Schmiere – Better Dan Pomade

Today’s pomade is another one from the Schmiere line. When I got all my stuff in from Sophia over at the Schmiere company, this one was in the box as well. They put it out a while back, but I hadn’t gotten to check it out until now. So let’s see how their Better Dan one holds up!

Just like their other pomades, it comes in their standard tins. And like the Red Ink one, this one also has the labeling lithographed right on the can. Now this pomade is kind of a tribute to a very famous fake pomade. We all know about Dapper Dan from the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” made by the Coen brothers. Schmiere took that pomade design and put their own spin on it, creating this Better Dan one. The can itself looks pretty similar to the Dapper Dan cans in the movie, but of course they put their own twist on it and have their signature images on it as well. In the center is their famous black bird, like always, but this time he’s up at the top instead of the center. Just like how the guy is up top on the Dapper Dan cans. They put a newsboy cap and overalls on him this time, as well as a fake beard and mustache, like Clooney wears in the movie when he’s signing at the event toward the end of the film. He’s also holding an old school microphone like the ones used in the movie, and behind him is a white circle. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a moon, or a spotlight, or just a white circle like some of the old pomades cans used to have for stores to write the price in. Either way, it’s there just behind him to the left. Just to the left of the circle, it says “For men of constant sorrow” as a tribute to the name of the song they sing in the movie. Just to the right of him it says “59 for greasers only.” Below the bird is name of the pomade in cursive style letters and it says “by Schmiere from Rumble 59” in between the name. Then at the bottom to the right of the name of the pomade it says “Men’s Pomade” in block style letters. Then around everything is a ring of black and white bars, just like the ring on the Dapper Dan cans. So like I was saying, very similar to the other cans, but with their own style thrown in as well. Very cool can. Makes a great addition to my collection. However, on the bottom of the can, it doesn’t look anything like the bottom of the Dapper Dan cans. Instead it looks just like their other cans do, and has the same info laid out in the same way. It looks exactly like the bottom label on their red ringing gel, only with “Schmiere” above the “Rumble 59” and then some words around the tan part of the layout. Other than that, it’s the exact same, and is the same as their other regular line cans. It’s still a cool layout for that part of the pomade can though. Most companies don’t put much design into the directions and whatnot area of their cans. So it’s nice to see these cans have that design to them.

This pomade happens to have a white, or natural color to it, rather than being colored like most of their other pomades are. In fact I think there is only one other one that’s white, or natural colored like this one. All of their other pomades have various colors to them. I happen to like the natural look of pomades quite a bit, as well as colors, but it’s nice to see a natural colored one from this company. It seems to have the same texture and surface look as their Doktor Corvus one does. So I’m guessing this one will be a little bit heavier than their mittel hold is. However, I could be wrong, and this one might be the same as their mittel. I’ll soon find out! The scent of this one is very unique, and smells great! As I figured it would. At first it smells like a clean soap, but then you get a sweet fruity note as well. You don’t have to smell it for a while to pick it up though, it follows the clean scent pretty quickly. I’m not sure exactly what fruit it is, but it kind of reminds me a little of cherry pixi stix. The clean/fresh soapy note mixes with the sweet fruity note really well and kind of gives off a slight powdery scent, which is why it reminded me of the cherry pixi stix. Whatever fruit scent it is, this pomade smells great. And the scent is nice and strong too, but not overpowering. I think it will last nicely throughout the day. Hopefully my next can of the Red Ink pomade will have a scent this strong. Cause I absolutely love that scent! I just wish it lasted longer and that I could smell it in my hair. Anyway, back to this pomade.

Scooping this pomade out of the can was pretty similar to their Doktor Corvus one, but a little bit creamier. And when I got it out of the can the cherry scent really shined through. It smelled much more like cherry than clean fresh soap. It was very interesting how it looked scooped out too. I don’t think any other pomade I’ve tried has looked this way when I scooped it from the can or jar or tub. It didn’t scoop out like a hard or soft waxy pomade, nor did it scoop out like a greasy pomade. It was very interesting and I liked the look of it quite a bit. So much so that I almost didn’t want to ruin it haha. At least I have the picture though, so I can look at it again later. Breaking it down in my hands felt just like their other mittel pomades do. So I’m guessing this one is another mittel of theirs. It didn’t have much tackiness to it, but rather felt more creamy this time. Applying it to my hair was super easy, and it went in evenly with just my hands. I saw about the same amount of shine as the Red Ink one had. This one has a stronger scent to it though. I could easily smell it as I was combing it into my hair. That was also a breeze, and felt more like combing a light pomade into my hair than a medium.

Since you guys already know how their mittel pomades hold up my hair, I decided to go with more of a slicked style this time. I’ve reviewed quite a few of their mittel pomades, and wanted to change it up a little bit. I was very happy with the way this stuff made my hair look too. It kept all my hairs together very nicely and even managed to tame my cowlick pretty well. The shine seemed to die down a little bit after I styled my hair though. I’m not sure why that happened, but it did. It may pick back up as the day goes on though. Often times that will happen with pomades.

After about two and a half hours I checked my hair and snapped a picture of it. Just as I thought, the shine did pick up a little bit. You can clearly see it’s a bit higher than it was when I first styled my hair. So far this one is keeping my hair in place nicely too. I didn’t have any stray hairs come out of place, or any parts split open at all. I’m definitely liking this one quite a bit so far. Even the scent was still easily noticeable a few hours after applying the pomade. As of now, this one seems to be performing just like their other mittel pomades, and I think it will continue to do so throughout the day and with buildup.

At the end of the day I checked my hair one more time and it still hadn’t moved at all. As you can see in the picture, not even the comb lines had split open at all. You can’t tell from the angle I shot the picture, but the shine seemed to be the same as it was earlier when I first checked my hair. It didn’t increase at all from then on. Which is fine with me since it was a decent shine and I was happy with the way it was. After about halfway through the day I noticed the scent had died down and it became difficult for me to smell it. Every once in a while I would get a tiny hint of it, but it wasn’t as strong as it was before. I was able to smell it for quite a while though, so I am happy about that. All in all, the first day was really great with this pomade. I’m expecting the buildup to be like their others are, but only time will tell.

The next morning I woke up to find my hair feeling pretty much exactly as it did with the Red Ink pomade. I had some work to do outside, so I didn’t jump in the shower right away since I was just going to get all sweaty and whatnot. After I finished my work I took a shower and noticed when I got out, that barely any of the pomade had come out of my hair. Even less than with the Red Ink one. It felt like almost all the pomade was still in my hair. Definitely less than 1/4 of it had come out of my hair. So I just used a tiny bit to touch up the areas that felt slightly decreased and then styled my hair. It went right into place with ease, and seemed to hold my cowlick a little better than the first day. I didn’t notice any increase in the shine at all, but was still fine with how it looked.

Since I learned my lesson with the Red Ink pomade, I had a feeling this one would work better adding a little pomade to my hair. And for the most part I was right. I only had one part that had fallen down about halfway through the day. It happened to be one of the longer parts of my hair on the right side of the top of my head. And I think it’s just because of the length of my hair. However, once I recombed it back into place, it stayed there for the rest of the day. It only fell down one other time when I was wrestling around with my son. Apart from that, day two was great. I was very happy with how the pomade kept my hair in place. One thing I did notice was that it did seem to feel like some of the pomade had come out of my hair throughout the day. It did the exact same thing as the Red Ink pomade did, but just not as much. Adding the little amount of pomade that I did helped in that area. Even though it did feel that way, my hair didn’t keep falling out of place like it did with the other one. So all said and done, day two was awesome.

This is another one I’d highly recommend you guys get. Not only for its performance, but also as a collection piece. Every pomade enthusiast should have this pomade for sure. And if you can get one, a prop from the movie. A Dapper Dan Pomade can is a great addition to any collection. Mine happens to have pomade in it, which I was extremely stoked to see when I got the can! Anyway, do yourselves a favor and pick up a can of this stuff. You won’t regret it one bit! Head over to their website to get yourself a can. Be sure to check out the other awesome pomades they have up on their site as well while you are there. Thank you again to Sophia and the folks over at Schmiere for sending me this can to review! I really enjoyed the pomade and love having such a cool and interesting tin to add to my collection! Stay tuned for more Schmiere products coming up soon! Until then…

Keep your coiffure in order,



Schmiere – Red Ink Pomade

Alright, we are getting back to some of the Schmiere pomades that my friend Sophia sent me a little while back. This time I’m checking out their new Red Ink Pomade. They released this one a couple months ago, and Sophia sent me a can of it to try out shortly after they put it out. Now, I’ve been using it for a little while, but waited to write the review until now. I’m not sure why I waited, but I did. I will write the review like I’m using it for the first time though. That way you guys don’t get a biased review or a recap type review. So let me show you guys what’s up with this grease!

