Schmiere – Red Ink Pomade

Alright, we are getting back to some of the Schmiere pomades that my friend Sophia sent me a little while back. This time I’m checking out their new Red Ink Pomade. They released this one a couple months ago, and Sophia sent me a can of it to try out shortly after they put it out. Now, I’ve been using it for a little while, but waited to write the review until now. I’m not sure why I waited, but I did. I will write the review like I’m using it for the first time though. That way you guys don’t get a biased review or a recap type review. So let me show you guys what’s up with this grease!

Just like their other pomades, it comes in their standard tins. Only this time the labeling is lithographed onto the can instead of it being stickers like they normally used. The can itself is black and the design is grey, white and red. In the center is their signature black bird with slicked back hair this time. And to go with the design of the can, this time he is shirtless and covered in tattoos, including one under is left eye. There is also a tattoo machine over his left shoulder. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be tattooing him or just sitting there though. The can actually looks like a traditional Americana style black and grey tattoo, which is really awesome! They did a great job with the design of this can, and it’s easily become one of my absolute favorites they have put out to date! On either side of him there are two swallows, and above him is the company name like usual, but this time it’s in red. And the “Rumble 59” above it is in a banner done in flagship letters, instead of their usual design. The swallow on the left has a couple stars and a dagger above it and below it is a banner that has “ROTE TINTE” in red letters in it. The swallow on the right side has a horseshoe above it and a spider web below it. Below the bird is their usual “Feinste Haar Pomade” only this time it’s a banner done in red flagship letters, like the Rumble 59 up at the top. There are also some other stars and dots scattered all around in the background and some other little images like a diamond and some leaves. Like I said, such a cool design! By far the coolest one they have put out yet in my opinion.

On the bottom of the can is their usual info, directions, ingredients, etc etc, but they’re done in the same design as the top of the can. Up at the top is a red heart with a banner that reads “GLAUBE” and some leaves behind it and rays around it. Below that is the company name in red script and black old English with two stars on either side of it. Then is the directions, barcode, ingredients, where it’s made, and the website, again with stars on either side of the website. At the very bottom is “MITTEL” in a banner done in red flagship letters with nautical stars on either side of it in the banner also. Then on the left side of the barcode is a red rose with a banner that says “LEIBE” in it and an anchor below it. On the right side of the barcode is another red rose, but with “HOFFINUNG” in it and a sailor girl below the rose. And like the lid, there are some stars and dots scattered around in the background again. Such an awesome design! Especially for a info area. They really captured the look of traditional americana tattoos in the design of this can, and put some of the most iconic images of that style of tattooing on the can. They did a fantastic job with the design of this can. They even added a cool little touch around the edge of the lid. They wrapped a sticker that looks like a flash sheet with flash images all around the can. There’s a rose, an anchor, a sailor girl, and a heart, like the ones on the can, except the roses and heart aren’t red. This time they’re just done in black and grey, but they’re still really cool. Definitely my favorite can from them.

Opening up the can you see a red pomade, that looks kind of similar to their xmas edition pomade, only this one is a bit darker of a red. The texture looks a little bit more waxy than their standard mittel pomades have in the past. Only time will tell if it is in fact more waxy than the others are. Also, the surface of this one seems to be a little bit more shiny than the others have too. Not sure if that will mean this one will be more shiny or not, but I will find out. The scent of this one is a great licorice scent! However, it’s not just a straight licorice scent. It’s like a mix of the black licorice and red licorice, and there is also a small hint of cherry in there too. It’s really a great scent! And it’s not too strong either. Definitely not as strong as their other pomades have been in the past. This time it’s more mellow, but that could easily change when I scoop it out of the can. Which I kind of hope it does, because I like this scent so much. I don’t know if it’s my favorite of theirs, because they have so many awesome scents that I love, but it’s definitely at the top of my list of favorites.

Another cool thing they did with this can is they included a little comic strip inside the lid! It’s underneath a little clear plastic disc, which I’m guessing is to protect it from the pomade and protect the pomade from it. I really love this new little addition to their cans! And come to find out, it’s not just a comic strip. On one side is the comic strip, and then on the other side is like a little product catalog thing. It doesn’t have every product they make, but has most of their pomades, the vital set, and their shampoo. Very cool thing to put in the cans for people! When I was reading it I accidentally pulled it out of the lid and saw that below it is another little surprise! Inside the lid they put a Schmiere sticker with the bird and a line that says “proud to be a greaser” below him. The perks just keep coming with this one! I love it! Great job with this stuff guys!

