Cool Grease Comb

Hello readers, today we are checking out another Cool Grease product. This time I’m gonna give their comb a review. For the longest time I never knew they even had a comb, but a few months ago I saw that my buddy Tadashi started carrying them on his website. Tadashi, for those of you who don’t know who he is, runs the HedgeLion company. So anyway, I saw that he started carrying these combs and asked him about buying one to try out. He told me how much they were, but just sent me one to review for him and to try out. I was really stoked about that and thanked him for sending it to me. And thank you again buddy, I really appreciate it!
This comb isn’t your average comb, that’s for sure. It comes packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, but it’s not sealed. One end of the sleeve is open so you can slide it out, but it doesn’t have a flap or anything. It’s just cut straight across evenly on one end. There’s no barcode sticker or anything like that on the plastic sleeve either. As for the comb itself, it’s a pretty unique looking comb. It doesn’t really have much of a handle on the end though. It’s only about 2″ long, just big enough for the logo to be printed on it. This comb is only filled with small teeth spaced pretty close together. So I’m guessing it’s more of a finishing comb rather than a styling comb. The teeth seem to all be the same length throughout, they’re not tapered at all like some combs are. This comb is only slightly longer than a pocket comb too. So it may make for a great pocket comb as well as a finishing comb. I am going to try it out other ways besides those though.

The logo is done in the same gold type of print that a lot of pocket combs have on them. It’s only on one side of the comb, and fills up the “handle” area pretty well. Inside the gold area it says “The Cool Grease Brand” in a couple different fonts. It’s a pretty basic design, but is more than just plain letters like most combs have. So it’s pretty cool to see a change up, and a sort of design on this comb. I was surprised to see that it was only on the one side though. I had expected it to have it on both sides of it like the Layrite comb does. And actually, come to think of it, this one reminds me a bit of the Layrite comb. Only the handle is much shorter. It’s like if you were to cut most of the handle off the Layrite comb. That’s what this one reminds me of anyway. It’s got the same fine toothed aspect to it like the other one does, but it’s not tapered like the Layrite comb.

I first used this comb when I reviewed the Cool Grease Cock Grease product. I tried applying that stuff with it, but had some difficulty doing so. Mainly because the handle is so short and that’s a heavy product. That combined with it being a fine toothed comb. So it wasn’t the easiest to apply that product with. Once I got that one combed in and styled for the most part, I used this one as a finishing comb for it. That’s when it performed pretty well for me, and I began to like the short handle. It really allows you to get all the little areas you need to and smooths out all the comb lines nicely. I was pretty happy with it in that aspect. However, I do need to try it out a few other ways to see how it is overall. I mean I know already that it’s a great finishing and touch up comb, but I need to see how it does with other products and in other aspects.

The next time I used it was with that Wet ringing gel. This time I tried it out as a styling comb. It wasn’t the best at this, even with a softer medium product. The comb just doesn’t have long enough teeth and they aren’t spaced wide enough to really get a good shape going. So I styled my hair with my regular comb and set this one aside for another day and product. So far it’s looking like this one is just going to be good as a finishing comb and touch up comb. I’m going to try it out one more time as a styling comb though before I close the door on it. I also need to test it out as a pocket comb, but have to wait until I use a pomade to do that.

So I pulled this one out again when I reviewed Reuzel’s green can. However, again, it didn’t work well for me as a styling comb. Even though I tried it with another softer medium product, this comb just doesn’t have the right dimensions for styling your hair. It’s only good for finishing and touching up your hair. Well, at least as of now. I still have to try it out as pocket comb. I had gotten a bit frustrated with it when I tried it with the Reuzel pomade, which made me forget to try it out as a pocket comb. So I have to wait until I review another pomade to try it out in that aspect.

Luckily, I reviewed another pomade right after Reuzel’s, so I put it to work right away. It does fit in my pocket quite nicely, as I thought it would. It’s only slightly longer than a regular Unbreakable pocket comb, so it fits in my pocket great. It’s also thinner than a regular pocket comb, so I didn’t notice it at all in my pocket. When I used it as a recombing tool, it just did ok for me. Because it doesn’t have wide teeth I had a tough time getting decent shape back to my hair. It was easy to recomb my hair with, I just couldn’t get the shape and whatnot back like I can with my regular pocket comb. So I grabbed my styling comb to recomb my hair back nicely and then used this one again to finish my hair off. In that aspect it does a great job. Better than my normal pocket comb does by far. I was able to get a much more smooth look that I usually do. And I was definitely happy about that.

All in all, it’s a decent little comb for what it is. I can’t do much with it except for finishing and touching up, but in those areas it really shines. I don’t have a better comb than this one for those things. And I would definitely recommend getting one of these for that. It works outstandingly in those aspects. You can get one off , and you should do so immediately. While you’re there check out all the new stuff Tadashi has up on the site! Thank you again for sending me this comb to try out man, I really appreciate it. I had some fun trying this one out. And I’m very glad I have it in my line up and collection. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get one of these combs. It really is the perfect finishing comb and touch up comb. It’s going to be hard to find one better than this one out there I think. And I will be sure to let you guys know if I ever do find one better. Until I do….

Stay slick,


Barber Side – Shaving Cream (Orange Sickle)

Hey gents, I’m finally checking out another one of Barber Side’s shaving creams. A couple months back my good buddy Marvin sent me a few items, and one of them happened to be the orange sickle scented shaving cream. So today I’m gonna check that one out. I’m very curious to see if it’s the exact same as the sandalwood vanilla one was, or if it’s different all together.  

It comes in the same huge black plastic tub that the other cream came in, but the labeling is a bit different. This time it’s just white with black writing, instead of it being tan with red writing. Also, the font is different this time too. This label has a rosewood type font on it, which you know I’m a big fan of. These types of letters are some of my absolute favorites out there! I really like them a lot, and like all the diverse types there are. They really are a cool type of lettering. The layout of the label is the same, with the name of the product in big letters in the center, and a straight razor behind it. Just like last time, the razor has a barber pole for the handle. On the far left side it has the name of the company, also in the rosewood font, and the scent name in regular font. Then on the far right side is the ingredients, company info, barcode, and directions. Apart from the font and color change, the label is exactly the same. I think it would look even cooler if the label was tan with black and red colored rosewood font. I do really like the change in the label’s design, this one looks better than the old one with the new font.


When I opened up the tub, I saw that the cream inside looks like it’s the exact same as the sandalwood vanilla one. So I’m guessing it’s going to perform the same way the other one did, but I could be wrong. It could surprise me and be different even though it looks the same. The scent of this one is just awesome! It smells so good and strong, yet not overpowering. When you first smell it, you get the immediate orange scent. Then it is followed by a crisp clean note, and the familiar shave cream scent wraps it all up. The cream scent isn’t as strong as it is with most other creams though. It is much more mellow in this one. This shaving cream has one of the best scents by far, I really like it a lot.