Just like their other pomades, it comes in their standard tins. Only this time the labeling is lithographed onto the can instead of it being stickers like they normally used. The can itself is black and the design is grey, white and red. In the center is their signature black bird with slicked back hair this time. And to go with the design of the can, this time he is shirtless and covered in tattoos, including one under is left eye. There is also a tattoo machine over his left shoulder. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be tattooing him or just sitting there though. The can actually looks like a traditional Americana style black and grey tattoo, which is really awesome! They did a great job with the design of this can, and it’s easily become one of my absolute favorites they have put out to date! On either side of him there are two swallows, and above him is the company name like usual, but this time it’s in red. And the “Rumble 59” above it is in a banner done in flagship letters, instead of their usual design. The swallow on the left has a couple stars and a dagger above it and below it is a banner that has “ROTE TINTE” in red letters in it. The swallow on the right side has a horseshoe above it and a spider web below it. Below the bird is their usual “Feinste Haar Pomade” only this time it’s a banner done in red flagship letters, like the Rumble 59 up at the top. There are also some other stars and dots scattered all around in the background and some other little images like a diamond and some leaves. Like I said, such a cool design! By far the coolest one they have put out yet in my opinion.

On the bottom of the can is their usual info, directions, ingredients, etc etc, but they’re done in the same design as the top of the can. Up at the top is a red heart with a banner that reads “GLAUBE” and some leaves behind it and rays around it. Below that is the company name in red script and black old English with two stars on either side of it. Then is the directions, barcode, ingredients, where it’s made, and the website, again with stars on either side of the website. At the very bottom is “MITTEL” in a banner done in red flagship letters with nautical stars on either side of it in the banner also. Then on the left side of the barcode is a red rose with a banner that says “LEIBE” in it and an anchor below it. On the right side of the barcode is another red rose, but with “HOFFINUNG” in it and a sailor girl below the rose. And like the lid, there are some stars and dots scattered around in the background again. Such an awesome design! Especially for a info area. They really captured the look of traditional americana tattoos in the design of this can, and put some of the most iconic images of that style of tattooing on the can. They did a fantastic job with the design of this can. They even added a cool little touch around the edge of the lid. They wrapped a sticker that looks like a flash sheet with flash images all around the can. There’s a rose, an anchor, a sailor girl, and a heart, like the ones on the can, except the roses and heart aren’t red. This time they’re just done in black and grey, but they’re still really cool. Definitely my favorite can from them.

Opening up the can you see a red pomade, that looks kind of similar to their xmas edition pomade, only this one is a bit darker of a red. The texture looks a little bit more waxy than their standard mittel pomades have in the past. Only time will tell if it is in fact more waxy than the others are. Also, the surface of this one seems to be a little bit more shiny than the others have too. Not sure if that will mean this one will be more shiny or not, but I will find out. The scent of this one is a great licorice scent! However, it’s not just a straight licorice scent. It’s like a mix of the black licorice and red licorice, and there is also a small hint of cherry in there too. It’s really a great scent! And it’s not too strong either. Definitely not as strong as their other pomades have been in the past. This time it’s more mellow, but that could easily change when I scoop it out of the can. Which I kind of hope it does, because I like this scent so much. I don’t know if it’s my favorite of theirs, because they have so many awesome scents that I love, but it’s definitely at the top of my list of favorites.

Another cool thing they did with this can is they included a little comic strip inside the lid! It’s underneath a little clear plastic disc, which I’m guessing is to protect it from the pomade and protect the pomade from it. I really love this new little addition to their cans! And come to find out, it’s not just a comic strip. On one side is the comic strip, and then on the other side is like a little product catalog thing. It doesn’t have every product they make, but has most of their pomades, the vital set, and their shampoo. Very cool thing to put in the cans for people! When I was reading it I accidentally pulled it out of the lid and saw that below it is another little surprise! Inside the lid they put a Schmiere sticker with the bird and a line that says “proud to be a greaser” below him. The perks just keep coming with this one! I love it! Great job with this stuff guys!

As I stated before, this stuff looked a bit more waxy and shiny on the surface than their other mittel pomades have. So when I went to scoop this stuff out I had prepared my finger to scoop out something in between their mittel and their hart. What I was met with was a slightly more waxy version of their mittel. As you can see it didn’t come out as smooth as the others have and there’s a little bit of a gap where the wax separated. It still had the softer feel of their mittel pomades, but also felt a bit more waxy and wasn’t as creamy/greasy as the others have been. This might make for a little bit better of a hold, which would be nice. The scent didn’t get any stronger when I got it out of the can though. It was still on the lighter, more mellow side.

Breaking it down in my hands was super easy, just like their other mittel pomades have been. Only this time, I noticed a tad bit more resistance and less greasiness to it. There wasn’t a huge difference, but there was enough of one to tell. This one also had a slight tacky feel to it as well, unlike their other mittels. However, applying it to my hair felt just like their other mittel pomades. I didn’t get any extra resistance or anything like that. It also was very easy to disperse evenly in my hair with just my hands. I was able to coat all sides of my hair very quickly and didn’t feel any tugging or anything like that.

One thing I did notice, and I had expected this, was that the pomade left a red residue on my hands after I applied it to my hair. It was a little more present than it had been with the Xmas edition, mainly because this one is darker. It has more color in it, which makes the color show up more on your hands. However, it comes right off when you wash your hands, so it’s not a big deal. Although, you cats with light colored hair may see this pomade show up in your hair when you use it. You might see a slight red hue to your hair when you have this pomade in it. It’s not going to stain or dye your hair though, so don’t worry about that. It just might leave your hair looking slightly red while the pomade is in your hair.

Combing this stuff into my hair was also very easy, but I did notice a little bit more weight to it. It wasn’t quite as easy to comb in as the other mittel pomades have been. However, I didn’t see any extra hold from this pomade. Now I was able to get a nice medium parted pomp going with it, so I was happy with the hold I got. I had just expected a little more hold since it was a bit more waxy, but I didn’t get any. Now this could be due to the fact that I’m way over due for a haircut and my hair is longer than it usually is, but I don’t think so. Usually I can still get the most hold out of a pomade that it will give. So I’m thinking that even when I get my hair cut it will still give me the same hold. I did notice that the shine seemed to be a tad bit higher with this one like I had thought it would be. It wasn’t a ton of extra shine, but it did seem to be a little bit more present. However, it was more of a natural shine than a greasy shine. Either way, I was happy with how this pomade made my hair look all around.

It even seemed to tame my cowlick pretty well. And I was also very happy with the control it gave me too. I didn’t have comb lines opening up, or stray hairs sticking out, or anything like that. The tackiness it has really does a great job of controlling your hair when you get the pomade in there. One thing I noticed that was a tab bit of a bummer was that the scent kind of disappeared once I styled my hair up. I couldn’t smell the pomade at all in my hair. With me liking this pomade’s scent so much, I was a little bummed that I wasn’t going to be able to smell it in my hair all day long. Other than that though, the initial performance of this pomade is really great. Only time will tell though, if it holds that good performance all day, and with the buildup.

A little more than halfway through the day I checked my hair in the mirror to see how it had been holding up. For the most part it had stayed in place, but there were a couple things I noticed. First, I had one small section of hair behind my right ear that had fell down out of place. Then I noticed that the center of my pomp right at the very top center part of my head had sunk in a tad bit. Not enough to notice without looking closely though. The last thing I noticed was a couple comb lines had opened up, but not that much, and not enough to make a big difference. I pushed the strand behind my ear back into place and that’s when I noticed something pretty odd about this pomade. It had kind of dried like water bases do. Now it wasn’t hard or gummed up, but it didn’t feel like a medium grease pomade was in my hair. My hair felt dry and like there wasn’t any grease or oil in it at all. It was a very weird feeling running my fingers over my hair. The strand didn’t want to go back into place with me just using my hand, so I grabbed my comb to fix it. Recombing this pomade was super easy, and almost all the resistance was gone from it. It felt like I had a super light hair dressing in my hair. However, my hair went right back into place when I recombed it. I didn’t just fix the one part, but rather recombed everything to touch up each part that I needed to. I’m pretty sure the top sank in because of how long my hair is. I won’t know for certain though until I use this stuff again when my hair is shorter. Another thing I noticed was that the shine had increased a little bit after I recombed my hair. And now the shine took on more of the regular look a grease gives your hair instead of the more natural look it had at the beginning of the day.

My hair stayed in place throughout the rest of the evening without sinking in or anything like that again. The one section behind my ear only came out of place one other time about an hour after I recombed my hair, but then stayed after I fixed it a second time. I’m not sure why that one section did that though. I’ve never had that particular area do that before with any pomade. It was kind of odd. At the end of the day I felt my hair again just to see how it felt, and it wasn’t quite as dry as it was before. Now it had gained a slight oiliness to it, but it wasn’t much and still felt kind of dry. However, even with it feeling dry like there wasn’t grease in my hair, my hair felt really really soft. I was kind of curious about how that had happened, because it was like I had used a very intense/high strength conditioner or something. Usually my hair only feels really soft like this after I use a conditioning pomade for a couple days, or if I use my wife’s conditioner in the shower. It was definitely a nice little surprise for sure, it was just very curious that this happened. I didn’t notice any extra increase or change in the shine at all by the end of the day like I had expected. My hair had the same look/sheen to it as when I first recombed it, but I had thought it would be a little more shiny and/or look like I had a greasy pomade in it. Mainly because of how it had increased about halfway through the day when I fixed my hair. I was still happy with the look my hair had though. And I was pretty pleased with how this pomade performed on the first day. I’m very interested to see how the buildup is tomorrow! Especially with how this stuff made my hair feel.