As I stated before, this stuff looked a bit more waxy and shiny on the surface than their other mittel pomades have. So when I went to scoop this stuff out I had prepared my finger to scoop out something in between their mittel and their hart. What I was met with was a slightly more waxy version of their mittel. As you can see it didn’t come out as smooth as the others have and there’s a little bit of a gap where the wax separated. It still had the softer feel of their mittel pomades, but also felt a bit more waxy and wasn’t as creamy/greasy as the others have been. This might make for a little bit better of a hold, which would be nice. The scent didn’t get any stronger when I got it out of the can though. It was still on the lighter, more mellow side.

Breaking it down in my hands was super easy, just like their other mittel pomades have been. Only this time, I noticed a tad bit more resistance and less greasiness to it. There wasn’t a huge difference, but there was enough of one to tell. This one also had a slight tacky feel to it as well, unlike their other mittels. However, applying it to my hair felt just like their other mittel pomades. I didn’t get any extra resistance or anything like that. It also was very easy to disperse evenly in my hair with just my hands. I was able to coat all sides of my hair very quickly and didn’t feel any tugging or anything like that.

One thing I did notice, and I had expected this, was that the pomade left a red residue on my hands after I applied it to my hair. It was a little more present than it had been with the Xmas edition, mainly because this one is darker. It has more color in it, which makes the color show up more on your hands. However, it comes right off when you wash your hands, so it’s not a big deal. Although, you cats with light colored hair may see this pomade show up in your hair when you use it. You might see a slight red hue to your hair when you have this pomade in it. It’s not going to stain or dye your hair though, so don’t worry about that. It just might leave your hair looking slightly red while the pomade is in your hair.

Combing this stuff into my hair was also very easy, but I did notice a little bit more weight to it. It wasn’t quite as easy to comb in as the other mittel pomades have been. However, I didn’t see any extra hold from this pomade. Now I was able to get a nice medium parted pomp going with it, so I was happy with the hold I got. I had just expected a little more hold since it was a bit more waxy, but I didn’t get any. Now this could be due to the fact that I’m way over due for a haircut and my hair is longer than it usually is, but I don’t think so. Usually I can still get the most hold out of a pomade that it will give. So I’m thinking that even when I get my hair cut it will still give me the same hold. I did notice that the shine seemed to be a tad bit higher with this one like I had thought it would be. It wasn’t a ton of extra shine, but it did seem to be a little bit more present. However, it was more of a natural shine than a greasy shine. Either way, I was happy with how this pomade made my hair look all around.

It even seemed to tame my cowlick pretty well. And I was also very happy with the control it gave me too. I didn’t have comb lines opening up, or stray hairs sticking out, or anything like that. The tackiness it has really does a great job of controlling your hair when you get the pomade in there. One thing I noticed that was a tab bit of a bummer was that the scent kind of disappeared once I styled my hair up. I couldn’t smell the pomade at all in my hair. With me liking this pomade’s scent so much, I was a little bummed that I wasn’t going to be able to smell it in my hair all day long. Other than that though, the initial performance of this pomade is really great. Only time will tell though, if it holds that good performance all day, and with the buildup.

A little more than halfway through the day I checked my hair in the mirror to see how it had been holding up. For the most part it had stayed in place, but there were a couple things I noticed. First, I had one small section of hair behind my right ear that had fell down out of place. Then I noticed that the center of my pomp right at the very top center part of my head had sunk in a tad bit. Not enough to notice without looking closely though. The last thing I noticed was a couple comb lines had opened up, but not that much, and not enough to make a big difference. I pushed the strand behind my ear back into place and that’s when I noticed something pretty odd about this pomade. It had kind of dried like water bases do. Now it wasn’t hard or gummed up, but it didn’t feel like a medium grease pomade was in my hair. My hair felt dry and like there wasn’t any grease or oil in it at all. It was a very weird feeling running my fingers over my hair. The strand didn’t want to go back into place with me just using my hand, so I grabbed my comb to fix it. Recombing this pomade was super easy, and almost all the resistance was gone from it. It felt like I had a super light hair dressing in my hair. However, my hair went right back into place when I recombed it. I didn’t just fix the one part, but rather recombed everything to touch up each part that I needed to. I’m pretty sure the top sank in because of how long my hair is. I won’t know for certain though until I use this stuff again when my hair is shorter. Another thing I noticed was that the shine had increased a little bit after I recombed my hair. And now the shine took on more of the regular look a grease gives your hair instead of the more natural look it had at the beginning of the day.