I ended up forgetting to take a picture of the cream on my brush, because I was digging the scent so much I couldn’t wait to start shaving and started building my lather. So I decided to grab a second brush and put a little bit of the cream on it to show you guys what that looks like. However, this brush decided to not cooperate very well and the cream ended up scattered all over the brush tips. So it’s not the best view of how the cream looks on a brush. Every once in a while I get ahead of myself and forget to take pictures at certain stages of the review. I haven’t done it in a while though, so apparently I was overdue for it haha. Anyway, let’s get back to the review now.

I did however remember to take a picture of the lather part way through me working it up. The reason I did this is because I noticed that the lather of this one was way different than the other cream. This lather is very bubbly and foamy like how bubble bath foam is. I was really surprised to see this, because I have never seen a shave cream or soap lather up this way before. They usually are much different, but it was a cool change up. I just hope the lather does well when it comes time to shave. This one did build the lather up really quickly too. I took the picture above after only 10 seconds of swirling my brush around in the bowl.


After just 30 seconds the lather was built up nicely, and as you can see, even more foamy than it was before. It looks like I scooped out some bubbles from my sons bath haha. I’ve never seen a shave product lather up like this before, it’s quite odd, but kind of cool at the same time. Another cool thing about this cream is how the scent fills up the bathroom once you build up your lather. When it filled the air though, it reminded me of that orange scented air freshener that fancy places use in their bathrooms. Which isn’t a bad thing, or scent, it just brings a fancy bathroom to my mind is all.


Anyway, I went on to take a picture of how the lather fills up both brushes. And as you can see, this stuff packs brushes super full with lather. I’ve only had one other product fill up my brush this much, which was that Schmiere shave soap. It really does a nice job of filling up different types of brushes too. I used both a synthetic brush and a cheap-o boars hair brush, and the cream packed both of them to the gills. I’m definitely happy with this cream so far. The foamy lather still throws me for a loop though. I just can’t get over how different it is. Especially coming from the same company as the other cream. However, I guess each one of the creams is a different type of cream, rather than the same cream just in different scents. Which is definitely a cool thing for me. As most of you know, I like variety when it comes to shave products. And while I like the other cream a lot, it’s nice to have a different type of cream at the same time.


I then slapped the lather on my face. And that’s when I saw the familiar lather I know from shaving creams. Once I applied it to my face, it got much thicker and turned into the lather that we all know and love from shaving creams like this. As you can see, it’s now more thick and cloud like, just like how their other shave cream is. It coats my face and whiskers really well, and doesn’t get any streaks or thin spots in it. I also really like the way the scent is right under my nose. The orange really stands out once you get the lather on your face, it’s quite nice. Now on to shaving!

With the first pass of my razor, I immediately liked this cream a lot. It does a really great job of trapping my whiskers and keeping them out of my razor. I also liked how the lather rolls over the bar of my razor too. It makes it super easy to rinse off. I literally just had to dip it in the water and move my razor one way and all the lather and whiskers were off my razor. This was a really awesome aspect of this cream! And it made for a very nice shave, and a quick one too. The fact that I was using a great blade also helped as well. I was really happy with how this cream had performed so far. Really, every aspect of it was great from opening the tub until the final pass of my razor. Very very happy with this cream.

One thing that really surprised me when using this cream was how most of my whiskers sank to the bottom of the sink. Now usually, my whiskers float on the water, as you see a few of them doing in the picture. However, for some reason, when I used this cream almost all of them sank to the bottom of the sink. It was really odd to see this happen, and made me wonder why it did. I can’t think of anything other than something in the cream attaching to them and weighing them down to where they sank instead of floating on the surface of the water. This isn’t really anything good or bad when it comes to the cream itself, I just found it odd and thought I’d throw that in the review.

After I had let my face dry I felt it to see how the cream affected my face, if at all. To my relief, this cream did leave my face feeling a little bit soft. It didn’t really moisturize my face a lot and leave it super soft, but there was a noticeable difference. I didn’t really know what to expect, since this one is different from their other cream. It was nice to see that the cream did leave my face a bit soft though. And I could still smell the scent lingering on my face after I rinsed off too. They really should make an aftershave with this scent to go with this cream. Just like with the Schmiere shave soap, I had a slightly difficult time picking an aftershave to go with this cream. I ended up using a bergamot aftershave, since orange and bergamot kind of go together. It would be much better if there was an aftershave with this same scent though. This scent really is nice, and I for sure wouldn’t mind smelling like this all day long.

All in all, this cream was a winner for me. I really liked everything about it, and enjoyed all the little surprises it threw my way. I also liked that it was a bit different from their other cream as well. It makes me very interested to try out their 3rd shaving cream too. And after using this cream for a few months, I have to say, it’s become one of my favorites in my collection. I highly recommend you guys trying this stuff out! You won’t regret it at all, it really is a great shave cream. Huge thank you to my friend Marvin again for sending me this cream to review and try out! I really enjoyed it man, and can’t wait to try out the 3rd cream. Head on over to to get yourself a tub of this cream. And while you’re there make sure you check out their other products! They have a lot of awesome stuff, you can read my reviews on all of their products, except the 3rd shaving cream, here on my blog. Just search “Barber Side” up in the search bar and you can see all of them and how they perform.

Til next time,


Hammered Mules – Shave Bowl

Hello gents, I am finally back with another shave bowl review. I know it’s been quite a while since my last one, but I just hadn’t bought any new ones recently. However, I did get this one in recently. I was plinkin’ around on eBay a couple months ago, and stumbled across this one listing. It expired before I could buy the bowl though. So I messaged the company about getting one, because it interested me and I wanted to try it out and review it. To my surprise they emailed me personally and offered to send me a bowl to review!! Can’t thank you guys enough for sending me this awesome bowl to review! I appreciate it very much. Let’s get started on this bowl, shall we?

This bowl isn’t your average shaving bowl. For one, it’s copper instead of clay, porcelain, plastic, etc etc., and second it has a handle like a mug does. I’m not sure how the handle will come into play with the use of this bowl, if it does at all. You can clearly tell this was hand made from all the hammer marks and the welds where the handle is attached. For me, this really adds a nice aesthetic to the bowl, and gives it a uniqueness. It’s about the same size around as my Col. Conk shave bowl, but has a much bigger opening and is taller as well. At the bottom is a space that I’m guessing they made for shave soap puck to go. It’s a tad bit bigger around than your average puck, and is only about 1/4″ deep, but it does allow a puck to sit in it nicely. Other than the sticker on the bottom that has the company name and a donkey on it, there are no other markings on the bowl anywhere. To be honest, I had kind of expected some sort of acid or laser etched logo to be on the side or the bottom of the bowl. However, the company opted for just a clear sticker on the bottom of the bowl. Doing so makes the bowl very clean looking, and gives it more of a handmade look. Whereas an etched logo would kind of show more of a mass produced product. So I totally get their reason for going with just the sticker.

