Murray’s – La-Em-Strait

Hey guys, I’m back with another one of the new Murray’s products already. After liking the first one so much, I wanted to post this review right after it. This time I am checking out the La-Em-Strait ringing gel. Back when they first released this new line, my good friend Jim sent me one of each product to try out. I used them back then and gave him some feedback on them, but now it’s time to officially review this one as well.

First I want to give you guys a little history on this particular product. Now La-Em-Strait used to be its own company/brand way back in the day. At some point Murray’s had bought them and made it part of their company. Then for a while Murray’s didn’t put out any products under this name, but when they released this line they brought it back. This time it’s quite a bit different than it used to be back in the day. I had found a few La-Em-Strait products over the years collecting vintage products. I was able to find two sample cans of their products, and put the picture of them up there for you to see what they looked like. They’re two different pomades in the same type of mini sample can, but with different labeling. The cans are the same mini cans that the old Sweet Georgia Brown pomade came in. Exelento and a few other ones came in this same type of can. They hold roughly 1/8oz of pomade, or one use worth. Luckily, both of the ones I found were full of pomade and had been taken care of really well. They still looked and smelled great! I could probably even use them if I wanted to, but I never will. I will just keep them for collection purposes.


They changed up the packaging quite a bit for these new products like I was saying in the other review. This one comes in the same gray plastic tub with black metal screw top lid as the D-Luxe did. So the lid has the name of the company and est date inside an orange box the same way. The side label has the same layout as the D-Luxe Grooming Creme did too. The box on the lid is just below the orange part of the label again. And the orange part has the name again, which is “La-Em-Strait” this time. Under the orange part, this label is gray colored like the other one, but has a different picture. This time it’s a picture of a barber’s station filled with a bunch of the various products they use on clients. It also has the white letters again, but it says “firm hold gel pomade” this time at the bottom. On either side of the picture is all the info they usually put on their products. The ingredients list, company info, directions, barcode, and the product description. They also give a little history on the La-Em-Strait brand on the label as well which is pretty cool. And like I was saying last time, I really like these new labels. They have cool pictures on them, and the layout and design is really awesome. It’s a nice change up from their normal style.


When you open up the tub, this time you see a gel like goop. I can’t tell if this one is clear or gray just yet, but I’m thinking it’s clear. Looking at the surface it seems like it will be a strong medium ringing gel. The scent on this one is very unique, I don’t think I’ve smelled anything quite like this one before. It’s a little hard to describe too, you get a sweet scent right off the bat, and it’s got powdery, licorice I think, and cream type notes all blended in together. Or at least that’s what it smells like to me. Like I said, it’s kind of hard to describe and is very unique, but it’s a really good scent. I quite like it a lot.


Scooping it out was just how I knew it would be. It’s a nice strong medium ringing gel, that has a rounded scoop to it. As it turns out this one is clear after all, as I had thought it would be. It would have been pretty cool to see a grey colored one though. I don’t think I have ever seen a grey colored ringing gel before. And this stuff is crystal clear! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ringing gel as clear as this before. It’s almost as clear as water is. It’s really cool looking. As I broke it down in my hands, it got a little softer than it was when I scooped it out. Not a whole lot, but enough to be able to notice a difference. It has a really smooth texture to it as well, but when you pull your hands apart it takes on a tackiness to it. It’s kind of weird the way it does that. It’s smoother than most ringing gels are, but also pretty tacky at the same time.

Applying it to my hair was really easy too. The tackiness it had to it in my hands didn’t show up when I applied it to my hair at all. It went in very easily when I applied it. However, when I went to comb it through, the tackiness came back into play. It wasn’t hard to comb in, but it did have a bit more resistance than I was expecting from how it felt when I applied it to my hair. It went in nice and evenly with just a few passes of my comb too. So I was ready to style my hair after just a few seconds. Which is much quicker than usual with other ringing gels. I was really happy with how this product applies and combs through my hair. I liked the feel of it in my hair quite a bit. Much better than many of the other ringing gels out there that’s for sure.


And as you can see, this stuff has really nice hold and control to it. I was able to get a pretty nice looking doo going on with it. And surprisingly it has quite a bit of shine to it too! I was definitely happy with this aspect of it a lot. As you know, most ringing gels have very little shine if any at all. So when I get one that has good shine, it’s a very welcomed surprise. Lately I’ve found quite a few new ones that have good shine to them. It seems like companies are finally refining the process of making these products and putting out good one. Rather than just putting out a mediocre or subpar product that has little or no shine and is hard on your hair. In the past it seemed like it was really hard to find a good ringing gel, but in recent years they have become quite a bit better. And good ones are becoming easier to find and a bit more common these days. It’s really nice to see that, and allows me to have some good water soluble products in my collection that I like to use on a regular basis. Anyway, back to the product at hand. As you can see in the picture, it did a great job of taming my cowlick as well. And I was able to get a nice rounded pomp going with this stuff too. Usually ringing gels give me more of a straight look to my hair, but not this one. I was really happy with how it turned out after styling my hair.


I was also really happy with the comb lines my hair was left with. There weren’t any gaps or big comb lines in my hair at all. Instead, my hair was left looking really sharp. You can see the shine a bit better in this picture too. It looks like I have a pomade in my hair rather than a ringing gel. I’m really liking the shine that this stuff give my hair a lot. The initial styling result really was great. I can’t say enough good things about it. As of right now, I think it’s become one of my all time favorite ringing gels. This stuff really did perform great for me and left my hair looking exactly how I wanted it to.

After about an hour I felt my hair to see how this stuff had set up. To my surprise, it had only slightly gummed up, and wasn’t hardened at all. The shine had also stayed nice and glossy after it had set up too. Sometimes ringing gels will have a little shine to them when you first style you hair, but then goes away when it sets/dries up. Not this not though, it stays exactly how it was before when it sets up. My hair almost felt like it hadn’t set up at all. It was pretty soft to the touch, and felt like I could easily run a comb through it without water. I’m going to wait until later to recomb it though. Just in case it doesn’t recomb as good as I’m thinking it will. I’d rather have it potentially lose hold at the end of the day than right now. So far it’s doing a great job of keeping its hold, control, and shine though. I hope that lasts throughout the day too.

Just as I had hoped, the hold and everything did last all day long. My hair was in the same place it was when I first styles it. I didn’t have any stray hairs come out or splits open up. My cowlick stayed in check all day long. And the shine was still nice and glossy at the end of the day as well. This stuff really did a great job today! Even the scent was still detectable at the end of the day surprisingly. Usually ringing gels lose their scent pretty quickly, but this one keeps it nicely all day long. Now it wasn’t strong at the end of the day, but I did get a whiff of it here and there at the end of the day. When I went to recomb my hair, I was met with a little resistance, but I didn’t see any flakes at all. I did lose a little control and had a few hairs come out of place. Overall though, it recombed fairly nicely without any water. The shine did go away when I recombed my hair though. So I decided to spray just a little water on my hair, kind of misting my whole head a bit. Then I ran my comb through my hair again and went to restyle it. I wasn’t able to get quite as much height and control as it did when I first style it. However, it did restyle pretty well. I had a little bit of a gap where my cowlick is, and one comb line open a bit over by my part, but that was it. The shine returned, I was able to get a rounded shape again, and also got pretty decent height and control when I recombed it with a little water.

