Lucky 13 – Junior’s Gel

Alright water soluble fans, I’m back with another one for you guys. After having this stuff for a while and not trying it I figured now’s the time. Besides it’s been forever since I checked out a Lucky 13 product. Let’s see how this gel holds up, shall we?

It comes in the same 4 ounce clear plastic jar as the Swagger Cream does. It also has the same type labeling, one on the lid, and one that wraps around the jar. The lid label is a fighting cock in front of an orange bar which sits on top of tan and off white rays. The rooster has boxing gloves on, which is why I said fighting cock, for those of you who don’t know about cock fighting. In the orange bar it says “holds and shines” to the left of the rooster, and “washes right out” to the right of him. Below the rooster is “Junior’s” in varsity style lettering, and “gel pomade” in plain text. To the right of that is the Lucky 13 logo, and the Murray’s company name. For those of you who don’t know, all the Lucky 13 products were made by Murray’s. Lastly, above the rooster it says “for that one – two punch over the weekend” in the same plain text as below the rooster. As for the side label, it has the exact same design as the lid label in the center of it, with the exception of the company logo being to the left of the rooster this time. To the right of the design is the company info, the ingredients list, and some aspects of the product. To the left of the design is the barcode, directions, and a blurb about the product. I’ve always liked this label a lot. It has a cool design to it, and I really like the color scheme. It’s not a usual combination of colors and images that you see. And I think that’s part of what makes me like it as much as I do.


Opening the jar up, you see the red goop inside that you could kind of see from the outside. It has a very very shiny surface to it, and kind of looks like it is a softer gel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any gel as shiny as this on the surface before. Well, apart from soft gels, but this one isn’t like that. This one is by far the shiniest one I’ve seen out of any ringing gel or premium gel that I’ve ever come across. I’m really hoping that will come into play when using this stuff. The smell of this one is a pretty familiar scent. It reminds me a lot of Uppercut’s ringing gel, or the Admiral ringing gel I reviewed. That kind of slightly fruity scent that’s not very strong. This one doesn’t smell as chemically as those two did though. In fact, you have to really smell it to get even the slightest hint of that familiar ringing gel chemical type scent. And to be honest, I’m very glad it’s so faint in this one. I’ve never been a big fan of that scent. So it’s nice when products either don’t have it, or you can barely smell it in them.


Scooping it out was slightly difficult to my surprise. Now, I don’t mean it was a very firm gel that was hard to scoop. What I mean is, it was very slippery and had a watery layer on the outside when I scooped it out. That combined with the type of jar and how low it was filled, really made it a challenge to get a decent scoop out. I’ve never come across a gel doing this before either. I have to say, it was quite odd to see, or feel rather, this when I went to scoop it out. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t affect the hold, or that the product has degraded/broken down over time or started to separate or something. I guess I’ll find out in just a minute what the deal is.

When I started to work it around in my palms the water texture went away and it became pretty firm and tacky. It felt much more heavy that I was expecting from how it scooped out. Once I had worked it around I felt a lot better that this stuff hadn’t broken down over time. It didn’t feel like ringing gels do when they start to fall apart, but rather like it was still good. I still don’t know what the watery texture was all about though. As I applied it to my hair I was surprised again by this stuff. It went in much easier than it should have based on the heaviness it had in my hands. It actually went in more like a lighter medium ringing gel, rather than the heavy it felt like in my hands. Combing it was also really easy, and it went in evenly pretty quick too. I quite liked how it combed as well, it feels like it is going to have nice hold and be easy to style. I also noticed that this stuff has a fair amount of shine to it. Almost as much as a pomade does. That is always a good thing when it comes to gel products since they usually don’t have much shine to them, if any at all.


Just as I thought, this one was really easy to style and gave me decent hold. I wasn’t able to get my hair as rounded outward as I wanted, but I did get a fairly round shape to my hair. As well as some decent height and nice control. I didn’t have a bunch of stray hairs or flyaways, and it did a great job of keeping my cowlicks in check too. Plus, as you can see, the shine is really nice as well. It looks more like I have a pomade in my hair, rather than a gel. Even the way it left my hair looking was more like I had a pomade in it. So far I’m digging this stuff quite a bit.