I really like the polished and shiny look this bowl has to it! I will have to make sure to take very good care of it to make the shiny polished finish stay that way as long as possible. It will naturally build a patina over time from the oils in my skin/hands, as well as the things in the water. That’s just the nature of metals, and especially copper. Copper is a softer metal, kind of like gold, so it easily gets scratched, and bent, and all that jazz. It also tarnishes easier than other metals, and builds a natural patina quicker as well. I’ve seen some really really beautiful antique copper items that have gained such awesome patinas to them! Each one having a completely unique tarnish to it. I really hope that after the luster of this bowl is no longer there, that it develops a cool looking unique tarnish/patina to it! That will take years and years to accomplish though. Hopefully I still have my blog and can show you guys by then haha.

I will be showcasing this bowl in every way I can for you guys. First I will test it out as strictly a lather building bowl. And then I will try it out with a puck inside of it also. As well as a shaving cream usage bowl too. I have to say, I really like the size and shape of this bowl a lot! It fits in my hand perfectly. I had thought the handle might kind of get in my way, but it doesn’t. I just turn it around to where it’s in between my thumb and pinky, and I’m able to grip the bowl from the bottom quite well. This will allow me to really work up a good lather with my brush I think.

I’m going to start by using it as just a lather bowl, even though it has that indentation in it. I started with just a soap I have previously reviewed and had been using for a little while. I wanted to use something familiar so I would be able to see if there was any difference in using this bowl versus my usual one. I noticed a difference with this bowl almost immediately. The indentation allows me to build up the lather a lot quicker. My regular bowl is just a smooth wide bowl, whereas this one has a smooth curve, but also has the indentation. And that right angle allowed me to build up the lather much faster. Other than that though, I didn’t notice any difference in the lather’s quality or texture when using this bowl. The lather seemed to be the same as when I use my other bowl, it just got there quicker. Which is definitely a good thing when you’re in a hurry and need to shave quickly.


This bowl really did a good job as a lather bowl. There was quite a bit of lather left in the bowl after I brushed some on my face. I really like the shape and size of it too. It is really easy to grip with my hand and scoop the lather out with my brush. A bit easier than my regular bowl actually. So far I’m liking this bowl quite a bit. I do have some more testing to do with this one though before I make a final judgement of how I like it.

After rinsing the bowl out I was pleased to see that the shiny finish was still very present. I didn’t really expect it to diminish at all after just one use, but sometimes things can surprise you. I did see some scratch marks in the bowl from my brush though. They’re very small and light, but they were there. You can kind of see them a little bit in the very bottom down in the indentation area. That part isn’t as shiny, because of the brushes scratch marks. I half expected this to happen though. Like I said before, copper is a softer metal and is very easily scratched and whatnot. All said and done, the first trial of this bowl was really nice. I was happy with it all around. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this bowl builds up a patina too. I think this bowl will really start to look cool after a year or two of using it.

The second way I am testing this bowl is with shaving cream. I picked another tried and true shaving cream that I’ve used quite a few times and know how it normally is. However, this time I switched up my brushes and am using my Simpson badger brush. I really like how this brush works up shaving cream lather, so I decided to use it this time. Just like with the soap, the cream’s lather built up really quickly. Faster than it does in my other bowl. I also noticed that there was a bit more lather than I usually get using my normal bowl too. This is definitely a plus for you guys that do 2 or 3 passes when shaving. You will easily have more than enough lather when using a cream in this shave bowl. I was very happy with how much lather I was able to get and how quickly I was able to get it.

The second test of this bowl was awesome. I liked it even more than the first time I used it! Again I noticed more scratches once I rinsed the bowl out. These are giving the inside of the bowl a worn look really quickly. Quite a bit sooner than I had expected to be honest. I figured it would take a fair amount of usage before I’d see a worn look to the inside of the bowl. However, after just using it twice, it looks like I’ve been shaving with this bowl for a month or two. I’m kind of surprised it’s taking on this look so quickly. It’s not a bad thing, I just wasn’t expecting it to do so that’s all. I am liking this bowl a lot though, and can easily recommend it as a shave bowl just after using it twice.

For the third test I did of this bowl, I decided to switch things up a lot. I went with a new shaving cream, and a synthetic brush this time. Well, sort of a new cream. It’s a different scent of Barber Side’s shaving cream. Just like the last two times, after just a few seconds the lather had built up pretty much all the way. As you can see there’s quite a bit in my brush and in the bowl. That indentation and the way I’m able to grasp this bowl really makes it super easy to work up lather. And not just with creams, but with soap as well. I’m really liking that about this bowl a lot. It’s kind of spoiling me haha, because now I’m not wanting to use my other bowl as much. This one allows me to build up a really good lather very quickly, and gives me more lather than I usually get from my other bowl. I did try using the handle while I finished working up the lather, but I didn’t really like it much. It’s a bit awkward for me to hold it by the handle and swirl my brush around. I much prefer grabbing the bowl by the bottom and working up the lather that way instead. It’s much easier, and produces lather a lot quicker.


When I went to use this bowl with a puck in it, I found that all my pucks were stuck in my other mugs and bowls. And I didn’t want to try and pry any of them out, so I opted to save this test for the next time I review a new puck. With me just starting on a new cream review, I didn’t want to also start a shave soap review. I tried that in the past and it just didn’t work all that well for me. So I’ve just stuck to reviewing one thing at a time when it comes to creams and soaps. I will for sure test this bowl out that way and either update this review, or add in the soap review how this bowl does using it with a puck inside it.

I did use the bowl quite a few times each way I tested it though, to make sure I put I through a good amount of use. And after having this bowl for a few months and using it quite a bit, I took some pictures of how it has “worn” so to speak. The first one is the shot of the inside of the bowl. As you can see, there are quite a few scratch marks from my brushes on the inside. Also, the shine it used to have had gone down quite a bit, and the inside is nowhere near as shiny as it used to be. There’s also some dark spots that have started to form on the inside too, kind of starting the buildup of its patina. It’s not a huge difference from how it was when I first got it new, but you can tell that it’s starting to get an aged and worn look to it a bit.

