Schmiere – Better Dan Pomade

Today’s pomade is another one from the Schmiere line. When I got all my stuff in from Sophia over at the Schmiere company, this one was in the box as well. They put it out a while back, but I hadn’t gotten to check it out until now. So let’s see how their Better Dan one holds up!

Just like their other pomades, it comes in their standard tins. And like the Red Ink one, this one also has the labeling lithographed right on the can. Now this pomade is kind of a tribute to a very famous fake pomade. We all know about Dapper Dan from the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” made by the Coen brothers. Schmiere took that pomade design and put their own spin on it, creating this Better Dan one. The can itself looks pretty similar to the Dapper Dan cans in the movie, but of course they put their own twist on it and have their signature images on it as well. In the center is their famous black bird, like always, but this time he’s up at the top instead of the center. Just like how the guy is up top on the Dapper Dan cans. They put a newsboy cap and overalls on him this time, as well as a fake beard and mustache, like Clooney wears in the movie when he’s signing at the event toward the end of the film. He’s also holding an old school microphone like the ones used in the movie, and behind him is a white circle. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a moon, or a spotlight, or just a white circle like some of the old pomades cans used to have for stores to write the price in. Either way, it’s there just behind him to the left. Just to the left of the circle, it says “For men of constant sorrow” as a tribute to the name of the song they sing in the movie. Just to the right of him it says “59 for greasers only.” Below the bird is name of the pomade in cursive style letters and it says “by Schmiere from Rumble 59” in between the name. Then at the bottom to the right of the name of the pomade it says “Men’s Pomade” in block style letters. Then around everything is a ring of black and white bars, just like the ring on the Dapper Dan cans. So like I was saying, very similar to the other cans, but with their own style thrown in as well. Very cool can. Makes a great addition to my collection. However, on the bottom of the can, it doesn’t look anything like the bottom of the Dapper Dan cans. Instead it looks just like their other cans do, and has the same info laid out in the same way. It looks exactly like the bottom label on their red ringing gel, only with “Schmiere” above the “Rumble 59” and then some words around the tan part of the layout. Other than that, it’s the exact same, and is the same as their other regular line cans. It’s still a cool layout for that part of the pomade can though. Most companies don’t put much design into the directions and whatnot area of their cans. So it’s nice to see these cans have that design to them.

This pomade happens to have a white, or natural color to it, rather than being colored like most of their other pomades are. In fact I think there is only one other one that’s white, or natural colored like this one. All of their other pomades have various colors to them. I happen to like the natural look of pomades quite a bit, as well as colors, but it’s nice to see a natural colored one from this company. It seems to have the same texture and surface look as their Doktor Corvus one does. So I’m guessing this one will be a little bit heavier than their mittel hold is. However, I could be wrong, and this one might be the same as their mittel. I’ll soon find out! The scent of this one is very unique, and smells great! As I figured it would. At first it smells like a clean soap, but then you get a sweet fruity note as well. You don’t have to smell it for a while to pick it up though, it follows the clean scent pretty quickly. I’m not sure exactly what fruit it is, but it kind of reminds me a little of cherry pixi stix. The clean/fresh soapy note mixes with the sweet fruity note really well and kind of gives off a slight powdery scent, which is why it reminded me of the cherry pixi stix. Whatever fruit scent it is, this pomade smells great. And the scent is nice and strong too, but not overpowering. I think it will last nicely throughout the day. Hopefully my next can of the Red Ink pomade will have a scent this strong. Cause I absolutely love that scent! I just wish it lasted longer and that I could smell it in my hair. Anyway, back to this pomade.

Scooping this pomade out of the can was pretty similar to their Doktor Corvus one, but a little bit creamier. And when I got it out of the can the cherry scent really shined through. It smelled much more like cherry than clean fresh soap. It was very interesting how it looked scooped out too. I don’t think any other pomade I’ve tried has looked this way when I scooped it from the can or jar or tub. It didn’t scoop out like a hard or soft waxy pomade, nor did it scoop out like a greasy pomade. It was very interesting and I liked the look of it quite a bit. So much so that I almost didn’t want to ruin it haha. At least I have the picture though, so I can look at it again later. Breaking it down in my hands felt just like their other mittel pomades do. So I’m guessing this one is another mittel of theirs. It didn’t have much tackiness to it, but rather felt more creamy this time. Applying it to my hair was super easy, and it went in evenly with just my hands. I saw about the same amount of shine as the Red Ink one had. This one has a stronger scent to it though. I could easily smell it as I was combing it into my hair. That was also a breeze, and felt more like combing a light pomade into my hair than a medium.

Since you guys already know how their mittel pomades hold up my hair, I decided to go with more of a slicked style this time. I’ve reviewed quite a few of their mittel pomades, and wanted to change it up a little bit. I was very happy with the way this stuff made my hair look too. It kept all my hairs together very nicely and even managed to tame my cowlick pretty well. The shine seemed to die down a little bit after I styled my hair though. I’m not sure why that happened, but it did. It may pick back up as the day goes on though. Often times that will happen with pomades.