Another awesome thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t harden up. After about an hour I felt my hair and it wasn’t hardened at all, not even gummy feeling. It sets up a lot like Cool Grease in the blue tub does.the hold on this one lasts nicely throughout the day as well. My hair didn’t seem to move any, and my cowlicks hadn’t shown through either. I was really happy about that, because I had expected them to since it didn’t harden or gum up at all. I figured after a little while they would open up a bit, but they didn’t. The shine also stayed all day long too. At the end of day one I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this stuff. It really did a great job all around.

The next morning I jumped in the shower and washed this stuff out of my hair. And just as I had expected, it came out with just a little bit of water. My hair did feel a bit dried out though once I rinsed it all out of my hair. I decided not to put any conditioner in my hair, just so I could see exactly how much my hair was dried out. To my surprise, once I dried my hair off, it didn’t feel dried out much at all. Only slightly, like I had used a deep cleansing shampoo or something. It wasn’t nearly as bad as a lot of other ringing gels leave it. As I went about using it for the second time, I was met with virtually a repeat of day one. The only real difference I noticed between the two days was that I got a tiny bit more of a forward doo. I was able to bring it forward a little bit more that on the first day. Everything else seemed to be the exact same as the first day though. From the scoop, to application, and the lasting hold and control it had again. I’m really starting to like this stuff quite a bit. At the end of the second day I washed it out of my hair and felt to see if it dried it out more. Surprisingly, it hadn’t dried my hair out more at all. It felt the same as it did after I got out of the shower that morning. Usually these products progressively dry your hair out as the days go on when you use it. However, every once in a while a product doesn’t do that. This stuff is one of those that doesn’t, and I was very happy to see that it wasn’t.

After using it for a couple days, I have to say I really dig this stuff. The only thing that was odd about it was that watery texture it had. It’s not a big deal at all though, as it had no effect whatsoever on the products performance at all. I still have no idea why it was like that, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. This stuff is definitely a product I recommend trying out, even if you aren’t a water based fan. It really performs more like a pomade than a ringing gel in just about every aspect. Really, the texture is the only difference, and that’s easy to get past. The only downfall is that this product has since been discontinued. So it’s going to be harder and harder to find some as time goes on. I do know that some places still have some stock of it though. So if I were you, I’d snag a jar or two while you still can. It is definitely worth the money to have this stuff. I know I will be trying to get myself a few more jars of this stuff before it’s gone for good. It’s kind of a bummer that they’re no longer making the Lucky 13 products. They were/are really good products. Anyway, snag yourself some of this one if you can, you won’t regret it.

Stay slick,


Santa’s Hair Slick

For the twelfth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Santa’s Hair Slick. And then there was one. Such a bummer this is the last pomade in the series. It’s been a fun journey though. Found some cool new pomade and stuff that I like. I think next year’s series is going to be even more fun! This is the last one in my holiday set. So like always, sticking to the basics in this review.


I decided to go with this one last, since I did the Santa pomade last the year before. Makes sense since he comes to bring gifts on Christmas Eve. It comes in the same tin as the others did. And it has the same label layout, one lid and one wrap. The lid has the name with some holly leaves and berries by it. Then off to the right is the man himself, the kringlemeister, the head elf, the big guy, Santa. Santaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! My version of him has Kris with a nice slicked hair do. He probably had North Pole Pomade in when he took this picture…


Opening the tin you see a Santa’s suit red colored pomade. You can tell it’s slightly waxy by the surface of it. I used a softer wax in this one which gives it that really smooth surface. The scent on this one is kind of self explanatory, Santa’s cookies. It smells just like the iced Christmas cookies you leave out for Santa. I happen to like this scent a lot.


Scooping it out is a nice medium soft waxy pomade. It has a feel similar to Black & White, just a little bit more firm. I kind of modeled this one after Black & White when I was creating it. But I wanted it to be different/unique at the same time. It’s very smooth and creamy when you work it in your hands. A very nice medium pomade for sure. Applying it and combing it is also very easy. There is a slight resistance when combing your hair, but not as much as with most mediums.