The next picture I took was kind of an angled view of the outside, with a little bit of the inside showing as well. I took this one to kind of show how the handle and the rim look. The handle, even though I didn’t grab it much, has lost nearly all of the shine it had to it. And the rim was the same way, which I knew it would be. I often run my brush over it when scooping out the lather. I also sometimes scrape my brush over the edge of the bowl to get excess lather off of it. So I knew the rim would lose its shine, and start to kind of take on a patina to it. The inside of rim has also gained a darker look to it. Now, it had already been slightly darker than the rest of the bowl when I first got it, but it has definitely gotten darker since I’ve been using it. There’s also some dark spots that you can see on the outside of the bowl just under the rim too. These spots got really dark for some reason, and only these spots. I’m not exactly sure what happened there, as I always wiped it off well after using it. And I never left any lather or water spots on the bowl at all. Nonetheless, these two really dark spots came to be on the outside of the bowl.

The other pics I took were of both sides of the bowl so you could see how it has “aged” since I’ve been using it. The outside has held up its shine pretty nicely. I mean you can easily see the discoloration and start of a patina building on the outside, but the shine is still there unlike the inside. I was kind of surprised it stayed as shiny as it did with me grabbing it by the sides each time. I had kind of expected the oils from my hands to affect it more, but they didn’t. They definitely aided in slightly discoloring it, but didn’t take the shine down at all. So far I’m really happy with how this bowl has aged and whatnot. I’m really liking the look it has to it after being used for a few months.

As far as the performance of the bowl goes, I give this one a high recommendation. It’s definitely a bowl all of you wet shave enthusiasts and collectors should have in your collection! I really liked everything about this bowl. I don’t have any negative, or even slightly non-positive, to say about it. It really was a great bowl, and has become my favorite that I own. I still like all of my other bowls just fine, it’s just that this one has become my favorite. It’s kind of the perfect bowl for me. I strongly suggest you guys get yourself one of these for your collection/shelf/den, and soon! To get one, just go on their website and put one in your cart. Huge thank you again to the owner of Hammered Mules for sending me this awesome bowl! I really loved it a lot! I hope you don’t mind that I took my time with the review and waited to post it until it built up a little bit of a patina on it. I just wanted to show how this bowl aged so to speak. Anyway, thank you again very much! I look forward to trying out another one of your mugs or bowls in the future!! Seriously guys, check out their stuff ASAP! You won’t regret it, it’s quality stuff.

Stay fresh fellas,

Schmiere – Metal Comb ~ Guitar Shape

I’m going to continue on my Schmiere product run and check out one of their combs. I recently got a really awesome Xmas care package from my friend Sophia over at the Schmiere/Rumble 59 company full of awesome products to try out and review for them. The comb I am featuring today was one of them. I haven’t reviewed a comb in quite a while so I figured it was time to show you guys another one, and it was perfect timing with this one.
So today’s comb is the Schmiere metal hair comb with the guitar design. They have 6 or 7 different metal combs each with its own unique design. I happened to like the guitar one the best, and Sophia was kind enough to send me one to try out and review. The combs come packed in a thin clear plastic sleeve with a flap that folds over to seal it. On the plastic sleeve there is a white sticker with the barcode and name of the comb. Usually combs that come in sleeves like this aren’t sealed, and it’s a nice change to see one sealed up like this.

The comb itself is a metal comb that appears to be made of stainless steel with a brushed finish to it. Obviously it’s a guitar shape, but what they don’t describe is that it is a Les Paul or Gretsch body style. And they really did a great job with all the details of it! They have the head shaped right with the tuners clearly visible, as well as the pickups, bridge, volume and tone knobs, and the pickup switch too. Now they’re all just empty spaces stamped out, but still, they did a great job with it. Stamped in the guitar’s neck it says “Rock This Town” with what appears to be some type of stain painted in the letters to make it slightly darker than the comb. Also stamped in the very end tooth of the comb is their website, again with the stain in it to make it darker than the comb. This comb is by far one of the coolest combs out there! Me being a guitar player, I was very stoked to get this comb and to see all the details they put into it! Let’s hope it performs as awesome as it looks!

Feeling the comb in my hands, it’s surprisingly a lot lighter feeling than I thought it would be. I expected kind of a hefty, bulky feeling comb, but it’s actually pretty light. It doesn’t feel like it weighs much more than my regular blue styling comb. Not that the weight really matters to me, but I thought it was kind of cool. The spacing of the teeth seems to be the exact same spacing as the wide end of my big styling combs. The teeth themselves aren’t the same width or length, but the spacing between them seems to be the exact same. The teeth are about half as short and not quite as wide as the large teeth on my large styling combs, but they’re wider than the small teeth. I’m not sure how well this one will server as a styling comb, because the teeth aren’t nearly as long as styling combs’ teeth are. They are about the same length as a pocket comb’s teeth are, but who knows, it may work just fine. Only time will tell how it does. If anything, I know it will be a good application comb and pocket comb for recombing my hair.

I started testing this comb out just combing my dry hair before I got in the shower. Now I’m not sure if my hair was just tangled, or if it was the comb, but I had to kind of delicately comb my hair. It really wanted to snag and pull my hair, and it kept stopping, because my hair would get tangled. I chocked it up to my hair, mainly because I had been wearing a hat earlier and my hair was pretty messy. After I got out of the shower I combed my hair again, and once I got the initial tangles from drying my hair with a towel out, the comb seemed to run through my hair very easily. Even though it’s a metal comb, this one didn’t snag my hair or cause friction when combing my hair. I decided to let my hair completely dry before applying stuff to it, just to see if the comb acted differently with dry hair as opposed to damp hair. And just as I thought before, it was just my hair. The comb didn’t tangle my hair or get caught up in my hair at all this time. It actually felt smoother than using my plastic combs on dry hair! I’m definitely liking this comb so far. However, I still have quite a bit of testing to do with it before I make a final judgement on it.

The next thing I did with the comb was work in the Schmiere ringing gel I just reviewed. It was pretty easy to work in with this comb, and surprisingly not awkward to handle/use. I had kind of expected it to be a bit funky to work with because of the shape of it, but it wasn’t at all. I could get a nice grip on it and comb the product into my hair easily. It may be a different story when using a heavy or super heavy pomade or ringing gel though. Those can e difficulty to comb in and work with, even when using a regular styling comb. So this one might not work all that well with those types of products. However, it may work better because it’s metal, and can push through them better. I could also warm this comb up a little too, whereas I can’t with a plastic comb. So this one may prove to be better to use for applying heavier products. I won’t know for sure until I test it out in that aspect.

After working the product into my hair completely, I then went to go style my hair with this comb. At first it was working pretty well, and allowed me to part my hair very quickly and easily. As well as getting the sides and back into place easily, and pulling my pomp up in the front. However, when I went to get the height where I wanted it and start to shape my pomp, the comb didn’t want to cooperate. I had a feeling this was going to happen though. The teeth are just not quite long enough to really get into my hair and lift it up and shape it how a styling comb does. The teeth just can’t get deep enough into my hair to pull it all up how I want it. And they’re spaced a little bit too wide for shaping and finishing. I always use the fine tooth end of my styling comb for shaping and finishing my hair, because the wide tooth end leave too large of comb lines for it to look how I want it to. This comb did do a great job of working the product into my hair and everything else though. And so far I’m really happy with it how it is.