I took a shower that night since I had done some work outside and had gotten a bit sweaty and dirty. Just like with most ringing gels, this one came out with just a little water. My hair did feel a tad bit dried out when I was in the shower after I rinsed this stuff out though. However, once I got out of the shower and dried my hair off, it didn’t feel dried out at all. It wasn’t softer feeling like with their D-Luxe Creme, but my hair wasn’t dried out at all. It felt just how it did before I applied this stuff in the morning. I’m definitely happy with that as well. And it’s nice to find yet another ringing gel that doesn’t dry out my hair. I’m very glad companies are doing their homework, fixing problems like this, and putting out products that are better all around. It’s very nice to see, and has kind of restored my faith in ringing gels quite a bit. I will still expect things like that from new ones I try, but it’s always a welcomed surprise when I get one that doesn’t do that. This stuff was a total success today. I really couldn’t be happier with how it performed. It was one of the best ones I’ve tried.

I was very very happy with this stuff and I’m really liking it a lot. There really isn’t a negative thing that I can say about it at all. Just like with their D-Luxe Creme. Everything from the packaging to every aspect of the performance. This stuff really is a great ringing gel, and I highly recommend trying it out. Even if you aren’t a big fan of these types of products, I think you’d still like it. It’s really become one of my favorites, and I highly recommend getting some of it right away. Head on over to the Murray’s website, to get yourself a tub of it. While you’re there, check out their other new products as well. They have quite a few new awesome products, not just in this line either. Big thank you again to my friend Jim over at Murray’s for sending me this awesome product to try out and review for them. I really did enjoy it a lot man! I’m excited to see how the last styling product in this line is. There are a couple other products in the line, but only one styling product left for me to review. I will be getting to it as soon as I can too.

Til next time,


Murray’s – D-Luxe Grooming Creme

Alright! Finally getting back to another Murray’s product. Today I am checking out their new D-Luxe Grooming Creme. Back when they first released this new line, my good friend Jim who owns The Grease Shop website sent me one of these to try out a couple months back. I had used it back then, but now it’s time to officially review it.


They changed up the packaging quite a bit for these new products. Rather than putting them in the clear plastic jars or even the white plastic tubs they have their other products in, they went with a gray tub and black metal screw top lid for these new ones. The lid has the labeling lithographed right on it, but the tub has a sticker wrapped around it. On the lid, they put the name of the company and est date inside an orange box. The side label has the same box just below “D-Luxe Grooming Creme” in the orange part of the label. Under the orange part, the label is gray colored and has a picture of a barber’s hand cutting someone’s hair, and says “creme pomade – light hold” in white letters at the bottom. On either side of the picture is all the info they usually put on their products. The ingredients list, company info, directions, barcode, and the product description. These new labels are a lot different from their other products’ labels. They really went in a totally different direction with these new labels. And I have to say, I like it. It’s a nice change up from their normal labeling. And don’t get me wrong, I love their other labeling a lot, but it is nice to see a change up from that.


When you open up the tub, you see a thick white paste type product. I had expected something like their Cream Beeswax, or the Swagger Cream they did for Lucky 13. However, this one, as you can see, is much thicker and looks more like a paste than a cream. This could definitely be a good thing, since pastes generally have more hold than creams do. The scent they went with for this stuff is really awesome too! It has a nice sweet cream scent to it. What I mean is, it has that familiar hair cream scent to it, but it’s also really sweet smelling. And the hair cream scent is pretty faint on this one. The sweet scent is much more present, and it smells awesome. It’s almost like a vanilla or something, I can’t really figure out exactly the scent it is, but it’s really good.


As I went to scoop it out, I was met with a pretty unique texture. It didn’t scoop out like a paste as I thought it would, but it also didn’t scoop out like a cream either. It was kind of like a cross between the two and a beeswax pomade at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever scooped out anything with this type of texture before. This product really has an interesting and unique feel to it. Even breaking it down in my hands was really unique as well. I had kind of expected the bigger clumps to kind of stay that way when I broke it down, and I’d have to press each one to work them out. However, it spread around really smoothly and easily. And this stuff was nice and creamy, yet firm at the same time, and felt kind of like a pomade too. This stuff is really cool, it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before. I’m really liking the feel of this stuff, and I think it will work well for me. At least it hope it does anyway.

Applying it to my hair was really easy too. A bit easier than I had expected from the feel of it in my hands. It went in more like a hair cream than the thick pasty, creamy, pomade like product it is. I noticed once I applied it to my hair that it seems to give my hair a nice shine. I’m hoping this stays after combing it in and styling my hair. It made my hair look like I put in a high shine pomade in it. Combing this stuff in was like combing butter through my hair. There was almost no resistance to it at all, and it dispersed evenly into my hair very quickly. I am starting to see the light hold they said it was come through now. At first I figured it would have a medium hold based on the feel of it. But now that I’ve applied and combed it into my hair, it feels like a light hold. It could switch back up though, you never know. I’ve had products do that in the past, so I won’t write it off as a light just yet. It could end up holding my hair up more than I think it will. It’s time to find out exactly how it does hold.


I was able to get a little more height than I thought I would, but not that much. I’d say this one is on the heavier end of the light spectrum, or kind of in between a light and a medium. I got more of a lower profile doo going with this stuff. And as for the shine, it stayed, but kind of turned into more of a high matte shine rather than the glossy look it gave my hair when I first applied it. I quite like the shine it gives my hair, not many products have a high matte shine to them. I was hoping it would have stayed glossy though to be honest. However, I am happy with the shine just the same. And I’m pretty happy with the results this product gives me, hold and control wise.


It didn’t tame my cowlick as much as I was hoping for, but that’s ok. After I combed it in, I hadn’t really expected it to control my cowlick much. And it did a little better of a job than I thought it was going to. This stuff also kept almost all of my stray hairs and flyaways tucked in nicely too. I only had a couple on the left side that didn’t want to stay put, but that was it. Another thing I was quite content with, was how this stuff set up. It didn’t harden up like I had thought it would. I had expected it to harden up a bit like their Cream Beeswax does, but it didn’t. Instead it only slightly gummed up a bit, but it still felt soft to the touch. Like I could easily recomb it without water and without getting and flakes or anything. The scent also stays nice and present once you get it in your hair and it sets up. I don’t know what it is about this scent, but I really like it a lot. I think it’s my favorite scent out of any cream or paste that I own and have tried so far.


At the end of the day I checked my hair to see how it held up. Surprisingly it held up really nicely for a lighter product. My hair seemed to be pretty much in the same place as it was in the morning. Even my strays and flyaways stayed tucked in all throughout the day. The only thing I noticed was one split over by my part, but other than that my hair seemed to stay in place all day. Just like with their other water solubles, it came out with just a little water when I went to wash it out. And my hair felt nice and soft after I dried it off too. Softer than it was before I used this stuff. I’m definitely happy about that! I had figured this stuff wouldn’t dry out my hair, but I didn’t expect it to soften my hair. So it was a nice surprise when I felt my hair and saw that this stuff kind of conditioned my hair.

I was definitely happy with how this stuff was. I’m really liking this stuff a lot. There really isn’t a negative thing that I can say about it at all. Everything from the packaging to every aspect of the performance. This stuff really is a great product, and I highly recommend trying it out. Head on over to the The Grease Shop website, to get yourself a tub of it. While you’re there, check out their other new products as well. They have quite a few new awesome products. Big thank you again to my friend Jim for sending me this awesome product to try out and review. I really did enjoy it a lot and can’t wait to get to the other products in this line.

Stay slick fellas,


Lucky 13 – Junior’s Gel

Alright water soluble fans, I’m back with another one for you guys. After having this stuff for a while and not trying it I figured now’s the time. Besides it’s been forever since I checked out a Lucky 13 product. Let’s see how this gel holds up, shall we?

