Murray’s – La-Em-Strait

Hey guys, I’m back with another one of the new Murray’s products already. After liking the first one so much, I wanted to post this review right after it. This time I am checking out the La-Em-Strait ringing gel. Back when they first released this new line, my good friend Jim sent me one of each product to try out. I used them back then and gave him some feedback on them, but now it’s time to officially review this one as well.

First I want to give you guys a little history on this particular product. Now La-Em-Strait used to be its own company/brand way back in the day. At some point Murray’s had bought them and made it part of their company. Then for a while Murray’s didn’t put out any products under this name, but when they released this line they brought it back. This time it’s quite a bit different than it used to be back in the day. I had found a few La-Em-Strait products over the years collecting vintage products. I was able to find two sample cans of their products, and put the picture of them up there for you to see what they looked like. They’re two different pomades in the same type of mini sample can, but with different labeling. The cans are the same mini cans that the old Sweet Georgia Brown pomade came in. Exelento and a few other ones came in this same type of can. They hold roughly 1/8oz of pomade, or one use worth. Luckily, both of the ones I found were full of pomade and had been taken care of really well. They still looked and smelled great! I could probably even use them if I wanted to, but I never will. I will just keep them for collection purposes.


They changed up the packaging quite a bit for these new products like I was saying in the other review. This one comes in the same gray plastic tub with black metal screw top lid as the D-Luxe did. So the lid has the name of the company and est date inside an orange box the same way. The side label has the same layout as the D-Luxe Grooming Creme did too. The box on the lid is just below the orange part of the label again. And the orange part has the name again, which is “La-Em-Strait” this time. Under the orange part, this label is gray colored like the other one, but has a different picture. This time it’s a picture of a barber’s station filled with a bunch of the various products they use on clients. It also has the white letters again, but it says “firm hold gel pomade” this time at the bottom. On either side of the picture is all the info they usually put on their products. The ingredients list, company info, directions, barcode, and the product description. They also give a little history on the La-Em-Strait brand on the label as well which is pretty cool. And like I was saying last time, I really like these new labels. They have cool pictures on them, and the layout and design is really awesome. It’s a nice change up from their normal style.


When you open up the tub, this time you see a gel like goop. I can’t tell if this one is clear or gray just yet, but I’m thinking it’s clear. Looking at the surface it seems like it will be a strong medium ringing gel. The scent on this one is very unique, I don’t think I’ve smelled anything quite like this one before. It’s a little hard to describe too, you get a sweet scent right off the bat, and it’s got powdery, licorice I think, and cream type notes all blended in together. Or at least that’s what it smells like to me. Like I said, it’s kind of hard to describe and is very unique, but it’s a really good scent. I quite like it a lot.


Scooping it out was just how I knew it would be. It’s a nice strong medium ringing gel, that has a rounded scoop to it. As it turns out this one is clear after all, as I had thought it would be. It would have been pretty cool to see a grey colored one though. I don’t think I have ever seen a grey colored ringing gel before. And this stuff is crystal clear! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ringing gel as clear as this before. It’s almost as clear as water is. It’s really cool looking. As I broke it down in my hands, it got a little softer than it was when I scooped it out. Not a whole lot, but enough to be able to notice a difference. It has a really smooth texture to it as well, but when you pull your hands apart it takes on a tackiness to it. It’s kind of weird the way it does that. It’s smoother than most ringing gels are, but also pretty tacky at the same time.

Applying it to my hair was really easy too. The tackiness it had to it in my hands didn’t show up when I applied it to my hair at all. It went in very easily when I applied it. However, when I went to comb it through, the tackiness came back into play. It wasn’t hard to comb in, but it did have a bit more resistance than I was expecting from how it felt when I applied it to my hair. It went in nice and evenly with just a few passes of my comb too. So I was ready to style my hair after just a few seconds. Which is much quicker than usual with other ringing gels. I was really happy with how this product applies and combs through my hair. I liked the feel of it in my hair quite a bit. Much better than many of the other ringing gels out there that’s for sure.


And as you can see, this stuff has really nice hold and control to it. I was able to get a pretty nice looking doo going on with it. And surprisingly it has quite a bit of shine to it too! I was definitely happy with this aspect of it a lot. As you know, most ringing gels have very little shine if any at all. So when I get one that has good shine, it’s a very welcomed surprise. Lately I’ve found quite a few new ones that have good shine to them. It seems like companies are finally refining the process of making these products and putting out good one. Rather than just putting out a mediocre or subpar product that has little or no shine and is hard on your hair. In the past it seemed like it was really hard to find a good ringing gel, but in recent years they have become quite a bit better. And good ones are becoming easier to find and a bit more common these days. It’s really nice to see that, and allows me to have some good water soluble products in my collection that I like to use on a regular basis. Anyway, back to the product at hand. As you can see in the picture, it did a great job of taming my cowlick as well. And I was able to get a nice rounded pomp going with this stuff too. Usually ringing gels give me more of a straight look to my hair, but not this one. I was really happy with how it turned out after styling my hair.