The next morning it felt like none of the pomade had come out of my hair at all. I was pretty surprised by this since usually at least some of the pomade will come out throughout the day before and while I’m sleeping. However, all of this one stayed in my hair even though it felt the way it did in my hair yesterday. Still this will make for a longer lasting can and great buildup on the days following the initial use I think. After I got out of the shower I did notice that some of the pomade finally came out of my hair, but still not that much. I’d say about 3/4 of it was still left in my hair. I decided to try and style my hair without adding any pomade just to see how it would work. And I actually was able to get a nice style with it. I couldn’t get much height, but it did allow me to get a really nice slicked style going. Since I was happy with how my hair looked and felt like going with a different style this time, I didn’t add any pomade to my hair and just left it how it was. One thing I did notice about it was that the shine had gone down quite a bit. There was still a little bit of shine to my hair, but not much more than my hair has naturally without any pomade in it. I hadn’t expected this since so much of the pomade had stayed in my hair. It’s any easy fix though by just adding a little pomade or using a top coat the second day. I didn’t use a top coat though for the sake of the review and just left my hair how it was.

After just a couple hours I had regretted not adding any pomade to my hair. I had a couple areas that kept falling out of place on me, and they wouldn’t stay in place no matter how I combed them back in. They just kept falling back down after a few minutes. It was kind of frustrating. And feeling my hair when I was trying to get them to go back into place felt like even more of the pomade had come out of my hair. Which was really odd because I didn’t have a hat on and I hadn’t done anything to my hair at all except try to recomb those areas back in. It was almost like I had washed my hair a couple more times or something. My hair felt like only about 1/3 of the pomade was left in it from the first day. With my hair refusing to stay in place, I decided to just throw a cap on and go about the rest of my day. When I took a shower that evening pretty much all of the pomade left in my hair came out. There was only a tiny little bit that I could feel that stayed in my hair.

Now at the beginning of the review I told you guys I had been using this pomade for a while. When I used this pomade before and applied pomade to my buildup on the second day, it performed a lot better. I was able to get nice height, the control lasted great all day long, and the shine was a little bit higher the second day. I just wanted to make sure I included this in the review for you guys, so you didn’t think it acts that way all the time. It’s actually a great pomade, and does even better with buildup in your hair from day 2 on. Really the only thing this pomade needs is a stronger scent. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else I’d change about it. This stuff even washes out pretty easily when you don’t add to the buildup, like I was saying up above in the review. So for you guys that like to wash pomade out of your hair often, this would be a great pomade to add to your line up.

I would definitely recommend this pomade for everyone. It does a really good job all around. And it’s one of the coolest looking cans around. Huge thank you again to Sophia and the folks over at Schmiere for sending me this pomade. I’m almost out of it, so I will need to get another can here pretty soon! You guys should head on over to their website and get yourselves a can or two right away! They also have some other really cool new pomades up on there now. So make sure you check those out while you’re there. I’ll be featuring some of them here pretty soon as well, so stay tuned for those reviews! Well, until the next one….

Keep on greasin,


Reuzel – Pink Can

Hello readers! I’m back with the final installment of the Reuzel line. After checking out the two ringing gels and their medium pomade, all that was left was their heavy pomade. A few months back my friends over at Reuzel sent me this stuff to review, along with some awesome stickers. I want to thank them again for sending me this and all the other things they’ve sent me. I really appreciate it guys! Alright, now let’s dig in to the pink!

Just like the other cans, this one has the same style labeling, only with the color change, and some minor text differences to it. The text change it has is down at the bottom where it says “grease heavy hold.” Other than that, it’s exactly the same as the other cans are. And I have to say, I think I like this one the best out of the four different colors. It’s just a really cool shade of pink.

One thing I noticed when looking at all 3 of the cans, was that each can is a slightly different shade of pink. Now they’re all pretty close to each other, but as you can see, there are slight variations in the shades of each can. I’m not sure exactly why that is, maybe because they were pressed at different times, or maybe the ink was different, or its just the sizes of the cans that makes the difference. I’m not 100% sure, but it is kind of cool to see the different shades when they’re laid out next to each other like that.

Another thing I wanted to show you guys was the difference of the bottom on the small can. As I stated in the green can review, the medium and large cans have the same layout and whatnot on the bottom, but the small one is different. And because I already had so many pics in the green can review, I waited until this review to show you guys the difference. As you can see, this one doesn’t have the extra symbols, or the ring around the edge of the tan part like the two bigger cans do. Also, the barcode is moved down to the very bottom of the can instead of in the center of it. All the text seems to be the same, save for the text that is in the ring on the bigger cans. That text has been moved to the top, and is worded slightly different. Otherwise, all of the text seemed to be the same as it is on the bigger cans. I left the medium can turned upside down in the background so you could kind of see the difference in the layout. Now I think I’ve covered all aspects of all the cans and sizes for you guys. Back to the product at hand!

Opening up this can you see an off white, waxy looking pomade, with a slight shine to the surface. It actually looks a little bit like frozen or chilled lard. Knowing these guys, I don’t think that was an accident. On the surface, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that much heavier than the green can was, but only time will tell for sure. Often times, as I’ve said before, you can tell quite a bit about a pomade just by looking at it. However, sometimes they can deceive you and be different from how they look. Usually they are how they look though. The scent of this one is kind of like the green one’s. What I mean is, it’s quite feminine and reminds me of a women’s product, just like the green one did. But again, this one has a really good scent to it! It’s kind of a sweet, powdery, floral, fruity scent. It has quite a few notes all mixed in together. You first smell the sweet floral notes blended together, then you get the powdery note, and finally a tiny hint of sweet fruit. I’m not sure exactly what fruit it is, but it’s definitely a fruity note. I’ve heard some people say it has a bubble gum scent to it, but it doesn’t really. Well, maybe if it was a flowery powdery gum, but it doesn’t smell like traditional bubble gum.

Upon scooping this stuff out, I was right about the lard look. It scooped out like really cold lard would. It has a waxy texture to it, but it’s kind of a creamy waxy texture. I know that’s a bit oxymoronic, but that’s how it is. You can see in the picture what I mean. It doesn’t have either of the usual looks that waxy pomades do when you scoop them out. And at the same time, it doesn’t look like a grease does either, and it’s got a smooth texture to it. It’s actually quite unique! I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a pomade yet that scoops the way this one does. I think maybe the closest one would be that black Crown pomade I tried a while back. But this one is still different from that one. One thing I noticed when I scooped it out, was that the sweet fruity note became much more present and noticeable. It was kind of buried beneath the other notes in the tin, but when you scoop it out, that note gets nice and strong. It evens out with the strength of the other notes nicely. This one seems a bit more feminine than the green can does, but I think I like this scent better than the green can’s. I’m not entirely sure yet though. I need to test it out for a few days to be positive. I am still a little perplexed by these scents though. It just caught me off guard smelling feminine scents in men’s pomades. Even thought they are both fantastic scents, and I like them a lot! And I’m glad they went with these scents, because they’re some of my favorites. It’s just a bit odd to me that they have these scents is all. I totally expected masculine or neutral scents like their ringing gel ones have. Still, I love this scent either way.

It breaks down in your hands a little bit easier than you’d expect it to and has a nice creamy feel to it. Now it is still heavy and waxy, but it also has a creamy texture to it as well. And kind of feels a little bit like chilled lard at this stage also. It makes me laugh. Whether it was on purpose or accident it’s a totally cool pun to go with the name of the pomade. Applying it to your hair is a bit harder than you’d expect from how it feels broken down in your hands. It goes is kind of like Murray’s or a really waxy pomade, and tugs at your hairs a little. However, it doesn’t just stay on top of your hair like a lot of really waxy pomades do. This one is actually quite easy to spread evenly throughout your hair with your hands. The comb through is exactly what you’d expect from how it applies though. It takes a decent amount of effort to run your comb through your hair with this pomade in. I did notice that it pulled out quite a few of my hairs too. I had kind of expected that though from how it went in. It wasn’t as bad as some heavy pomades do, but there was still a lot of hairs stuck in my comb after the first pass. One thing I did like is that it didn’t keep pulling a bunch of hairs out like some pomades do. After the first pass, only a few other hairs came out, which was nice. And I noticed that this one seems to have a decent amount of shine to it for a heavy pomade. Now I haven’t styled my hair yet, so I don’t know if it will stay, but after combing it all in my hair, there was a nice sheen to this stuff.

I was quite pleased with how my hair turned out too. I was able to get nice height, and it had decent control too. There wasn’t a bunch of stray hairs or hairs sticking straight out, like with other heavy pomades. I’m pretty sure the creaminess it has is what helped in that area. This pomade isn’t as dry as many heavy pomades are, which is often what makes the hairs go astray. The shine seemed to stay pretty well also. It’s kind of hard to tell in this picture, but the other pictures you can see the shine a lot better. I was also really liking how the scent was once I styled my hair up too. It took on more of a sweet fruity and powdery scent and lost the floral notes a bit. It also seemed to get a little bit stronger or more present once it was in my hair. It filled up my whole bathroom, and even when I walked out of the bathroom I could easily smell the pomade in my hair.