One thing that some people might view as a setback about this comb, is that you can’t let it soak overnight to clean it. You have to clean it by hand and dry it off as soon as you’re done, because it is metal after all. Part of me is tempted to see if the stainless finish will allow me to soak it in my Barbicide jar, but at the same time, I don’t want to risk potentially ruining the comb by doing so. Since I haven’t wanted to chance it, I’ve just opted to clean it by hand and dry it off. And it’s actually super easy to clean! A lot easier than any of my plastic or wood combs have been to clean. The shape and flat surfaces of it really make for fast and easy cleaning. It only takes me a couple minutes to clean and dry this comb. So for me, there’s no set back at all when it comes to it being a metal comb.

Another thing I really like about this comb is the way it fits in my back pocket. It’s only a little bit longer than my usual pocket combs, but that added length keeps it from shifting sideways and falling to the bottom of my pocket. That’s one thing that has always kind of annoyed me about my Unbreakable combs. It can be a pain when they shift sideways and fall to the bottom of my pocket and I have to kind of dig them out to use them. However, with this one, it can’t do that. The most it can do is shift at an angle and sit in my pocket diagonally. The only thing about it, is that I can feel this one in my pocket at all times. Since it’s metal and doesn’t have any give to it, when I sit down I can feel it. Now it’s not uncomfortable by any means, but I do know that it’s there at all times. Whereas with my plastic ones, I kind of forget they’re there until I need to use them. But, they’re almost always a pain to get out of my pocket, and this one isn’t. It is very easy to grab, use, and throw back in my pocket quickly. And surprisingly, it hasn’t started to bend at all yet. Now this may change over months or a year of using it and having it in my back pocket, but as of now, it hasn’t gotten any sort of bend to it from me sitting on it.

Now I still have some more testing to do on this comb, and I will do a follow up review of it in a few months after I have put it through every test I can via my grooming routines, but as of now I really like it! It’s definitely a comb I’d recommend picking up. And not just as a novelty piece or collection item, but for its practicality as well. It really does work well. And it makes a great piece to add to your comb collection and/or grooming collection. I will definitely be using this comb a lot in the future! And I’m very interested to see how their other metal combs that I like differ from this one. The ones I’ve been eyeing have been the brass knuckles one, because it’s a straight boxy type comb with longer teeth. As well as their skull one, for the same reason and it appears to be longer than these, plus it’s just frickin cool looking! And finally their butterfly comb, because I love butterfly knives, and it looks like it would be a great pocket comb for touch ups on the go, and let’s not forget it’s a totally rad comb you can play with constantly! So if you like great combs, make sure you pick this one up! You can get it on some of the online pomade shops or directly from them. To get it from them, head to their website and add one to your cart. While you’re there check out the other combs I mentioned and their other combs as well. You may see one you like better! Huge thank you to Sophia again for sending me this badass comb to try out and review! I can’t wait to try out the other ones, as well as the other products you sent me right after Xmas!

Til next time,


Schmiere – Abschaum Shave Soap

Hey gents! Finally back with another shave soap review for you. I’m continuing in the Schmiere products I got in recently with this review, and am checking out their semi-new shave soap today! I got this one in a trade a few weeks ago, and decided to go with it for my next soap review. Finally time to check out the skinny on this soap!
Now this soap comes in a couple different packagings. I ended up getting both via trades recently. So I figured I’d show you guys both of them, that way you know what they both look like. One of them is a plastic tub with a metal screw top lid, and the other is a glass mason jar with a hinged lid and metal clasp. Each one has its own cool look to it, but I have to say, I like the glass mason jar a lot better! This thing is just awesome!!

The jar appears to be a 6oz mason jar and has a metal clasp that closes the lid to the jar, rather that the traditional two-piece metal screw top lid mason jars come with. This one reminds me a lot of the jars my great grandma used to put her homemade jams and jellies in. It also has a red rubber seal attached to the lid to keep the freshness in, and has a little tab sticking out on one side. I’m not sure what the tab is there for, but it’s there. The jar has two labels on it, one on the front and one on the back. The front label is kind of a rustic, worn, parchment looking label. It has the company name up at the top in the center of it with some filigree around it. Then in the center in a big filigree lined frame, there’s a banner that says “Abschaum Fienste Rasier-Seife” right next to their familiar bird. This time the bird has a newsboy cap on and a mustache and beard. Under that in a smaller banner it says “Von Schmiere.” Kind of a simplistic label for them, but it still has a really cool look to it. The label on the back has the same layout and filigree lined frame in it, with the name of the soap just under the company name. Only this time the name is much smaller, there is no bird, and it just has “Abschaum” there. Under the name is the ingredients list, with the company info, barcode, and website below that. Again, super simple label, but with a nice look to it at the same time. One thing I do wish was different about these labels, was that they were a bit bigger. That way they cover more of the jar and don’t leave so much empty glass space, but I still really like them! Now on to the plastic jar!

This one also has two labels on it, but this time there’s a lid label and a label on the front of the jar. That’s another thing I wish the glass jar had, was a lid label to cover the big glass lid. We can’t always have everything we want though, can we? The labeling on this jar is more like the labels on their pomade cans. The side label has the name of the soap in between two straight razors, with some filigree below it. Then under that is the ingredients list, company name, and website. The barcode happens to be on the far right side of this one, instead of below the ingredients list. Basically the same as the glass one’s back label, but slightly different. The lid label looks just like their pomade labels do. It has the company name up top, then the soap name just above the bird. He looks the exact same as he does on the glass jar’s front label, only this time he’s in color instead of just tan and black. On either side of him are banners that say “Made in Germany” in them, and “Since 1959” below the right one. At the bottom is where they put “Feinste Raiserseife” without a hyphen this time for some reason. I really like all the little filigree accents they put in the background/around everything in this label! They give it a nice look and add some pizzaz to it. I’d love to see the glass jar have this one on the lid! Hint hint 😉 haha. Like I’ve stated in the pomade reviews I’ve done of their products, the Schmiere labels are by far some of the coolest labels out there! Bar none. They really are some of my favorites in my entire collection. I can’t decide which labeling I like better between the two though. They both look really cool. I think if the glass jar had this lid label along with the others, that would be the best look for this soap.

One thing I noticed different between the two, was that the plastic jar’s soap inside has these little white dots in it, and the glass one didn’t. I’m not sure if that’s due to the temperature they pour it at or what. They can’t pour the soap very hot into the plastic jar or it will melt. I know, it’s happened to me when I’ve made shave soaps before haha. And it’s frustrating when you get a melted and warped, ugly looking jar from the heat of the soap. However, it also could just be a change in the formula or something like that too, I’m not 100% certain. I will have to ask Sophia and see if she maybe knows why that is.