It comes in the same 4 ounce clear plastic jar as the Swagger Cream does. It also has the same type labeling, one on the lid, and one that wraps around the jar. The lid label is a fighting cock in front of an orange bar which sits on top of tan and off white rays. The rooster has boxing gloves on, which is why I said fighting cock, for those of you who don’t know about cock fighting. In the orange bar it says “holds and shines” to the left of the rooster, and “washes right out” to the right of him. Below the rooster is “Junior’s” in varsity style lettering, and “gel pomade” in plain text. To the right of that is the Lucky 13 logo, and the Murray’s company name. For those of you who don’t know, all the Lucky 13 products were made by Murray’s. Lastly, above the rooster it says “for that one – two punch over the weekend” in the same plain text as below the rooster. As for the side label, it has the exact same design as the lid label in the center of it, with the exception of the company logo being to the left of the rooster this time. To the right of the design is the company info, the ingredients list, and some aspects of the product. To the left of the design is the barcode, directions, and a blurb about the product. I’ve always liked this label a lot. It has a cool design to it, and I really like the color scheme. It’s not a usual combination of colors and images that you see. And I think that’s part of what makes me like it as much as I do.


Opening the jar up, you see the red goop inside that you could kind of see from the outside. It has a very very shiny surface to it, and kind of looks like it is a softer gel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any gel as shiny as this on the surface before. Well, apart from soft gels, but this one isn’t like that. This one is by far the shiniest one I’ve seen out of any ringing gel or premium gel that I’ve ever come across. I’m really hoping that will come into play when using this stuff. The smell of this one is a pretty familiar scent. It reminds me a lot of Uppercut’s ringing gel, or the Admiral ringing gel I reviewed. That kind of slightly fruity scent that’s not very strong. This one doesn’t smell as chemically as those two did though. In fact, you have to really smell it to get even the slightest hint of that familiar ringing gel chemical type scent. And to be honest, I’m very glad it’s so faint in this one. I’ve never been a big fan of that scent. So it’s nice when products either don’t have it, or you can barely smell it in them.


Scooping it out was slightly difficult to my surprise. Now, I don’t mean it was a very firm gel that was hard to scoop. What I mean is, it was very slippery and had a watery layer on the outside when I scooped it out. That combined with the type of jar and how low it was filled, really made it a challenge to get a decent scoop out. I’ve never come across a gel doing this before either. I have to say, it was quite odd to see, or feel rather, this when I went to scoop it out. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t affect the hold, or that the product has degraded/broken down over time or started to separate or something. I guess I’ll find out in just a minute what the deal is.

When I started to work it around in my palms the water texture went away and it became pretty firm and tacky. It felt much more heavy that I was expecting from how it scooped out. Once I had worked it around I felt a lot better that this stuff hadn’t broken down over time. It didn’t feel like ringing gels do when they start to fall apart, but rather like it was still good. I still don’t know what the watery texture was all about though. As I applied it to my hair I was surprised again by this stuff. It went in much easier than it should have based on the heaviness it had in my hands. It actually went in more like a lighter medium ringing gel, rather than the heavy it felt like in my hands. Combing it was also really easy, and it went in evenly pretty quick too. I quite liked how it combed as well, it feels like it is going to have nice hold and be easy to style. I also noticed that this stuff has a fair amount of shine to it. Almost as much as a pomade does. That is always a good thing when it comes to gel products since they usually don’t have much shine to them, if any at all.


Just as I thought, this one was really easy to style and gave me decent hold. I wasn’t able to get my hair as rounded outward as I wanted, but I did get a fairly round shape to my hair. As well as some decent height and nice control. I didn’t have a bunch of stray hairs or flyaways, and it did a great job of keeping my cowlicks in check too. Plus, as you can see, the shine is really nice as well. It looks more like I have a pomade in my hair, rather than a gel. Even the way it left my hair looking was more like I had a pomade in it. So far I’m digging this stuff quite a bit.

Another awesome thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t harden up. After about an hour I felt my hair and it wasn’t hardened at all, not even gummy feeling. It sets up a lot like Cool Grease in the blue tub does.the hold on this one lasts nicely throughout the day as well. My hair didn’t seem to move any, and my cowlicks hadn’t shown through either. I was really happy about that, because I had expected them to since it didn’t harden or gum up at all. I figured after a little while they would open up a bit, but they didn’t. The shine also stayed all day long too. At the end of day one I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this stuff. It really did a great job all around.

The next morning I jumped in the shower and washed this stuff out of my hair. And just as I had expected, it came out with just a little bit of water. My hair did feel a bit dried out though once I rinsed it all out of my hair. I decided not to put any conditioner in my hair, just so I could see exactly how much my hair was dried out. To my surprise, once I dried my hair off, it didn’t feel dried out much at all. Only slightly, like I had used a deep cleansing shampoo or something. It wasn’t nearly as bad as a lot of other ringing gels leave it. As I went about using it for the second time, I was met with virtually a repeat of day one. The only real difference I noticed between the two days was that I got a tiny bit more of a forward doo. I was able to bring it forward a little bit more that on the first day. Everything else seemed to be the exact same as the first day though. From the scoop, to application, and the lasting hold and control it had again. I’m really starting to like this stuff quite a bit. At the end of the second day I washed it out of my hair and felt to see if it dried it out more. Surprisingly, it hadn’t dried my hair out more at all. It felt the same as it did after I got out of the shower that morning. Usually these products progressively dry your hair out as the days go on when you use it. However, every once in a while a product doesn’t do that. This stuff is one of those that doesn’t, and I was very happy to see that it wasn’t.

After using it for a couple days, I have to say I really dig this stuff. The only thing that was odd about it was that watery texture it had. It’s not a big deal at all though, as it had no effect whatsoever on the products performance at all. I still have no idea why it was like that, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. This stuff is definitely a product I recommend trying out, even if you aren’t a water based fan. It really performs more like a pomade than a ringing gel in just about every aspect. Really, the texture is the only difference, and that’s easy to get past. The only downfall is that this product has since been discontinued. So it’s going to be harder and harder to find some as time goes on. I do know that some places still have some stock of it though. So if I were you, I’d snag a jar or two while you still can. It is definitely worth the money to have this stuff. I know I will be trying to get myself a few more jars of this stuff before it’s gone for good. It’s kind of a bummer that they’re no longer making the Lucky 13 products. They were/are really good products. Anyway, snag yourself some of this one if you can, you won’t regret it.

Stay slick,


The Holy Black

Hey guys I’m back with another ringing gel today. This time I’m checking out The Holy Black ringing gel. The owner was awesome enough to send me a tub of this stuff a few months back to try out. And as many of you know, I had some stuff come up that kind of put my reviews on hold for a little while. However, I’m back now, and it’s time to give this stuff a go!
When I was talking to the owner, he had told me that him and the owner of Whiskey Wax had previously been partners. They ended up parting ways and each creating their own brand, instead of doing things together. He also told me, that this stuff’s original formula was really similar to the Whiskey Wax one, but that he had it changed so that his product stood apart from the other one. That really intrigued me, and made me pretty stoked to see how this one is compared to the Whiskey Wax one I reviewed a while back. They come in the same container, a dark brown plastic tub with a metal screw on lid. It’s the same type of tub that the old Bona Fide gels came in. Only this time the lid is black instead of brass colored. This lid also has labeling printed on it, unlike the Whiskey Wax one. The labeling is printed right on the tub like how it is on the Whiskey Wax one though. However, this labeling is much cooler looking in my opinion. It’s all white on the dark tub, which almost looks black. On the lid in a rosewood type font, it has the company name inside some filigree with two straight razors on either side, and two banners above and below it. Then on the side of the tub, it has a different style of rosewood type font again in the center. On the left side of that is the directions and website, and on the right side is the ingredients list. These types of fonts are some of my favorites out there for sure. And you know I’m a fan of filigree laced designs. Which put this one right up my alley. It’s not a super flashy design, being just words and filigree, but it looks really cool. Another cool thing that I like about this labeling, is that you can feel it raised up on the tub since it’s screen printed on there. It doesn’t stick up a lot, but you can feel it when you run your finger across it.