In this picture you can see the shine a lot better, and like I was saying, it has a decent amount of shine to it for a heavy. It’s almost as shiny as a medium pomade is. I took this picture about two hours after I styled my hair, and I noticed that some of my comb lines had opened up a little bit. It wasn’t bad, but you can definitely see them a little bit more than when I first styled my hair. There was really only one that had opened up a lot, and it’s right where one of my natural parts is. I often have problems with that area opening up as the day goes on. I’ve learned to just deal with it and recomb it closed when I need to. Even after two hours I could still smell this pomade pretty strong in my hair too. This one lingers a lot longer than the green can does for sure. And I think I do like this scent better than the green one’s. However, I still think the blue can is my favorite scent out of the four. There’s just something about that scent that hits a note with me.

At the end of the day I snapped another picture real quick to see how my hair had held up. I was very pleased to see that my hair seemed to be in the exact same place as it was in the morning! The only real difference I noticed was that my cowlick had split open. Other than that, I didn’t see any other areas that had opened up, drooped or fallen down, or moved at all. I was really happy with that! I didn’t even have to recomb my hair once either. This pomade really did a great job of holding my hair in place all day long. Now, I was pretty much inside all day, except for a couple times I went outside for just a few minutes. So I will have to see how it holds up when I’m outside more than that, but still, it held great throughout the day. And the shine seemed to be a little more present at the end of the day too. I hope that carries over with the buildup and day two makes for a real shiny look. Even the scent lasted all day. I could still smell my hair pretty easily that evening. Now it wasn’t as strong, but I was still getting whiffs of it that night. So far I’m really liking this pomade a lot. I’m very curious to see how the buildup is on this one too. The texture and way it performs doesn’t really give me a good idea how the buildup will be, so I’m pretty anxious to see what that’s like tomorrow.

Surprisingly, the buildup with this stuff wasn’t that heavy. Instead, it was quite light and oily when I woke up. After I took a shower most of the oily feel had gone away and I was left with about half of the pomade still in my hair. I was pretty surprised at this since it’s a heavier pomade. I had expected it to stick in my hair more, like most heavy pomades do. However, I did like the feel of the buildup in my hair quite a bit. It wasn’t too much, and my hair was left feeling quite nice. Also, I was actually able to get a nice style going right out of the shower. I didn’t even need to add any pomade to get a nice looking lower pomp going. And it still had really good control to it as well. I didn’t have a bunch of strays or anything like that. So really, if you wanted to, you could go without adding any pomade to your hair the second day and still look good. I decided to add a little bit to my hair for the sake of the review.

Applying it the second day was a little bit easier to my relief. The lighter buildup allows for much easier application and combing. There is still the resistance you get with heavier pomades, but it wasn’t nearly as much as the first day. The buildup in my hair seemed to kind of smooth out the fresh pomade I was adding in, and make it much easier to comb through. I didn’t really notice any increase in height this time, but I did have better control for sure. My cowlick didn’t open up and I didn’t have any comb lines separate either. The shine was also a little bit more pronounced the second day. There wasn’t a big difference, but I could tell that there was more shine. It looked more like how my hair did at the end of the first day. Which makes me think, that possibly by the end of today my hair could be really shiny. If it does the same thing it did yesterday that is.

Just like the first day, this pomade kept my hair in place all day long. And it did an even better job the second day. I didn’t see any comb lines open up, and my cowlick wasn’t showing either. Definitely pleased with the longevity of this pomades hold! Not many pomades hold all day like this for me. So when I get one that does, I become very enthused about it. The shine however, didn’t follow suit from the first day. It seemed to be the same at the end of the day as it was at the beginning. Which is totally fine with me, because it’s a great amount of shine. Plus, if I ever want more, I can always add a topper to it. The scent definitely was stronger the second day. I could really smell this pomade in my hair easily at the end of the day. It didn’t die down like it did on the first day. I was a little surprised by that, because usually the scent of a pomade does the same thing each day. Not this one, it stays almost just as strong as when you first apply it until the end of the day. I’m not sure why that happened, because my hair didn’t have any scent to it when I got out of the shower. Nonetheless, I was still happy about it, because I really like this scent a lot. Day two was a smashing success with this pomade. There wasn’t one downfall to it at all on the second day.

The next morning before I got in the shower, I decided to try and style my hair. Just to see what would happen, as the buildup was really heavy. Almost like none of the pomade had come out of my hair at all during the night. To my surprise, even with really crazy bed head, I was able to style a fairly decent doo. Now I didn’t get much height, but I was able to style a low profile pomp without having a bunch of gaps, or stray hairs, or messy parts at all. It did what the old High Life light does for my hair. So if you ever have to skip a shower the third morning, you’ll be ok, as this stuff allows you to get a decent style going. And it stays too! I didn’t get in the shower for over an hour after I combed my hair, and my hair was still looking good. The only thing I didn’t like was that it gets really oily the third day. Just barely touching my hair made my hand feel super oily. So I wouldn’t go too long before hopping in the shower, unless you’re ok with oily hair, then you’re fine to go all day. Personally, I don’t like an overly oily feel to my hair, so I washed it off pretty quickly. And almost all of the oil comes out when you wash your hair. However, you can still feel a little bit in there after your shower. The buildup is much heavier the third day as well. I’d say at least 80% of the pomade was still in my hair. So I didn’t even add any the third day, I just styled my hair and went about my day. With it being a bit oily, you do lose a little control the third day, but not much. It was kind of like how the first day was. I had some comb lines open a little, and I also had a couple strands that kept falling down. They were on the side of my head though, so it wasn’t too bad. I could easily comb them back in, or tuck them behind my ear. I also did lose a little height the third day, as well as some shine. It wasn’t much, but I did notice the difference. If I had added just a little pomade though, I think the shine would have been the same as day two. By the end of the day I did lose more control and had a couple spots that just didn’t want to stay in place. But like I said, I think that’s due to me not touching up my hair with a little pomade. However, it could be just how this pomade performs on the third day. I won’t know for sure until I test it out like this again. Although I did see some downfalls on day three, I still think it was a success. My hair didn’t completely come apart, and for the most part, the buildup held my style pretty well throughout the day. I think next time I will wash my hair a second time to get all the oil out and then add just a tiny bit of pomade to touch my hair up. I think that will help make it more like day two was.

All in all, I really like this pomade a lot. There were only a couple tiny things that happened. This stuff is definitely a pomade I highly recommend you guys get and try out. It really works great. Many thanks again to my friends at the Reuzel company for sending me this pomade to review. I really did enjoy it a lot, and I had fun reviewing it. This will for sure be a pomade I use again and again in the future. To get yourself a can, head over to While you’re there, check out their new products! They have 5 new products in bottles, and two new beard products. I’m very excited to try out the new hair tonics and the new shampoos. Grab yourself a can of this stuff as soon as possible, and try some of their other products as well. They really are great products and well worth the money. Well that concludes the cans, I’ll see you guys next time when I start the bottled product reviews!

Keep it greasy,


Big Slick Pomade – Original ~ Barbershop Scent

Hey guys, this time we are checking out one of the Big Slick pomades. I had traded the maker of these some of my pomades for theirs a little while back, and am now going to check one out. As usual I’m going to start with the lightest hold, which is their original. And I’ll be trying out the “barbershop” scent first. It comes, or used to come, in two scents, but I was told the second scent has since been discontinued. So I figured I’d feature the one that’s available to you all first, and then later on check out the discontinued scent. So let’s see what’s up with this stuff.
This one comes in the standard flat 4oz cans like Bees Knees comes in. Only this lid isn’t flat like Bees Knees’ are, it has an indented area instead. This one has 3 labels on it, a lid label, a bottom label, and a little sticker that wraps around the small area on the side of the can. The labeling is super simplistic, and doesn’t really have any designs on it. The lid label is a pastel teal blue color, with black and red letters on it. Up top are the 4 card suit symbols, then below that is the name of the company in cursive writing, and at the bottom is where it’s made. Like I said, super simplistic. The little sticker on side is also very basic in design/layout. It’s just the 4 card suits again, and the name of the company twice on a clear sticker that wraps almost all the way around the can. The bottom label is even more simplistic than the lid label, which is to be expected, as they almost always are. Again at the top is the card suits, with “original” just below it in the cursive writing. Then in the plain writing that the city and state were on the top label is a couple sentences about the pomade, then the ingredients list. And finally at the bottom in the cursive writing is the weight info. These labels are some of the most basic and design free labels out there for sure. I don’t know of many that are more simplistic than these ones. A lot of times, less can be more though for some people. Others really like flashy and busy designs. Personally, I like both when they’re done the right way. A nice simplistic label can really look sharp and stand out sometimes, and so can a busy and flashy label. And a lot of it is personal preference. Something simplistic may be boring to some, and can be clean and sharp to others.