I get a decent medium sized pomp with it. This stuff kind of makes my hair bouncy/poofy. You can see towards the back of my part what I am talking about. It’s pretty fluffy around that area. And my pomp is very light and bouncy as well. This pomade doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I think it would go great with a blow dried style pomp. Especially with how the shine is. It gives your hair a slightly higher than natural shine. I think using this with a blow dryer would turn out nicely. I may have to try it one day.

The hold didn’t last too long due to gale force winds showing up randomly here. I was outside a lot that day and my hair was blown every which way. It’s very easy to recomb, but I kind of got tired of having to recomb my hair so I just threw a beanie on.

The buildup on this one is kind of light. The wax I use in it is pretty easily washed out with normal shampoo. So this makes for a lighter buildup than usual. The hold and shine were the same as the day before. It lasted longer since the winds were gone today. I did have a stray hair or two toward the end of the day which I promptly recombed back into place. Not going to do an opinion of this pomade since it’s mine and I obviously like it 🙂

Well the series is over. It has been another fun journey trying out some cool holiday pomades. This year yielded quite a few really good pomades. I’m very excited for next year’s series. There were some pretty cool holiday pomades put out this year that I think I will be including next year! No hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for going on this journey with me again! Until next year…..

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Winter Wonderland Hair Wax

For the tenth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Winter Wonderland Hair Wax. As with the others, I will be sticking to basics on this on as well. This one is the heaviest one in my Christmas set.


Same tin and label style as the others. This one is the busiest out of the 5 labels I think. The lid has a picture of a snow covered valley and house roof. It a box above that/in the sky of the picture it has the name. The wrap has the same box with the name.


I colored this pomade blue after my favorite ornament growing up. My grandma had this one bright blue ornament. It was always my favorite ornament, because you hardly ever used to see blue ones. There was always the traditional colors, but blue was extraordinary. The lighting doesn’t quite show the color how it truly is unfortunately. The scent on this one I made to smell just like a winter wonderland. Snow covered pine trees and a hint of fresh air.


This one is the heaviest and waxiest of the set. However it still scoops out nice and easy. It’s similar to North Pole just a bit more waxy. It also scoops out kind of like the old High Life Voodoo Brew. It breaks down in the palms really nicely. This one doesn’t candle up on me like a lot of waxy pomades do. Going in the hair it’s nice and waxy with a bit of resistance. It kind of goes in like Murray’s does. However combing it is quite easy.


It gives me a nice heavy hold. I can get a decent sized pomp going with it. The shine it give my hair is a nice natural looking shine. This is due to the oils I used in it. Being a dry waxy pomade there are some stray hairs that I get. And at the beginning the shorter hairs tend to stick out a little bit.


The hold lasts pretty much all day long. The only thing that does happen, and it happens with so many pomades, my cowlick starts to show. This stuff does stay in place everywhere else though. It also gives me more of a lighter slightly fluffy look to my hair. A lot of dry waxy pomades do this to my hair. I decided to recomb my hair and mess around a little bit. I combed it up as high as I could and ended up getting some pretty decent height. It stayed that way the rest of the night too.


The second day I barely added any pomade to my hair. The buildup was really high. Very little pomade came out of my hair. This makes for a longer lasting can, which I usually like. But who wouldn’t like that? The shine was about the same as the day before. The hold lasted just like last time. And my cowlick held better as well. Recombing my hair the second day was a bit more resistant, more like when you’re first styling your hair. I was able to get the same height as yesterday when I recombed it as well.

Like the others, I like this stuff, it is my pomade after all. I wouldn’t put something out that I didn’t like. I only have one set of these left so if you want it, shoot me an email. Only two left to go. It’s always a bummer when I come to the end of the journey. This one has been fun so far though, like always.

Til the next one,


Devil’s Finest – Christmas Edition

For the ninth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Devil’s Finest Xmas. This is one I got from a good buddy of mine in Germany a few years ago. I have no idea why I waited so long to try it, but I did. I got it in a trade from him along with their other pomades. They all have since been discontinued, but I still have this tin. Let’s check it out.