Anyway, back to the soap at hand. I decided on finishing up the review with the glass jar. Mainly because it has a cooler aesthetic to it, but also because there’s more room in the glass jar than the plastic one for me to soak the soap and swirl my brush around. The plastic one is filled pretty much to the brim, and the glass one has a little bit of a gap between the surface of the soap and the rim of the jar. Both soaps do have the exact same scent to them though. Just wanted to add that in there before I forgot.

Opening the glass jar, or plastic one, you’re immediately blasted in the nose with the scent. And I mean that in the best way possible. This scent is by far one of the best scents ever for a shave soap! It’s actually the exact same scent they use for their limited edition Sailor Mittel pomade as well. They describe it as a fresh sea scent, but it smells like a fresh clean soap scent to me. And not your standard, kind of harsh and biting soap scent, but a super pleasing and fresh soap scent. Like I said, it’s by far one of my favorite scents for a soap ever! As you can see the soap is a light sea foam greenish blue color, and has a rough and bubbled surface. The soap looks almost more like foam than a soap when you look closely at it. Noticing this, I had decided to touch the surface to see what it felt like. You can kind of see my finger mark in there if you look closely. And just as I thought, this one has a very light, fluffy, foamy feel to its surface. Now it’s not actually foam, but it does have a foamy feel to it. This is the first soap I’ve seen like this before. And it makes me wonder how fast I will go through it, how short I should soak it for, and how easily it will fill up my brush. It also makes me wonder about the lather it will create. Initially, it makes me think it’s going to be a less puffy and cloud-like lather, but more of a thin and slick lather. Only time will tell that though.

So I decided on soaking the soap for the same amount of time I do with any other soap I use and/or review. I figured I might as well just do it how I always do, and not try and compensate for the texture the soap had. It’s better to keep it on the same level playing field I put other soaps on and see how it holds up to my regular shave routine. If I need to alter things in the future I always can.
I then proceeded to start loading my brush and that’s when I noticed that I was right about the soap’s texture. My brush filled up within just a few seconds of me swirling it around. I went ahead and loaded it for the full 30 seconds I usually do. About 20 seconds in I saw that my brush kind of stopped soaking up the soap. I don’t know if it was because my brush was packed to the gills, or if the soap had presented a more firm layer. So after I had finished up loading my brush, I felt the surface of the soap to see which it was, and I was met with the same soft foam like texture it had before. So I knew that my brush was just all the way full and couldn’t take in anymore soap.

And as you can see, my brush is completely packed full of soap. Surprisingly, even though the soap has a soft foamy texture to it, I didn’t seem to use a whole lot of the soap when loading my brush. To me, it looked like I had used the same amount of soap I do with any other soap I use. This kind of surprised me, because of how soft the soap is. I had expected to use up a lot of the soap when I felt it after loading my brush. However, when I looked at the jar to see how much I had used, it was just like any other soap. That’s definitely a good thing!

I then went on to start working up the lather in my trusty bowl. Just like when loading my brush, I spent the same amount of time building the lather that I do every other time. The result I got wasn’t really what I had hoped for. As the picture shows, the lather is very thin and flat, and there wasn’t very much of it. Especially for how much soap was packed into my brush. I was really baffled at how the lather came out, because of how the soap felt, and the fact that my brush had taken in a ton of the soap when I loaded it. This made me wonder if I might have just not had/put enough water in my brush and bowl when I went to work up the lather. There really should have been more lather than this in the bowl, even if it wasn’t a puffy lather. I mean, you saw how jam packed my brush was with soap. The bowl should have had a lot more lather than it does, even if the lather is a thin and flat type of lather. So I decided to go ahead and add a little bit of water to my brush and bowl again, to see if that’s what the issue is.

After another 30 seconds of swirling my brush around, the lather puffed up quite a bit more. Although, there still wasn’t as much lather as there should have been/I expected there to be for some reason. It had become nice and fluffy and cloud like, but there just wasn’t as much as I thought there was going to be based on how much soap was in my brush. So I decided to check my brush and see if there was soap still packed in it, and there was. I squeezed out a bunch of soap from it into my bowl. For some reason, this soap likes to stay in the brush rather than come out and build the lather. Even when I tried to build up more lather with the soap I squeezed out, it just wanted to go back into my brush rather than turn into lather. I’m thinking a board hair shaving brush will be better to use with this soap than a a badger brush. Boars hair brushes allow the soap to come out a lot more and easier than badger brushes do I’ve found.

Anyway, I went ahead and coated my face with the lather to get ready to shave. This soap/lather coats my face really well. It doesn’t break down and become thinner when I brush it onto my face like some soaps do. Instead, it keeps its puffiness to it and covers my whiskers really well.

And the smell of this soap is even better when you coat your face with the lather. As you can see in the close up picture, the lather really fills all the gaps between my whiskers nicely. And it really holds its fluffy shape well after being brushed onto my face. Usually in order to maintain this I have to lightly pat the lather on my face. Otherwise, when I brush it on, the lather kind of breaks down a bit and becomes a bit thinner. However, with this soap, the lather keeps its shape and texture perfectly after brushing it on you face. Another thing I noticed while this soap was on my face, was that it gave off a slight cooling effect. It wasn’t as strong as a menthol soap, but I did notice it.


While shaving I saw that this stuff traps my whiskers in it really well. It also clears from my razor super easily, and doesn’t clog my razor one bit. Even with semi-long whiskers, my razor wasn’t getting clogged at all. This lather does a great job of holding the whiskers in it and clearing from my razor with just a swish of it in the water. I really enjoyed my shave with this soap! It was a nice quick and effortless shave.

One thing I did find slightly disagreeable about this soap was that it seemed to leave my face a bit dry. I’m not 100% sure if it was strictly because of this soap, or if it was because I also washed my face in the shower before I shaved. My face had felt a bit dirty and oily, so I kind of scrubbed it in the shower before I shaved. I had been working on my old car and out in the yard all day, and felt like my face needed some extra cleaning. However, my face didn’t seem to feel dry or anything like that after the shower/before shaving. Which makes me think this soap is the culprit for my face feeling a bit dry. However, I will have to give it another test without scrubbing my face right before I shave just to be certain.