When I opened up the tub I wasn’t surprised to see a product that looks nearly identical to Whiskey Wax. It appears to have the same texture, and the color of it is a tiny bit darker, but pretty much the same color as Whiskey Wax. The scent is where I notice the first difference. This one has a bay and lime infused whiskey scent to it, rather than just lime and whiskey. It also has a slight soapy note to it as well, and the whiskey note isn’t as strong. You really smell the bay up front, then the lime and soapy scents, and the whiskey is kind of the softest note of them all. Very unique scent that’s for sure. I’m not sure how I like this one just yet. It’s not that I don’t like the scent, I’m just not sure about it yet. It’s kind of an odd scent, I’ve never smelled anything like it before.

Scooping this stuff out was nearly identical to that Whiskey Wax stuff. This makes me wonder how much different this stuff really is compared to that one. Especially because when I broke it down in my hands it felt just like Whiskey Wax too. This one may be a tad bit more tacky than Whiskey Wax, but other than that it feels the same. Just like a lot of medium ringing gels do. The scent gets a little bit stronger when you break it down in your hands, and the bay scent comes through a little more than when it’s in the tub.

As I applied it to my hair I noticed the first difference. This one has more resistance to it when you apply it to your hair. It wasn’t hard to apply, it just didn’t go in as easy as Whiskey Wax did. The second difference was that there was some product left on my hands after applying it to my hair. Which is typical for these types of products, but for some reason Whiskey Wax doesn’t leave any on your hands after applying it. Combing it was just how I expected it to be, a little resistance at first, then a bit easier after I got it worked in. It didn’t take too long to get it dispersed evenly either. At least not as long as ringing gels usually take anyway.

The biggest difference I noticed about this stuff was how it styled. I was able to get a pretty decent doo going with this one, unlike Whiskey Wax. It has quite a bit more control to it, and I was able to get quite a bit more height. The shape of my hair also was a lot better, and I didn’t have a bunch of areas split open like I did with Whiskey Wax. So far this one is proving to be quite a bit better than the other stuff.

I was quite pleased with how my hair turned out, maybe because I was expecting results similar to Whiskey Wax. As you can see though, the results are much better. This one also gave my hair a little bit more shine than Whiskey Wax did. Now it doesn’t give my hair a lot of shine, but noticeably more than the other one does for sure. I was also able to get a much more rounded front too. And like I was saying before, I didn’t get any splits over by my part like I did with Whiskey Wax. I was very happy with that as well. That’s one thing I’m not too fond of when it comes to products. If they don’t have good control and let my hair split open, I tend not to like or use them very much.

After about an hour I checked my hair to see how it set up and to see if it had fallen or split open at all. I was surprised to see that it hadn’t at all, and it looked like the shine had increased a little as well. When I felt my hair, I was surprised at how it set up. For some reason, it didn’t set up the same all over. Some areas were not hard or gummy feeling at all, some places were slightly gummed up, and some were hardened. I’m not sure why it did this, but it was like I put three different products in my hair. It was very odd to feel that in my hair. I don’t know if maybe certain parts of my hair were more damp than others or what the deal was, but it really surprised me how it set up.

At the end of the day I checked to see how my hair had held up. I was happy to see that my hair didn’t move too much at all. The only things I noticed were that my cowlick had opened a little, and I had a couple hairs kind of stick up. Other than that, my hair seemed to be in the same place it was when it had set up earlier. The shine seemed to have gone away by the end of the day though. I was a little surprised to see that happen. Usually the shine will stay throughout the day, but not with this stuff. It’s not really a big deal that it went away, I just hadn’t expected it to. I went and took a shower that night and just like with most ringing gels, this stuff comes out with just a little water. However unlike with most products like this one, my hair wasn’t left dried out by this one. My hair actually felt nice and soft, and didn’t feel the least bit dried out. It was like I hadn’t used a ringing gel at all that day. I was definitely happy with this aspect of this product. It’s really nice when the occasional ringing gel doesn’t dry out my hair and scalp. I’ve gotten used to the fact that they do, but it is a very welcomed surprise when one doesn’t.

So far I’m pretty happy with this stuff. And there is definitely a difference, or multiple differences, between this one and Whiskey Wax for sure. They’re all positive differences too. I’ve got to say, after using them both, The Holy Black is better than Whiskey Wax for sure. It has better hold and control, more shine, and doesn’t dry your hair and scalp out one bit. This is definitely one I would recommend trying out, especially if you like ringing gels and other water based products. I will for sure be using this stuff again in the future, and will get another tub of it when I run out. To get yourself a tub of it, head to their website and pick one up. Thank you again to the folks at The Holy Black Trading Co for sending me this jar to test out and review. I really enjoyed the product a lot, and appreciate the opportunity. I can’t wait to try out your other products too! If you’re into wet shaving, make sure you check out their shave stuff while you’re on the site. They have some really awesome stuff up on there! Well, until the next one….

Stay slick,


Schmiere – Hart ~ ringing gel

Hello readers! I’m back with the second and final installment of the new Schmiere water bases. My friend Sophia over at the Schmiere/Rumble 59 company sent this one to me along with the other water based product a little while back, and now I’m gonna check out this one! If it’s anything like the medium one was, I know I’m gonna love it! Let’s dig in, shall we?!

Just like the other water based product, this ringing gel comes in the big clear plastic tub with a metal screw on lid. And like I had said in the first review, these tubs are the same size as their pomade tins around, but they’re taller. So you end up getting about 50% more product in these tubs. Which is really awesome since they’re water bases and you go through them quicker than pomades. Just like the other tub, this one has 3 different stickers on it. The lid label, the sticker on the side of the tub, and then the bottom label. The lid label is kind of similar to the other one, but with a few design changes. The layout and whatnot is the same, but there are some cool new and different aspects to it. First, the bird on this one, while he’s a tropical toucan/parrot type bird like the other one is, this guy is red and has a different hair style. This time he has more of a jelly roll type hair-do, instead of the slick-back style the other one had. Also, he’s wearing a blue sailor shirt, and smoking a cigarette instead of a pipe like the other one was. The other major difference is that the background scene is a nighttime scene, rather than a daytime scene. This one has a big moon behind the bird, a clipper ship just to the right of the moon, some palm trees silhouetted against the moon, and some moonlight sparkles on the water in from of the moon and ship. To the left of the bird there are also some palm tree silhouettes as well. Both of the tree silhouettes seem to be sticking right out of the water, rather than on islands, for some reason. Also in the background, above and below the company name, are some white flying bird silhouettes as well. Above the bird’s head is the company name, then to his left is the hold indicators with an X through Hart this time. Finally, below him is the familiar text that all Schmiere labels have. Like I had said in the other water based review, Schmiere has some of the coolest labels out there, and definitely some of my favorites. However, these new water based labels are really cool and different from their other labels. And I think these two have become my favorites out of all the Schmiere labels. I really love all the little details they put into the design of them. And they’re not too busy or overbearing. They really know how to fill up the label without making it cluttered or anything like that. By far some of the coolest labels in the pomade world.