Opening up the can you’re immediately blasted with the scent of this pomade. This stuff has a real kick to it! It’s by far one of the stronger scented pomades out there. I’m not sure if it’s just this particular scent, or if they’re all that way though. Sometimes certain fragrances come off stronger than others, and some are just more potent than others. Even when using the exact same amount in a pomade. However, this scent does not smell like a barbershop at all. It’s a very strong soapy scent, and kind of reminds me of the blue Irish Spring soap, but with a tiny hint of menthol. You have to smell it a few times to detect it, but there’s a very subtle minty note on the bottom there. Now this isn’t a bad scent at all, it just doesn’t smell anything like a barbershop. None of the “barbershop” scents I’ve smelled over the years do though. I’ve only come across one that kind of smells like a barbershop, but it really smells more like clubman aftershave and hot shaving lather. It’s just that every barbershop I’ve been a patron at uses that aftershave, so that’s why I say it kind of smells like a barbershop. Every other “barbershop” scent I’ve smelled has always smelled like soap or cologne, not like a barbershop. And come to think of it, I don’t really know what a barbershop scent should smell like. Apart from smelling like clubman aftershave, shaving lather, and a mix of different pomade scents. And I suppose different shops could have different scents depending on what aftershaves they predominantly use and whatnot. Anyway, back to this scent, it is a very crisp clean scent. It’s a bit strong for me though. I think if it were about half as potent I’d like it better, but it’s just a bit strong for me and is a little harsh on my nose. I can’t smell it for very long like I can with other pomades. It kind of bothers my nose if smell it too much for some reason. There are only a select few pomades and water based products that do this to my nose, and I’m not sure exactly what it is about their scent that does that. It’s quite weird actually, and kind of bothers me that I can’t smell them for very long. Especially the ones that have good scents to them. The color of the pomade is almost the exact same shade of pastel teal blue that the labels are. The pomade just has a bit more of a green hue to it than the labels do. They did a pretty good job of matching the color of the pomade to the label though. And they also did a good job of filling the can up all the way. It’s actually too full haha. It’s almost completely filled to the very top of the edges of the can wall. Which isn’t a bad thing at all! It just means when you scoop it out some of it will get stuck to the lid. However, I’m very glad they aren’t like some people who only fill these types of cans half way up/to the line inside. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying $15 for a half full can of pomade. So it’s nice to see a full can for a change. I do the same thing when I use these types of cans for my limited edition pomades and private label pomades. I fill them up to just a tiny bit under the top of the can walls, like 1/16″ down from the top. And I do so just so that when the customer scoops the pomade, none of it gets stuck to the lid. This is probably the most full I’ve seen one of these types of cans though. Great job on doing that guys.

When I dug my finger into the pomade I was met with a lighter grease. I had expected a little more texture or weight to it based on how the surface looked, but it was actually pretty soft. Kind of reminded me of my Atomic Pomade or the old High Life light. A softer medium grease. The surface kind of looks like it would be a bit more waxy, but it was actually pretty creamy and soft. I was pretty happy with the texture too. I usually like pomades like this quite a bit. The scent gets a little bit stronger when you scoop it out too, which I didn’t think was possible. However, it loses a little bit of the harshness to it when you get the pomade out of the tin. And the soft minty note completely disappeared once I scooped the pomade out as well. I was hoping the minty note would be a little more present, but it went the opposite way.

Breaking it down in my hands was super easy, just as I knew it would be. And the pomade becomes a bit more creamy in your hands as well. I had expected it to feel pretty greasy, but it was more creamy feeling than greasy. I had also expected a slight stickiness to it since it has lanolin in it, but it didn’t feel sticky at all in my hands. Nor did it feel sticky when I applied it to my hair. This stuff went in super easily too. It felt more like a light pomade when I applied it. It actually reminded me quite a bit of how DAX’s veggie oils pomade goes into my hair. It felt lighter than it did in my hands. Even when I was combing it in, it felt more like a light pomade than the medium it presented itself to be. Hopefully it goes back to being a medium when I style my hair. This pomade is very easy to disperse into our hair evening as well. It only took me combing my hair straight back, over to the side, and then back again to have it completely worked into my hair. I knew it would be easy to work in though just from how it scooped out. I really like when pomades go in quickly like this. It allows me more time for styling, if I need it, and keeps the pomade from getting overworked in my hair. That’s one thing that can be frustrating when styling your hair. Especially when you’re not having the best hair day and need more time to style your hair, because it’s not wanting to cooperate and certain areas don’t want to go in or stay in place. Another thing I noticed about this pomade, was that after I applied it to my hair my hands felt pretty oily. I’m not sure exactly how that happened, but it’s as if all the oils in the pomade stayed on my hands and didn’t go into my hair. Also, I did end up feeling the lanolin in this pomade after I had washed my hands. The lanolin was coated all over my hands. Lanolin is a very sticky substance and can be difficult to wash off sometimes. That’s why the Bees Knees pomades are so sticky and some people complain about them being hard to wash off their hands and hair. The lanolin they’re made with is very tacky and stays stuck to whatever it touches. But lanolin is a very beneficial ingredient to use. It’s got great moisturizing and protective properties to it.

Luckily, the light feeling of the pomade didn’t affect the hold at all. I was able to get a really nice medium sized, slightly rounded pomp going with this pomade. And surprisingly, this pomade does a fantastic job of taking my cowlick, even though it’s a lighter one. Usually lighter pomades don’t hold my cowlick in place this well, but this one almost made it look nonexistent. I was very pleased with that from this pomade. Now I’ve learned how to use lighter pomades properly, so I can get my wavy/curly/cowlicked hair to do what I want it to for the most part with them. So I applied those things I’ve learned when I was styling my hair with this pomade.

However, the result had exceeded my expectations. I had figured that my big cowlick in the front would show through, and that I would have to settle for a little bit of lower pomp that had a slight wave to it. That wasn’t the case with this pomade though. I was able to get a little bit more height and control with this pomade, which was a very nice little surprise. I was also surprised, that this pomade didn’t have more shine to it. It had left my hair with more of a matte shine to it, than the shine you usually get with a lighter pomade like this. It’s not a bad thing by any means, I was just surprised by it is all. I liked how the shine looked in my hair just fine, I had just expected more of a high shine and greasy look.

This pomade did a fairly decent job of holding my hair in place throughout the day also. I did lose a little height, and had a couple areas open up, but overall, it held up pretty well. The scent lasted all day long too, and seemed to keep its strength for most of the day. I could easily smell it in my hair still halfway through the day. Just as easily as when I first applied it to my hair. The first half hour I had it in, the scent was kind of bothering my nose, but after that I kind of became nose blind to it. Well, except for when I’d move my head quickly, then I would get a whiff of the scent again. It didn’t continue to bother my nose, but I could smell it easily for most of the day. And could still smell it slightly at the end of the day too. The shine had also become slightly more matte by the end of the day. You can see the difference between the two pictures. It’s not a huge difference, but it is noticeable for sure. So far I’m petty pleased with how this pomade has performed. And I liked the little surprises it presented as well. I’m really curious to see how the buildup is with this stuff and how it does on day two. I am liking this pomade though, and as a one day use pomade, I think it’s pretty good. I know some of you guys only use a pomade for one day and then wash it out of your hair or use a ringing gel or other water based the day after using a pomade. And this pomade is a pretty decent pomade for that I think.

After taking a shower and hittin the hay, I woke up to find that my hair was left with about half of the pomade in it. However, the buildup left my hair feeling pretty oily. Just one pas through my hair with my hand, and my hair felt really oily. Almost like I ran my hand through my hair after just applying Royal Crown’s hair dressing or something like that. It was quite odd, because as I said before, my hair didn’t feel oily when the pomade was in it yesterday. I’m hoping this oily feeling doesn’t affect the hold at all. I have been surprised in the past with pomades that have had buildup like this though, so I’m crossing my fingers that this one has good hold today.

I went on and sprayed my hair with some water and then dried off the excess and combed it back loosely to get ready to apply the pomade. I only used half of what I did the first day, because of how much seemed to be left in my hair. It went in and combed exactly the same as the first day. However, when I went to style my hair, I had a little bit of trouble. It didn’t want to cooperate all that much. Now, I can’t tell if it’s from the oily buildup or from having slight bed head. I probably should have waited to take a shower until the morning, or ran my head under the faucet instead of just spraying it with water. This time I wasn’t able to get as much control and I had some areas split and some strays that didn’t want to stay put. My hair did stay in place when I slicked it in place though. Which was pretty easy to do when I recombed my hair. It does have a little resistance to it, but not much when you recomb your hair. It’s only slightly more resistant than when you first comb the pomade into your hair. And while I tried a few times to get my hair to do what I wanted, I just wasn’t able to get a decent pomp going this time. So I just settled for a clean slicked doo for today. I will have to try things a bit differently tomorrow and see if I can get a better result than I did today.

When I woke up on the next day, my hair felt oily again like it did before. This is making me think it was more the buildup than anything on the second day. After I got out of the shower and dried my hair though, the oiliness had gone away. Which means the trick with this pomade is making sure you wash your hair the next morning instead of the night before. This time I was able to get a much better result when styling my hair. I only needed to add a little bit to touch up a couple areas too, as most of the pomade stayed in my hair from day two. The results looked pretty much the same as the first day, only with a little more shine this time. This pomade is one that gives your hair more shine as the days go on, which I’m pretty sure is from the oily buildup it leaves. Just like on the first day, my hair seemed to stay in place well all day long. Another thing with this one, is that the scent lasts longer, or is stronger, each day after the initial use. Day three definitely gave nice results, and was a big improvement over the second day. At the end of the day my hair did feel oily again too. So I will just have to keep that in mind for future use of this pomade, and make sure I only wash my hair in the morning next time.

