Cool Grease Comb

Hello readers, today we are checking out another Cool Grease product. This time I’m gonna give their comb a review. For the longest time I never knew they even had a comb, but a few months ago I saw that my buddy Tadashi started carrying them on his website. Tadashi, for those of you who don’t know who he is, runs the HedgeLion company. So anyway, I saw that he started carrying these combs and asked him about buying one to try out. He told me how much they were, but just sent me one to review for him and to try out. I was really stoked about that and thanked him for sending it to me. And thank you again buddy, I really appreciate it!
This comb isn’t your average comb, that’s for sure. It comes packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, but it’s not sealed. One end of the sleeve is open so you can slide it out, but it doesn’t have a flap or anything. It’s just cut straight across evenly on one end. There’s no barcode sticker or anything like that on the plastic sleeve either. As for the comb itself, it’s a pretty unique looking comb. It doesn’t really have much of a handle on the end though. It’s only about 2″ long, just big enough for the logo to be printed on it. This comb is only filled with small teeth spaced pretty close together. So I’m guessing it’s more of a finishing comb rather than a styling comb. The teeth seem to all be the same length throughout, they’re not tapered at all like some combs are. This comb is only slightly longer than a pocket comb too. So it may make for a great pocket comb as well as a finishing comb. I am going to try it out other ways besides those though.

The logo is done in the same gold type of print that a lot of pocket combs have on them. It’s only on one side of the comb, and fills up the “handle” area pretty well. Inside the gold area it says “The Cool Grease Brand” in a couple different fonts. It’s a pretty basic design, but is more than just plain letters like most combs have. So it’s pretty cool to see a change up, and a sort of design on this comb. I was surprised to see that it was only on the one side though. I had expected it to have it on both sides of it like the Layrite comb does. And actually, come to think of it, this one reminds me a bit of the Layrite comb. Only the handle is much shorter. It’s like if you were to cut most of the handle off the Layrite comb. That’s what this one reminds me of anyway. It’s got the same fine toothed aspect to it like the other one does, but it’s not tapered like the Layrite comb.

I first used this comb when I reviewed the Cool Grease Cock Grease product. I tried applying that stuff with it, but had some difficulty doing so. Mainly because the handle is so short and that’s a heavy product. That combined with it being a fine toothed comb. So it wasn’t the easiest to apply that product with. Once I got that one combed in and styled for the most part, I used this one as a finishing comb for it. That’s when it performed pretty well for me, and I began to like the short handle. It really allows you to get all the little areas you need to and smooths out all the comb lines nicely. I was pretty happy with it in that aspect. However, I do need to try it out a few other ways to see how it is overall. I mean I know already that it’s a great finishing and touch up comb, but I need to see how it does with other products and in other aspects.

The next time I used it was with that Wet ringing gel. This time I tried it out as a styling comb. It wasn’t the best at this, even with a softer medium product. The comb just doesn’t have long enough teeth and they aren’t spaced wide enough to really get a good shape going. So I styled my hair with my regular comb and set this one aside for another day and product. So far it’s looking like this one is just going to be good as a finishing comb and touch up comb. I’m going to try it out one more time as a styling comb though before I close the door on it. I also need to test it out as a pocket comb, but have to wait until I use a pomade to do that.

So I pulled this one out again when I reviewed Reuzel’s green can. However, again, it didn’t work well for me as a styling comb. Even though I tried it with another softer medium product, this comb just doesn’t have the right dimensions for styling your hair. It’s only good for finishing and touching up your hair. Well, at least as of now. I still have to try it out as pocket comb. I had gotten a bit frustrated with it when I tried it with the Reuzel pomade, which made me forget to try it out as a pocket comb. So I have to wait until I review another pomade to try it out in that aspect.

Luckily, I reviewed another pomade right after Reuzel’s, so I put it to work right away. It does fit in my pocket quite nicely, as I thought it would. It’s only slightly longer than a regular Unbreakable pocket comb, so it fits in my pocket great. It’s also thinner than a regular pocket comb, so I didn’t notice it at all in my pocket. When I used it as a recombing tool, it just did ok for me. Because it doesn’t have wide teeth I had a tough time getting decent shape back to my hair. It was easy to recomb my hair with, I just couldn’t get the shape and whatnot back like I can with my regular pocket comb. So I grabbed my styling comb to recomb my hair back nicely and then used this one again to finish my hair off. In that aspect it does a great job. Better than my normal pocket comb does by far. I was able to get a much more smooth look that I usually do. And I was definitely happy about that.

All in all, it’s a decent little comb for what it is. I can’t do much with it except for finishing and touching up, but in those areas it really shines. I don’t have a better comb than this one for those things. And I would definitely recommend getting one of these for that. It works outstandingly in those aspects. You can get one off , and you should do so immediately. While you’re there check out all the new stuff Tadashi has up on the site! Thank you again for sending me this comb to try out man, I really appreciate it. I had some fun trying this one out. And I’m very glad I have it in my line up and collection. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get one of these combs. It really is the perfect finishing comb and touch up comb. It’s going to be hard to find one better than this one out there I think. And I will be sure to let you guys know if I ever do find one better. Until I do….

Stay slick,


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