Since I didn’t show the other two labels in the last review, I figured I’d show them to you guys this time so you can see what they look like. They’re both very simple labels, yet have a cool aesthetic to the at the same time. The sticker on the side of the tub just has the company name and the type of product it is on it. As well as the batch number stamped on it just below the black and white blocks. The bottom label has the same black and white blocks for the border, just outside a thin red line/ring. Only this time the white is more of a burnt parchment or tan color. This label has all the info on it, company name, directions, ingredients, website, and barcode. Just to the left of the barcode is the bird from their standard Hart pomade tin, and he is saying “Schmiere rocks!” And I have to say, I agree with him fully! I love all of the Schmiere stuff I’ve tried so far! So that’s it for the other two labels. Very simple and to the point, but they still have a cool look to them and aren’t boring at all. They kind of make you want to look at them each time you grab the tub.

Opening this tub up, we see the familiar look of a water based product. This time it’s red, to match the bird, just like the green one did. This one has the same shiny surface to it that the mittel did, but it’s not quite as transparent this time. This is generally the case when it comes to these types of products. The heavier the hold, the less you can see through the product. And also you can tell just by looking at the surface of this one, it’s gonna be heavier than the green one is. When I smelled this stuff I was instantly brought back to my childhood, just like with the green one. This one smells exactly like Hawaiian Punch!! Exactly like when you first crack open a can or pour a cup from the fountain. I was lovin’ it!! I sat there and smelled it for a good minute, that’s how good this stuff smells! That’s another thing I really love about the Schmiere products too. They all smell so great, and each scent is very unique from the rest. They also do stuff like this and make smells that are exactly like things we know and love! This one is by far one of my favorite scents they’ve come out with so far!

When I scooped this one out, I was met with a slightly more firm version of the green one. It seemed to scoop out just the same, but with a slightly more firm texture to it. It has the same rounded look to it, and the same pull off that the green one did. Just from the scoop there doesn’t appear to be too much difference in the weight of them, but I won’t know for sure until I go to style my hair. This one also broke down in my hands a lot like the green did, but with a bit more of a firm texture to it. However, once I got it all the way broken down in my hands, it then took on a very sticky and slightly liquid feel to it. It kind of reminded me of how it would feel if you put honey in your hands and rubbed your hands together. That same super tacky and sticky feel that honey has to it. The scent got a little bit stronger when I had broken this stuff down too. It didn’t quite fill up the room like some pomades and water bases do, but you definitely notice an increase in the scent’s strength.

Applying it to my hair was actually quite a bit easier than I had expected it to be, based on the scoop and the tackiness it had when I broke it down. It went in a bit easier than even the green did, which makes me wonder about the hold it will have. The same thing happened when I ran my comb through my hair too. This stuff combs through more like a medium hold water based does. And it was just as easy to comb around as the green one was. That was really making me wonder if this one is only going to have a medium hold like their other water based does. I’ve been fooled by products in the past this way before though. So I won’t make any calls for sure until I actually style my hair. One thing I really like about the ease of application this one has to it, was that it only took me a few seconds to get it completely dispersed evenly into my hair. With some water bases, and pomades too, it can take a while to get it completely worked into your hair evenly. But this one was definitely not like that at all.

As I went to style up my hair, I did see a little bit of the hold return to the product, but not a whole lot. I was able to get a little more height than I did with the green one, but not that much more. It also took me a while to get my hair to do what I wanted it to and stay in place. I think this happened for a couple reasons. First, I haven’t really done my hair much in the last couple weeks, just because I’ve been stuck at home and haven’t gone anywhere or needed to have my hair looking sharp. So I’ve been wearing hats and beanies a lot lately. And second, I think I may have ha a little too much water left in my hair when I threw this stuff in. It didn’t dry itself off as much as it usually does/I didn’t let it dry enough before applying the product. And I think that’s why it didn’t tame my cowlick as much as it probably would have. I was pretty happy with the look it gave my hair and the shape I got though.

However, in the midst of trying to get my hair to a better shape and height, and see what this stuff could do, I went and grabbed a dirty comb that I was gonna soak in my Barbicide jar. This resulted in me getting little lint pieces and whatnot stuck in my hair. So no this stuff doesn’t flake when you comb it into and style your hair. Those are just pieces of lint from a dirty comb haha. As soon as I saw what I did, I started cussing myself for not paying attention. I had tried combing them back out, but wasn’t getting anywhere except messing my hair up, so I left them. I wasn’t going anywhere that day anyway, so it didn’t bother me too too much.

After about an hour I had noticed that it had completely set up, so I felt my hair to see how it dries. This one dries up quite a bit harder than the green one does. It feels more like your average ringing gels do, rather than slightly gumming up like some do. This is still one of the things I just don’t particularly care for when it comes to these products. I’ve learned to just go with it, but I don’t think I will ever like the feeling of hard crunchy hair when certain products set up. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I just don’t really care for it. I like to be able to recomb my hair without having to add water to it. And with this one, it’s like how that Wet stuff was. You have to add a bit of water and let it kind of soak in before you can recomb your hair. Also, like with that Wet stuff, this one goes back into place pretty well after you recomb your hair. I didn’t seem to lose any height or control with this one at all. It even kept all the little stray tucked right in when I recombed my hair too. When products perform like this, I easily overlook the fact that they harden and I have to add water to recomb my hair. And you don’t really even need to do so, unless you mess up your hair, because this stuff stays in place all day just fine. My hair was in the exact same place it was at the end of the day. Which will make this one a great one to use on windy days! Another great thing about this one, for me at least, was that I could still get a hint of the scent towards the end of the day. And I really like the scent of this one a lot! So that was just another plus for me when it comes to this product.

The second day, I had woken up later than I planned to, because I forgot to set my alarm. It happened to be a Sunday, and I had forgotten I needed to run an errand before a certain place closed for the day, and they close super early on Sunday. With me waking up late, I only had a little time to get there before they were gonna close. And I didn’t have time to take a shower and get completely ready before they locked up for the day. So luckily, I only had to run in real quick, and it was the only thing I had to do before I could take a shower and stuff. So I went to go throw a hat on and realized my hair was way to wild and sticking out everywhere to throw a hat on without it hurting and my hair sticking out from under the hat. So I went ink the bathroom to spray my hair and recomb it, hoping I could at least get it flattened enough to throw my cap on. To my surprise, just a little water and a few swipes of my comb, my hair had gone back into a pretty decent looking pomp! I was really really shocked by this! It acted the way the original High Life Light does in my hair in the morning. I’ve never had a water based product perform this way before, ever! I was so surprised, I stood there in front of the mirror gawking at my hair, and kind of waiting for it to spring back out in all sorts of crazy directions. But after about a minute, it was still in place! So I tossed my hat back on the rack and went to go run my errand. I’ve been kicking myself for not getting a picture of my hair to show you guys how it looked when I recombed it that morning. I don’t know why I didn’t think to take a picture of it. It literally looked almost as good as the picture above though. I did have a couple strays and my hair wasn’t quite as tall, but it was pretty close and the few strays that did stick out weren’t very noticeable unless you looked really closely at my hair.