All in all this pomade was pretty decent. I liked my experience with it and had fun doing the review. There’s really only one slight downfall to it, which is the oily buildup. However, that’s easily remedied by just washing your hair in the morning instead of the night before. Everything else about this pomade and its performance I liked though. Well, the scent could be toned down just a tad, but that’s just my personal preference. You may like the strength of it, and it might not be as harsh on your nose as it was on mine. This pomade is definitely one I would recommend trying out though. Especially for you guys who only use a pomade for one day. This stuff has a great first day performance to it. I want to thank Vincent over at Big Slick for swapping products with me and giving me the chance to try out and review this pomade. I really did enjoy the experience and had some fun with the pomade/review man. Hit him up on Facebook or Etsy for a can of this pomade. They also make a heavy and a firm hold, as well as couple other products. So check those out while you’re there, and stay tuned for those reviews in the near future. Well, til the next one….

Stay slick,


Reuzel – Green Can

Alright, today we are checking out another one of the Reuzel products. This time I am featuring their very first product they ever came out with, their pomade in the green can. Now I originally got a can of this stuff as a gift from my friend Bianca over at Hair Pomades a few years ago at Viva Las Vegas, right after it first came out. However, since then I have gone through that can, so I bought another regular sized one for the review. But, I also was sent a large can and small can as Xmas gifts from the awesome folks over at Reuzel. So I’ll be showing oh guys all 3 sizes they offer for the first time!
When I got the large and small cans in, I was really surprised at how large the big can actually is. The pictures online don’t really do it justice. This can is actually pretty damn big. The small can is about how they look in pictures though. The large and medium cans have the same exact labeling on them all around, but the small cans have a slight difference to them. On the back/bottom of the small can, the info is laid out differently than it is on the medium and large cans. The sizes of the cans are as follows; the small one is 1.3oz, the medium one is 4oz, and the large one is 12oz. So each step up is 3x as much pomade as the can below it. For the sake of the review and keeping it the same as the others, I’ll be featuring the medium sized can for you guys. And I will also be writing/doing the review like I’m using it for the first time. Even though I’ve used a full can already, I feel it’s better to write the review like it is the first time I’m using it. That way you guys can read an unbiased review, and kind of take the journey of using it for the first time with me. Rather than me writing it from an “I’ve already used this stuff” point of view.

Just like with the other ones, this can is the same type, shape, and design. The only differences are the color, and the wording at the bottom. This time it says “grease medium hold” down at the bottom in the grey ring. One cool thing I noticed about this can, that the others don’t have/do, is that it kind of changes shades of green. What I mean is, as you tilt and twist the can, the color shade shifts and goes from light to slightly darker. Kind of like the way a hologram does or metallic paint does. It’s actually pretty cool! I’m not sure why only the green one does this, but still, it’s a neat little aspect to it.

Another thing I haven’t shown you guys before, is how the back/bottom of the can looks. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to include that before, but I’m doing so now, so it’s all good. The bottom of each can has the same exact layout and info on it. In the center of the can is a big tan circle with all the info and whatnot in it. Around the edge it has where it was made and distributed in regular font, along with the company’s website in the same font as on the front of the can. Then inside that is the directions in a few different languages, then the barcode and ingredients list, and finally a caution again in a few different languages. It also says at the bottom, above the website, that their products aren’t tested on animals. Now I’m pretty sure they tested these ones on the barbers and clients at Schorem barbershop, and those dudes are definitely animals….so that claim is totally false! Hahaha just kidding Robert, and Schorem guys! So as you can see, it has all the same basic stuff that most products do in there. The only thing it doesn’t have is a little blurb about the pomade itself. Not all products do have a description or blurb about the product though.

Now on to the pomade itself. When you open the can, you’re instantly met with the scent of this pomade. And per usual, it’s a very unique scent. I was very surprised by this scent though, because it’s not something you’d expect a men’s pomade to have. It’s a more feminine scent, and smells very similar to this cucumber melon lotion that my wife uses. It’s a very strong scent, but not overpowering, and it’s a pretty nice scent too. You get a sweet floral note upfront, mixed with the cucumber melon lotion scent as well, and then it has kind of a soft powdery note at the end. Now some people have said that it smells like mint, and some have said it smells like apples. When I had my first can, I thought maybe mine was different because I got one from the very first batch. However, upon picking up the second can and getting the other two in from them, I can say for sure that it wasn’t that my first can was different. All four of my cans have the exact same floral cucumber melon lotion scent to them. There’s no mint scent or apples scent to any of them at all. Don’t get me wrong though, just because I said it’s kind of a feminine scent, and that I hadn’t expected that for a men’s pomade, doesn’t mean it’s not good. I really do like the scent of this stuff, it is a very good smelling pomade. Like I said, it’s just not what you’d expect is all. It smells more like how a women’s pomade would smell to me, and how my wife’s lotion smells. The color of this one is also really cool! However, the lighting and picture don’t show how it really is for some reason. I tried taking multiple photos at different angles and in different places to get it to show how it really looks, but I couldn’t. This one has a bright yellow color to it, almost like a highlighter yellow. It’s not quite as neon as a highlighter, but it’s pretty close. I did try and make the border of the multi-pic up there the actual color of the product. So look at that and it will give you a better idea of the color of this stuff. It’s not the exact shade of yellow the pomade is, but it’s pretty close to it.

When you scoop this stuff out, you’re met with a texture you didn’t quite expect from looking at its surface. The surface kind of indicates it will be a softer medium pomade with a more rounded scoop, kind of like Schmiere’s mittel. However, it scoops out more like a waxy pomade does, as you can see. The way it scoops out doesn’t affect the performance of the pomade, well usually it doesn’t, I was just a bit surprised at how it came out is all. It’s kind of cool when pomades do things like this. Usually you can tell a lot about a pomade by looking at its surface, but every once in a while, one will surprise you like this.

It breaks down in your hands very easily, and more like a softer medium does. I had expected it to give me a little resistance based on how it scooped, but it didn’t. This one broke down how I expected it to when I looked at it and thought it would scoop out differently. It has a very creamy texture to it once you break it down too. And there’s also a slight tackiness to this pomade as well, feels a lot like how a pomade with lanolin in it does. Applying it to my hair was a bit more resistant than I thought it would be. Based on the creamy texture it had, I figured it would go in like butter. However, it had a bit of resistance to it, more like a waxy pomade. Now it wasn’t hard to apply and work in, it just had more resistance than I thought it would. Working it in was the same way also. Somehow this one gains resistance to it as you go about using it. It had more resistance to it when I started combing it in than it did when I applied it somehow. However, once I got it completely worked in, it went back to feeling softer and creamy again. Kind of crazy how some products do this type of stuff. For a minute there, I thought this stuff was going to have more hold to it than I was originally expecting.

This pomade does have some nice hold to it though. I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp with this stuff. The creaminess to it kind of made my hair a bit lighter and slightly bouncy. You can kind of tell by the picture that the pomade isn’t a thick in my hair like others are. Even though my hair was lighter, this pomade did a good job of taming my cowlick. Usually when pomades are like that my cowlick splits open really bad, but this one kept it in check nicely. I was pretty surprised at that too. My cowlick can be pretty difficult to tame. And when pomades are light in my hair, or leave my bouncy, my cowlick really shows. However, this pomade somehow kept it in check, even though it was light in my hair and my hair was more bouncy. It was definitely a nice little surprise for sure.

Another thing I liked about this pomade, was that it had a nice shine to it. The picture doesn’t quite show the shine it truly gave my hair though. It was quite a bit shinier than the photo above shows. It wasn’t a super high sheen, like some pomades give my hair, but it was still a nice medium shine. And it was more of a natural shine than a wet/greasy looking shine, but it was shinier than how my hair naturally is. I know that kind of sounds odd, but that’s the best way to describe it. It had the same hue as a natural shine, but was more prominent/shinier than a natural shine. And I kind of liked the more swirly, rounded look this stuff gives my hair too. I don’t usually comb my hair like this, but it’s kind of a cool little change up from my usual style. This pomade also did a great job of holding my hair in place all day. I didn’t see any splits or spots that fell or drooped at all. My hair seemed to be in the same place it was when I first combed it that morning. I was really surprised at this, because of how it felt in my hair. Generally when pomades leave my hair lighter and bouncy feeling, they don’t hold it in place all day. I start to see splits or it starts to fall down a little part way through the day. However, this pomade really does a nice job of keeping my hair in place. And the scent lasts quite a while too! I could still detect it slightly toward the end of the day. Now it wasn’t as strong as it was in the morning, but I could still smell it a little bit. So far I’m really liking this pomade quite a bit. Day one has proved it to be a very nice pomade all around. I’m interested to see how it does on day two with the buildup it leaves. And to see what kind of buildup it leaves, because of how it felt in my hair on the first day.

After sleeping and taking a shower my hair was left with only a little of the pomade left in it. However, what was left was what seemed to be more the oils and some of the petrolatum. It felt like most, if not all, of the wax had come out of my hair. This is quite odd, because usually the wax is what stays in your hair. Normally the oils and some of the petrolatum are the first to come out of your hair, not the wax. This kind of worries me a bit, and makes me wonder if I will be able to get as good of hold and height as I did on the first day. Applying it and combing it was a little bit easier this time, which I had expected due to the buildup it left. And surprisingly, styling it was easier than the first day had been. I had expected to have a little trouble styling my hair since the buildup was kind of light and oily. This usually makes it slightly difficult to style with my wavy, curly, cowlicked hair, but it was actually quite easy to style. I had my hair in place within about 30-45 seconds.

