Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

After trying the pomade the past couple days I had to check out the shampoo. I usually try to do that when there is a specific shampoo like this one. I figure it’s made by the same company and has the pomades name on it so it should be tested out after using their pomade.

I bought some of this stuff a while back when I got my super sized tin. Then when I picked up the Hairgum Road they were kind enough to send me some for free. Thanks guys!! Now that I finally reviewed the pomade, I figured I should review the shampoo as well. Let’s check it out, shall we?


It’s not your average bottle of shampoo by any means. It’s more like a toothpaste tube or gel tube. The top is crimped off and it has a screw on bottom. The front labeling is the same as the pomade’s. Then under that it says “Shampooing Antiwax Degreasing Shampoo Wash Your Hair, Not Your Soul” and has the weight and company name. The back has the same labeling, then all the other standard stuff on it. Basically the same info that the pomade has on it.


When I got the free one I noticed a slight difference in them, so I will be trying them both out. The first one I bought is a darker brown, almost cola colored, gel like shampoo. It feels, and looks, like Softee’s protein styling gel. That shampoo smells kind of like the pomade, minus the carbonation scent. It smells more like a flat coke. The one they sent me is a light yellow colored, thick gel type shampoo. It looks kind of like Bona Fide, and has the texture of wet gummy bears or slightly hardened JELL-O. This one has the same scent as the other one, flat cola.

Now for the test. I tried the older one first. It went in really weird. Just kind of stuck to my hair, didn’t lather hardly at all. However the scent got really really strong in the steam! It smelled a lot like the Haribo cola gummy candies, I loved it. By far the best smelling shampoo I have ever tried! Unfortunately it didn’t take any of the pomade out of my hair at all. I could still feel it I my hair. And it has little beads in it that I was hoping would help take the pomade out. However, they didn’t, and were a pain to get out of my hair.

While I was still in the shower I decided to try out the newer one. Maybe the old one had just expired. This one lathered up a whole lot!! So much so that I didn’t think the lather would ever stop! This one had a little bit of different smell in the steam. I mean it did smell like the other one, but there was also a lemony hint in there. Almost like coke with a lemon slice in it. The beads in this one were even harder to get out of my hair than the first one. I hate these little bastards. My hair did feel a little bit degreased, but not much.


When I got out and dried my hair off a little I realized that none of the pomade came out at all. Bummer. It seems like none of the “degreasing” shampoos out there work. Maybe one will one day though. It’s almost pointless buying them since they never work. Plus I make my own so it’s not like I need them. But hey, someone has to do the dirty work and test them out right?

I can’t really recommend this stuff as a degreaser on the basis that it doesn’t get any pomade out of your hair. However, it does have a great smell! And I’m sure it would be a nice regular shampoo. So if you want a great smelling normal use shampoo I say try it out. I loved the smell a lot, and I think it will work as a scalp cleaner. So I can see myself using it as that type of shampoo quite often. You can find it on
if you want to try it out. I want to thank the folks at Hairgum for sending me a bottle of this stuff! I really appreciate it, that was very nice of you! I’ll be checking out more Hairgum products next year, so stay tuned for them.

Merry Christmas,


Tipsy Shampoo

Alright, I am finally back with another shampoo review! It’s been a long time coming. Today’s shampoo will be the one and only Tipsy shampoo. While I was up in Vegas at Viva I went by the DiceNDolls booth and bought some pomade from Tipsy and Annabel. He remembered me from buying a big order from them a while ago and he gave me a bottle of shampoo to try out. Thanks man!


This shampoo is a bit smaller than the rest. Coming in a clear 6oz push top bottle, it has just one label. The label is actually the exact same label as his pomade. Hmmm. It’s a green circular label with a white and black border. In the center it says “Tipsy” in some script. The “T” is a barber pole with a straight razor above it. At the bottom is a little dapper dude with some black and white rays around him. Then to the left of him it says “Super 90wt.”


You can see the color of the shampoo through the clear bottle. It’s a white shampoo with little blue dots in it. I’m guessing those are degreasing beads or something. But in the bottle you can’t tell how the consistency of it is. It squeezed out of the bottle pretty easily and you can see that it has a very thick texture to it. It’s consistency is like a very thick lotion or body cream.