It comes in a unique shaped/size tin. It’s a 3oz tin with a slip cover lid. However it’s not like any other tin I have come across before. I like when I have one offs in my collection, gives it more character I think. The label is a light blue background with snow flakes in it, then in the center is a red devil smoking a cigar. Above him is the name of the company, then below him it says “Rock n Roll Heroes.” That’s the site this stuff is made for, they also carry all kinds of other pomades.


Opening up the tin you see a very light tan colored pomade. The surface has two different textures to it, which is odd. I’ve never seen this in a pomade before. Part of it looks to be slightly waxy, the rest looks all bumpy and coarse. The scent on it is so awesome! It’s the perfect balance with cinnamon and mint, with a hint of sweet cream. You can also smell the beeswax in it as well. Very nice scent, perfect for the Christmas season.


Scooping it out is pretty nice as well. It’s a little bit waxy, slight creamy, and comes out really easy. The scent gets a bit stronger when you scoop it out. This is the case with most beeswax pomades for some reason. In you hands it feels a lot like peanut butter at first. Really creamy and slightly tacky. Then as you work it around it gets quite a bit softer and slightly oily.

This one goes in your hair really easily. More like a light pomade than the medium it is. You can get it worked in pretty evenly before you even grab your comb. However when you go to comb your hair it gains it’s resistance back. It’s not hard to comb at all, it just goes back to being waxy and tacky. Every once in a while a pomade will do this on me. It’s kind of cool when I get surprised like this.


I am able to get a nice medium sized do going with this stuff. There isn’t too much shine to it, despite it being kind of oily in my hands. I was pretty happy with how this stuff controlled my cowlicks. I didn’t have any splits or separations at all. I was really happy with how this stuff made my hair look. The hold didn’t quite last throughout the day though. My cowlick had turned into a swirl. It actually looked kind of cool. But this stuff does go right back into place when you recomb it. And it’s very easy to recomb, like combing a light pomade.

The buildup is very reminiscent of the old High Life light. I was able to basically comb my hair back into place from bed head. No shower, no wet combing, no spray bottle. Just my comb. Loving that a lot! Pretty much all the pomade was still in my hair too, which I think helps. I decided to just roll with how my hair was and not add any pomade after I got out of the shower. The hold wasn’t as high, but lasted just like the day before. My cowlick didn’t quite swirl this time, but still did kind of wave. And just like before, my hair went right back into place.

I’ve gotta say I really like this pomade. I’m pretty bummed that I don’t have more cans of it though. I’ve heard from the owner of the shop and he is thinking about bringing back the Devil’s Finest line, so maybe this one will come back too? Hint hint Mathias 😉 You guys can keep checking in on their website for the comeback of the line of you’d like. And k suggest you do. The website is
Huge thanks to my friend for swapping me this pomade, I’ve really enjoyed it! Well, till the next one.

Merry Christmas,


Three Wise Men – White

For the eighth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Three Wise Men white one. We are at the last stop in the Three Wise Men trio. Having deduced which ones the others were, I am confident in saying this one is made by Iron Fist. Let’s see how this one fares shall we?


Just like the other ones, this one has the exact same labeling. It’s also packaged in the same green plastic jar with a black plastic lid. Like I said before, I wish there had been indications on which one was which. However, it has been kind of fun figuring it out for myself.


The pomade itself is white. When I first got them in the mail. I opened the other two first and had expected this one to be white. I really like that it’s not white white, but does have a slight off-white hue to it. Kind of gives it more of a Christmas feel to it I think. The scent on this one is my favorite of the three by far. It’s a nice cedar wood and pine scent. But it’s not a crisp woodsy scent, it has more of a powdery, dry feel to it. There is also a tiny sweet note in the background, like a sweet cream type note. Very good scent. I wish I had another jar specifically for the scent.


Scooping it out, I already knew I was going to like it. It’s a nice creamy light medium pomade. It does have a slight resistance to it, and reminds me a little bit of the old High Life light. It scooped out differently than that one, but the creamy feel was similar.