After about two and a half hours I checked my hair and snapped a picture of it. Just as I thought, the shine did pick up a little bit. You can clearly see it’s a bit higher than it was when I first styled my hair. So far this one is keeping my hair in place nicely too. I didn’t have any stray hairs come out of place, or any parts split open at all. I’m definitely liking this one quite a bit so far. Even the scent was still easily noticeable a few hours after applying the pomade. As of now, this one seems to be performing just like their other mittel pomades, and I think it will continue to do so throughout the day and with buildup.

At the end of the day I checked my hair one more time and it still hadn’t moved at all. As you can see in the picture, not even the comb lines had split open at all. You can’t tell from the angle I shot the picture, but the shine seemed to be the same as it was earlier when I first checked my hair. It didn’t increase at all from then on. Which is fine with me since it was a decent shine and I was happy with the way it was. After about halfway through the day I noticed the scent had died down and it became difficult for me to smell it. Every once in a while I would get a tiny hint of it, but it wasn’t as strong as it was before. I was able to smell it for quite a while though, so I am happy about that. All in all, the first day was really great with this pomade. I’m expecting the buildup to be like their others are, but only time will tell.

The next morning I woke up to find my hair feeling pretty much exactly as it did with the Red Ink pomade. I had some work to do outside, so I didn’t jump in the shower right away since I was just going to get all sweaty and whatnot. After I finished my work I took a shower and noticed when I got out, that barely any of the pomade had come out of my hair. Even less than with the Red Ink one. It felt like almost all the pomade was still in my hair. Definitely less than 1/4 of it had come out of my hair. So I just used a tiny bit to touch up the areas that felt slightly decreased and then styled my hair. It went right into place with ease, and seemed to hold my cowlick a little better than the first day. I didn’t notice any increase in the shine at all, but was still fine with how it looked.

Since I learned my lesson with the Red Ink pomade, I had a feeling this one would work better adding a little pomade to my hair. And for the most part I was right. I only had one part that had fallen down about halfway through the day. It happened to be one of the longer parts of my hair on the right side of the top of my head. And I think it’s just because of the length of my hair. However, once I recombed it back into place, it stayed there for the rest of the day. It only fell down one other time when I was wrestling around with my son. Apart from that, day two was great. I was very happy with how the pomade kept my hair in place. One thing I did notice was that it did seem to feel like some of the pomade had come out of my hair throughout the day. It did the exact same thing as the Red Ink pomade did, but just not as much. Adding the little amount of pomade that I did helped in that area. Even though it did feel that way, my hair didn’t keep falling out of place like it did with the other one. So all said and done, day two was awesome.

This is another one I’d highly recommend you guys get. Not only for its performance, but also as a collection piece. Every pomade enthusiast should have this pomade for sure. And if you can get one, a prop from the movie. A Dapper Dan Pomade can is a great addition to any collection. Mine happens to have pomade in it, which I was extremely stoked to see when I got the can! Anyway, do yourselves a favor and pick up a can of this stuff. You won’t regret it one bit! Head over to their website to get yourself a can. Be sure to check out the other awesome pomades they have up on their site as well while you are there. Thank you again to Sophia and the folks over at Schmiere for sending me this can to review! I really enjoyed the pomade and love having such a cool and interesting tin to add to my collection! Stay tuned for more Schmiere products coming up soon! Until then…

Keep your coiffure in order,


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6 comments on “Schmiere – Better Dan Pomade

  1. Buy men’s grooming products online such as shaving, skin care products at lowest prices with best deals & offers.

    • Yeah, sometimes online sites have deals and stuff that make their prices lower than shops. I still prefer to patron local businesses for things as often as I can tho. It’s best to do that and support them and keep the economy healthy and continuously productive in your local town/city and keeps the shops you love open.


  2. johns says:

    can you review high life light and the voodoo island

    • Hey there,

      I actually have reviewed High Life light already. I reviewed that one quite a while ago. Back when DAX first took over the company and started making the pomades. As far as Voodoo Island, yeah I actually have the three Voodoo pomades in my line up to be reviewed in the near future. Stay tuned for the Island review as well as both Brew reviews. I’ve also got some other awesome pomades coming up really soon, so stay tuned for those as well. Thanks for reading and the comment bud. If you have any other requests feel free to send them over šŸ™‚


  3. Noobzaebot says:

    I ve been using Schmiere both mittel and hart. For me, mittel is thus far the best Ive ever used. My only problem with it is the build up gets weaker and I cant get a high pomp on the following day. Performance-wise, is there any difference between better dan and mittel? And also how many finger scoops did you use? Love your blog, keep up the good work. Pls reply.

    • Yeah I like the mittel a bit better than the hart as well. I don’t get that problem with the buildup tho. It leaves a really nice amount of buildup in my hair the 2nd-4th days and that allows me to use less on the days following the initial use. Plus it also provides much better control and stuff, giving my hair a more groomed and solid look, since there aren’t strays sticking out or big gaps and less pronounced cowlicks due to the added control coming from the buildup. Well mittel isn’t made for styling tall pomps, that’s the reason you can’t get one using the mittels. Yeah there’s a little bit of a difference between the Better Dan and their regular mittel. It’s not that huge of a difference, but it is there. I mention those differences in the review I believe. It depends, but usually just one scoop about the size of my fingertip from the nail out, or the size of like a marble roughly. Thank you very much! I will try haha. Take care!


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