My hair stayed in place throughout the rest of the evening without sinking in or anything like that again. The one section behind my ear only came out of place one other time about an hour after I recombed my hair, but then stayed after I fixed it a second time. I’m not sure why that one section did that though. I’ve never had that particular area do that before with any pomade. It was kind of odd. At the end of the day I felt my hair again just to see how it felt, and it wasn’t quite as dry as it was before. Now it had gained a slight oiliness to it, but it wasn’t much and still felt kind of dry. However, even with it feeling dry like there wasn’t grease in my hair, my hair felt really really soft. I was kind of curious about how that had happened, because it was like I had used a very intense/high strength conditioner or something. Usually my hair only feels really soft like this after I use a conditioning pomade for a couple days, or if I use my wife’s conditioner in the shower. It was definitely a nice little surprise for sure, it was just very curious that this happened. I didn’t notice any extra increase or change in the shine at all by the end of the day like I had expected. My hair had the same look/sheen to it as when I first recombed it, but I had thought it would be a little more shiny and/or look like I had a greasy pomade in it. Mainly because of how it had increased about halfway through the day when I fixed my hair. I was still happy with the look my hair had though. And I was pretty pleased with how this pomade performed on the first day. I’m very interested to see how the buildup is tomorrow! Especially with how this stuff made my hair feel.

The next morning it felt like none of the pomade had come out of my hair at all. I was pretty surprised by this since usually at least some of the pomade will come out throughout the day before and while I’m sleeping. However, all of this one stayed in my hair even though it felt the way it did in my hair yesterday. Still this will make for a longer lasting can and great buildup on the days following the initial use I think. After I got out of the shower I did notice that some of the pomade finally came out of my hair, but still not that much. I’d say about 3/4 of it was still left in my hair. I decided to try and style my hair without adding any pomade just to see how it would work. And I actually was able to get a nice style with it. I couldn’t get much height, but it did allow me to get a really nice slicked style going. Since I was happy with how my hair looked and felt like going with a different style this time, I didn’t add any pomade to my hair and just left it how it was. One thing I did notice about it was that the shine had gone down quite a bit. There was still a little bit of shine to my hair, but not much more than my hair has naturally without any pomade in it. I hadn’t expected this since so much of the pomade had stayed in my hair. It’s any easy fix though by just adding a little pomade or using a top coat the second day. I didn’t use a top coat though for the sake of the review and just left my hair how it was.

After just a couple hours I had regretted not adding any pomade to my hair. I had a couple areas that kept falling out of place on me, and they wouldn’t stay in place no matter how I combed them back in. They just kept falling back down after a few minutes. It was kind of frustrating. And feeling my hair when I was trying to get them to go back into place felt like even more of the pomade had come out of my hair. Which was really odd because I didn’t have a hat on and I hadn’t done anything to my hair at all except try to recomb those areas back in. It was almost like I had washed my hair a couple more times or something. My hair felt like only about 1/3 of the pomade was left in it from the first day. With my hair refusing to stay in place, I decided to just throw a cap on and go about the rest of my day. When I took a shower that evening pretty much all of the pomade left in my hair came out. There was only a tiny little bit that I could feel that stayed in my hair.

Now at the beginning of the review I told you guys I had been using this pomade for a while. When I used this pomade before and applied pomade to my buildup on the second day, it performed a lot better. I was able to get nice height, the control lasted great all day long, and the shine was a little bit higher the second day. I just wanted to make sure I included this in the review for you guys, so you didn’t think it acts that way all the time. It’s actually a great pomade, and does even better with buildup in your hair from day 2 on. Really the only thing this pomade needs is a stronger scent. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else I’d change about it. This stuff even washes out pretty easily when you don’t add to the buildup, like I was saying up above in the review. So for you guys that like to wash pomade out of your hair often, this would be a great pomade to add to your line up.

I would definitely recommend this pomade for everyone. It does a really good job all around. And it’s one of the coolest looking cans around. Huge thank you again to Sophia and the folks over at Schmiere for sending me this pomade. I’m almost out of it, so I will need to get another can here pretty soon! You guys should head on over to their website and get yourselves a can or two right away! They also have some other really cool new pomades up on there now. So make sure you check those out while you’re there. I’ll be featuring some of them here pretty soon as well, so stay tuned for those reviews! Well, until the next one….

Keep on greasin,


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