Other than my face feeling a little bit dry, this soap really performed well. I was very happy with every aspect of it, especially the packaging. That jar is just too cool! Well actually, there was one thing that was kind of frustrating about using this soap. I couldn’t find an aftershave to go well with it haha. This scent is so unique and good that it’s near impossible to find an aftershave that goes well with it or compliments it well. Without having an aftershave with this same scent, hint hint, it’s a bit of a task to try and find one that goes well with it. I ended up going with Barber Side’s witch hazel aftershave, because none of my dozens of other aftershaves seemed like they would go well with it. Oh, and I did find that it was because I scrubbed my face before shaving that caused my face to feel a bit dry. It wasn’t this soap after all. I was very happy that it didn’t end up being the soap. Not that it would deter me from using it if it had been, but it was nice to know it wasn’t.

This is definitely a shave soap I highly recommend you guys try out and add to your collection. It’s a must have in my opinion. Every single thing about it is top notch! From the packaging, to the scent, and the performance. So, I highly recommend you guys grabbing a jar of this stuff and soon! You can get it on most sites that carry shave products and pomades, or you can buy it directly from them. If you want to get it direct from them, head on over to their website and snag yourself a jar. While you’re there, check out all the other new stuff they have out too. They have got some really awesome new stuff up on there! I will be featuring all their new stuff over the next couple months as well, so stay tuned!!

And stay fresh fellas,


Suavecito ~ Premium Blends ~ Aftershave Balm – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Hey gents, I’m back with the other half of the Suavecito Premium Blends shave products. Like I had said before, the folks over at Suavecito and my friend Edgar aka Mr. Pomade, sent me a little gift package with some of the new Suavecito products. I had already checked out the shaving cream. And now it’s time to see what the deal is with their new aftershave balm. 
Just like their shaving cream, this stuff comes in the exact same packaging. A brown cardboard box with a black center area for the labeling. The writing on it is white and yellow. In the center is their new “S” logo with the name and city around it, and “Premium Blends” below it with the weight info. To the right of that is, the product name and info. And to the left of it is some aspects of the product. The back of the box has all the company info, ingredients, directions, warnings, and barcode just like the shave cream does. Like I said before it’s a really cool looking box and design in my opinion.

Pulling the tube from the box I knew exactly what I was going to find. It’s the same exact tube as the shave cream is, with the obvious minor labeling differences. Again, the labeling on this tube is basically the same thing as the box, but vertical instead of horizontal. And the back has all the same info that the box has too, like the shave cream was. This tube has the same black plastic lid, with the little spike in it to open the tube. I really love metal tubes like this, they’re just awesome containers. And they really bring you back to when things were different and more old school. Definitely love that they chose this type of packaging for their new shave stuff!

Unscrewing the cap you see the same opening area like with the shave cream. And all you do is press the spiked area of the cap onto the opening area to pop open the tube. Like I said last time, the only thing I wish that was different about these tubes, was that the caps had threads on them in the spike area to screw back on the opening to puncture the tube. I like that because it gives you more interaction with the product, but it’s not something super essential to me. It just happens to be a little aspect I like about certain tubes like this.

After puncturing the tube I squeezed out a little bit of the balm. It seems to be about the same as most of the other aftershave balms I’ve tried in the past. Kind of a light creamy product, slightly more liquid like than lotion. However, it doesn’t drip down your finger or anything like that. It holds its shape nicely until you go to apply it to your face or spread it around in your palms. The scent on this stuff is fairly light, but still present. It’s not as strong as the shave cream’s scent was when I first got it out of the tube. It does have the exact same scent as the shave cream does though. I didn’t notice any difference to it at all.

I spread the balm around between my finger tips a little bit before applying it to my face. It became very thin and almost liquid like when I did this. I think the heat from my hands and the friction of working it around may have broken it down a bit, turning it into more of a liquid. I don’t mind this at all, because I’m not a huge fan of aftershave balms usually. Oftentimes they leave my face feeling almost greasy or something. Like I put lotion on my face or something like that. And they usually always take forever to dry. That’s one thing I don’t like when it comes to most aftershave balms. I just can’t really take that greasy weird feeling on my face that doesn’t go away for a long time. However, I don’t think this one will be that way based on how it feels in my hands. At least I hope it’s not like that anyway. Only time will tell though. Now it’s time to shave and prep my face for this aftershave balm.

After I got done shaving I squeezed a little more out of the tube and worked it between my finger tips again. I got the same texture as I did last time, so I think this one may be one of my more likable aftershave balms. Applying it to my face felt slightly lighter and less balm-like than most of the other aftershave balms I’ve used in the past. This one seemed to spread around a lot easier and soak into my face a lot quicker. I wasn’t left with a slight white residue, like quite a few aftershave balms leave on my face when I apply them. This one did leave a slight film on my face though. You can kind of see it in the picture. It makes my face look a little shiny. You can see it best on my upper lip, and on the top part of my cheek. Definitely not as bad as most balms that’s for sure. The scent is a little bit stronger once you break the balm down and apply it to your face. However, it still doesn’t seem quite as strong as the shave cream’s scent was. It left my face feeling nice and smooth once it dried too. And this one didn’t take nearly as long as most balms do to dry. I’d say less than half the time that the others I’ve tried took.

All in all, this aftershave balm is pretty decent. I can say for sure I like it better than all the other ones I’ve tried in the past. And it’s definitely a product I would recommend to all of you shavers that use and like aftershave balms. It’s by far the best one I’ve used to date. I’d even recommend it to you guys that usually use liquid aftershaves and bay rums too. It really is quite a nice aftershave balm. And it goes really well as a pairing with their shave cream. I did a shave the other day with their cream and followed it up with the balm, and I was very pleased. My face was left really nice and smooth, and I smelled like tea tree for quite a while. Definitely pick some of this stuff up, and soon! To get it, head on over to and place one in your shopping cart. While you’re there, check out all the other stuff Edgar has up on his site! He’s got a vast array of all sorts of grooming products for your every need! Huge thanks again to my good buddy Edgar and the guys over at Suavecito for sending me this stuff to try out and review for them!! I really appreciate it guys!! Stay tuned for the updated and official review of their Premium Blends Pomade. I’ll have that one up here pretty soon! I’m interested to see which formula it’s closer to, X or Y. Or if it’s the exact same as one of them. Well, til next time….

Stay fresh fellas,


Suavecito ~ Premium Blends ~ Shaving Cream – Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Hey there gents! I’m checking out a brand new shaving cream today. This stuff just dropped a couple days ago in fact. Yep, that kind of new. The folks over at Suavecito have been working on some new products they are calling their “Premium Blends.” They and my good friend Edgar over aka Mr. Pomade sent me out a little care package with 3 of their new products. Since I’ve already reviewed their new water based pomade, and yeah it’s actually a pomade, not a ringing gel, I’m gonna start with their shaving cream first.

It comes in an old timey brown cardboard box with a black center area for the labeling. The writing on it is white and yellow. In the center is their new “S” logo with the name and city around it, and “Premium Blends” below it with the weight info. To the right of that is, the product name and info. And to the left of it is some aspects of the product. The back of the box has all the company info, ingredients, directions, warnings, and barcode. Very cool looking box and design I think.