When I got back from my errand, I hopped in the shower and rinsed my hair out. And just like with the green one, this stuff washed completely out with water. It did take a little bit to get all of it out, but it wasn’t too much longer than the other water bases I’ve tried. And also like with the green, my hair didn’t feel dried out at all after using this stuff. When I first washed it out, my hair felt pretty soft in the shower, but I didn’t think that would last once it completely dried. However, I was completely wrong! My hair felt just as soft and healthy as before I used this stuff. It literally had no effect on my hair at all. If anything, my hair felt softer after using this stuff. This makes for yet another thing I love about this product! You almost never see this from a water based product, let alone a ringing gel. Usually they dry your hair and scalp out, not leave it nice and soft and healthy feeling. I am very very pleased with this product so far! Very excited to see how it does on the second use, and third use if I continue to use it past the second use for the review. I can say as of now, I will for sure be using this stuff as often as I can and want to use a water based product. And I will for sure have to get more of this stuff to use on both myself and my son’s hair as well! So far, this one has become one of my favorite ringing gels of all time! I won’t 100% for certain say that though, because it has only been one day/use of it, but if day two is anything like this, I will for sure put this one at the top of my favorites list. Even if it doesn’t, this one will still be a one day use favorite for sure!

The second day using this stuff turned out to be exactly like the first. Every single thing was the same as it was the first day. The scoop, the break down and application, the hold, shine, scent, set up, recomb, washout, everything. Even the way my hair felt soft after using it and washing it out. I’m still very surprised, and stoked, that this stuff doesn’t dry my hair out after using it. I was especially surprised that after using it for multiple days, it didn’t start to dry my hair out. This is one of the only ringing gels that is like that.

I’ve got to say, after using this stuff for a few days, it has become one of my favorite ringing gels ever! I will for sure be using this stuff quite often in the future. This one is definitely a product I highly recommend and one I will have to keep stock of at all times. There’s really nothing negative I can say about it. Well, apart from the way it sets up and hardens when it dries, but that’s literally the only thing that isn’t a positive about it. Also, that’s just a minor thing, and it just comes with the territory when using these types of products. Only a couple don’t harden when they dry, and those ones dry out your hair a bit. I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a ringing gel that doesn’t harden, and leaves your hair nice and soft like this one does after using it. Everything I’ve tried is one way or the other. However, I think I’d rather take this one over one that doesn’t harden and dries my hair out. Because this one is great for windy days as well, and it just takes a little water to recomb your hair and it goes right back where it was before. So, I highly recommend you guys grabbing a tub or two of this stuff and soon! You can get it on pretty much every site that carries pomades and water based products, or you can buy it directly from them. If you want to get it direct from them, head on over to their website   and snag yourself a tub or two. You can also check out all the other new stuff they have out while you’re there. And they have some really awesome new stuff up on there! I will be featuring all their new stuff over the next couple months as well, so stay tuned!! Huge thank you again to my friend Sophia for sending me this awesome product to try out and review! I really appreciate it, and I can’t wait to get to all of the other new stuff!

Stay slick,



Hello everyone, sorry for the semi-lengthy absence on my part. I’ve been super busy with my company and some bad things happened to me over the past couple months. So I’ve been dealing with everything and haven’t really had the time to review stuff lately. I’m still pretty busy, but I’m making time to finish up some reviews that I started a little while back. I’ve also gotten some new stuff in from companies to review, and I can’t just let that stuff sit forever. So it’s time to get back to it! Today we are checking out a sort of new ringing gel called Wet. The owner was kind enough to send me a tub a few months ago, and I started the review, but then got busy and everything else happened and it got put on hold. However, I’m finishing up the review now. Let me show you what the dealio with this stuff is!


This stuff comes in the standard white plastic tub with a screw on lid. The labeling is a super simplistic layout and color scheme. However, that doesn’t make it dull or lacking at all I don’t think. It’s got a blue and cream color scheme with a straight-to-the-point design. On the lid it has the name in big cursive type font with some rays beaming out from behind it. Then the est date is at the bottom below a little bar that’s just under the name, and there’s a ring around everything. Like I said, very simplistic and to the point. The side label has the exact same design, but with a couple minor changes. There is no ring around it, the est date is not there, and the bar has been changed to a banner. Other than that, it’s exactly the same as the lid. Around on the back side are the directions, ingredient list, barcode, and weight info. Even though it’s a simple design and isn’t flashy or busy, it still has a nice aesthetic to it, and doesn’t look boring or anything like that.


Opening up the tub you see an aquamarine blue colored ringing gel. This one has kind of a matte surface with some bubbles in it as well. It doesn’t look like most ringing gels do on the surface. Usually they have more of a flat surface and have some shine to them. I was definitely expecting that because of the type of product it is, and the name as well. I’m not sure if the name choice has anything to do with the product’s performance at all, or if it’s because of the type of product it is, or if it’s just the name they decided on. My wife got a little bit of a chuckle out of the name choice though haha. I did too to be honest. Back to the product though. This one has a very common scent to it. I’ve smelled this same scent on quite a few water based products over the years. It’s a crisp cologne type scent, and smells a lot like Steadfast, and High Life’s water based, and a number of other water based products. This scent isn’t particularly my favorite scent, but it’s not a bad scent. I’m just not too big on cologne type scents. I don’t wear cologne and have never really liked colognes. There have only been a couple that I have actually liked in my lifetime. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t really care for colognes. I know, it’s kind of weird, but I just have never been a fan of them. Same with perfumes that women wear. There’s only a select few that I like.


When I dug my finger into this goop, I was met with the familiar texture of a medium ringing gel. As you can see, it scoops out a lot like most of the medium ringing gels out there. I had thought that it was just the surface that had that look, but the whole product has it. This stuff isn’t very see through, unlike most out there that are pretty translucent. Usually I can see my fingertip through them very easily, and sometimes even see my finger print. However, this product has kind of a cloudy look to it, and you can’t really see my finger too well through it. It’s not solid like a fiber gel, and doesn’t appear to have any sparkles in it like some water based do. It’s just kind of cloudy for some reason. I doubt that will affect the performance or hold at all, but only time will tell.
When I started breaking it down in my hands I was kind of surprised at the feel of it. I expected a medium feel to it, but this one feels a bit heavier than it does when you scoop it out. And it’s really tacky as well once you get it worked around in your hands. Definitely not what I was expecting from how the scoop felt. Could be a good thing though! It may have a heavier hold than it initially presents itself to have. 
I then applied it to my hair and worked it all into my hair, which was a lot easier than I was expecting from how it felt in my hands. This stuff is switching up on me a lot. First it feels like a medium, then a heavy when you break it down, then a light when you comb it through your hair. Very odd. Usually products don’t bounce all over the place like this. Stuff like this is what makes reviews so fun though. I like it when products surprise me like this one did. It makes for more fun reviews to write. When things are the same time after time, it can get a little boring. 


As I went to style my hair, this stuff kept the lighter feel and hold to it. I was hoping it would kind of bounce back and regain some of its texture and give me more hold, but it didn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I was very pleased with how my hair turned out! It gave my hair a really nice shape, and I got a nice medium height with it. I was just expecting a bit more hold from it is all. It also didn’t want to keep my strays and flyaways stuck to my hair like most medium ringing gels do. It took a little work and some extra application to get them to stick in where I wanted them. I did get them in place and everything though, so I was happy with that. It just took a little extra product than usual to do so. 


Another thing I was surprised at was that my comb lines kind of separated more than usual when using water based products. I didn’t have really big gaps, but as you can see, some of them separated a bit. This doesn’t really have much of any shine to it either. So the name doesn’t have anything to do with the performance of the product after all. The reason I say so, is that this stuff dries up pretty hard and kind of leaves you with gelmet. It hardens up more like a soft gel than your average ringing gel does. This is one thing I don’t really like about gel products. I like to be able to recomb my hair throughout the day, but with this one you have to add quite a bit of water and let it sit for a bit before you can even run your comb through. 

