So after getting lots of the same questions asked in emails, comments, and messages I decided I should probably make a FAQ page for you guys. Not that you can’t email me questions you have or anything, I just thought it might be easier and faster for you to get your answers here. Some of these aren’t so frequently asked, but I am going to include them anyway.

The one I get most often is

“What pomade is best for my hair?”/”What’s the best pomade?”

Well, that depends on you. Yeah you may have a certain hair type, but pomades work differently for each person. The best thing you can do is buy a few cheaply priced pomades of various holds from super light to super heavy and try each one out to see what works best for you personally. Once you find the type(s) that work best then go from there.

As far as the “best” pomade. That 100% differs from person to person and hair type to hair type. So essentially there is no “best” pomade out there. There are a handful of great pomades that the general consensus agrees on though. Here’s a few for you; Murray’s, DAX, Black & White, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Royal Crown.

I have also compiled a few lists for you as well. One is a list of the reader’s choice pomades, and the others are my favorites. Just click this link and it will take you to the post/lists!

“What’s the best way to degrease my hair?”

Well same thing kind of applies to this one, different people say different things. The one that works best for me is the shampoo I make myself. Other degreasing methods are; “degreasing” shampoos, Suave groom&clean, olive oil(this doesn’t work for me at all), dish soap, and conditioner(neither does this). I have heard some people claim diet cola, peanut butter, and baking soda work to degrease hair too. However I have tried the diet cola and baking soda and they didn’t work. I didn’t feel right putting peanut butter in my hair so I never tried that one, but if you want to, let me know how it works out for you.

“What kind of pomade(s) did the old rock ‘n’ roll cats use back in the day?”

Well there were quite a few that the majority of them used back in the 50’s and 60’s. The most popular ones were, Murray’s, Black & White, Dixie Peach, Lovers Moon, Valmor, Hi Hat, Sweet Georgia Brown, Royal Crown, Slick Black, Vaseline Pomade, Lucky Tiger, Tuxedo Club and Lucky Brown. A lot of those have since been discontinued unfortunately.

“Where can I buy pomade?”/”Where can I buy ‘insert brand’ pomade?”

There are all kinds of online retailers these days where you can buy pomades, water bases, tonics, and other grooming products.  When I buy pomade online I prefer to buy it direct from the manufacturer so they get the majority of the money since they’re the ones putting the hard work in. As far as the online retailers, I will list a few of them for you below. Other good places to look are your local super market, beauty supply store, or vintage shops. If none of those places have them and the online shops don’t carry it, the best place to start searching for it is google. That has always helped me in the past with finding rare or hard to find or foreign pomades. Here’s a list of online suppliers that carry pomades and other grooming products.

United States












Europe and Asia










“Can I get free samples from ‘x brand’ pomade?”

You can certainly contact the company and ask. However, don’t be discouraged or aggravated if they say no. They make their money by selling pomade. If they gave everyone free samples they wouldn’t make any money. So just buy a tin of their stuff and try it out, that’s what I do. If you don’t like it, trade it to someone on a pomade group like Addicted to Pomade or trade/sell it someone you know personally. That has always worked out best for me in the past. But like I said, absolutely feel free to contact the company! They may ask for you to at least cover the shipping cost, but that’s generally not very much.

“What is a hair tonic, and what do they do?”

Well hair tonics are liquid hair dressings that help rejuvenate and condition your hair and scalp. They have many different uses to them, the uses depend on the type of tonic. Some people use them by themselves for styling, some for conditioning, and some for shine. There are 2 major types of hair tonic; those with oil, and those without oil. The choice on which is better, is truly up to the user, and the purpose it’s being used for. Here is a list of some of the different uses for hair tonics.

To lightly style hair.

To condition hair daily, in place of daily shampooing/conditioning in the shower.

As a topper to pomade for shine.

To help make morning restyling easier.

To help prep hair for applying pomade.

You can also use tonics instead of water to recomb ringing gels and other water based products that harden up. This kind of helps maintain the hold of the water based product, where as water usually weakens the hold a little bit or sometimes significantly.
There’s also cream tonics, which aren’t as popular. Those are mainly used for conditioning your hair while styling your hair at the same time. These usually give your hair a natural looking shine, instead of a higher shine like most regular tonics do.

“What is a good way to clean my comb?”

There are all kinds of ways to clean your comb. If it’s a back pocket comb, I just throw mine out and get a new one. They’re only like 25 cents at Sally Beauty Supply. You can also just leave it in your back pocket and wash your clothes. If it isn’t a back pocket comb you can rinse it under hot water and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Or you can wash it with dish soap and hot water, or use the dish washing machine. Some people clean them with an old toothbrush. I let mine soak in Barbicide for a couple days, then I wash it in the dishwasher on the top rack.

“How do I get the pomade off my hands after I apply it to my hair?”

I just wipe my hands on my jeans and then wash them with hand soap. If I’m not wearing jeans, I pump the hand soap into my hands before I run them under the water. Then I work the soap around in my hands, rinse with warm water, and dry on a towel.

“I can’t get my hair to do what I want, how do I get it to work with me?”

That depends on what your hair isn’t doing. If you can’t get the type of pomp you want, I suggest watching some tutorials on YouTube. If it’s slicking the sides down, I add a little bit of a lighter pomade and bush them with my coarse and fine boars brushes. If it’s cowlicks or training your hair there is a great routine to use that has been around for over half a century that works great! What you do is apply the pomade into your hair evenly as you can with your hands. Then place a hot towel over and around your hair for a few minutes. Then comb your hair with a heated metal comb. Be sure to test the comb on paper before you use it! The comb should not leave singe marks. Once you comb your hair into the style you want it or the direction you want it to go, place a hair net or stocking cap on your hair until it dries and carefully remove it. Do that for a few months and that will help you train your hair really well.

“Will pomade cause me to lose my hair?”

The short answer is no. Not unless you’re clogging your follicles and pores to a point where you start shedding all your hair to let your scalp breathe and excrete its natural oils in a healthy way. The reason for hair loss is genetics. And if you have hair loss in your family, there’s not much you can do about it. On the plus side, most pomades contain essential oils that help condition your hair scalp and keep them healthy. So as long as you’re not over using it and you clean your scalp on a regular basis you should be fine.

“What’s the difference between pomade and water based?”

The difference is huge! I got so many of these questions that I just went ahead and did a whole post on this topic. So instead of writing it all here I will post the link to it for you below.

What is Pomade?

Well that’s it for now, until I get more frequently asked questions that is.

Take care,


3 comments on “FAQ

  1. wayne says:

    which pomade has the best shine?

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Well like I stated above it kind of depends on your hair but my top 5 that are shiniest for me are Dixie Peach, Royal Crown Hair Dressing, my Silver Dollar Hair Dressing, Murray’s Hair-Glo/Lucky 13 White Lightning, and Blue Magic Pressing Oil. Others that are up there are Tres Flores, DAX Short and Neat, Murray’s Exelento, Royal Crown Pomade, a lot of the Softee products, Layrite’s Super Shine, Black & White Lite, White Rose, DAX Veggie Oils & Super Light Pomades, Electric Grease, my Atomic Pomade, Dr. Rubins Ultra Shine, Schmiere Weich, and Sweet Georgia Brown. Hope that helps man.



  2. Jesse johns says:


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