Pulling the tube out you see that it is a metal tube, as they left much of it unpainted/unlabeled. The labeling on it is basically the same thing as the box, but vertical instead of horizontal. And the back has all the same info that the box has too. This tube has a black plastic lid, with the little spike in it to open the tube. I absolutely love metal tubes like this. They are such awesome containers, and they really bring you back to a time when things were different. I wish more people would use tubes like this these days. However, I get why they don’t anymore.

When you unscrew the cap you can see the metal tube really well and the spike on the cap. Now some caps have threads on them where the spike is, so you screw them on to puncture the opening in the mouth of the tube. This one happens to not have any threads on it. So all you do is press it firmly onto the mouth of the tube to create the opening. Personally I like the threads better, because it just gives you more interaction with the product. But not having threads isn’t a big deal at all.

The thing about metal tubes too, is you have to be careful how much you squeeze them. As they don’t bounce back like plastic/vinyl tubes do. So the product only stops coming out when there is no more pressure behind it. Even if you aren’t squeezing the tube anymore. So, you only press them a little at a time, so as to not extrude too much product from them. This aspect is really cool in my opinion, and teaches you to not over use your products at the same time.

When I got some of the cream out I could tell right away this cream was gonna be awesome. It has a very similar look and texture to it as Proraso’s shaving cream does. And you guys know how much I love that stuff! The scent of this stuff is really awesome! Tea tree and eucalyptus are some of my favorite scents, so I knew I was going to like this shaving cream. But the scent is much better than I was expecting. They really did good job with this scent and balancing it the way they did. It came out really well. Whoever you guys had make up this scent should definitely be your go to scent person from now on. They really did a good job with this one!

I proceeded to put the cream in my new bowl with a few drops of water and start working up the lather. I decided to use my best badger brush since it’s a cream. I find that I get better lather when I use my softer brushes with shaving creams. And I usually get better lather when I use my boars hair brushes with shave soaps. There are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, I get the best results doing it that way.

After just a few seconds of working my brush around the lather started to form. At first it looks kind of like the lather that comes out of the lather machines in barber shops. Or even like the foam that comes out of Barbasol cans. It starts out as. Very foamy and frothy lather. This made me think I may have had too much water in my brush, or that I put too much water in my bowl. I kept on working my brush around for the full time that I usually allot for building my lather. As time went on, the lather did gain a little bit more substance to it. One thing I really like about this cream, is the way the scent kind of wafts and fills up the room as you are building the lather up. And it kind of changes a little bit too. It’s hard to explain, but the best way I can describe it is that it aerates. It doesn’t stay so concentrated somehow. Even when I smell right into the bowl.

Then once I had worked up the lather for 60 seconds the lather did gain a little bit of thickness to it. However, it was still very foamy and light feeling. Not quite as light and frothy as it was in the beginning, but still pretty light. It still reminds me a lot of the lather that comes out of the machines at barbershops. It’s not as wet feeling as that stuff is, but it does have that light fluffy and frothy feel to it. I actually like it quite a bit. This isn’t the type of lather I was expecting from this cream, but I do like it. I like when I get stuff that kind of differs from the norm and what’s expected from it. That makes for a nice collection and variety when it comes to shaving products and routine. As much as I love my favorite products, it’s nice to change things up and have different experiences from time to time. I get bored when I use the same stuff over and over again. Even thought I like that stuff, it just gets to be mundane and not as much fun after a while. So I’m definitely happy that this stuff wasn’t what I was expecting.

Applying it to my face felt just like a less wet version of a barbershop’s lather. It was really awesome. Nice and soft and smooth, very light and easy to spread around. I like the way this shaving cream applies very much! Even looking at it, you can tell it’s very similar to the lather from a machine. It has that nice light, frothy and foamy look to it on my face. However, this stuff doesn’t feel as wet as the lather from a machine does. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about machine lather, but the nice and hot feel of it makes up for that in my book.

Shaving with this stuff is super smooth. It has some of the best cushion and glide out of any of my creams. I was super pleased with it on the very first pass with my razor. I knew right away that I was going to love this cream and that it will be one of my go to shaving creams for sure. And for being as light and frothy as it is, this cream does a fantastic job of trapping all my whiskers in it. My razor didn’t clog up at all, and the cream builds up really nicely under the bar of my razor. I kind of expected it to clog up my razor a bit, and make a little bit of a mess, because of how light it is. However, this stuff acts like it’s a super puffy, cloud-like lather. It keeps all my whiskers tucked in it nicely, and collects perfectly on the underside of the bar.

Once I was done shaving, I felt my face and noticed that this cream leaves my face really smooth. I don’t know if it softened my skin much, but my face felt really smooth. And it didn’t leave my face feeling dry either. Sometimes with creams and soaps, my face is left with almost a talc feel to it. Where it’s really soft, but dry at the same time. This cream didn’t do that, my face felt nice and moisturized. That is definitely a plus in my book. While I enjoy the dry feel some creams leave my face with, this is a nice change up.

I decided to take a picture one of the other days I used it when I didn’t add quite as much water. This time, the lather was a little bit thicker and more like how Proraso’s creams, or Arko’s creams are. It wasn’t much thicker, but I could definitely tell the difference. So I did in fact have a little too much water in my brush the first time. And that’s ok, it allows me to get various types of lather really easily. And I definitely like that about this cream. Makes it that much more versatile, and makes me like it even more!

All in all, I have to say, this shaving cream is one I highly recommend for all shavers. For you wet shave enthusiasts like me, it’s a must have in your collection and regular use line-up. For you moderate wet shavers, this is a must have shaving cream. It’s priced reasonably, so you won’t feel like you’re spending too much on a shave product too. And even for your cartridge shavers or guys that only shave every once in a while, this is definitely a cream I recommend you try out. It’s much better than a can full of chemicals and gas for sure, and will last you a lot longer. Plus, you don’t have to have a shave brush to use it. You can put just a little bit in your hands and work up the lather that way.

Huge thank you again to my friends Justin and Edgar for sending me this shaving cream to try out and review. I’ve been using it, and only it, since I got it in, and I have to say I absolutely love it! I will definitely be needing more of this stuff when I run out! And I for sure I have to get the sandalwood one in to review as well! If it’s as good as this stuff, I know I’m going to love it! To get a tube of this shaving cream, and I highly recommend that you do immediately, you can either head over to and pick some up. Or you can go onto Suavecito’s website to get some. Edgar has all their new premium blends up on his site, so check them all out, and get a few things. Mainly this cream, and their new pomade, but check out their other stuff too! I know they have to be good products based on how this stuff performed, and how the pomade was when I reviewed it back in the formulation stage. Catch ya at the next premium blend stop guys!