It breaks down in your hands nice and light, but not too oily or anything. There was a nice creamy feel, along with a slight stickiness to it. I really like the feel of this pomade when I spread it around in my palms. Obviously with a lighter pomade, this stuff applies super easily. I was able to get it worked it almost all the way with just my hands. I didn’t get a big enough scoop the first time to I had to dip back into the jar. And man it was awesome to go through scooping and whatnot again. Really like the feel of this stuff.


Combing it is way awesome. It’s one of my favorites now to comb in my hair. Just super smooth, with the right amount of resistance for a lighter pomade. It gives me a more bouncy style than the average pomade does. I was able to get the same lift I do with a medium pomade. The control was also on point with this one as well. I didn’t really have any hairs out of place at all. They all stuck nicely together. I was expecting a little more shine for it being a lighter pomade, but the shine was slightly less and more natural looking. I’m definitely liking that a lot, I just wasn’t expecting it.


The hold was lasting nicely throughout the day. I had been running errands, wrapping presents, and making pomade. I decided to snap a picture midday. The lift was still there, control had suffered a little as my cowlick had opened up a little bit. However I didn’t have stray hairs or hairs falling down, so the control did hold up nicely. The shine had dulled down a little bit, but not that much. My hair just looked even more naturally shiny than pomade shiny. Pretty happy with this stuff midday, I knew I was going to like it though just by how it felt.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9f5/40839548/files/2014/12/img_9088.jpgKing Solomon

At the end of the day I decided to take one last picture. I happened to be sitting on the stairs and one of my dogs say behind me. I went to take a picture and noticed my hair still hadn’t moved at all. I tried to get a good profile shot to show how it was holding up. The only that had changed was my cowlick opened up a little bit more. At the end of the first day I am absolutely stoked about this pomade. It is already one of my new favorite lighter pomades. If it performs this well on day one, I know it will be a great pomade for future use.

The buildup is really nice as well. My hair has a more oily feel to it the second day. However this didn’t make styling difficult at all. The hold and control were virtually the same, maybe slightly more. The shine was a bit higher and slick looking. I think I like the shine from day one better though. All day was the same, kept checking my hair, hair was still holding up perfectly. The control was a bit better at the end of the day. My cowlick wasn’t showing through as much as at the end of day one.

All in all, new favorite for sure. It’s a great pomade. My favorite of the three all around. As before, this is part of a discontinued set. So you most likely won’t be able to get one. Unless you find someone trading or selling theirs in one of the pomade groups online. Thanks for checking out this set with me. Can’t wait to try out the next pomade!



Sugar Plum Hair Dressing

For the seventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Sugar Plum Hair Dressing. Just like with Gumdrop and North Pole, this one is another one from my holiday set. Like with the others, I’ll be sticking to basics on this one.


Same tin as my other ones, 4oz stainless tin with a lid label and a can wrap. Same style of labeling, simple, classic Christmas style label. The lid just has 3 plums with “Sugar Plum Hair Dressing” above them. There are little snow flakes on either side of the name as well. Gives it a little flare I think. The can wrap just has the name on the front of it to keep it simple.


Opening up the tin you see a dark plum purple colored pomade. The lighting kind of makes it look blueish violet, but it’s actually like the color of plum skin. This one is the lightest hold in the quintet, which you can kind of see by looking at it. The scent of it, as I’m sure you guessed, is sugar plum.


Scooping this one out is very much like scooping out Hair Rep. It’s a nice light hair dressing. It’s not oily like Royal Crown or Exelento is. It stays nice and rounded when you scoop it out. I’m not sure why, but I always like when pomades do this. It breaks down much like any other light hair dressing type pomade does. When you do break it down, then it gains a slight oily feel to it.

Applying it is super easy. It goes in a lot like Hair Rep as well. Super smooth, you can disperse it pretty much all the way with just your hands. Combing it is a breeze, as you’d expect it to be. It gets a little lighter when you finish combing it in and are about ready to style your hair.


It gives me some decent lift and control, especially for being a light pomade. The hold is a light hold, but it does a great job for a light I think. And it shines up like a lot of other light pomades.


You can get a better view of how it holds my hair from the side. I took this picture about midday. There was a little bit of gapping on the side of my head. However the hold/lift was still there. The shine had increased a little bit, which usually happens with lighter pomades.