When I was getting this from him I was talking to Tipsy about how to use it since it did not have any directions on the bottle. He said it does not need to be put in the hair dry but cannot put it in your hair soaking wet either. So I will splash a little little water on my head, lather up, and let it sit for a little while and see what happens. As you can see I have very greasy hair I was using the DAX Kocatah pomade. Let’s see how this stuff works!


Just as I said above, I splashed a little water on my hair and then lathered up with the shampoo. The lather is pretty thick. Thicker than most lathers, but not quite as thick as my own shampoo’s lather is. The scent of the shampoo is very soapy, it smells like the blue Irish Spring bar soap. Very fresh and clean smelling shampoo. I like it quite a bit, especially since I use the blue Irish Spring bar.

I let the lather sit on my head for the entirety of my shower which was about 5 to 6 minutes. I then proceeded to do what I do with my own shampoo and rinse my hair with really really hot water. The lather took a little while for all of it to rinse out of my hair. Once all of it did my hair felt pretty decreased.


I got out of the shower, dried my hair and noticed how the shampoo had worked. To my surprise it got rid of a little over half of the grease that was in my hair. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first if it would work or not. Especially with the texture, because most of the other “degreasing shampoos” that had the same texture didn’t work at all. But, this one works pretty good. Now it does not get rid of all of the grease in your hair. But it does remove over half of it. So I think with two washes it should get everything out. I would let your hair completely dry between the two washes though. Just to help the shampoo work good.

So for you guys that are looking for a decent degreasing shampoo that works I’d say try this stuff out. You can either pick it up from them at their store in Bakersfield, CA or get a hold of them on Facebook. Here’s their page;
They also carry all kinds of other pomades(including Tipsy’s pomade), aftershaves, shampoos, and tonics. And for you ladies they have all kinds of cool vintage dresses and handbags and shoes. So check them out and pick up some stuff. Thanks again Tipsy and Anabel for everything!

Keep it clean kids,


JS Sloane Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I’m finally reviewing another shampoo! This one is by JS Sloane, it’s their Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I contacted the folks over at JS Sloane about getting some of their brilliantines to review and received and email with a phone number to call. So I called and got Joann their president, also part of their name, where the “J” comes from. So we chatted for about an hour about her pomades and other products, my blog, my pomade, and some other stuff. At the end of the conversation she said she was going to send out both brilliantines and their shampoo to start and when I get done with those she’d send the rest.

20130306-001327.jpgsorry for all the glare

So this shampoo comes in a very cool looking, and old school looking bottle. It looks like an old laudanum bottle from the late 1800’s. However, this one isn’t glass like those were, but it is the same deep brown color that they were, along with a metal lid. The writing on it is printed right on the bottle, it’s not a clear sticker like most shampoos out there have. This gives it a very classic, vintage feel.


On the front is their diamond shaped logo. It has rays going out from the center, a starburst at the top, and their name in the center. Below that in gold writing it says “Gentleman’s Classic Deep Cleansing Shampoo.” At the bottom it has where it’s made, New York, USA, and their little dapper guy logo. When you turn it over you see a whole lot of gold writing. On this side is a blurb about the shampoo, their directions, a caution, the ingredient list and the weight info. Pretty cool bottle layout, very old feel to it, and I’m a huge fan of old.


The lid on it is a metal, stainless steel, screw type lid. When you unscrew it you get a nice whiff of a very fresh smelling shampoo. It smells like shampoo, but also has kind of a sweet plant smell to it too. Kind of reminds me of aloe vera or something like that. Definitely one of the better smelling shampoos out on the market.


As I poured it out I saw a crystal clear ooze come out. It’s a little thicker than your average shampoo, but once it hits your hands it spreads out more than average shampoos do. I was really surprised to see a clear shampoo, mainly because I don’t think I have ever seen one before. They’re always colored or white, never clear, at least I’ve never seen one before now.

Now I had a little build up of a waxy pomade when I used this the first time as you can see in the picture. Lets see how it does with that. I hoped in the shower and proceeded to wet my hair and then lather up with this shampoo. It has a nice burst of scent when you work the lather on your head. And the lather is a bit thicker than average shampoo, but not overly thick. I decided to let it sit in while I finished my shower duties and I rinsed it at the end of my shower. I let it sit it because the JS Sloane brilliantines are water based and I wasn’t sure how this shampoo would fare with a little bit of wax build up.