Luckily, this stuff goes right back where it was before for the most part. I did end up having a few strays and lost a little height on the left side, but it pretty much went back to where it was before. I was very happy with this, usually you lose hold and/or control when you have to recomb water based products. However, this stuff did a really good job of keeping its hold and control after I recombed my hair. It does harden back up really hard again after you recomb your hair though. I had hoped it wouldn’t, but it did. Oh well, that’s just the nature of these types of products. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that the scent does fade away pretty quickly too. After just a couple hours I couldn’t smell my hair at all. For me, this was a good thing. Like I said before, I don’t really care for cologne scents. So I was totally fine with the scent dissipating quickly. For you guys who like these scents, this may be a bummer. But you can always add some more to your hair when you recomb it if you want to freshen up the scent.


At the end of the day, I decided to recomb my hair without water, just to see what happened. I was really surprised with what I was met with! For one, it didn’t really flake much, and the few that did appear were really easy to comb away. Usually when a ringing gel hardens up a lot you get tons of flakes when you recomb your hair without water. Another thing that surprised me was that I got more height than I had before I recombed my hair. It did leave my hair poofy and a tad unruly, with some flyaways and gaps. However, as you can see, my hair is quite a bit taller than it was earlier. This almost never happens! Usually when you recomb without water, you lose all hold and control, and are left with just a big mess. This stuff is totally the exception to the rule in that department. Now I probably wouldn’t go out with my hair like this, but it was still pretty cool to see that I got more height and virtually no flakes when I recombed my hair without any water. 


Just like pretty much all water bases, this one washed out completely with just a little water. And also like most water bases, this one left my hair dried out. A little more so than usual too. This is another thing I really don’t like about these products. They can be really hard on your hair, especially over time. The chemicals they’re made with can do some damage to your hair. Which is why I always use a really good conditioner when reviewing them, and I use one of my pomades, or another good pomade, after to rejuvenate my hair and bring it back to its normal healthy state.


The second day was pretty much exactly the same as the first. I had expected it to be though. That’s one thing you can count on with products like this. They’re usually really consistent and perform the exact same each time you use them. You can’t ever get buildup with them though, so that’s why they’re always the same. It’s not like a pomade, where you get buildup in your hair and the pomade works a bit differently as the days go on. The only difference I saw really, was that my comb lines didn’t separate the second day. I think that’s because my hair was a bit dried out and the product grips drier coarser hair a bit more. I also noticed a tiny bit more shine to my hair the second day, not much, but there was a tad bit more. Other than that, everything about it was just the same as the first day. Down to the recombs and washing it out and whatnot.

After trying this stuff out for a few days, I gotta say it’s pretty decent. I don’t really see anything super special about it that sets it sort from most other ringing gels out there, but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s just kind of your standard, average, medium hold ringing gel. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but I don’t have anything special to say about it either. I like it just fine, I just didn’t see anything particularly exceptional about it is all. Nothing about it really set it apart from the other medium ringing gels out there from my experience. For you guys that prefer cologne type scents and water based products, I’d definitely recommend trying this one out. I’d like to thank the owner for sending this tub out to me for me to try out and review! I really appreciate the opportunity to try out your stuff and I had some fun reviewing this stuff!

Stay slick,


Cool Grease – Cock Grease

Hey guys, still on my water based kick, but I’m finally back with another Cool Grease product! This time I am checking out the controversial product, Cock Grease. Tadashi over at HedgeLion sent this one over to me to review a little while back along with the other Cool Grease products. As always, thank you very much Tadashi! You’re the man! Let’s get into this review now.

As I said up there, this product has some controversy behind it. As most of you are already thinking, yes it is the same name as the Cock Grease company. And there is where the controversy lies. Now, I’ve talked to my contacts at the Cool Grease company, and they have said that they came up with the name and design first. However, my friend Rea, who owns the Cock Grease company, says that she came up with the name and design first. I didn’t want to get into the nitty gritty with either side, so I just let it alone. It doesn’t really matter to me who came up with it first, and most people don’t even know about this product over here. Nor do most Japanese folks know about the Cock Grease company over there. So, it’s not really worth my time to dig up records of stuff and find out who actually put it out first. Plus, the Cool Grease company discontinued this product a couple months back anyway. Well, technically they just changed the name to XXX instead, and changed the design of the container. So at this point, there’s not any need to even find out anymore I don’t think. But, if it does matter to you, feel free to contact both companies and do a little research to find out who came out with the name and design first and when. Now let’s move onto the product since we got that out of the way.


 One thing I haven’t shown you guys before is the various sizes the Cool Grease products come in. They have 3 different sizes for their main product line. A big 7oz tub, their normal sized 3oz tub, and a mini 1oz sample tub. I hadn’t shown you this before because I didn’t have all three sizes until recently and it was with this product. When I was first looking for Cool Grease stuff all I could find was a 7oz tub of this stuff so I got it. Then a friend of mine in Japan got me the little 1oz tub as a gift when he was finding me some rare Cool Grease products. And finally Tadashi sent me the 3oz tub to review. So now I can show them all to you. First there is the big 7oz tub. This one is the same type as the 3oz tub’s is. But with the 7oz tub, you get a free sticker, which is placed on the lid under the shrink wrap. Then there’s the mini 1oz tub, which is a bit different than the others are. It’s made of plastic like the others, but not the same kind. And it’s not as rounded at the edges and across the top like the bigger tubs are. This one also doesn’t have any color on the labeling. It’s just black and white, and has less info around the tub. As you’d expect it to since it’s a tiny little sample tub. Also, this one doesn’t come shrink wrapped like the bigger ones do, or at least mine didn’t. All of their main products come in these three sizes. Their specialty and limited edition products don’t though. They only come in one size. Now on to the 3oz tub for the review.

It’s the same type of tub as all their other products have come in. Plastic tub with a twist off lid, and the labeling printed right on the tub. This one is a white tub with a black lid though. This is the only difference between this one and all the others which have the same color plastic for the tub and the lid. The design on the lid of this one is very familiar, as you guys can see. In the center is “Cock ⚡️ Grease” just below a white and red rooster. The company name is below that, and “water type” inside a little water drop is just to the right d it. Around the rooster it says “High Quality Hair Pomade Xxtra Hard” in white letters. And then on either side of him it says “Keep it up! All day!! Try it! You’ll like it!!” Also in white letters. The layout and design is very similar to Cock Grease’s labels. Or Cock Grease’s is very similar to this one. However you want to look at it.


The side of the tub is similar to their other ones layout wise. In the center it says “Cock ⚡️ Grease Xxtra Hard” in a black oval. On either side of the oval is a rooster. Then there’s the familiar box that has a bunch of info inside it, just like all the other ones have. And finally there’s the company info and some little tag lines. All of their tubs have pretty much this exact same layout, with the obvious design and color differences. As well as the tag lines and stuff being different for each product. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the two tone tub though. It feels a little mix matched to me, but it also looks kind of cool and goes with the labeling. 


When you open the lid you see the familiar plastic disc covering the product. For a while I thought this was exclusive to Cool Grease, but I’ve seen a couple other Japanese products with this same plastic disc. However, not all products from Japan have it, and some products from other Asian countries also have them. I’m not really sure why they put these on there though. And I don’t know why none of the US companies put these discs on their products. I kind of don’t really care for them though, because they always get product stuck to them. Then you have to wipe it all of there so it doesn’t go to waste. I think it would be easier to just not have them in the tubs. The product itself is a bright yellow color, and looks to be about the same texture as their XX stuff is. The scent of it is a nice sweet pineapple scent, and you barely notice the familiar chemical type scent in there that most ringing gels have. The pineapple does a really nice job of masking that to where you don’t really smell it much. I quite like this scent! I think it’s my favorite out of all the Cool Grease products so far. 