The hold lasts pretty much all day. I did have a little more splitting on the sides, and my cowlick was very apparent. I was expecting that though. For one, I made this pomade and know how it works. And two, my hair does this with even medium pomades. So it would for sure do it with a light one.

Most of this stuff comes out overnight and after a shower. So the buildup is almost nonexistent, making day two virtually the same as day one. You do get a little more shine, but the hold/control doesn’t increase at all. It very rarely does with light pomades though. Most of the time the hold stays the same each day.

Like the others, I obviously like this pomade. After all, I made it, so why wouldn’t I? And it is part of the set that I made, which is discontinued. I only have a couple sets left from this year’s run. If you would like one, you can shoot me an email and I will get you taken care of. Stay tuned for what I review next.

Merry Christmas,


Three Wise Men – Green

For the sixth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Three Wise Men green one. This is part 2 of the 3 piece set. I’m anxious to see how this one is. The first one I tried wasn’t the best one for my hair, but this one could be way different. Let’s see shall we?


The jar is the same green plastic jar with a black lid. The labeling is the exact same as well. Like I was saying in the first review, I wish they had distinguished which was which on the label. But it is slightly fun trying to figure out who made which one. It helps that I’ve tried some of the maker’s products before.


This one is another one with a finger poke in the surface. The pomade itself is a kind of faded lime color. Not quite as Christmasy as the first one, but still a cool color. It actually kind of looks a bit like my Frankengrease color wise. The scent is egg nog and something else. I can’t quite make out what it is, but it definitely clashes with the egg nog. I’m not really liking whatever other scent is mixed with the egg nog. Hopefully it will balance out once it gets in my hair.


It scoops out kind of hard. It’s pretty waxy and reminds me kind of a more waxy version of Grandad’s. I’m guessing this one is made by Grandad’s, but I have never tried Iron First or the 3rd one in the set so I can’t be positive. This one is pretty clumpy and takes some pressing to get it smoothed out. Once I did, it had a nice creamy feel to it. Kind of reminds me of Grandad’s as well. I’m having more confidence in my guess that it is the Grandad’s one.

It applies really nicely, and easier than the red one. I was quite surprised that it went in as easy as it did. Especially since it was pretty waxy when I scooped it out. And it combed perfectly. Very little resistance, easily workable. I really like how this one combs. You can get it worked in quickly and it’s very smooth.


I was able to get some really nice height with this one. And my hair didn’t just stick straight up like with a lot of heavier pomades. There was some nice roundness to it. This one has more of a matte look to it. I kind of expected this since it was so waxy. It gives my hair more of a natural look to it. I only have a few pomades that do this, so it’s nice to add another one to my collection. I was very happy to notice that the scent had mellowed out. I could barely notice the scent at all and that other note was completely gone.


It held up really nicely throughout the day. The height was pretty much the same, and only my cowlick had moved really. Definitely happy with this stuff on the first day. Even though I didn’t need to, I went ahead and recombed my hair anyway. It feels a bit softer than when your first comb your hair. And my hair was a bit bouncy at the end of the day. I did lose a little bit of height, but my hair seemed to pretty much go back to how it was. Now to see how the buildup is.

The second day it was exactly the same as it was the first day. There was about half of the pomade left in my hair and it was mostly wax. I was pretty happy with the buildup, and with it being waxy it made combing a little more resistant. Now it felt much more like a heavy pomade. The results were pretty much the same, except my hair did have a more waxy look to it. What I mean is, you could tell I had a heavy waxy pomade in my hair. The shine was a little different the second day. Kind of gave off more of a matte look than a natural look. The hold lasted just like the first day, with the exception of my cowlick staying in place a bit better. Definitely liking it on day two as well.

Gotta say this one is pretty good pomade. The only thing I didn’t like was that odd note in the scent that clashed with the egg nog. Like I said before, this one is part of a set that was only made last year. So if you don’t have one, you may be out of luck. You can always try to trade for one or buy a second hand one from a member of the pomade community. But if people like it how I do, you probably won’t be able to convince someone to part with theirs.

See you at the next one,