20130306-002621.jpgBitter End, great hxc band! Look at that damn mess of hair! Sorry I just got out of bed and was really tired.

When I rinsed it out I was pleasantly surprised at how all the wax was out of my hair and my hair was left nice and soft! Now I did use a little bit of Lone Star pomade with my last waxy pomade so it could be that making my hair soft, but I still liked how it felt. On the second day using this with only the JS Sloane medium in my hair, I still felt a nice soft head of hair after using it. I am very stoked about that! Not very many shampoos leave my hair feeling soft, so I always have to buy conditioner, but this one takes care of that.

20130306-002645.jpgso fresh and so clean clean

I really dig this shampoo! I gotta say that Joann and Smutty have a great shampoo on their hands! I’m going to be doing a revisited review of this shampoo at a later date to see how it works with only petro and wax products, but I think it’s going to perform just the same. I highly recommend this shampoo for you guys that like shampooing out all your grease fairly regularly or of you just want to clean out your natural oils after a few days off. Head on over to
and grab a bottle of this shampoo and check out their other products while you’re there. They will be coming out with something new very soon! Stay tuned for their pomades next!

Stay fresh!


Schmiere-ex Shampoo

Alright, so after a request from a friend of mine, I had a little extra cash and I bought Schmiere’s shampoo to try it out. I waited until I used one of their products to try it out though since it’s made by them and I’m guessing it works with their pomades. So the past couple days I used their special edition knupplehart Prison Blues and I’m going to wash it out this morning with their shampoo so I can have a clean slate for a new pomade to try out today.

It comes is a tall semi-clear plastic bottle with a really unique screw top lid. It has two rectangular labels on it. The front one has their bird, but it’s just his skull this time and some cross bones underneath his skull. It says “Schmiere-Ex Shampoo” on the front above and below the raven. At the bottom it says “XXX particularly fat-dissolving XXX” or at least that what my translator said it was. Then at the very bottom it says “Schmiere-your days are numbered.” The back label has the same stuff plus a long blurb about something and has some dates from the early 1900’s.


Opening it up, you can kind of see the unique lid it has. Sorry my camera just wouldn’t focus for some reason. And it has a shampoo smell to it, nothing special about it. Which really bums me out cause I thought it would a really cool smell like their pomades do, but no such luck. Oh well, it’s just shampoo.


Squeezing it out of the bottle the color looks very different from when it’s in the bottle. In the bottle it looks kind of like a lighter royal blue, but when you get it out of the bottle it’s the exact same color as Suave’s Groom & Clean. It almost has the same texture too, just more watery than Groom & Clean.


Now as you can see my hair is full of pomade and I just woke up, major bed head and sleepy eyes. So some of the pomade already came out on my pillows from me sleeping and rolling around. So this stuff should get the rest out.


I jumped in the shower and lathered up my head. Which this shampoo gives a nice rich froth to your hair but at the same time it’s a very airy and light froth too. As I was rubbing it all around my hair and my scalp it seemed to be working, my hair felt like it was getting degreased. I rinsed it out and that’s when I noticed that not all the pomade had come out. Some did, but not nearly all of it. So I did the whole “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle twice and still the same result most of the pomade was still in my hair.

You can clearly tell in the after picture, that my hair still had quite a bit of pomade in it. I look like I should be in a Tim Burton movie the way my hair stuck out every where. That’s gotta be how he gets his characters’ hair to look like that, and how he gets his own hair to look like that. I wonder what kind of pomade he uses?


Well back to the correct subject. I was pretty bummed out this shampoo didn’t really work. I’m not going to be able to try a new pomade today, so I am just throwing something shiny on my head for my last day of work out here. And for the company dinner tonight with the owners of the company. I have to look sharp for the big wigs right, gotta make a good lasting impression?!

Now it’s made by Schmiere, so it’s gotta work with getting out at least one of their pomades. Well, I would surely think it does anyway. So, I’m going to keep trying it after every pomade of theirs I use until I find out which one it gets out. So stay tuned to find out which one it gets out of my hair.

If you want to give this shampoo a go, head over to their website and pick up a bottle!