Scooping it out was a lot like scooping out their XX too. This one seems to have a slightly more firm texture to it though. However, it was easier to scoop out of the tub. I’m not sure how that was possible, but that’s what happened. As you can see I was able to get a bigger scoop than usual from the tub. Even though it has a pretty firm texture and thick consistency to it. You really get to smell the pineapple when you scoop it out and break it down in your hands. That’s where I noticed the difference between this and XX. This one doesn’t spread around quite as easily, and has a much tackier feel to it. It also has a slight dry feel to it, kind of like their Flat/green tub does.

Even applying it you notice the slightly dry feel that it has to it. However, it’s not nearly as dry feeling as their Flat/green tub is. It is slightly challenging to apply and distribute in your hair. The product wanted to kind of stick on the top of my hair mostly. I ended up having to get another small scoop out to get the back side of my hair and back of my head. The first time you run your comb through your hair, or try to anyway, is kind of tough. The thick tacky texture of this stuff makes the first pass a bit hard. Once you get that first combing done though, it becomes much easier to comb around and disperse into your hair. The whole time you’re combing you still feel that dryness to it though. It’s not as dry feeling as the Flat/green tub, but it is definitely noticeable. It doesn’t take too long to get it all dispersed into your hair though, despite the application and slightly hard combing.


This stuff can give you crazy lift too! I was able to comb my hair up really tall. It pretty much went straight up, but I was able to round out the top part of my hair fairly nicely. It did kind of make my hair go more into a point/cone shape though. I’m not going to leave my hair this tall, because I never wear it this tall. Plus, I wasn’t able to get it into a nice enough shape to make an exception and leave it there. 


Once I recombed my hair into a lower style I was able to get a much nicer shape and look to it. The only thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t quite tame my cowlick for some reason. Even though it has a real firm texture and heavy hold to it, it wouldn’t take my cowlick. It also allowed my hair to split along the comb lines on the side of my head a little bit. It wasn’t terrible, but it acted more like a light hair dressing instead of the heavy ringing gel that it is. It was very odd to see it perform this way, but it didn’t look bad, so I left it. This stuff does give my hair a nice shine to it as well. It’s hard to see in this picture, but the other picture shows the shine nicely. Unlike most ringing gels, this one sets up really quickly. Or at least it seemed to. It may have been due to me styling my hair twice and recombing it after it had started to set up. I barely got my hair in place before it started to harden. And this one does harden quite a bit unfortunately. It hardens the most out of any of the Cool Grease products. And almost feels like a soft gel does when it hardens. Leaves your hair with a crunchy feel to it, and kind of gel-met feel too. I was pretty surprised at how much this stuff hardened up. Mainly because all their other products either don’t harden at all, or only slight gum up, but don’t really harden/crunch up. The scent seemed to disappear once my hair had set up too. I was pretty bummed about this, because it was pretty strong and present when I was styling my hair and I quite like this one’s scent. So I was hoping it would last all day long, but it disappears completely fairly fast. 


The hold stays nicely all day long too. My hair only tilted to the right a tiny bit, but seemed to stay exactly where it was at everywhere else. That’s definitely a plus, especially for days when you need your hair to stay in place for hours. Hardening up the way it does makes recombing your hair impossible. Well at least without either adding water or breaking up the crunchiness. And if you break it up, you will get lots of little flakes and your hair will have a matte look to it and get kind of poofy. This stuff performs kind of like the way a soft gel topped with hair spray does. When you add water to it, you get a few flakes at first, but they go away quickly. However, you lose a lot of the hold/height to your hair when you recomb with water. So I’d advise not recombing your hair with this stuff. It holds well all day, so you shouldn’t need to.

Like all the other Cool Grease products I’ve tried so far, this one comes out with just a little water. What sets this one apart is that it kind of conditions your hair while it’s in your hair. My hair was so soft and silky feeling when I got out of the shower and dried it. I was really shocked to see this happen! I’ve only had one or two other water based products do this to my hair, and neither were a ringing gel. Usually these products dry out your hair and scalp, but this one didn’t at all. It did the opposite and made my hair feel softer than it was before I used it. I’m definitely happy with that from this product!

The next morning I noticed that my hair wasn’t as soft as it was the night before. I’m not sure how that happened, but my hair seemed to dry out over night. Maybe it only felt soft while it was slightly damp and freshly dry. And the product took its toll on my hair over the course of the night. It’s almost like it took 8 hours to do what other ringing gels do in 8 minutes. It wasn’t super dried out, but my hair was noticeably more dry than the night before. It felt soft again when I sprayed my hair with water, but as soon as it dried, my hair didn’t feel soft anymore. Not sure what’s up with this, but I don’t think I like it.


That also made applying and combing in the product even more difficult than the first day. And it seemed to set up even quicker once I got my hair styled too. I tested out the height again, but tried to get a better shape this time. I was able to make it look a bit better and less pointy this time. However, my hair set up before I could even finish styling it up this high. I was able to get a better shape to it, but there was a small split right in the center that just wouldn’t stick together for some reason. I wasn’t able to recomb it lower until I sprayed my hair with some water. And when I did that, I lost pretty much all the hold and control. My hair wouldn’t stay in a pomp, I kept getting splits all over, and strands would keep separating and falling down out of place. No matter how much I combed it, my hair wouldn’t stay in any place/shape/style that I tried. I ended up just rinsing my hair out and putting on a hat. When I did that, I noticed my hair got real soft and silky smooth again. And, I have no idea how this happened either, the curly areas of my hair and on my hair line were super straight. It looked like someone had taken a flat iron straightener to my hair. It was really really weird! Even my wife commented about how strange it was that my hair was like that. I wasn’t complaining about it though, I was kind of stoked haha. I don’t like my curls and wish my hair was more straight. So I relished in the temporary little perk this stuff gave me. A couple hours after my hair had dried though, it went back to feeling dried out again. Not much more than it did before, but I did notice a slight difference. So I just threw on a hat and called it good.

I’ve got to say, this stuff has me on the fence about it. There are obvious perks to it, but there are also some things I didn’t really care for all that much. I think I need to use it a few more times to really decide if I like it a lot, or just a little bit. I do like it though, and would recommend it to all of you water based users out there. It’s definitely a unique product, and has some interesting properties and performance aspects to it. Now as I said up at the beginning of the review, this stuff has been changed to Cool Grease XXX, and the labeling is now different. However, I have heard that the XXX performs differently than this one, and has undergone some formula changes. So I will be reviewing that one as well to see if that’s true or not. I was going to skip that one and just show you guys a picture of it here at the bottom, but when I heard those things, I knew I had to do a review of it to see for myself and show y’all what the differences are, if there are in fact any at all. If it ends up being the same, that’s fine, but if it’s different than you need to know. Anyway, to get ahold of this one, you’ll have to do some hunting on the Internet. I believe there are some websites that do still have some stock of it left out there. However, since the XXX is basically the same, or exactly the same, as this one, I would just get some from Tadashi. Head on over to his website to get yourself a tub of it. He has a lot of the other cool grease products up on his site too, so if there are others you want to try, get them from him. He also carries all sorts of other pomades and grooming products, including the ones I make. So browse around while you’re on there and pick up a few things! He offers free shipping too, so you can’t not get some stuff! Many thanks again to my good buddy Tadashi for sending this out to me to review! I appreciate it very much my friend! I will be reviewing the Cool Grease comb for him and you guys next by the way. And it’s gonna be up very soon! I started using it with this stuff, so stay tuned to see how that comb holds up to my tests. Catch you guys later!