I was also really happy with the comb lines my hair was left with. There weren’t any gaps or big comb lines in my hair at all. Instead, my hair was left looking really sharp. You can see the shine a bit better in this picture too. It looks like I have a pomade in my hair rather than a ringing gel. I’m really liking the shine that this stuff give my hair a lot. The initial styling result really was great. I can’t say enough good things about it. As of right now, I think it’s become one of my all time favorite ringing gels. This stuff really did perform great for me and left my hair looking exactly how I wanted it to.

After about an hour I felt my hair to see how this stuff had set up. To my surprise, it had only slightly gummed up, and wasn’t hardened at all. The shine had also stayed nice and glossy after it had set up too. Sometimes ringing gels will have a little shine to them when you first style you hair, but then goes away when it sets/dries up. Not this not though, it stays exactly how it was before when it sets up. My hair almost felt like it hadn’t set up at all. It was pretty soft to the touch, and felt like I could easily run a comb through it without water. I’m going to wait until later to recomb it though. Just in case it doesn’t recomb as good as I’m thinking it will. I’d rather have it potentially lose hold at the end of the day than right now. So far it’s doing a great job of keeping its hold, control, and shine though. I hope that lasts throughout the day too.

Just as I had hoped, the hold and everything did last all day long. My hair was in the same place it was when I first styles it. I didn’t have any stray hairs come out or splits open up. My cowlick stayed in check all day long. And the shine was still nice and glossy at the end of the day as well. This stuff really did a great job today! Even the scent was still detectable at the end of the day surprisingly. Usually ringing gels lose their scent pretty quickly, but this one keeps it nicely all day long. Now it wasn’t strong at the end of the day, but I did get a whiff of it here and there at the end of the day. When I went to recomb my hair, I was met with a little resistance, but I didn’t see any flakes at all. I did lose a little control and had a few hairs come out of place. Overall though, it recombed fairly nicely without any water. The shine did go away when I recombed my hair though. So I decided to spray just a little water on my hair, kind of misting my whole head a bit. Then I ran my comb through my hair again and went to restyle it. I wasn’t able to get quite as much height and control as it did when I first style it. However, it did restyle pretty well. I had a little bit of a gap where my cowlick is, and one comb line open a bit over by my part, but that was it. The shine returned, I was able to get a rounded shape again, and also got pretty decent height and control when I recombed it with a little water.

I took a shower that night since I had done some work outside and had gotten a bit sweaty and dirty. Just like with most ringing gels, this one came out with just a little water. My hair did feel a tad bit dried out when I was in the shower after I rinsed this stuff out though. However, once I got out of the shower and dried my hair off, it didn’t feel dried out at all. It wasn’t softer feeling like with their D-Luxe Creme, but my hair wasn’t dried out at all. It felt just how it did before I applied this stuff in the morning. I’m definitely happy with that as well. And it’s nice to find yet another ringing gel that doesn’t dry out my hair. I’m very glad companies are doing their homework, fixing problems like this, and putting out products that are better all around. It’s very nice to see, and has kind of restored my faith in ringing gels quite a bit. I will still expect things like that from new ones I try, but it’s always a welcomed surprise when I get one that doesn’t do that. This stuff was a total success today. I really couldn’t be happier with how it performed. It was one of the best ones I’ve tried.

I was very very happy with this stuff and I’m really liking it a lot. There really isn’t a negative thing that I can say about it at all. Just like with their D-Luxe Creme. Everything from the packaging to every aspect of the performance. This stuff really is a great ringing gel, and I highly recommend trying it out. Even if you aren’t a big fan of these types of products, I think you’d still like it. It’s really become one of my favorites, and I highly recommend getting some of it right away. Head on over to the Murray’s website, to get yourself a tub of it. While you’re there, check out their other new products as well. They have quite a few new awesome products, not just in this line either. Big thank you again to my friend Jim over at Murray’s for sending me this awesome product to try out and review for them. I really did enjoy it a lot man! I’m excited to see how the last styling product in this line is. There are a couple other products in the line, but only one styling product left for me to review. I will be getting to it as soon as I can too.

Til next time,


4 comments on “Murray’s – La-Em-Strait

  1. Felix says:

    Hi JC

    I really like your blog man, it helps me to decide which pomade i want to buy, and usually what you wrote and when you said good also same to my hair, and for the smells i think it smells like rootbeer, you know softdrink at A&W , thank you again for your blog and keep on updating man!!

    • Hey Felix,

      Thank you very much man! I really appreciate that and am glad it helps you! I can kind of see a soda pop scent to it ya. You’re welcome, thanks for reading and commenting! I will for sure. Stay tuned for some awesome products coming up real soon!


      • Felix says:

        Hi JC

        Yes man your blog is very helpful, im planning to try your soda pop pomade and steel toe, which one is lighter? Because i love to use light pomade, one again thx for your blog man and greetings from indonesia!!

      • Hey Felix,

        Thanks again bud, I’m glad! Cool, I look forward to that. Go with Steel Toe Spit Shine or Atomic Pomade then. Those are lighter mediums.


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