Stay greasy guys,


Diet Coke

So I’ve heard this rumor that Diet Coke supposedly degreases your hair. I don’t really know how this works, but what the hey, let’s give it a shot. I mean I don’t see how pop can degrease your hair, even a diet one but I gotta try it out for the sake of reviewing.

So here we go. It comes in an aluminum can with a pop top. It’s silver and has Coca Cola’s design on it for their diet version. It also has the nutrition facts and ingredients on it.


As you open the can you see a dark brown liquid, just like the regular Coca Cola. It smells like artificial sweetener, aluminum and chemicals. Not my favorite smells at all.


I poured some in my hand and it just ran everywhere, as I knew it would. I snapped a pic as fast as I could to catch as much in there as possible. It smells a lot stronger out of the can. I don’t drink pop hardly ever and Diet Coke I never drink. Now I remember why. To me, this stuff just stinks!


So here’s my hair before I got in the shower and used this stuff. I don’t know how I should use it tho. So I just poured some in my hair to thoroughly coat it. Then I rubbed it in like I would a shampoo. I wasn’t really seeing anything from this stuff. No froth or anything. Like I said before I don’t know how I’m supposed to use it or how it works. Don’t mind the bulging, creepy guy eyes haha.


After about half the can gone I started to doubt if this stuff works or not, because my hair was feeling like greasy hair that got wet, nothing more. I wasn’t seeing or feeling any degreasing going on with this stuff, but I can’t quit halfway through so I went forth and used the entire can. However after the full can used I still didn’t notice any difference in my hair. If any pomade came out of my hair it was very a minuscule amount.


Well here’s my hair fresh out da showuh. As you can see, not much difference. It just looks like I got my hair wet and rubbed it dry with a towel. Which is basically what I did, just with Diet Coke. I was pretty skeptical that pop could degrease your hair from the start, but it’s still fun to try new stuff and see what works and what doesn’t. And as you can see I did use the entire can.


My suggestion, leave the Diet Coke to the ladies and gents that like to drink it and keep it out yo hair! Well hopefully this little insight to this “degreasing” method was helpful. Maybe this works for some cats out there, but it sure didn’t work for me. But if you get a hankering to try this out, I say, go for it! The pop ain’t gona hurt your hair none, maybe it will get some pomade out of your hair. I mean different things work for different people ya know?

Well until the next degreasing stop, keep it greasy kids!!


Suave Groom & Clean

So I decided to do a review on a product I’ve seen a lot of guys asking about on the “Addicted to Pomade” Facebook page. Suave’s “Groom & Clean!”


It comes in a very retro looking package. Just two colors, white and blue. The & symbol brings a nice pop to the center of the box with turquoise and red but that’s the only color difference on the box.

When you open it up the product is in the classic toothpaste style tube, but with a bigger cap than toothpaste. The tube has the same design as the box and has a blue cap.


Squeezing it out it kinda looks like a turquoise-blue version of “close-up” toothpaste. It feels just like hair gel tho, without the signature bubbles that gel has in it. The smell is awesome, it reminds me of my grandfather to a T!!! Very classic fresh smell, very gentleman like!


Now I used this stuff to degrease a hard hold pomade to make a fresh slate for the light pomade i want to review next. So I got A LOT more height than I usually do with it. Normally, this stuff only gives you maybe an inch to an inch and a half. I got like three inches, because of the pomade I had in.


It’s got a really high shine to it just like a gel does, but it doesn’t harden up like a gel does. It also can slick your hair down like a gel can too. I’ve never tried re-combing this stuff before, but I’d think you can since it doesn’t harden up.


Now some guys only leave this stuff in for 20-30 minutes then wash it out and they have freshly degreased hair. I prefer to leave it in for a few hours then wash it out and I use conditioner after to give my hair a silky feel to it!


This stuff is one of my favorite degreasing methods/products! Mainly, because I can also style with it all day long if I want to. Who doesn’t want a degreaser that you can use like a grease?! Its the best of both worlds, hence it’s namesake “Groom & Clean.” Its also on the cheaper end of the degreasing spectrum which is nice, more $$ for pomades!! Plus as you can see my hair is completely free of grease, only a little water resides in there! Stuff is way awesome, total bang for your buck!


Anyway hope you guys like this review and found some useful information from it!

Til next time!