I was kind of surprised to see that I got more height than I did on the first day too. I definitely was not expecting this at all. With the way this pomade built up, I had figured that I wouldn’t get as much height and/or hold as I did the first day. This pomade is just full of surprises, and does the opposite of what you expect it to do in multiple aspects of it. And I mean that in the best way possible. My hair looked quite a bit better the second day than it did the first day. I was able to get my hair just where I wanted it, and into a pretty nice looking tall pomp in just a short time. I’m definitely very pleased with the results this pomade gives me on the second day using it! One thing that was kind of odd about it on the second day, especially with how the buildup was, is that the shine isn’t as prominent/high as it was the first day. Now, you’d think with an oily buildup the shine would be more present than the first day, but it wasn’t. It was actually lower, and left my hair looking more matte than shiny. This isn’t a problem at all, it was just something I noticed.

My hair did still have a kind of swirly look to it again the second day, and I still liked it just as good as the first day. It looked a bit better the second day too, more controlled and deliberate than it did on day one. The only slight downfall I saw, was that I had a few stray hairs that I couldn’t get to stay in place. They weren’t super noticeable, but if you look, you can see them sticking out. I’m not sure why that happened today and not on day one. Especially because I seemed to get more control from the pomade the second day. The hold lasted just as good as it did on day one also. I didn’t see any sort of gaps or areas that fell/sank at all. Also, the scent lasted a little better on the second day. Which usually happens when you get the buildup in your hair. Oh, one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is how it recombs. With the pomade keeping my hair in place all day, I didn’t need to recomb my hair at all. So I forgot to do so at the end of the first day, and nearly forgot on day two. But I remembered to recomb my hair for the sake of the review right before I hit the hay. And it recombs super easily. Quite a bit easier than when you first comb it in your hair. It also does a pretty good job of going back into place. I did lose a little height, and gained a bit more swirl, but other than that, my hair pretty much went right back into place. Also, I was able to get those stray hairs to stay in place when I recombed my hair, which was nice. Day two….success. Very happy with this stuff’s performance the second time around.

Days 3 and 4 were pretty much a repeat of day two. The only real difference I noticed was that the buildup does gain a little as the days go on, but not a whole bunch like with some pomades. I also noticed a little more shine to my hair on the fourth day. It wasn’t quite as much as on day one, but there was a definite increase from how it was on the second day for sure. Another thing I was happy with was how well this stuff tames my waves/curls in the back. You’ll have to excuse the poor photo quality, but it’s not very easy to take a picture of the back of my head on my own haha. It took me about a dozen tries to get it to come out somewhat decent. This was the best picture I could get though, so bear with me. My hair is a little long and unruly right now, especially along the hair line. So excuse the messy bottom, but you can kind of see how this pomade does a pretty dang good job of getting the curls/waves to go into a fairly decent style. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than I thought it was going to be thats for sure.

After about a week of using this pomade, I’ve got to say, I really like it a lot. Now I’ve already gone through a full can before writing this review, so I knew I was going to like it, but like I said before, I wanted to write the review for you guys like I was trying it out for the first time. I highly recommend you guys getting a can or two of this stuff. It’s really a great pomade! And it has become one of my new favorites for sure. It’s definitely one of the best newer pomades that has come out in the past few years. This one totally lived up to the hype it had before it was released. I can say that without a seconds hesitation. Huge thank you to my friend Bianca for giving me my first time, and also to my good buddies Robert and Lawrence over at Reuzel for the Xmas gifts of this pomade too! I can’t thank you all enough for giving me some cans of this awesome pomade. I really really appreciate it a lot! You guys gotta snag some of this stuff. You can get it at pretty much any of the online pomade retailers. Come to think of it, I don’t know of a site that doesn’t carry it. Which is pretty awesome for the Reuzel guys. If you want to get it directly from them, just head to their website and throw one in your cart. I recommend doing so as soon as possible too! Well, three cans down, and only one can to go. It will be a bitter sweet review when I get to their last pomade. However, they have just released two new hair tonics! So I will be able to keep on going with the Reuzel products, and review them for you once I get them in. Until the next one….

Keep it greasy,


Jusincredible Pomade – Light Hold

Ok, so this time we are checking out the light hold of Jusincredible Pomade. I bought this stuff towards the end of December last year along with their heavy and holiday edition after a fellow ATP member and pomade maker had suggested I try it. So I contacted Grace, chatted with her a little bit, and then sent her a paypal payment a couple weeks after we talked. Then about a week or so after that my pomades arrived in the mail, with a cool little sticker. I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been pretty busy formulating and testing things for clients’ pomades as well as a few for my company. Now I’m just waiting on my label guys to return my messages so I can get them out to the public! Anyway, let’s dig into this pomade.
This pomade comes in a slightly unique container, at least for a pomade anyway. I’ve seen ringing gels, and creams, and pastes come in tubs like these, as well as shave soaps and creams, but never a pomade I don’t think. It’s a 4oz amber plastic tub with an aluminum screw on lid. It has a lid label and a side label on the container. The lid label is a baby blue label with black writing and a white border. In the center is a little ghost guy with a mustache and he’s holding some black filigree pieces in each hand, has a pair of scissors with brass knuckles for the handles on his belly, and some white filigree strewn about him. His eyes are two different sizes, and you can kind of see the top of his nose in there too. At the bottom of him is the weight info inside a circle with more filigree around its edge. Across him in white letters with a black shadow in the name of the company kind of waved up and down. Then around the edge in block letters with shadow it says “⭐️Barber Approved ⭐️ Pomade ⭐️ Light Hold ⭐️ 100% All Natural” just inside the white border. Very busy, and full, label. There’s tons going on and it’s all crammed into the label. It’s almost a little too busy for me, but it’s still a pretty cool label I think. The side label is much more simplistic and spread out. It has the same baby blue background in the front with the name of the company, the weight, the hold and type of pomade it is, and has “barber approved” in a little banner above the name. To the right and left are black areas with white writing. The left side has the directions, a caution, and the company info. To the right is some info about the pomade, the ingredients, weight info, and “made and manufactured in the USA 🇺🇸.” Nice little label, simple, to the point, all the info you need is there. 

Opening up the lid you see a yellow colored light pomade. Now it’s not greasy looking, but you can tell it’s a light pomade, and that its lanolin based. On the surface are a bunch of little beads of oil indicating a slight separation of ingredients. I’m not particularly thrilled about that, but I don’t think it will affect the performance at all since there’s not a lot of separation going on. Right away you get a strong blast of lemongrass scent. It’s a very powerful and present scent. There’s also a tiny note of amber in there as well, but it’s barely detectable because of how strong the lemongrass is. I’d prefer more amber and less lemongrass personally, but I still like the scent. Anyone who likes lemongrass or lemon scents will like this pomade quite a bit. 

When I dug my finger into the pomade I pulled out exactly what I was expecting. I’ve worked with lanolin for years now, and have used many lanolin based pomades before so I knew what I was in for with this pomade. It’s a nice light and sticky pomade, but still has some nice weight and texture to it for being a light. However when I put it in my palms and started to work it around, the texture went out the window and it became quite oily. I was surprised at this because it’s lanolin based and the second ingredient is beeswax. Usually that would indicate a more sticky, less oily pomade, but this one is pretty oily. Seeing as it’s so oily, I won’t use as much as I’d planed on. With lighter oily pomades, less is more. You only need a little to get the look you want. If you use too much they weigh your hair down and you can’t do much with it. That’s why a lot of people these days think they can’t use light pomades I think. They try to use them like a heavy pomade, and you just can’t do that. You have to use less and use different combing techniques, along with using your hair’s natural laying position to your advantage. 

Anyway, back to the review. Applying this stuff is super super easy, it goes in like nothing. Which didn’t surprise me after how it felt in my hands, but does since it’s a lanolin based pomade. Usually they’re not the most smooth application due to the stickiness of lanolin. However, this pomade went in very easily and dispersed evenly throughout my hair relatively quickly. Once you get this pomade in your hair the lemongrass scent really gets strong and you lose the amber note completely. That bummed me out a little, because I liked the amber note in this pomade. But I still like the lemongrass scent of it decently.

I wasn’t able to get much height or control with this pomade on the first day unfortunately. It was just a bit too oily for my hair, and I think I applied a little more than I should have. My hair kind of had gaps where the comb teeth were and I had some fly aways that didn’t want to stick with the rest of my hair. This tends to happen with lighter oily pomades, but I was hoping it wouldn’t since it had lanolin in it. The oils are just overpowering the performance of the lanolin a ton. They kind of seem make the lanolin breakdown and turn into oil itself or something. I really liked the shine this pomade gave my hair though. It had a nice high gloss look to it all day long.

The heat out here destroys even heavy pomades so I knew I was going to have to recomb my hair all day with this one. It recombs like butter tho, just super easy. I ended up just keeping it slicked kind of back and to the side for the rest of the day. It just wouldn’t stay because of how oily it is and the heat. Now I actually reviewed/used this pomade a few months back and am just now wrapping up the review. However, even back then the heat did a number on this pomade. It was only in the upper 80’s, but still, that was enough for this one.

