom. On either side of the picture is all the info they usually put on their products. The ingredients list, company info, directions, barcode, and the product description. These new labels are a lot different from their other products’ labels. They really went in a totally different direction with these new labels. And I have to say, I like it. It’s a nice change up from their normal labeling. And don’t get me wrong, I love their other labeling a lot, but it is nice to see a change up from that.


When you open up the tub, you see a thick white paste type product. I had expected something like their Cream Beeswax, or the Swagger Cream they did for Lucky 13. However, this one, as you can see, is much thicker and looks more like a paste than a cream. This could definitely be a good thing, since pastes generally have more hold than creams do. The scent they went with for this stuff is really awesome too! It has a nice sweet cream scent to it. What I mean is, it has that familiar hair cream scent to it, but it’s also really sweet smelling. And the hair cream scent is pretty faint on this one. The sweet scent is much more present, and it smells awesome. It’s almost like a vanilla or something, I can’t really figure out exactly the scent it is, but it’s really good.


As I went to scoop it out, I was met with a pretty unique texture. It didn’t scoop out like a paste as I thought it would, but it also didn’t scoop out like a cream either. It was kind of like a cross between the two and a beeswax pomade at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever scooped out anything with this type of texture before. This product really has an interesting and unique feel to it. Even breaking it down in my hands was really unique as well. I had kind of expected the bigger clumps to kind of stay that way when I broke it down, and I’d have to press each one to work them out. However, it spread around really smoothly and easily. And this stuff was nice and creamy, yet firm at the same time, and felt kind of like a pomade too. This stuff is really cool, it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before. I’m really liking the feel of this stuff, and I think it will work well for me. At least it hope it does anyway.

Applying it to my hair was really easy too. A bit easier than I had expected from the feel of it in my hands. It went in more like a hair cream than the thick pasty, creamy, pomade like product it is. I noticed once I applied it to my hair that it seems to give my hair a nice shine. I’m hoping this stays after combing it in and styling my hair. It made my hair look like I put in a high shine pomade in it. Combing this stuff in was like combing butter through my hair. There was almost no resistance to it at all, and it dispersed evenly into my hair very quickly. I am starting to see the light hold they said it was come through now. At first I figured it would have a medium hold based on the feel of it. But now that I’ve applied and combed it into my hair, it feels like a light hold. It could switch back up though, you never know. I’ve had products do that in the past, so I won’t write it off as a light just yet. It could end up holding my hair up more than I think it will. It’s time to find out exactly how it does hold.


I was able to get a little more height than I thought I would, but not that much. I’d say this one is on the heavier end of the light spectrum, or kind of in between a light and a medium. I got more of a lower profile doo going with this stuff. And as for the shine, it stayed, but kind of turned into more of a high matte shine rather than the glossy look it gave my hair when I first applied it. I quite like the shine it gives my hair, not many products have a high matte shine to them. I was hoping it would have stayed glossy though to be honest. However, I am happy with the shine just the same. And I’m pretty happy with the results this product gives me, hold and control wise.


It didn’t tame my cowlick as much as I was hoping for, but that’s ok. After I combed it in, I hadn’t really expected it to control my cowlick much. And it did a little better of a job than I thought it was going to. This stuff also kept almost all of my stray hairs and flyaways tucked in nicely too. I only had a couple on the left side that didn’t want to stay put, but that was it. Another thing I was quite content with, was how this stuff set up. It didn’t harden up like I had thought it would. I had expected it to harden up a bit like their Cream Beeswax does, but it didn’t. Instead it only slightly gummed up a bit, but it still felt soft to the touch. Like I could easily recomb it without water and without getting and flakes or anything. The scent also stays nice and present once you get it in your hair and it sets up. I don’t know what it is about this scent, but I really like it a lot. I think it’s my favorite scent out of any cream or paste that I own and have tried so far.


At the end of the day I checked my hair to see how it held up. Surprisingly it held up really nicely for a lighter product. My hair seemed to be pretty much in the same place as it was in the morning. Even my strays and flyaways stayed tucked in all throughout the day. The only thing I noticed was one split over by my part, but other than that my hair seemed to stay in place all day. Just like with their other water solubles, it came out with just a little water when I went to wash it out. And my hair felt nice and soft after I dried it off too. Softer than it was before I used this stuff. I’m definitely happy about that! I had figured this stuff wouldn’t dry out my hair, but I didn’t expect it to soften my hair. So it was a nice surprise when I felt my hair and saw that this stuff kind of conditioned my hair.

I was definitely happy with how this stuff was. I’m really liking this stuff a lot. There really isn’t a negative thing that I can say about it at all. Everything from the packaging to every aspect of the performance. This stuff really is a great product, and I highly recommend trying it out. Head on over to the The Grease Shop website, to get yourself a tub of it. While you’re there, check out their other new products as well. They have quite a few new awesome products. Big thank you again to my friend Jim for sending me this awesome product to try out and review. I really did enjoy it a lot and can’t wait to get to the other products in this line.

Stay slick fellas,



7 comments on “Murray’s – D-Luxe Grooming Creme

  1. Alen says:

    Hey JC,
    I have been reading your blog for quit a while now so I thought maybe you could help me choose a product from your experience…
    So I am looking for something which will me the biggest amount of volume and the best restylbility through the day, do you have any ideas?

    • Hey Alen,

      Cool, thanks for being a follower and reading the blog regularly man. Yeah. There are quite a few pomades out there like that. How heavy of a hold are you wanting?


      • FileFly says:

        The lower the better (I think medium will do the work)

      • FileFly says:

        The lower the better (I think medium will do the work).
        I also do not want shine.

      • I would try Electric Haven Pomade, Wilde Pomade, Kustom Brew medium hold, or Steel Toe Pomade then. Those are the only mediums I know of that don’t have much shine to them. Usually medium pomades have a good amount of shine to them. Those ones don’t tho. Hope that helps man.


  2. jesse says:

    do gamma grease pomads

    • Hey Jesse,

      I’ve tried those in the past, but didn’t really like them. They didn’t perform well for me and I didn’t like the scent of the green one at all. It smelled pretty bad. I have heard that the formula has changed again, so maybe I’ll get a can of the red and try it out again sometime. None of the pomades from that company have performed well for me except for the very first tester can of the original pomade that I got years and years ago after helping him formulate it. However it has since changed and does not work too well for me and is kind of hard to use as it rips out a lot of my hairs and takes a long time to work into my hair evenly. Any other pomades you’d like to see reviewed?


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