To my surprise, for being such an oily pomade, not much of it came out of my hair during the night and my shower the next morning. My hair was still pretty oily feeling. I only added a tiny bit to my hair because of this. And even that little bit was too much for my hair. It couldn’t get it to stay combed up and in place to save my life. It just weighed my hair down too much. I was able to get it slicked into a decent looking doo though. There was the occasional hair that would fall out of place, but a quick swipe of my pocket comb would always take care of them. On day two, my hair got more oily feeling as the day went on. I had expected this once I got the pomade in my hair, but had hoped by some chance that it wouldn’t do that. I ended up taking some napkins and running them over my hair to kind of soak up some of the excess oil, because it got to a point where my hair was bothering me and just didn’t feel very good. Once I “wiped up” the excess oil from my hair, it seemed to stay in place a little bit better which was nice. I still had to recomb it a few times, and I had hairs come out of place, but it wasn’t as frequent as before. I will have to figure out a way to get the excess oil out of my hair, but leave the buildup in there. I think if I can do that, it will perform quite a bit better for me.

I tried doing that on the morning of day three, but ended up taking out too much of the pomade with my Atomic Shampoo. It takes out even stuff like Murray’s superior with one wash, so I tried toning it down and gauging it to take out just a little bit of this pomade, but I guessed wrong and ended up taking out just about all of the pomade. I tried rolling with this and adding less than I did the first day, but more than I did on day two. However, I again, ended up putting a little too much pomade in my hair and could only get a really low profile doo or a slicked style. So I went with the slicked style, and it performed virtually the same as it did on day one for me. I did really like the shine it gave my hair all three days. Day two had the most shine, obviously, but each day my hair had really nice shine to it.

I’m not sure about this pomade entirely. I know I most likely won’t use it as a stand alone pomade again, but I will use it again I think. This stuff would definitely make a great topper with the right scented base pomade. You’d have to find one that goes well with lemongrass or a very light or unscented one. The lemongrass is so strong that you couldn’t use it with any pomade that had a scent it would clash with. This one might be a good stand alone pomade for some of you guys though, because it does do ok for slicked hair doos. It’s just for me the oiliness of it weighs my hair down too much and it doesn’t stay in place throughout the day. However, for some of you guys that often rock slicked styles on the regular, this one could be a good pomade for you. Same for you guys that frequently use combos, this one would make for a good topper. If you guys want to pick up a can of this stuff, head on over to their store and get one. They also have a medium and a heavy pomade, and other products. So if you don’t want this one, they should have something for you. I’ll be checking out their medium and heavy in the coming months, so stay tuned for those ones!

Until next time….


Murray’s – Small Batch 50-50

Still rolling with the semi-new products guys. Which brings us to a newer and limited edition product from one of my favorite, and oldest, pomade companies out there. Today’s pomade is by none other than the legendary Murray’s! My friend Jim over at Murray’s sent me a care pack shortly after this stuff was released, along with the other limited edition ones. I tried them all out and knew I had to review them for you guys. So I bought some new cans that way the surfaces would be new and fresh for you. Let’s get started on their Small Batch 50-50 pomade.


This one, along with their other limited-edition ones, comes in their signature orange can. The lid design has their cartoon wolf guy on it in the very center. Above him it says “Murray’s” in some awesome lettering. Then there are red and black nautical stars on either side of him. Below him is “Small Batch 50-50 pomade” in some broken up stencil style lettering. The background behind him has kind of rusted or aged look to a little bit. It’s a very cool kid design! Around the edge of the lid it has the company name, the established date, and then it says “50% Superior – 50% Exelento” as well. If you haven’t guessed it, this stuff is a 50-50 mix of their Superior pomade and their Exelento pomade.


Now the actual can is just their Superior can, but each one of these limited edition ones has its own unique lid. They also have a sticker with the info of that particular pomade which covers the info on the Superior can. Personally, I would have liked to see each one have its own can, instead of just a lid. On the flip side, the lids are pretty badass, and they still give the pomades their own unique look. Plus I don’t think the can would be much different than it is now except for the name on the front and the info on the pomade.


Opening up the tin, you find what you’d expect. Kind of a greasy medium pomade, that looks about like a mix of Superior and Exelento. It has the same color as those two pomades do as well, not surprisingly. The scent? You guessed it! It smells just like their Superior mixed with their Exelento haha. It’s literally just a can filled with those two pomades mixed together. So it smells just like them both. Now I’m not sure if they mix those two after they make batches of them, or if they combine the ingredients for them both in their makers at once. I tend to lean toward them mixing two batches together then filling the tins though. Either way, still pretty cool. 


When you scoop it out, it’s very reminiscent of Nu Nile, just a bit softer. It didn’t feel like I thought it would though. I figured it would be a bit softer and more oily than it is. It has a nice pull off to it as well, which makes for a cool looking scoop picture. In my hands it feels how I expected it to though. I have mixed their Superior and Exelento in my hands as a combo before, so I kind of knew what to expect. And it feels just like that, although it is easier to spread. Being one pomade instead of two makes it easier to spread in your hands. 

This stuff is a bit easier to apply than I thought it would be too. I half expected it to be like applying Nu Nile, but it wasn’t. It was much easier to apply and comb through my hair. More like their Super Light pomade is. Being easy to comb makes for quick distribution of this pomade in my hair. Only a few passes with my comb and all the pomade was worked into my hair evenly. Once you get it combed in this pomade takes on a slightly tacky aspect to it. Making it great for slicking your hair and keeping all the strays and shorter hairs stuck together.


The pomade gives my hair a really nice shine to it. It’s not too high and not too matte either. It took me a bit longer to get my hair where I wanted it than usual. I’m not sure if it’s because my hair is getting too long, or if it’s just the pomade yet. I will have to wait for day two to confirm which it is. I could also just be having a bad hair day. I was able to get a nice medium sized pomp going with it though. And like I was saying, the tackiness makes slicking the sides pretty easy. The scent takes on a nice strength to it once you style your hair. So far I am really pleased with this pomade. It is proving to be a great medium pomade for me. 

I was very happy to see that the hold had lasted all day long. My hair hadn’t really moved at all, except for a slight gap where my cowlick is in the front. And like always, for the sake of the review, I went ahead and recombed my hair even though it looked fine. The recomb of this stuff is a bit more resistant than when you first apply it. This could be due to my sweat though. I had been working around the house inside and out most of the day. 


As you can see, after recombing my hair, there were a few slight splits. I had used the wide toothed end of my comb, and the splits were along the teeth marks. You can also see the slight gap where my cowlick is too. I was able to close it up in the front, but the top wouldn’t stay closed. The shine had stayed the same after the recombing, although I expected it to be a little higher. Not a big deal really, just different than I had expected. I was able to basically get the same height as I did when I first styled my hair. It might have been a little shorter, but not really enough to notice. My hair stayed in place the rest of the night as well. So far I’m really liking this pomade. It’s a great medium pomade that has a long lasting hold and great control. Can’t wait to see how the buildup is. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be like the other Murray’s pomades and not come out of my hair hardly at all though. 

More of the pomade had come out of my hair than I thought would however. I’d say a good 30-40% had come out of my hair overnight and after my shower. I ended up adding about half of what I put in the first day to my hair. With the buildup came a bit more resistance when combing my hair though. I had a feeling it would do this, as all the other pomades from them also do this. The buildup does allow for a bit more height to your pomp as well. I chose to keep it the same height, but get my hair more rounded out this time. Last time I wasn’t able to get it as rounded out as I wanted. The shine also increases a little bit on day two, as I expected it to. Not by a whole lot, and it’s still a nice shine. It’s not wet or oily looking at all, just a nice gloss added to your hair. The control stayed about the same as on day one, and my sides stayed slicked together just as well. This time I was able to get my hair styled a little quicker than I did yesterday. This makes me think my hair is getting too long and I wasn’t having the best hair day before. I’m definitely overdue for a cut! The plan is to go Friday, and both Logan and I will get cleaned up.

The hold on day two lasted all day, just as it had on day one. There was one exception though, my cowlick didn’t split this time. I was very happy about this. I’m happy that the control lasts all day with the buildup. I wasn’t really thinking I would see a difference, because I hadn’t noticed a difference in the morning with it. However, it definitely is better than on the first day. I decided not to recomb my hair this time, because my hair looked fine and I was going out to dinner. I didn’t want to change a good thing, or fix something that didn’t need fixin’ as my grandpa says. At the end of the night my hair was still in the same place. Very awesome hold and control with this stuff once you get the buildup going.

Days 3, 4, and 5 were basically repeats of the second day. The only thing that was different was that each day I added less and less pomade to my hair. On the fifth day I only added a tiny bit to my problem areas and cowlicks. I did notice an increase in shine a little bit on day 3, but it never got shinier than that. And it still wasn’t an oily or wet looking shine. 

This pomade is definitely a must have in your collection or bathroom. It is a solid pomade all around. Nothing I would change about this pomade at all. Maybe the labeling along the side of the tin. It would be nice to see this one as a permanent pomade in the Murray’s lineup, and have its own side labeling. Hint hint Jim, and the team over at Murray’s 😉 I want to thank them again for sending me this awesome pomade to try out! Very stoked on this stuff guys, and I will definitely be buying more of it! You guys should do the same. Pick up a few tins of it, just in case Murray’s doesn’t make this a permanent addition to their line. Head on over to their site and get some of this stuff along with the other limited edition pomades. They also have some new products up now, and Jim told me that even more new stuff is coming to the site soon. So check back to see what that stuff is all about. 

Keep it greasy guys,